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InvestorFuse Review (2022 Edition)

Staying organized so you avoid leads falling through the cracks is one of the biggest challenges faced by real estate investment businesses of any size. And, if you are a full-time real estate professional with a team working under you, those missteps can take your focus away from your core business responsibilities as you work to manage the workflow for your team members.

InvestorFuse software promises to solve the problem of managing leads. Unlike real estate investment tools focused on analyzing deals, managing properties, generating leads, or marketing, its focus is on making your team work more efficiently and effectively.

InvestorFuse accomplishes this by organizing all your lead sources into one place and then using a customizable system to ensure all leads are assigned. The result? You can grow your business because you can quickly and easily manage the workflow of your team to ensure leads are managed efficiently.

By focusing on lead management, InvestorFuse is geared toward helping you achieve your best year in business, year after year.


What Is InvestorFuse?

InvestorFuse markets itself as the “fast, flexible, and easy” lead conversion system for real estate investment acquisition teams. It was co-founded by Dan Schwartz and John Whitfield to help real estate investors solve some of the frustrations of lead generation and conversion. 

If your business is pulling leads from multiple sources or manually copying contacts into a CRM, your team is probably not operating as efficiently as it should be. Worse yet, poor workflow pulls your time away from growing your business and increases the risk of poor follow-up or no follow-up at all.

To improve your workflow, InvestorFuse funnels all your leads into one area for you to easily manage for your team. Leads are assigned according to a process you define. The result is a greatly improved workflow, which better positions your business for success.


InvestorFuse Features & Benefits

There are a lot of lead generation software platforms targeting real estate investors. Likewise, there is a wide array of customer relationship management (CRM) software for keeping track of names and phone numbers of leads and clients, some geared toward real estate and some more general in nature.

But InvestorFuse is neither a lead generator nor CRM. Instead, InvestorFuse software was created to act as a lead conversion system designed for use by real estate investing acquisition teams to improve workflow and close deals. 

InvestorFuse offers a number of videos, podcasts, and other resources available on the InvestorFuse website as well as the company's YouTube channel to help users get the most out of the software and grow their businesses.

Examples include a discussion with Nate Joens, co-founder and head of innovation at Structurely, and a video interview with Mike Hambright, founder of InvestorFuel and co-founder of InvestorMachine.

Here’s a closer look at InvestorFuse’s primary features to help you determine whether this software fits your business needs.

investorfuse review features

Action Workflows

InvestorFuse is designed to be user-friendly, so you won’t need an IT degree to teach your team how to use it. The software generates action workflows that take the lead through the sales pipeline all the way to close, with a step-by-step approach.

InvestorFuse’s simple management tools allow you to assign tasks to the right team member in real-time. It's geared toward helping you spend less time at the computer and more time closing deals.

Automated Follow-Up

Follow-up becomes turnkey with automated text messages, email, voicemail, and other actions designed to ensure no lead is dropped. Your team knows exactly which leads are on their to-do list.

Follow-up is broken down into palatable steps so team members are neither overworked nor idle. 


Too often, real estate investment software is so complex that you find yourself spending too many hours in front of the computer learning a complicated system, taking precious time away from closing deals. If your system is too complicated and has too many moving parts, it isn’t going to serve your business well. 

Geared toward wholesaling and other types of real estate investing, InvestorFuse offers more lead management than the typical CRM, which means you spend less time using multiple platforms and more time focusing on your business.investorfuse review software platform

It helps your team get the job done without finding their way through a complex maze of multiple apps just to manage leads.

Flexible Workflow

When you scale your business to the point you have brought on a team to help with acquisition, you don’t want to spend a lot of time managing people who are there to help you manage your business.

InvestorFuse offers a customizable workflow process that not only allows you to quickly assign tasks to team members but enables you to customize checklists that are most in line with your particular business goals.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

InvestorFuse is an online platform specifically created for real estate investors operating with acquisition teams and looking to improve lead management efficiency.

While it has some of the features of a CRM, Investor Fuse goes beyond just storing contact data, providing a process for optimizing workflows to improve business efficiencies all along the sales pipeline.

So, how does it stack up against similar software platforms? Here’s a closer look.investorfuse review competitors

InvestorFuse vs Podio

Podio by Citrix is project management software. However, unlike InvestorFuse, Podio was not created specifically for real estate investors. The platform is designed to be customizable for various business applications. Its similarity with InvestorFuse is that both software platforms are designed to optimize teamwork.

Podio enables users to put all files related to a specific action or project in one place. It can be used for a single project or scaled to encompass the equivalent of an entire department. 

While Podio can be customized, InvestorFuse is already designed for real estate investment teams. That means less of your time needed to customize it.

Podio offers four pricing plans, ranging from a free plan for up to five users all the way to a premium plan priced at $24 per month. Paying annually rather than monthly offers modest savings.

InvestorFuse vs FreedomSoft

InvestorFuse clearly defines itself as a lead conversion system. FreedomSoft, on the other hand, was created specifically for lead generation. It offers access to over 100 million properties nationwide and more than 7 million seller leads.

Its similarity to InvestorFuse is that FreedomSoft likewise provides a CRM and a workflow analysis. However, its emphasis is more on the potential deal than on lead management. Costs of FreedomSoft can be found under three plans that range in price from $197 to $497 per month.

InvestorFuse vs REIPro

REIPro is another popular real estate investment tool. Unlike InvestorFuse, however, REIPro is more focused on deal analysis than it is on lead follow-up and management. Although it is not as robust as some deal analysis software available, it includes options for adding features, such as property campaigns, skip tracing, and direct mail.

REIPro is less expensive than more comprehensive deal analysis software, making it a good choice for new investors. Pricing is offered by the month or annually. The monthly plan for a single user is $97 per month.


InvestorFuse FAQ

While providing many functions of a CRM, InvestorFuse also provides real estate professionals with functionality and workflow to help their businesses succeed, essentially becoming a lead conversion system.

The following questions and answers will help you make an informed decision as to whether InvestorFuse is the right fit for your business. You can also learn more from their website.

How Much Is InvestorFuse?

InvestorFuse offers three plan levels to its customers: essential, pro and premium. The company promises each of its customers the “white glove” treatment, allowing only a limited number of new customers per month to come onboard under each plan.

The Essential Plan is the starting plan and allows up to two users and three lead source integrations. The Pro plan enables customers to have an unlimited number of users as well as an unlimited number of lead sources for integration.

investorfuse review pricing subscriptions

The Essential plan costs $1,470 a year or $147 per month. It also requires the user to pay a $197 set-up fee.

The Pro plan is $2,470 a year or $247 a month. The set-up fee for the Pro plan is $497.

The Premium plan is in beta state and is currently offered at a reduced price of $3,770 per year or $377 per month. The reduced set-up fee is $497.

While the one-time set-up fees are non-refundable, InvestorFuse offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscriptions if not totally satisfied.

Is There An InvestorFuse App?

While InvestorFuse integrates with other applications, such as phone system apps, it is meant to be run from the dashboard of its online application as a SAAS or software as a service platform. Its latest version, IF3, requires no third-party tools to operate.

investorfuse review IF3

It is able to integrate with every call system and lead generation software you may be using, according to the company's website.

How Do I Cancel My InvestorFuse Subscription?

Canceling your subscription is as easy as using the website’s chat feature to speak with a customer service rep or sending an email to [email protected].

This is also the route you will want to take if you need to add a new billing owner, have your billing portal invitation re-sent, or need to add a secondary email address to your account.


Is InvestorFuse Worth It?

investorfuse review is it worth it

When determining whether or not to invest in a subscription for InvestorFuse, your first step should be to identify the most important needs for your business. For example, if lead generation is where you feel you're falling short, then choosing from among the many lead generation software options should be your top priority. Lead generation, however, is not in InvestorFuse's wheelhouse.

If you opt to subscribe to InvestorFuse, it's assumed you already have processes in place for generating leads. InvestorFuse can optimize your lead management, helping to ensure you're able to keep your pipeline full. Geared toward real estate investment businesses that have acquisition teams, InvestorFuse is a lead conversion platform.

It is designed to help you manage your team as efficiently as possible, so you don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer organizing follow-up actions or worse yet, letting leads accumulate without proper follow-up.

In addition to lead generation, you will still need to address other components of your business, such as your real estate marketing strategies. InvestorFuse is not an all-in-one real estate investment tool. However, if you need to improve your lead follow-up and are concerned about the efficiency of your acquisition team, InvestorFuse may be just the ticket.

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