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Real Estate Skills offers beginners a clear path to success in real estate investment. We eliminate the guesswork through comprehensive systems our students can use to confidently seize investment opportunities. Backed by the experience of seasoned real estate investors, you will receive a thorough education, unwavering support, and abundant resources.

Imagine a future shaped by informed decisions in real estate investing, where every step forward is guided by expertise and strategic insight. Real Estate Skills invites you to explore the vast possibilities within the real estate market. It is time to find out what the future holds for you.

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Alex Martinez

Founder & CEO of Real Estate Skills

Alex Martinez stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the real estate industry. As the Founder & CEO of Real Estate Skills, he has dedicated his career since March 2020 to providing cutting-edge education and resources for real estate professionals. Under his leadership, Real Estate Skills has become a prominent platform for learning the ins and outs of the industry, equipping individuals with the necessary tools to excel in real estate investment and entrepreneurship.

CT Homes LLC

Alex's impact on the real estate market was further solidified during his tenure at CT Homes LLC. He significantly contributed to the company's success by managing a team that acquired over 55 residential investment properties. His personal acquisitions accounted for more than 33 residential properties, generating over $12 million in revenue and $1.2 million in profit. His innovative approach to sales and client communication, combined with his skill in real estate valuation and negotiation, played a crucial role in the company's national recognition.

Growth Partner Capital

Before the days of Real Estate Skills, Alex first co-founded Growth Partner Capital, a real estate investment firm dedicated to helping homeowners out of any kind of distressed situation. He led his company in purchasing, renovating, and selling real estate assets and culminating in over $15 million in sales. His ability to develop and nurture key relationships within the real estate community, along with his expertise in raising capital for distressed real estate assets, underscores his proficiency and vision in the field.

Lavin Entrepreneurship Center

Since 2018, Alex has also played a pivotal role as a Lavin Mentor at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, part of San Diego State University. Here, he empowers undergraduate students through the Lavin Entrepreneur Program, guiding them in mastering Lean Business Model Generation. His mentorship extends beyond theoretical knowledge, offering students real-world insights and connections to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.

Vision & Legacy

Alex Martinez is not just a real estate investor; he's an influential figure dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and success in the real estate industry. His comprehensive experience, from ground-level investment to high-level mentorship and education, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their real estate ambitions.

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Ryan Zomorodi

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Real Estate Skills

Ryan Zomorodi is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Skills. He is dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals start and grow their real estate businesses. Since July 2019, Ryan has been instrumental in fostering a community of learners nationwide, offering programs and coaching in house flipping, wholesaling, and broad-spectrum real estate investing. Under his leadership, Real Estate Skills has emerged as a guiding light for thousands of students, demystifying the complexities of the real estate market.

eXp Realty

Since 2020, Ryan has served as a Licensed Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty in California. His vast experience in the real estate industry has allowed him to apply his in-depth market knowledge and strategic acumen directly to property buying and selling processes.

RZ Holdings Inc.

As President of RZ Holdings Inc., Ryan encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from strategic investment decisions to overseeing daily operations, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to excellence in the real estate sector.

Real Estate Investment & Development

At MDI West Properties, Ryan honed his expertise in distressed residential and commercial properties, forming strategic partnerships and participating in high-yield investment opportunities.

Ryan's tenure at Realty Source Inc. further solidified his reputation as a full-service real estate professional, offering personalized solutions to buyers, sellers, and investors.

With Prime Home Partners, Ryan delivered full-service residential real estate brokerage services, showcasing his commitment to client satisfaction and investment success.

Ryan's role at Growth Partner Capital involved generating leads, calculating ROI scenarios, and building relationships within the real estate community, emphasizing his proactive approach to investment and development.

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