Best CRM For Real Estate Investors

Top 10 Best CRM For Real Estate Investors (2024)

real estate software Jan 17, 2024

The real estate industry is built on good client-investor relationships. But while your charming demeanor may get your clients to the door, it’s not enough to get them inside. So, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a CRM tool to help you automate and streamline lead management but are torn between the myriad options in the market today. Thankfully, this article explores not one but ten of the best CRM for real estate investors.

  1. DealMachine
  2. REIsimpli
  3. PropStream
  4. InvestorFuse
  5. REIPro
  6. PropertyRadar
  7. FreedomSoft
  8. Call Porter
  9. HubSpot
  10. Propertyware


1. DealMachine

 dealmachine CRM for real estate investors

DealMachine is primarily a lead generation software for real estate with various tools designed to streamline lead management, including a free CRM. Once you upload a lead’s information to the app through the Driving for Dollars tool or their List Builder, their data is automatically stored and updated in DealMachine’s CRM software.

However, you don’t have to settle for the workflows DealMachine automatically creates. You can customize each lead’s workflow to align with your real estate business’s processes for easier management.

Even better, DealMachine’s CRM workflows integrate with third-party REI tools. Consequently, you can connect your marketing tools and lead support systems, creating a holistic view of each client’s data. This reduces manual work and allows you to better understand and serve each lead. DealMachine CRM system also features an ROI tracker for real estate wholesalers and other investors to quickly identify high-value leads and the effectiveness of various lead campaigns or marketing initiatives.

This real estate CRM system also automates direct mail marketing and supports in-app and bulk skip tracing and property owner lookup. It also features a marketing calendar, allowing investors to seamlessly stay on top of direct mail marketing campaigns. This CRM, coupled with its other software tools, such as a Drive for Dollars route tracker, a list builder, and a comprehensive lead information database, make DealMachine one of the best real estate CRM investors can add to their tech stack.

In addition to the web-based interface, DealMachine has a mobile app, enhancing its convenience since you can use it on the go.

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2. RESimpli

resimpli real estate investor crm

REISimpli is an innovative software with various tools, including a top CRM for real estate investors. Their CRM system lets you add and store all your leads in one clear, user-friendly dashboard where you can quickly view them.

Clicking on each lead provides an overview of their entire journey through your sales pipeline. REISimpli’s CRM also offers prebuilt lead stages to automate lead nurturing and follow-up. While they’re designed to get you up and running, you may customize these stages to include all the steps you want your leads to go through once they enter your sales funnel. For instance, real estate professionals in wholesaling can tailor REISimpli’s lead stages to include property evaluation, marketing, and assigning contracts.

In addition to leads, you can use REISimpli’s CRM to organize and manage your investment properties.

If you’re in the process of selling an investment property, this CRM platform offers marketing automation tools such as automated drip campaigns, a skip tracing tool to find the contact information of prospective leads easily, and over 90 direct mail templates to simplify outreach. It also includes a buyer management system that supports bulk email and SMS marketing.

Besides the CRM, REISimpli also features an incredibly user-friendly list-stacking software. It features over ten filters, making list stacking and identifying motivated sellers breezy. The CRM also supports legally binding e-signatures, meaning you can create and have other parties co-sign real estate contracts and documents remotely.

Other notable tools in REISimpli include a Driving for Dollars mobile app, pre-built seller websites with lead capture forms, a built-in dialer to manage and track lead conversations, accounting functionalities, and a leaderboard for team management.

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3. InvestorFuse

investorfuse top CRM for real estate

If you’re already equipped with lead generation tools and specifically need a real estate CRM focused on lead management, InvestorFuse is worth serious consideration.

The platform currently owned by Carrot dubs itself a lead conversion system, and rightly so. With this tool, you can manually upload your leads or integrate them with your lead sources so the leads you collect are seamlessly funneled to its interface. Some lead sources it integrates with include Facebook Ads, real estate PPC marketing campaigns, and even third-party lead generation software like Carrot and BatchLeads.

Once your leads are in the system, Investorfuse offers you two main ways to organize them, either as lead groups or via prebuilt workflows.

With the grouping option, you can create and add leads to as many groups as needed, allowing you and your team to prioritize them easily. You may even assign these lead groups to individual team members and restrict access to others, promoting productivity and focused collaboration while ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to those who need it.

As for the workflows, you can customize the prebuilt options to align with your business processes, ensuring the seamless management of each lead from the moment they enter your sales pipeline to the end. As with the groups, you can assign Investorfuse lead workflows to different team members and control access. Even more notable is that InvestorFuse offers employee KPIs that you can leverage to track how each individual is performing.

Unfortunately, InvestorFuse doesn’t have communication features. However, the platform integrates with multiple third-party communication tools like CallRail, meaning you can also conduct outreach and follow-up campaigns directly within its interface.

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4. PropStream

propstream real estate investing crm

Seeking a real estate investor CRM software that helps you manage lead relationships and generates new ones? We recommend PropStream as the best CRM for investors like you.

PropStream has access to over 150 million property listings, providing a wealth of lead-generation opportunities. And because manually browsing through 150 million listings is exhausting, This platform offers a user-friendly search function and a multitude of filters to help users fine-tune their searches to focus only on properties that align with their investment criteria.

Beyond basic details like address and square footage, every listing features comprehensive data about the property, such as ownership information, mortgage history, tax data, and even photos. This data simplifies locating property owners and enables investors to pinpoint properties with high investment potential.

Furthermore, PropStream offers an instant comps feature to assess the investment value of potential properties. In addition to these lead generation tools, PropStream features a list Automator that lets you automatically create lead lists of any promising properties you’ve identified.

PropStream’s CRM capabilities kick in once you create the lead lists. The platform allows you to save the generated lead lists under different names on its interface, and you may also import your existing lead lists. For Propstream-generated and imported spreadsheets, the software automatically scrubs and removes bad leads while updating the remaining ones with the latest contact information.

You can also create status tags to categorize prospects under different levels, such as hot or warm, making tracking where each lead stands in your pipeline easy. Propstream also features a built-in marketing tool that lets you target specific lists with emails and direct mail, thus automating follow-up.

So, while PropStream may lack some advanced CRM features like workflow automation and multichannel communication, its comprehensive toolset covering every phase of the lead generation and management process positions it as a worthy option for investors seeking the top CRM for real estate. Besides, it integrates with most third-party CRMs.

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5. REIPro

reipro real estate investor CRM software

Real estate leads undergo various nurturing steps before they become successful conversions. For instance, converting an average seller into a successful deal takes finding their details, contacting them, conducting property inspections, presenting an offer, and closing deals. Sounds easy, right? Well, not if you’re repeating these steps with multiple leads, and depending on your investment niche, you may have additional tasks like finding buyers. That’s where real estate CRMs like REIPro come in.

REIPro offers a 10-step- workflow system featuring all the essential steps and tasks that guide a real estate lead through the pipeline until the deal is successfully closed. With REIPro, investors can create as many of these workflows as they need to automate lead nurturing and follow-up processes. Moreover, REIPro workflows are customizable, allowing investors to tailor prebuilt steps or create additional fields to organize leads and contacts based on their needs.

Other CRM-related tools on REIPro include document storage to enable investors to upload and organize all files related to a lead or an investment property in one place and property tags designed to assist investors, primarily wholesalers, in categorizing and organizing their various investment properties. The platform also offers lead tracking and analytics to promote data-driven decisions and integrates with most email marketing tools to simplify marketing campaign management.

Beyond these CRM-related tools, REIPro offers a range of tools and features such as property lookup and information, a deal analyzer, direct mail marketing, and MLS comps, making it a comprehensive solution for real estate investors.

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6. PropertyRadar

propertyradar best real estate investor crm

PropertyRadar is a real estate software solution designed to help real estate agents and investors generate targeted leads. The platform, launched in 2007, began as a foreclosure-only data service but now offers access to over 150 million nationwide property records. It also provides a search function and 250+ filters to enable wholesalers, house flippers, and other real estate pros to browse its extensive datasets to find properties that suit their investing portfolios perfectly.

PropertyRadar also includes a list builder feature that lets users quickly generate and stack lists of potential leads from their property searches. However, the platform supports list imports if you already have lead spreadsheets. It will even update your imported lists with up to 100 new data points where relevant based on its comprehensive property and owner data.

More importantly, PropertyRadar offers an all-in-one contact management dashboard for organizing and managing lead relationships. This dashboard gives you an overview of all your leads and can access each client’s data with just a few clicks. Should you find its CRM features inadequate, PropertyRadar integrates with third-party CRMS like Pipedrive, Hubspot, and over 2000 other apps, allowing you to view your client data on different platforms directly within its interface.

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7. FreedomSoft

freedomsoft best real estate investing crm

FreedomSoft is an all-encompassing platform featuring one of the best real estate investor CRM software. The CRM has a user-friendly interface featuring a dedicated leads dashboard, allowing you to segment your leads under campaigns, seller leads, and buyer leads efficiently.

Each segment provides a list overview of leads in that particular category.

For example, clicking My Campaigns presents a list of all your past and current marketing campaigns. When you click on a single campaign, you get a campaign preview with details like the total number of leads that are or were part of that marketing endeavor, a performance overview (you can filter the duration down), and options to email, share, or even control access to that specific campaign. Clicking further opens a window of all the leads in that campaign, each in its pipeline, with options to contact them individually or in bulk.

Similarly, the seller and buyer lead segments offer an overview of all your leads in those categories, with additional actions available when you click on an individual lead. The flexibility to customize existing pipelines or create new ones allows you to create lead management pipelines that align with your unique sales process.

FreedomSoft’s CRM makes organizing and managing your clients’ relationships a walk in the park. The best part is that it not only offers CRM but also features a property database for lead generation and comps, a website builder for SEO purposes, deal analysis, and even reporting tools.

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8. Call Porter

call porter CRM for real estate investing

Inbound and outbound calls are nearly inevitable in every real estate lead generation and management stage. For instance, in the lead generation phase, investors must make nurturing calls to leads generated from marketing campaigns. Once leads are nurtured to the next phase, they must make follow-up calls to nurture relationships, answer questions, or sell their services further.

While these calls are essential, they can easily get overwhelming, especially for investors with no teams. That’s where Call Porter comes in. Call Porter is a U.S.-based live call answering service for real estate professionals.

The company has a team of professionally trained and experienced call center agents who are expertly trained in all aspects of real estate investing. These agents can handle up to 100 weekly calls under an investor’s company name. This allows investors to enhance their customer relationships without lifting a finger and simultaneously focus on the strategic aspects of their business.

Since they’re trained in real estate calls, beyond receiving calls, the Call Porter Team also screens, qualifies, and schedules appointments with leads saving investors time that would otherwise be spent dealing with potentially unqualified leads.

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9. HubSpot

hubspot CRM software for real estate investors

Are you working on a tight budget but need a CRM solution? Hubspot stands as one of the best free available. Hubspot offers tools called Hubs, including a free CRM with a user-friendly dashboard to help users organize and manage client data.

The CRM presents contacts in a list-view format, offering a unified overview of all your leads in one place. At the top of this dashboard are filters allowing you to browse extensive lists swiftly.

Once you locate a lead you’re interested in, Hubspot provides a preview with more information on them on the right-hand toolbar. This preview includes vital information such as their name, the company they’re affiliated with, and their progress in your sales cycle.

For in-depth information, a simple click on their name opens a window with all their data, including options to add notes, call them, task management, or even schedule meetings. This applies to all leads, greatly simplifying data organization and relationship management.

Note that each contact you upload to the Hubspot CRM is assigned a detail column with critical data points like their name, phone number, and industry information. You can customize these columns to display the necessary information when reviewing your lead lists without additional clicks.

Although the Hubspot CRM excels in contact management, it also offers advanced features like email automation, lead scoring and qualification, audience segmentation, and sales performance dashboards. However, these advanced features are only available in the paid version. Nevertheless, the free CRM does a great job if you’re only looking for a way to organize and manage your lead lists.


10. Propertyware

propertyware best CRM for investors

Suppose you’re in real estate, whether as a landlord, house flipper, wholesaler, or specialized professional dealing with single-family investment properties, you might want to check out Propertyware. The platform rolled out way ahead of its time in 1998, is an all-one software solution tailored explicitly for single-family property management companies.

The features of Propertyware are organized into four key modules: online leasing, property management, maintenance, accounting, operations & risk management. It automates not just customer relationship management but also every other aspect of managing an investment property.

For real estate agents and investors primarily interested in managing customer relationships, Propertyware’s property management & maintenance module covers that. It features a tenant and owner portal where you can seamlessly communicate and track every interaction with a tenant or property owner. Because it maintains every exchange with tenants, the portal serves as a centralized communication hub that you can turn to when you need to review each tenant’s or owner's unique requirements, thus empowering you with the data you need to anticipate their needs.

Beyond tracking interactions, the portal also supports online rental payments, bringing convenience to the tenants while creating a digital paper trail for future reference. It also facilitates maintenance requests, making it easy for tenants to contact your sales teams when needed. If you’re in the business of selling single-family properties to other investors, this portal allows you to offer them real-time visibility into their investments.

Moreover, Propertyware’s property management & maintenance module includes an AI-powered tenant screening software that integrates with multiple databases, enhancing the accuracy of tenant behavior prediction reports.

However, most user reviews indicate it has a steep learning curve. Additionally, if you’re interested in managing general real estate workflows, you might want to check out other CRM for real estate investing solutions. Propertyware only caters to investors with established single-family investments.

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Final Thoughts

To sustain a good relationship with that buyer couple you met yesterday, you need to stay on top of details like who they are, where you met them, the type of property they’re interested in, and their budget. Although you can always jot down these details, it’ll soon be hectic as you must do this for every lead you meet.

Thankfully, the best CRM software for real estate investors automates and streamlines lead management, so you don’t have to handle such processes manually. It also promotes personalized prospect interactions that ultimately lead to more fulfilling engagements. We hope you discovered the best real estate investing CRM from our list to get your business up and running on the right foot in 2024.

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