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Ultimate Investor Program™


Learn how to start a real estate investing business without spending a single dollar on marketing...


Welcome to the Ultimate Investor Program™, the pinnacle of real estate education brought to you by Real Estate Skills.

This transformative program represents the next evolution in our dynamic educational offerings, designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the world of real estate investing.

If you're an aspiring investor yearning to break through and become a real estate powerhouse, then The Ultimate Investor Program is your call to action.

The Ultimate Investor Program™ isn't for the faint of heart. It's for those who crave transformation, action, and results. It's for those who are ready to step off the sidelines and into the arena of wealth creation. This program is your key to unlocking the strategies, the knowledge, and the unwavering support you need to become the ultimate investor you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to take the first step towards the life you deserve? Join The Ultimate Investor Program today and unleash your true potential. The possibilities are endless, and the journey begins now.

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What Is The Ultimate Investor Program™?


The Ultimate Investor Program™ isn't just another course, it's the culmination of everything Real Estate Skills has learned over years of empowering everyday individuals to achieve extraordinary results.

Whether you're a seasoned investor looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to enter the world of real estate investing, this program is tailor-made to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Imagine having the expertise to navigate any market with confidence, the strategies to identify investment opportunities, and the resources to execute deals with precision.

With The Ultimate Investor Program, these dreams can become a reality. We provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to thrive in any market condition and start achieving your financial goals.

What Is Included In The Ultimate Investor Program™?


We've taken our flagship programs, the Pro Wholesaler VIPTM and the Pro Fix & FlipperTM package, and interwoven them into a singular, comprehensive learning experience. 

This isn't about choosing one path; it's about unlocking your full potential, mastering both sides of the coin – wholesaling and fix-and-flipping.

pro wholesaler course

The Ultimate Investor Program's first pillar, the Pro Wholesaler VIPTM, is your comprehensive guide to dominating the world of real estate wholesaling.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran looking to refine your skills, this immersive program provides everything you need to unearth profitable deals with our proven MLS Offer System, navigate negotiations like a pro, and close assignments with confidence.

The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program isn't just another "how-to" manual. It's a dynamic learning experience designed to cater to every individual's needs.

With The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program, you'll explore every aspect of wholesaling, from the fundamentals to advanced strategies.

Whether it's mastering the intricacies of assigning contracts or navigating the complexities of double closing, our multifaceted approach ensures you're well-prepared for success in the competitive world of real estate.

And the learning doesn't stop there...

The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program goes beyond traditional delivery methods and gives you access to:

  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls: Get your questions answered directly by experienced coaches during interactive sessions.
  • The Real Estate Skills Community: Network with fellow students, learn from their experiences, and build a powerful support system.
  • On-demand Learning: Access all materials, modules, and resources anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Whether you're at home, on the go, or juggling a busy schedule, the program adapts to your life, not the other way around.

The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program is built on this commitment, providing you with the knowledge, tools, and community to excel in the wholesaling landscape.

We believe in systems-driven success, minimizing risk while maximizing your potential for profit.

Join us today and embark on a journey to becoming a professional wholesaler, armed with the skills and integrity to thrive in this exciting market.

Remember, your success is our mission. Let us guide you towards wholesaling mastery, one deal at a time.

What Is Included In Pro Wholesaler VIPTM?


A Comprehensive Real Estate Investor Training Program:

  • The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program is a 6+ week experience offering step-by-step guidance.
  • It comprises 50+ video training modules with essential tools, resources, scripts, and email templates.
  • Access world-class training that is regularly updated to ensure relevance and effectiveness.
  • Benefit from resources like the Discovery Call Script, a proven tool for closing real estate deals nationwide.

Live Expert Coaching & Real Estate Mentorship Program:

  • Enjoy online real estate program access to mentorship and coaching, providing valuable insights and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Engage in live Q&A coaching calls within the exclusive Real Estate Skills Community.
  • Connect with experts who share their knowledge and experiences, addressing your queries and providing guidance.
  • Access recordings of previous Q&A coaching calls and future sessions.

Real Estate Skills Community:

  • Access the Real Estate Skills Community for an exclusive Skool group.
  • Connect with elite members nationwide and worldwide, all striving for financial freedom through real estate.
  • Benefit from members' collective expertise at various stages of their real estate careers and businesses, all dedicated to providing value.
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Introducing the second pillar of the real estate investor program: Pro Fix & FlipperTM, a vital learning experience that seamlessly complements The Pro Wholesaler VIPTM Program, equipping you to master the other side of the coin—finding profitable deals and transforming them into stunning, high-value properties.

As the rehabbing arm of The Ultimate Investor Program™, the Pro Fix & FlipperTM system equips students with comprehensive knowledge spanning every facet of flipping houses.

From the initial steps of property acquisition to the final stages of closing a deal, this program transcends the basics, offering a deep dive into the industry’s most popular investment strategy.

Our curriculum leaves no stone unturned, exploring essential elements such as market analysis, strategic property acquisition methods, efficient renovation techniques, and savvy resale approaches. What sets this house-flipping course apart is its commitment to delivering a holistic learning experience. Real Estate Skills recognizes that theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient; therefore, the Pro Fix & FlipperTM Program emphasizes a hands-on, practical approach.

Not unlike the wholesaling portion of the real estate investor program, the Pro Fix & FlipperTM Program delivers its comprehensive systems and learning experiences to inquisitive students with a modern touch, relying on the following vehicles to deliver its content:

  • Live Coaching Calls: Get experienced coaches' personalized guidance, addressing your questions and challenges in real-time.
  • Expert-Led Webinars: Deepen your understanding with insightful sessions covering critical flipping topics and market trends.
  • The Real Estate Skills Community: Network with fellow flippers, share experiences, and build a support system for your flipping journey.

The Pro Fix & FlipperTM Program sets a new standard for house flipping education. It's not just about knowledge; it's about unlocking your full potential with world-class coaching, training, and an unmatched support community.

We believe in empowering our students, not just equipping them. Join us, and you won't have to go it alone. You'll have a dedicated team of experts cheering you on, sharing their wisdom, and helping you navigate the exciting world of flipping with confidence.

pro house flipping course

What Is Included In Pro Fix & FlipperTM?


  • Introduction To Rehabbing: Delve into the fundamentals of rehabbing, setting the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the house-flipping exit strategy.
  • Strategic Property Acquisition: Learn how to find and acquire viable properties with the help of fundamental principles, not the least of which help to increase the odds of success and mitigate risk.
  • Understanding The Five Levels Of Rehabbing: Learn to navigate the spectrum of rehabbing, from basic rentals to high-end luxury estates, each requiring tailored approaches for success.
  • Crafting A Detailed Scope Of Work: Hone the skill of crafting detailed scopes of work, which is essential for effective project management, accurate budgeting, and successful rehabilitation.
  • Financing Your Rehab Projects: Explore the diverse financial avenues available for rehab projects, analyzing a range of financing options while cultivating connections with hard money lenders to secure optimal funding solutions.
  • Purchasing & Closing: Acquire comprehensive expertise in property purchasing and closing processes, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transition from the acquisition of properties to the commencement of your project.
  • Contractor Selection & Management: Master the essential skills needed to effectively identify and hire trustworthy contractors, a crucial cornerstone in ensuring the success and smooth execution of your rehabilitation projects.
  • Self-Management Vs. Hiring: Carefully assess the advantages and drawbacks of self-managing instead of hiring a project manager or general contractor. This evaluation process empowers you to make well-informed decisions tailored to your specific circumstances and project requirements.
  • Effective Project Management Strategies: Immerse yourself in established project management strategies that guarantee the successful progression of your rehab projects, ensuring they remain on track, within budget, and adhere to strict timelines.
  • Finalizing Your Rehab: Delve into the final stages of rehabbing, encompassing day-to-day operations and the meticulous application of finishing touches that elevate your property to its maximum market potential.
  • Collaborating With Real Estate Agents: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in collaborating with real estate agents, allowing you to optimize the selling process and maximize returns on your investments effectively.
  • Navigating Offers & Closings: Achieve mastery in effectively responding to offers and navigating the intricate closing process, facilitating a seamless transition from a completed project to a successful sale.
  • Scaling Your Ventures: Discover a range of strategies for scaling your house-flipping endeavors, such as recruiting additional team members and diversifying your real estate portfolio, to propel your success to new heights.
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Listen to reviews from our students!

No matter where you start, you can become a successful real estate investor. Listen to these amazing stories from the students in our program!

Meet Your Coaches & Instructors

Alex Martinez

Set out on your real estate venture with Alex Martinez, the quintessential self-made success story at the heart of The Ultimate Investor Program. Forget preconceived notions of privilege and fast-tracked paths. Alex's journey began at 19, fueled by the drive to transcend a reality defined by minimum wage and dead-end jobs.

By the age of 20, his dedication to relentless learning through mentors, books, and hands-on action played a role in more than 50 wholesale and flip deals. This wasn't luck; it was grit, commitment, and an unwavering belief in the power of knowledge. Alex carved his own path, demonstrating that real estate success is accessible to anyone willing to put in the work.

Today, Alex is more than a "successful investor" – he's a passionate educator driven to help others achieve their real estate goals. He understands that the path to success is nuanced and individual. Whether your aspirations lie in wholesaling, flipping, rental properties, or beyond, Alex uses wisdom gleaned from years of experience and a proven track record to guide those who need a helping hand.

Alex offers tangible insights from the trenches. He's been there, faced the challenges, and emerged not just victorious, but also dedicated to sharing his learnings and supporting your journey.

So, why choose Alex as your coach and instructor? Because he's not peddling a dream, he's the living embodiment of possibility, a testament to the transformative power of hard work and the right systems. He's your trusted guide, ready to share his expertise and fuel your own success story.

Ryan Zomorodi

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Skills

Ryan Zomorodi is the Co-founder of Real Estate Skills and a multi-million dollar real estate investor. Ryan's journey to success wasn't conventional; he initially pursued the traditional path of working through school, earning his college degree, and securing a high-paying sales job at a Fortune 500 company.

However, he soon realized he was merely another cog in the corporate machine, dependent on someone else for his future.

Determined not to rely on others for his own success, Ryan took matters into his own hands. He discovered that true fulfillment and achievement lay in owning his own businesses and investing in real estate.

Abandoning his corporate job, Ryan immersed himself in self-improvement, devouring every book and podcast on entrepreneurship and seeking guidance from successful individuals in his network.

Ryan's relentless pursuit of self-improvement led him to play various roles in the real estate industry across a dozen states, including investor, wholesaler, real estate agent, property manager, leasing agent, private money lender, capital partner, and real estate developer.

However, Ryan's legacy isn't defined by his titles or accomplishments; it's rooted in his unwavering dedication to teaching others how to achieve the success he has realized.

Join Ryan Zomorodi on a journey of empowerment and transformation within The Ultimate Investor Program and learn firsthand from a true visionary in the real estate investing industry.