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Real Estate Wholesaling Checklist: (Step By Step) Guide

Real estate wholesaling is one of the fastest-growing types of real estate investment. Unfortunately, few people really understand what wholesale real estate is or how it works. Fortunately, we’ve put together this step-by-step real estate wholesaling checklist to guide you through this exciting and potentially lucrative process.


How Does Wholesaling Work In Real Estate?

Wholesaling is the process of securing contracts to purchase houses, then selling those contracts to a...

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How To Wholesale Real Estate In Ohio: Step By Step (2023)

Wholesaling is unique from other real estate investing, such as flipping houses or purchasing a rental property, in that a wholesaler doesn’t actually take possession of the property in most cases so managing cash flow becomes much easier. Instead, the wholesaler goes under contract, then assigns the rights and obligations of the executed contract to another investor, the end buyer, who ultimately closes on the property and pays the purchase price.

Wholesaling real estate is known as one of the best short-term investment strategies around and a good way for beginners to get a start in real estate investing.

If you’re wondering what it takes to become a successful real estate wholesaler in Ohio, whether you live in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, or another city in the Buckeye State, read on to learn more.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you exactly how to wholesale real estate in Ohio with our proven step-by-step wholesaling process. Let’s dive in.

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Tax On Rental Income: How Much To Pay & More

Owning rental property as a real estate investing strategy is one of the best ways to build long-term income and wealth. Of course, like all things in life, rental real estate income is taxable, but most tax laws in the United States favor rental property owners with tax breaks and other advantages for those who rent their properties.

Before purchasing an investment property for rental income, you need to know how to calculate ROI on rental property. ROI stands for return-on-investment and should be the primary factor in deciding whether you purchase a property for rental income or not.

Calculating the ROI on a potential rental property is by dividing the net profit by the total investment.

Next, take that number and multiply it by 100.

The higher the number, the better the ROI, meaning the more income you’ll make over time.

Understanding what counts as rental income, how rental income is taxed, strategies to minimize the tax liabilities on your rental income, and how to...

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17 Best Wholesaling Real Estate Books You Must Read

wholesale real estate Oct 04, 2022

Wholesaling can be tricky if you are a beginner. Thankfully, we live in an interconnected world where you can easily learn from the experience of accomplished wholesalers through various media, ranging from modern ones like Facebook to traditional ones like books. 

If you prefer the traditional way of learning, check out the 17 best wholesaling real estate books you must read.

Some are specially written for real estate wholesalers and contain tips and strategies to better navigate the real estate market, others feature real-life lessons from real-life investors, while others cover successful property investment management tips.

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How To Wholesale Real Estate In Massachusetts: Step By Step (2023)

Over the years, the population in Massachusetts has increased tremendously.

Since 2010, the population has grown by roughly 7.4% to just over 7 million unique citizens. And inevitably, with a massive population surge comes a massive desire for housing and overall living needs.

However, there’s a catch.

Although the population has grown by 7.4%, the housing units have only grown by 6.8%. And, basic economic principles state that when demand outpaces supply, there will be an increase in price to compensate for the heavily desired asset.

This is called "Price Elasticity" and, that is exactly what has happened.

Due to this massive surge in demand, the price of houses in the state of Massachusetts has done nothing but increase.

So where does that leave you, the aspiring investor? How can you get involved in the action with limited capital or experience?

Is it even too late to dive into the real estate market?

Absolutely not! The opportunities exist on a grand scale -...

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How To Buy Abandoned Property? The (ULTIMATE) Guide

Abandoned properties can be found in nearly every city across the nation and their low cost is making them increasingly popular with investors. More than 16 million homes—nearly 1 in 10 American homes in all—were classified as ”vacant” in the 2020 census.

Abandoned properties are typically homes near foreclosure or under some other severe financial distress. To be considered abandoned, the owner must have vacated the property and decidedly given up rights to ownership. With no occupants, these homes often fall into serious disrepair. This makes abandoned homes attractive to investors looking for a deal, but an eyesore for neighborhoods and communities.

Locating abandoned homes, determining whether a property would actually make a good investment, and understanding how to buy and locate abandoned properties are all important considerations if you plan to include these properties in your real estate investment strategy.

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How To JV Wholesale A Deal? The (ULTIMATE) Guide

Many real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and investors choose to work as part of a professional team. A well-crafted group of wholesaling professionals offers support and guidance while creating a platform where each venture member’s skills and talents can be shared to the benefit of the venture and its affiliated members.

In wholesaling, the ideal partner would supplement skills you have yet to acquire or skills you want to sharpen.

Real estate wholesaling, in all its glory as one of the preferred short-term investment strategies, means you must be able to act and close quickly. As a result, in the real estate joint venture (JV) wholesaling sector, the importance of partnering with the right person cannot be overstated.

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How To Wholesale Real Estate In Indiana: Step By Step (2023)

Do you live or want to invest in the Indiana real estate market? Do you wholesale rental properties or flip houses in a different state and want to dip your toes into a new and exciting investment property-friendly market?

Do you search websites and blogs about wholesaling business, real estate deals, or generating passive cash flow in Indy, but don’t know how to get started?

If the answer to any of those questions is a “yes!”- then you’ve come to the right place.

Indiana has just under 7,000,000 people residing within its borders. And, those 7,000,000 people live in just shy of 2,950,000 homes

The historical trend for both those figures has moved up considerably over the years - with one major caveat; the population is increasing faster than the number of homes on the market.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that the market is ripe for disruption.

It means that the demand for real estate and its value appreciation is likely to persist for...

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How To Wholesale Real Estate In Pennsylvania: Step By Step (2023)

Have you ever wanted to get into the Pennsylvania real estate business, but you don’t know how?

Do you watch fix and flip television shows and wonder how you can get a piece of the action?

Do you want to know how to wholesale real estate in Pennsylvania, but you don’t know where to start?

Do you walk around your local malls, offices, apartment complexes, movie theaters, and investment properties and wonder how you can get the capital and experience necessary to become an owner one day?

So many investors have pondered these questions - and a million more - for many years on end. Truthfully, you aren’t going to become an expert investor overnight. However, what you can do is take the necessary steps to get closer to that point - one transaction at a time.

That is why we believe wholesale real estate investing in Pennsylvania is one of the most attractive investment opportunities one can partake in - especially for a young, hopeful investor with high hopes and...

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