About Real Estate Skills

Hi, I'm Alex Martinez,

7-Figure Real Estate Entrepreneur and creator of Real Estate Skills.

When I was 19 years old, I was making sandwiches for $10 bucks an hour.  I found Real Estate at age 20.  That year, I generated over a million dollars of profit from the real estate industry.  Since then, I have continued to develop help others develop the necessary real estate skills for achieving financial freedom.

Welcome to Real Estate Skills.

Some people call it luck.  It's easy to look past the hours upon hours of research, studying, and action it took to get here.

Here’s the truth...

I developed my real estate skills through mentors, books, programs, and, most importantly, through DOING THE WORK.  I didn’t have any family members in the real estate industry.  Heck, I even thought “commercial" real estate had something to do with television ads.

You see, early in my real estate journey, I would work from morning till night, and when I was done with my work, I would then go to the nearest coffee shop and read real estate books until I got kicked out of the coffee shop.  Then, I would repeat this process each and every day.

Throughout my progression as a real estate professional and entrepreneur, I have found that there are multiple avenues to achieve financial freedom through real estate.

This is one of the reasons why real estate is so exciting!

Whether it’s real estate investing, being a real estate agent, broker, a lender, developer, landlord, contractor, Air BnBer; the list really goes on and on.  The reality is that there is no right or wrong path in real estate to get where you want to go.

We’re here to help you on whatever path you choose.
You just don't know where to start or how to do it. And most "experts" have horrible advice:
  • "You need to spend years practicing to do your first real estate deal" (who has that kind of time?!)
  • "Just spend '$XX,XXX' amount on marketing" (who has that kind of money?!)
  • "Just try these 100 tactics and see what works"
  • "It'll take years to hone your craft"

Follow conventional wisdom and you might still be dreaming about becoming a real estate professional years from now.

Fortunately, there's a better, faster, easier way to turn your dream into a realty.

From making sandwiches for $10 bucks an hour to professional real estate investor (and over 7-figures of profit) in one year.

My success story began when I dropped all of my excuses & dropped out of college.

I knew there were alternative paths to just going to school, getting a degree, and then getting a "job."

I went all in on real estate investing.

Within 45 days, I completed my first wholesale real estate deal.  I brought in $22,000 of profit from about 8 hours of work while spending $0. This deal changed my life.

Just a few years later, I've built, consulted, & worked with real estate investing companies featured on A&E's Hit T.V. Show "Flip This House!" for multiple seasons & INC. 500's List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Nation.

While doing all of this, I even have the free time to be with friends & family, travel, practice jiu-jitsu, and go to concerts!

Now, here's the truth: Most people don't even want to build a 7-figure business because it takes a tremendous amount of effort (and, let's be honest, some luck and sleepless nights).


But just about anyone can do their first deal.

What's the "secret?" You don't need more information - you need a system

Whether you've dreamed of doing your first flip, leaving a legacy, or using your real estate profits to amplify your life...

You don't need:
  • Tons of free time
  • Inspirational speeches
  • More tactics
  • Years of patience and frustration

You just need a proven system and strategies to beat overwhelm and guide you from knowing nothing about real estate to doing your first deal.

And that's exactly what you'll learn in the Real Estate Skills Free Workshop.

Join over 10,000 people who follow Real Estate Skills and get the exact strategies and systems for finding & flipping your first deal:


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