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How To Wholesale & Flip Houses From The MLS,

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On this ALL NEW workshop, here's everything you'll learn for free:

  • The MLS Offer System I use to rapidly find & flip real estate deals on demand & predictably.
  • The Exact MLS Strategies I've used to wholesale & flip 50+ deals from the MLS in less than a year (and how this strategy works anywhere in the USA).
  • How You Can Wholesale & Flip Houses From The MLS without needing a real estate license and without needing tons of experience.
  • My Step-By-Step Roadmap to wholesaling & flipping multiple deals from the MLS every month.
  • Case Studies of successful Real Estate Skills students who used our systems to find & flip houses faster than they thought possible, and receive new business opportunities, and complete bigger and better deals.

You'll also get a free copy of my Wholesaling guide "The Do's & Don'ts of Wholesaling Real Estate" when you register today!

Join These & Other Successful Wholesalers & Flippers Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives

"Flipped My First House in Just 21 Days From The MLS" - Tyler

"I spent 18 months and tons in marketing without ever getting a deal. Then, I used the MLS Offer System and wholesaled my first house in 3 weeks. I wish I learned about this earlier!"

"I'm Wholesaling & Flipping Multiple Deals per Month Now" - Carson

"I definitely recommend Real Estate Skills. From their resources, I've been able to find the buyers needed for my wholesale flip deals."

"Found & Flipped My First Wholesale Deal From The MLS With No Marketing" - Chris

"I was able to find and flip my first wholesale deal from the MLS! Put in the work, follow the steps, and make it happen!"

Ready To Learn How They Did It?

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"Just Completed Another Flip & Bought A Rental Property From The MLS" - Stan & Danae

Excited to share that we did ANOTHER flip from the MLS! We also just bought another rental property straight from the MLS. We've been getting multiple deals every month from the MLS for 8+ years.

"This Is Where You Learn To Make It Happen Right Now..." - Kriss

Not 5 years from now, right now! I was able to wholesale my first house from the trainings. I have more deals ready to be flipped right now!

"This Is A Gold Mine. I Wholesaled A House From The MLS Within 3 Weeks" - Jeff

The MLS doesn't care whether you've done 0 deals, or 100+ deals. You'll get deals as long as you follow the steps. I got 2 offers accepted within 3 weeks and closed one of them for a nice flip!

Ready To Learn How They Did It?

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