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How To Find Real Estate Deals: The Top 10 Proven Methods

For new real estate investors, understanding how to find real estate deals is as important as just about anything else. Securing good real estate deals ensures profitable returns and provides a solid foundation for building a successful investment portfolio.

However, discovering lucrative opportunities may seem impossible for those on the outside looking in. For one reason or another, new investors are intimidated by locating and identifying properties that meet their criteria. Fortunately, learning how to find real estate deals isn’t as complicated as many new investors assume. As long as investors know where to look, they can significantly increase their chances of finding real estate deals.

In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the top ten proven methods to help aspiring investors confidently navigate the real estate landscape and uncover the best deals that...

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Is Being A Real Estate Agent Worth It? 10 Pros & Cons To Consider

According to the National Association of Realtors, most homebuyers use real estate agents or brokers to purchase homes. As a result, there’s plenty of work for agents to partake in, which begs the question: Are you thinking about diving into the world of real estate and becoming a real estate agent?

Before you leap, you must arm yourself with today’s most valuable insights, accounting for the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. While being a licensed agent can be an exciting and rewarding career choice, it also comes with challenges. Understanding the dichotomy between this industry’s pros and cons is critical in deciding whether it's worth becoming a real estate agent.

This comprehensive article will explore the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of the challenges and rewards that come with this profession, empowering you to decide whether you should embark on a career in real estate. So, let's...

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What Is An Assignment Of Contract In Real Estate?

An assignment of contract is when one party (the “assignor”) has a contract to which they have certain obligations, and transfers those contractual rights to another party (known as the “assignee”).

In real estate, assigning contracts is an effective strategy to achieve an extremely high return on investment (ROI) for as little capital and risk as possible.

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How To Flip Houses In Kansas: Step By Step (2023)

In recent years, Kansas has emerged as one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. With its steady economic growth, affordable housing options, and a surge in job opportunities, the Sunflower State has become a prime destination for real estate investors seeking lucrative and abundant opportunities.

Flipping houses in Kansas offers unique advantages, making it an enticing prospect for investors of every experience level. The state's real estate market is highlighted by relatively low property prices and high demand for affordable housing, creating ample opportunities to find deals and turn them into profitable investments.

Whether you're an experienced investor looking to diversify your portfolio or a novice seeking to embark on a rewarding real estate journey, learning how to flip houses in Kansas can open up a world of possibilities. As a result, we’ve developed this guide to teach you everything you need to know about flipping real estate in the Kansas...

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How To Get Investors For Real Estate: 10 Proven Strategies (2023)

Securing adequate capital is the foundation of any real estate investor’s success, regardless of experience. Access to reliable capital and investor relationships can make all the difference for today's real estate investors. As a result, every new investor must prioritize learning how to get investors for real estate deals. Access to investors and their capital opens doors to exciting opportunities and enables investors to partake in lucrative deals that might have otherwise never happened.

This comprehensive guide will walk aspiring investors through proven business plans and essential tips on getting real estate investors, empowering them to find the financial backing needed to fuel their real estate ambitions. In doing so, we’ll cover everything investors need to know about how to get investors for real estate deals, including:

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Wholesaling Land: A Guide To Vacant Land Investing

Wholesaling land is a compelling exit strategy for opportunistic real estate investors. This unique strategy provides a unique way to build wealth that doesn’t require much upfront capital (if any)— or even a house. Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand how this niche operates and the fundamental processes involved in profitable deals.

Before completing a deal, aspiring land wholesalers must equip themselves with the knowledge, strategies, and insights necessary to navigate this specialized market successfully. As a result, we’ve developed this guide to vacant land real estate investing to teach investors everything they need to know for their real estate business, including:


What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is an exciting investment strategy that has garnered a lot of attention in the real estate...

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20 Best Apps For Wholesaling Real Estate (2023 Edition)

real estate software Aug 03, 2023

The real estate game was forever and irreversibly changed for the better when the internet became more accessible. The knowledge, tools, and convenience that technology grants us are nearly unbelievable.

Thanks to designers, we have brand new real estate investing apps for wholesaling in 2023. Each new piece of software is seemingly better and more comprehensive than the last.

The real question now is, which are the best apps for real estate wholesalers in 2023? Read on to find the best apps to help you land real estate deals:


What Are Wholesale Real Estate Apps?

Wholesale Real estate apps are mobile software applications designed to make it easy for investors, renters, and sellers to find one another, communicate effectively, and find their ideal real estate properties. 

Real estate apps are intended to streamline the property transaction process. Potential...

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The BRRRR Method: Formula, Strategy, & Examples In Real Estate

The BRRRR method, an acronym for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat, is an influential real estate investing strategy that's been gaining significant momentum in recent years. This approach to building wealth is grounded in the concept of transforming distressed properties into reliable sources of income without depleting your financial reserves.

One might hear “BRRRR” and think of the chilly weather, but in the industry of real estate investing, it represents an innovative framework that effectively merges active and passive income streams. By focusing on distressed properties, investors utilize the BRRRR method to not only refurbish and rent these assets but also refinance and repeat the process, thereby creating a sustainable cycle of investment and profit.

From my personal journey as a real estate investor, the power of the BRRRR strategy is undeniable. Despite starting with little knowledge about real estate, I was able to buy my first income-producing...

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How To Flip Houses In Idaho: Step By Step (2023)

Learning how to flip houses in Idaho has already proven it can be a profitable undertaking. Still, the results correlate directly to the hard work and preparation investors will put in beforehand. Learning the ropes and understanding the unique aspects of the Idaho real estate market can make all the difference between a successful flipping career and an average one.

There may be no better time to learn how to flip houses in Idaho than today. If for nothing else, Idaho boasts a dynamic real estate market with numerous opportunities.Its robust economy, growing population, and diverse range of properties present an attractive landscape for real estate investing.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through flipping houses in Idaho. By the end, aspiring investors will have a foundational knowledge of everything they need to know about flipping houses in Idaho, including:

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What Is A Real Estate Broker? Definition & FAQs

real estate terms Aug 02, 2023

Brokerage is at the heart of the real estate profession and real estate brokers have their fingers on the pulse of local markets. Despite their omnipresence, the term "real estate broker" is often misused and misunderstood. Brokers are interchangeably, and sometimes mistakenly, called: Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Listing Agents, Selling Agents, Agent Broker, and Buyers Broker.

In our comprehensive guide, we lay out all the essential facts about real estate brokers to help you become a wiser real estate entrepreneur. 

So, let's dive right in! Feel free to use this menu to jump to your topic of choice:

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