Student Success & Reviews

Our students who have followed our proven methodology to go from knowing nothing about real estate to wholesaling & flipping their first houses without having a real estate license, without having tons or any experience & without spending a dime on marketing.

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Tyler T.

From 18 Months of Trying To Get A Deal To Flipping His First House Within 3 Weeks of Joining!

I wish I joined earlier! I spent 18 months and over $40,000 in marketing and education without getting a deal. Then I joined the Pro Wholesaler Program, followed everything to the "T," and wholesaled my first house in 3 weeks!

I've been able to wholesale many more houses this year thanks to what I learned from Alex & Real Estate Skills.


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Brandon B.

From Knowing NOTHING About Real Estate To Wholesaling His First House & Making $12,000!

Brandon had NO real estate experience and was able to make $12,000 from his first wholesale deal!

Brandon recommends the Pro Wholesaler Program for anyone who's serious about flipping houses.


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Kevin P. 

Kevin Recently Joined The Program, Made A $7,000 Wholesale Fee Within 30 Days, & Has $60,000 Worth Of Wholesale Fees Under Contract.

Kevin just recently joined the Pro Wholesaler Program with a goal: get as many deals, as fast as possible. He kicked skepticism aside & within 30 days closed a wholesale deal with $7k of profit. Kevin now also has $60k worth of Wholesale Fees under contract. He's looking forward to scaling & growing his company through the Pro Wholesaler System!


Joe L.

From Working Uber To Wholesaling Houses & Getting 2 Deals Under Contract Worth $20,000.

Joe came into the Pro Wholesaler Program with a "whatever it takes" mentality. Within in three weeks into the program, Joe has already gotten multiple deals under contract and is anticipating making $20,000.


Chris G.

How Chris Wholesaled His 1st House & Made $5k Profit (Now On Track For $10k+ /Month).

Chris came into the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program as a real estate agent looking to make a higher income from wholesaling.

In his first month of execution, Chris has already wholesaled his first house and made a $5,000 profit. He's now hitting $10,000+ months with consistency.


Jeff C.

Made $5,000 Profit Within 21 Days Of Joining Pro Wholesaler by Real Estate Skills.

Jeff came into the Pro Wholesaler Program wanting the tools, scripts, & resources needed in order to achieve results quickly.

He got exactly what he was looking for. Within 21 Days, Jeff has gotten multiple deals under contract and has already made $5,000 in profit.

Jeff says, "This is an invaluable skill. Just learn it. You can be dropped any where in the country and make a boat load of money. That’s priceless."

Kriss D.

Kriss Wholesaled Her 1st House & Made $5,000. "This Is Where You Learn To Make Money Right Now!" 

"This is where you learn to make money right now! Not 5 years from now, right now!" Kriss was able to wholesale her first house and make $5,000 of profit even though she had no real estate experience!

Kriss has more deals ready to be flipped right now!


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Carson D.

"Added An Additional $30,000 of Income & Just Bought My First Rental Property At 18 Years Old!"

Carson has been flipping multiple houses each and every month since joining Pro Wholesaler. He's 18 years old!

"From the resources Real Estate Skills provides, I've been able to find cash buyers that pay me $10,000+ for my wholesale real estate deals."


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Every Day of The Year, a Real Estate Skills Student Is Flipping A House.

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More Success Stories

"Been able to find & flip well over 58 houses so far! Thanks Real Estate Skills!" - Joe Z.

"I wouldn't have done 12+ deals this year if it wasn't for your guidance and support!" - Ryan Z.

"Learned everything I needed to know about wholesaling & completed my 1st house flip!" - George C.


Angel C.

"Alex was able to push me to a new level of confidence that I wouldn’t of otherwise had."

Angel learned the right steps, and most importantly, took action in order to get his first wholesale deal!

Included below is the image of Angel's FIRST Wholesale checks of $5,000 & $3,000!

Angel says, "It’s important to surround yourself with people that are going in the same direction that you want to go, and Alex is going to take you there."

Henny K.

Within 1 Week Henny Is Using Pro Wholesaler To Get Her First Deals.

Within 1 week Henny is getting deals, results, & properties.

Henny had no prior knowledge of real estate before using the Pro Wholesaler System by Real Estate Skills.

She's already submitting offers on potential deals within 1 week - all from using the right system.


Ryan W.

From Knowing Little To Nothing About Real Estate To Getting His 1st Deal Under Contract!

“I came into the Pro Wholesaler System knowing little to nothing about wholesaling and WITHIN THE FIRST 3 WEEKS I actually had my first property under contract!"

Ryan spent a lot of time researching different programs and workshops before finding Pro Wholesaler by Real Estate Skills. He found the support, community, and step by step guidance for building a wholesaling business to be invaluable.

Austin D.

Within 45 Days, Wholesaled His 1st House & Made $7,000 While Going To College Full-Time.

Austin joined the Pro Wholesaler Program because he didn't want to have to spend thousands of dollars a month on direct mail marketing, bandit signs, or cold calling.

Thanks to an amazing coach and the easy to follow Pro Wholesaler Program, Austin was able to wholesale his first house and make $7,000 while spending $0 on marketing.


Abel T.

"This has literally changed my life."

"I've been in a few different programs and this is the ONLY program that allows me to be on the offense!"

"Most programs teach you how to be on the defense to where you have to wait for deals to come to you."

"The Pro Wholesaler System gives me a clear-cut way to get new deals each & every day."

Troy F.

From $250k to $1.1M From Real Estate!

Troy used to be a one man show working himself to the bone. His business was stalled around $250k annually before utilizing this system. Now, he has generated over $1.1M.

Troy is flipping several deals per month and making over 7-figures a year.


Edgar E.

"Every piece of information is well-said, very clear to understand, and simple."

Edgar struggled getting his first wholesale deal before joining the Pro Wholesaler Program.

Edgar needed a roadmap with a supportive community who shared the same passions as him.

After joining, Edgar was able to complete his first wholesale deal. Edgar found the community he needed to get started at Real Estate Skills.

Danae & Stan G.

"The 1st Thing We Did When We Moved To Our New Market Was Go Straight To The MLS - Just Like Pro Wholesaler Teaches."

Danae & Stan Gendlin implement everything in the Pro Wholesaler Program when they moved to Greenville, SC to build their real estate investing business.

This past year they've wholesaled & flipped over 97 properties, and have bought over 150 rental units!

Christian C.

"I Got 2 Flips Under Contract Within 60 Days."

Christian was looking for additional strategies to implement into his real estate investing business, and invested into his education.

Within 60 days, Christian got 2 deals under contract.

Christian implemented what was in the Pro Wholesaler System and was able to grow his business to over $4M within 2 years.

"The Pro Wholesaler Program helped my team & I to complete a $1M wholesale deal!" - Kyle E.

I'm a commercial real estate agent and wanted to know more about wholesaling, so I joined Pro Wholesaler. After taking the program, my team & I were able to complete a commercial wholesale deal with $1M of profit.

"My last flip profit was over $150,000+ from the Pro Wholesaler System." - Jesse J.

I wanted a predictable & reliable way to get fix and flip deals. Pro Wholesaler teaches you how to find these deals on a consistent basis while spending $0 on marketing.

"I learned & implemented wholesaling from Pro Wholesaler. Now I do multiple deals a year." - Nate B.

They say that most millionaires have 7 streams of income. Well, I'm a licensed real estate broker and wholesaling has given me another steady stream of income & deals.

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