CallRail Review

CallRail Review: Pricing, Alternatives, & FAQs (2023 Edition)

real estate software May 26, 2022

No matter your goal for your real estate business, marketing and lead generation is key to its success. But measuring your return on the investment you make in marketing to build your business can be challenging.

CallRail aims to take the guesswork out of evaluating your advertising and marketing campaigns so you can fine-tune your efforts and target your resources where it will have the biggest pay-off. No more guessing what’s effective and what’s not.

With CallRail, you can review your call analytics and make informed decisions for your business. Putting more resources behind your most productive lead sources should pay off with a greater conversion rate.

We'll take a closer look at this popular software in our CallRail Review


What Is CallRail?

Digital marketing is a must in today’s world. No matter your chosen niche in real estate, customer contact is critical. When you generate a lead through a form on your website or social media ad, it’s obvious what part of your marketing program generated the lead.

But what about those times when it isn’t so obvious?

Wouldn’t it be great to take some of the guesswork out of the equation and have a better handle on what advertising and marketing campaigns are bringing you quality leads?

CallRail aims to do just that.

CallRail can match inbound calls, text, and live chats to your marketing campaigns so you can determine which marketing efforts are delivering on your investment strategy and direct your future dollars accordingly.

It is designed to deliver analytics that will help you understand what marketing campaigns, advertising, and search terms are providing your best leads, so you can direct your marketing and advertising dollars accordingly.

CallRail offers multiple subscription options, depending on how many of CallRail’s available features you find to be important for your business. CallRail serves more than 200,000 customers, primarily small businesses and the marketing agencies that work for them.


What Does CallRail Do?

Having accurate data and conversion metrics is extremely important in real estate. Without accurate tracking of data, it can be easy to miss leads that could be converted into sales. CallRail is a call tracking service that identifies the source of leads so you can be smarter about how you allocate your marketing and advertising dollars.

CallRail does not require any special equipment or training. Once you subscribe, CallRail immediately procures a tracking phone number that is set to forward to your primary phone number. You use this tracking number in your advertising in place of your primary phone number.

When potential clients dial the new tracking number, CallRail forwards the call to your main phone number and you answer as you normally would.

CallRail gathers data for each call that comes in. You can check your metrics online in real-time. That means being able to identify what calls came from a particular Google Ads campaign or a landing page on your website, for example, so you can target your spending to your most profitable channels.

The company offers customers four subscription options and all include call tracking. The first option focuses specifically on CallRail’s call tracking service and comes in four variations that differ in the number of calls and text messages included.

The second option includes call tracking plus conversation analytics to help qualify leads. The third option adds form tracking to call tracking services. It offers side-by-side call analytics, as well as custom form creation. The fourth option adds SEO keywords and call transcript analysis to call tracking services as part of a comprehensive analytics suite.

Each option includes a maximum number of local call numbers, local minutes, text messages, and form submissions.

Check out this short video demo that talks about how CallRail works!


What Is A CallRail Number?

A CallRail number is a tracking number used by CallRail to provide services to its subscribers. Customers choose a unique phone number that will be used to track calls in an online reporting dashboard.

As soon as a customer subscribes and purchases their number, the system is ready for calls. CallRail makes thousands of tracking phone numbers available throughout the U.S. and Canada.


CallRail Features

While tracking calls is at the core of what CallRail has to offer your real estate business, the software offers a robust slate of related features, designed to help you get the most out of tracking and analyzing calls. Each of CallRail’s subscription types offers a different set of CallRail features, in addition to the call tracking.

Used together, CallRail’s features offer a comprehensive, top-level picture of the effectiveness of your marketing strategy through call tracking analysis.

CallRail Review Software Features

Email Notification

Among the noteworthy features of CallRail are its email notification functionality, which keeps users updated when a lead comes in, with a visitor timeline that displays a site visitor’s activities and browsing behaviors.

This allows CallRail users to determine which of their website pages or campaigns delivers the majority of the phone calls they receive.

Software Integration

The functionalities of the CallRail software are not limited to its built-in features. It also offers seamless integration with various marketing, analytic, and sales software. This includes software such as Salesforce, Google Adwords, and Hubspot.

CallRail also supports voicemail transcription, SMS, lead capture, and the ability to conduct follow-ups.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic number insertion or DNI is a call tracking feature that CallRail uses to assign a unique phone number to each of your online marketing sources. That number is then displayed to visitors who arrive at your website via a specific source.

Installing CallRail’s dynamic number insertion on your website is as simple as adding a line of JavaScript code. This code detects the visitor’s source and places a cookie on their browser that tells your website to display a specific phone number. This also allows the same phone number to always appear for that particular visitor, even if they leave your website and come back later.

Subscribers can easily set up dynamic number insertion directly from their CallRail dashboard.

Conversation Intelligence

CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence software can help you quickly evaluate phone calls and measure the quality of your leads. CallRail can help you understand what happened on a call without dedicated time to manually review calls one by one.

Phone call conversations are transcribed to allow for easy review. The system can quickly identify key terms and phrases which can be used as well for tracking.


CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence would not be possible without CallScore, the powerhouse tech that is included free of charge with all CallRail subscriptions. To use CallScore, CallRail users must first enable Call Recording, a recommended practice for using CallRail.

CallScore works by “listening” to calls, then using CallRail’s tech to generate a transcription of the call and using CallScore’s sophisticated lead-scoring algorithms to classify the lead as good or bad. Data then goes to the Qualified Lead Funnel report so you can get a ready overview of lead activity, all in real-time.

CallScore also provides waveform visualization technology which can be used for additional insight into how a conversation flows.

Advanced Reporting

CallRail offers several advanced reports that enable real estate professionals and other business owners, as well as the marketing agencies that represent them, to take a deep dive into their data in order to understand what is and isn’t working.

Doing so can help you optimize your marketing and advertising strategy to get the best return on your investment. Advanced reports can be categorized by acquisition, behavior, or custom reports.

Acquisition Reports

Acquisition reports organize data from calls, texts, and forms. There is an additional option that enables reporting of calls from landing or active web pages. The report breaks down total usage into usable categories.

Behavior Reports

Behavior reports show Conversation Intelligence reports for call highlights and key terms. These reports can also help you to predict peak hours of call volume and gauge how often relevant keywords are mentioned.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be generated using built-in filters that determine how data is presented. Customizing reports can help you to focus your attention on the metrics most useful to your business.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of CallRail?

The following are the positives and negatives of CallRail:


CallRail online reviews are mostly positive, with users of its platform satisfied with CallRail’s functionality and ease of use. CallRail’s call analytics dashboard offers its subscribers data about individual calls. It can help you understand why certain campaigns are effective and how to visualize trends.

Other “pros” of CallRail are that it helps its subscribers to measure and understand its conversions—where they came from and why. It clearly identifies which of your websites, search words, and campaigns are driving conversions.

Another advantage to CallRail is that it offers its analysis in reports that are available in real-time. CallRail can work hand-in-hand with your marketing efforts to understand which channels are generating the most qualified calls. It also measures calls leads from email, radio, television, newspaper, and other traditional means of advertising, in addition to digital marketing.

CallRail’s email notification alerts users when a lead comes in, with a visitor timeline that shows the visitor’s browsing behavior and activities. All of this data provides a well-rounded picture of which marketing channels are delivering the most, and best, qualified leads.

Finally, it is an advantage that Callrail supports voicemail transcription, SMS, lead capture, and follow-up.


While most online reviews were positive, there were a few complaints about CallRail, such as an inability to track all the phone calls from some marketing channels, data inconsistencies, missing integration features, and the desire for more options in customizing reports.

Although it is safe to say that every company does have its fair share of issues and will always have room for improvement. CallRail is definitely no stranger to looking for ways to improve its features for clients using the software.

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CallRail Competitors

CallRail Review Competitors

CallRail is considered to be a leader among call tracking services, but it isn’t without its competitors, all with its own slate of features and pricing. These platforms are tracking phone calls, that act as a lead center and perform call routing services.

Like CallRail, these other platforms offer reports that provide call flow and call source information. There are also similar platforms that provide other phone services, such as autodialers, that may be useful to real estate investors and salespeople.

Here is a look at CallRail competitors and how they stack up.

CallRail vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper differs from CallRail in that it is an automated attendant service versus a call tracking service. Grasshopper offers small businesses a toll-free or local number, as well as features like professional greetings, unlimited extensions, and voicemail via email. The whole concept behind Grasshopper is to help small businesses with a limited staff to sound professional when customers call, as well as stay connected outside the office space.

The service can be accessed either from the web or via its app. Prices for Grasshopper start at $26 per month when billed annually. This basic plan is geared toward sole proprietors and offers one phone number with up to three extensions.

Additional numbers can be added for $10 per month each. All Grasshopper plans also include a number of related features, including the mobile and desktop app, business texting, call forwarding, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plus WiFi calling, virtual assistant, voicemail, instant response, custom greetings, call transfers, incoming call control, simultaneous call handling, and call reports.

Grasshopper has received mostly positive online reviews, though some customers complain about dropped calls or incorrectly forwarded calls. Some have cited poor customer service as an issue.

CallRail vs Invoca

Invoca is a call tracking and analytics software powered by artificial intelligence, with a focus on providing data and campaign attribution intelligence on inbound phone calls in real-time.

Like CallRail, the goal is for small business owners to review Invoca call analytics reports delivered in real-time, with data that helps real estate professionals make informed decisions based on what they learn from inbound phone calls.

The company claims that using Invoca will help their customers to get a greater return on their marketing and advertising investment, resulting in more qualified leads and higher conversion rates. Using online customer data, the service also claims to provide a better call experience for prospective clients.

While Invoca offers some of the same features, CallRail is more widely seen as a category leader. Invoca is web-based and does not offer access via an app. Unlike CallRail, Invoca does not have a knowledge base available for its customers to access. Invoca online reviews are mostly positive, though some customers complain about its complexity, while others find it tedious to make changes.

Invoca does not disclose its pricing on its website but instead forces potential new customers to contact a member of their sales team for pricing information.

CallRail vs Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer is a dialing system and lead generation platform. It is used to target leads and make calls, but also offers lead management. Although the company points out that its dialing system is useful to any industry relying on frequent customer contact, about 95% of its customers are real estate salespeople and investors.

To use the platform, you need only make one outbound call into the platform. Once connected, the system will begin dialing numbers from the prospect list you have provided. Since you remain on the open line, you will hear when someone answers. You manage the list, providing the system with your list of numbers in the order you want them called.

The Mojo Dialer platform differs from the CallRail platform in that it is not a call tracking platform. Instead, it is known in the industry as an auto dialing system.

Mojo operates on a monthly subscription plan. The platform also requires its customers to purchase a dialer license, beginning at $99 for a single line. Customers can then add a leads package, with prices ranging from an additional $25 to $50. per month.

CallRail vs CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is a call tracking software that helps its customers determine what marketing campaign, website page, and keywords are driving the most qualified leads to their business. The platform provides keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking. Its purpose is to enable customers to optimize their return on investment.

Its pricing plans start at $39 plus a usage fee per month. The usage fee is a combination of charges that are applied to every call based on the number of calls, texts, local numbers, and other features under the company’s menu pricing.

The platform has over 100,000 users and was one of the earliest call tracking platforms available. Like CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics is considered a leader in the call tracking category.

However, some users point out that the system is much more complicated to use compared to CallRail and some noted there were billing issues.

CallRail vs RingCentral

RingCentral offers three platforms under the RingCentral umbrella: RingCentral MVP, Ring Central Video, and RingCentral Contact Center.

RingCentral MVP offers an integrated messaging, video conferencing, and phone system while Ring Central Video works simply as a video conferencing and team messaging app.

RingCentral Contact Center is focused on improving customer experience and includes an automated dialer. Known as a digital customer engagement platform, the software manages customer messaging no matter what marketing channels are chosen, including social media.

RingCentral offers four subscriptions that start at $19.99, paid on an annual basis. It is used by over 400,000 businesses.

Like CallRail, it allows for a number of add-on apps. Some users have found it difficult to navigate, citing complexity in tracking the right data.


Examples Of CallRail Integrations

CallRail Review Software Integrations

One of the benefits of CallRail software is its ability to work seamlessly with other software applications used in your business. CallRail offers a number of integrations with other apps, helping you to get the most out of your CallRail subscription.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular ones.

CallRail & ActiveCampaign Integration

ActiveCampaign offers email marketing automation as well as customer relationship management (CRM) for small businesses.

With ActiveCampaign plus CallRail, you are able to complete actions like adding deals to ActiveCampaign for new calls received on CallRail, adding detailed contact notes, and entering contacts into automation based on call data. ActiveCampaign suggests using Zapier to complete integration with CallRail.

CallRail & HubSpot Integration

CallRail’s integration with software as a service (SaaS) HubSpot enables marketers to measure the true ROI of each advertising marketing campaign with integrated, granular reporting for phone calls and text messages.

Users are able to view call tracking and caller activity data such as lifecycle stage, first and last touch, and all recent interactions within their HubSpot account.

It also offers phone call leads for a better idea of which activity HubSpot managed marketing activity is playing off. Simplify lead management with automatic lead and activity creation from phone calls.

CallRail & Salesforce Integration

Call tracking through integration with Salesforce enables you to view all your leads in one location, as well as determine how call data populates. Integration with Salesforce will enable you to view all your leads in one centralized location.

The integration also allows you to capture data on inbound and outbound calls from your sales rep within your Salesforce lead reports.

CallRail & Google Ads Integration

Integrating CallRail with Google Ads accounts allows you to measure and optimize ROI for your search efforts with access to detailed phone call data.

You will be able to track phone calls from Google Ads PPC at the source, campaign, ad group, and keyword level. You will also be able to identify your most effective landing pages when it comes to generating phone call leads.

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CallRail Software FAQ

The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision when it comes to whether CallRail is a good fit for your business.

What Is the CallRail Pricing Model?

CallRail offers a call tracking solution for small business owners on a subscription basis. There are four subscription options available, with variations of one of the options as well.

CallRail Review Subscription Pricings

The Call Tracking option is $45 a month, the Conversation Analytics option is $95, Marketing Analytics is $95, and the Analytics Suite is $145.

Each subscription option offers a free trial feature so while you are figuring out which one works best for your business you can get started at try it out to make sure you get your money's worth in choosing your subscription package.

How To Download The CallRail App?

CallRail makes it easy for real estate professionals to follow up with leads in real-time by downloading the platform’s mobile app onto your smartphone. The CallRail app is available for Android and Apple devices, from Google Play and the Apple Store, respectively.

The app enables you to see inbound, outbound, and missed calls. You can also check your call recordings and reach out to customers via text messaging.

Using the mobile app enables CallRail customers to review calls, score leads, and categorize calls even when on the go. This helps make sure that reports are kept accurate at all times.

How Many Phone Numbers Does CallRail Support?

There is a set number of phone numbers included with each account. The number varies, depending on the subscription.

The first includes CallRail’s call tracking service. This option actually comes in four variations, with the number of included local numbers ranging from 5 to 40. The number of included text messages ranges from 100 to 500. Additional local numbers can be purchased for $1.75 to $3 each.

All three of the other subscription options—Conversation Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and the Analytics Suite subscriptions—all include five local numbers with additional numbers costing $3 each.

Where To Find CallRail Login Page?

CallRail Review Login Page

CallRail can be accessed at www.callrail.com and customers may log into their CallRail accounts through this sign-in link.

How To Contact CallRail Customer Service?

CallRail customer service can be reached by phone, email, or postal mail.

Customers having an issue with the CallRail software can open a service ticket on the CallRail customer support webpage. If offline, they can also reach customer service at (888) 219-2787 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m Eastern time.

For sales-related questions, email [email protected] or call (888) 660-2431.

CallRail’s mailing address is 100 Peachtree St. NW, Suite #2700, Atlanta, GA 30303.


Is CallRail Worth It?

CallRail serves over 200,000 customers and is known as a leading platform among the best call tracking software available. Looking at CallRail reviews online shows the platform generally received positive marks from its users.

CallRail allows its customers to review source information for incoming calls and analyze what marketing efforts are generating the most qualified leads. It can also help to ensure leads don’t fall by the wayside.

Because it enjoys a good reputation and has accumulated a large pool of users over the years, it appears that CallRail is a legitimate choice for call tracking. It promises easy and efficient onboarding and data that enables customized reporting.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by CallRail or on its respective website. CallRail is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using CallRail and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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