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How To Wholesale & Flip Houses From The MLS,

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On this ALL NEW workshop, here's everything you'll learn for free:

  • The MLS Offer System I use to rapidly find & flip real estate deals on demand & predictably.
  • The Exact MLS Strategies I've used to wholesale & flip 50+ deals from the MLS in less than a year (and how this strategy works anywhere in the USA).
  • How You Can Wholesale & Flip Houses From The MLS without needing a real estate license and without needing tons of experience.
  • My Step-By-Step Roadmap to wholesaling & flipping multiple deals from the MLS every month.
  • Case Studies of successful Real Estate Skills students who used our systems to find & flip houses faster than they thought possible, and receive new business opportunities, and complete bigger and better deals.

You'll also get a free copy of my Wholesaling guide "The Do's & Don'ts of Wholesaling Real Estate" when you register today!

Join These & Other Successful Wholesalers & Flippers Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives

"Flipped My First House in Just 21 Days From The MLS" - Tyler

I spent 18 months and tons in marketing without ever getting a deal. Then, I used the MLS Offer System and wholesaled my first house in 3 weeks. I wish I learned about this earlier! 

"I'm Wholesaling & Flipping Multiple Deals per Month Now" - Carson

I definitely recommend Real Estate Skills. From their resources, I've been able to find the buyers needed for my wholesale flip deals.

"Found & Flipped My First Wholesale Deal From The MLS With No Marketing" - Brandon

I was able to find and flip my first wholesale deal from the MLS! I had ZERO real estate experience prior to doing this.

Ready To Learn How They Did It?

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"Just Completed Another Flip & Bought A Rental Property From The MLS" - John

Excited to share that I did ANOTHER flip from the MLS! I also just bought another rental property straight from the MLS. I've been getting multiple deals every month from the MLS for 6+ years.

"This Is Where You Learn To Make It Happen Right Now..." - Kriss

Not 5 years from now, right now! I was able to wholesale my first house from the trainings. I have more deals ready to be flipped right now!

"This Is A Gold Mine. I Wholesaled A House From The MLS Within 3 Weeks" - Jeff

The MLS doesn't care whether you've done 0 deals, or 100+ deals. You'll get deals as long as you follow the steps. I got 2 offers accepted within 3 weeks and closed one of them for a nice flip!

Client Results From The MLS Offer System!

Ready To Learn How They Did It?

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