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FreedomSoft Review: Is It Worth It?

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the real estate investing business can feel like a challenging endeavor, especially for newbies.

Successful real estate investors know this, which is why they rely not just on their experience but also on advanced tools like real estate investing software to understand their markets, gain a competitive edge, and find high-quality prospects.

FreedomSoft is one such software. If you're finding out or recently heard about it, here's a detailed review covering everything you need to know about it.


What Is FreedomSoft?

FreedomSoft is a real estate investor software solution for both professional and novice investors. The software makes real estate investing a tad easier by offering realtors and other REI professionals access to over seven million records of vacant and distressed homes across the country and even absentee homeowners, making it easier for investors to find qualified prospects.

Besides a vast database, FreedomSoft software also boasts a range of innovative features, including lead management tools, deal analysis, and a ton of others which we'll discuss below.


FreedomSoft Features and Benefits

FreedomSoft is an all-in-one real estate investor software whose innovative features are divided into four main categories:

freedomsoft software features

Lead Generation & Marketing 

Lead generation& marketing is essential in real estate investing because it's how you find the next client and make money. However, while building a strong social media presence, networking, and using referrals are good ways to find prospects, they're rather time-consuming.

FreedomSoft makes the task easier by offering access to over 100 million properties across the country, over seven million seller leads, and even tax-delinquent homes so investors can find both cash buyer, and private lender leads.

The best part? You don’t have to scour these lists manually because it features a lead finder feature that is incredibly user-friendly and makes skip tracing a breeze.

For instance, if property values in a particular New York suburb are on the rise, and you're interested in finding properties for wholesaling in the area, you can find potentially profitable ones or cash buyer leads by customizing your search based on:

  • Zipcode
  • Property type, i.e., single-family, duplex, condo, triplex
  • Ownership status, i.e., owner-occupied, absentee, out-of-state, tax-delinquent, or vacant
  • Ownership type; is it individual, bank, trust, or corporate-owned?
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Year built
  • Square feet

Besides the lead finder, FreedomSoft also has a lead swiper and the following other features:

  • Built-in Direct Mail Marketing 

Direct mail marketing is an efficient yet surprisingly affordable mode of marketing for real estate investors. Thanks to the built-in direct email marketing system, FreedomSoft software makes managing and reaching out to them seamless once a user builds a list of sellers.

It makes designing emails easier and takes the guesswork out of email marketing by allowing investors to track whether their emails are being opened or not.

  • Nationwide Find the Owner Button

Found a distressed property you think has a lot of potentials but can’t seem to find the owner? FreedomSoft’s nationwide find the owner button lets you find their contact information in seconds.

  • Website Builder 

A well-designed, user-friendly website is a must-have for any real estate investor looking to thrive in this digitally integrated era. The good news is that FreedomSoft has a website builder.

Investors can use it to create one or multiple sites for their business. This facilitates enhanced targeting since you can always create a site for each niche or location you want to focus on.

CRM & Lead Management 

Finding qualified real estate leads from the FreedomSoft database is just one piece of the puzzle in real estate investing.

One also has to contact them and convince them to sell their property and retain them for future business. This is called lead management, and thankfully, FreedomSoft’s CRM feature makes this straightforward, too. The platform's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers the following:

  • Virtually endless lead campaigns
  • Automated lead capture
  • Live answer & call forwarding
  • Document generator
  • Task and calendar management
  • Standard and customizable lead campaign templates
  • Built-in phone, text message, and voicemail
  • Digital signing

These features make managing motivated seller leads a lot easier. For instance, real estate investors can create lists to segment sellers based on the stage of interactions to efficiently manage sellers.

For example, after identifying on contacting potential leads via automated text, an investor can use the built-in feature to create a list of those who responded positively and negatively. This makes weeding out sellers with no potential easier, allowing the investor to focus only on qualified leads and close deals.

Deal Analysis & Reports

One of the secrets to success in real estate investing is getting the most value from each deal you close. To do that, one has to thoroughly analyze each real estate deal, considering comp adjustments like square feet, floor plan, age of construction, and even overall market values. What's more, the value of different properties is often worked out differently.

For instance, with single-unit homes, value is determined based on market comps, while value is equal to profitability with larger properties. Even for the experienced investor, working out such figures is nothing short of taxing, which is where FreedomSoft comes in. The platform features powerful deal analysis & reports tools that let investors:

  • Find Countrywide Comps

FreedomSoft offers comps for single-family and other types of properties. This lets investors determine property profitability even before they contact owners. It also speeds up decision-making since an investor can decide if a particular property is worth following up on or not from the get-go. If it is, they can approach the seller well-informed and ready to buy.

  • Stay Compliant

Not everyone wants random calls from a real estate investor asking if they’re selling a property. So FreedomSoft allows users access to a countrywide DNC list report so they can contact leads who’re only interested, increasing the probability of striking value-worthy deals.

  • Track Marketing Success

Marketing can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. FreedomSoft phone and SMS usage reports take the guesswork out and enable them to improve their marketing efforts since they can use the data to work out what's working and make data-driven decisions on future strategies.

  • Construction Management

Even after closing the real estate deal, FreedomSoft still makes things easier by allowing you to find quality contractors and other aspects of renovation through its construction management tool. Other great tools under deal analysis & reports include:

  • KPI& lead conversion tracking
  • Rental & rehab analysis reports
  • Local market repair estimates

Follow Up & Workflow Automation

Workflow automation allows real estate investors more time to focus on essential aspects of their business. For example, setting up automatic responses for common customer queries means less time spent on individual responses and, at the same time, ensures no lead is lost due to untimely responses.

The best part is that FreedomSoft has some of the best follow-up & workflow automation features. For instance, investors with teams can auto-create, schedule or assign tasks, saving time they would have wasted doing so manually.

Automating the follow-up process is even easier with FreedomSoft since you can segment seller leads into different subgroups based on their stage in the sales cycle. It also features:

  • Prebuilt workflow automation
  • Unlimited workflows triggers
  • Complete Zapier integration


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

freedomsoft competitors

Here’s how FreedomSoft compares to the competition:

FreedomSoft vs REISkip

REISkip is essentially a skip tracing software. It has excellent features such as bulk searching and uses advanced triangulation to improve contact tracing. Data is also updated in real-time, and users get a list-management feature to improve prospect contact organization.

FreedomSoft on the other hand is more than a skip-tracing software. Like REISkip it also features data tracking functions but guarantees even more accurate results due to its wider contact database. FreedomSoft essentially allows the user access to more than three million property-owner records.

On top of skip-tracing functions, it’s also a CRM, lead management, and workflow automation tool.

FreedomSoft vs Realeflow

Realeflow offers many of the same features as FreedomSoft. It has a complete email marketing system, automatic property valuation software, and social media integration. However, as with many real estate software platforms, there is a lot you need to learn. Some new investors may start to feel overwhelmed will all the information there is on the table.

FreedomSoft vs PropStream

PropStream is yet another popular, and functional real estate software. It’s geared towards investors, and real estate agents looking to invest in income properties and allow them a nationwide reach to property owners thanks to its over 150-million record database. It boasts a multiple listing service to connect real estate investors and home buyers ready to invest.

PropStream also has a real estate comps calculation feature allowing users to easily evaluate property prices, and work out values to determine whether a property is worth investing in. It has a skip-tracing and rehab estimator function.

Even though it packs all these excellent features, FreedomSoft still does better. Besides unlimited access to records of over 100 million properties, FreedomSoft can also double up as a CRM, lead management, and even a deal management and analysis tool with countrywide comps.

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FreedomSoft vs Flipster

Flipster charges a similar monthly price for its plans like FreedomSoft however there more features available to Flipster when it comes to comparison.

When it comes to leads, Flipster includes Craigslist leads, FSBOs, bankruptcy, divorce, and many more. When it comes to features, it provides the offer generator, proof of funds, a rehab checklist, among others. While Flipster has a training center and FreedomSoft does not.

FreedomSoft vs REI BlackBook

FreedomSoft distinguishes itself from REI BlackBook with in-depth deal analysis and reports, including nationwide property comps, repair estimates, and cost analysis for rentals and rehabs.

With the strong available lead generation feature and more, FreedomSoft definitely costs higher than REI BlackBook. The three subscription plans for REI BlackBook range from $97 to $297.


FreedomSoft Pricing and Subscription Plans 

FreedomSoft does not come with a free trial option and below are the available monthly subscription plans:

freedomsoft subscription


This is targeted at real estate investing newbies and novices. It goes for $197 every month and offers quite excellent value. It has:

  • Prebuilt workflow & follow-up automation
  • Supports up to six users
  • Users can create up to three websites
  • About 3,000 leads monthly


This plan starts at $297 per month and is meant for real estate investors or teams looking to expand. It supports up to eight users and six websites. Other features include:

  • Customizable workflow & follow up features
  • Three phone numbers
  • Up to 6,000 lead downloads


Scale is designed for medium-sized to large teams looking to grow their businesses further. At $497 a month, it's a bit costly but offers value for the money thanks to features such as:

  • Customizable workflows
  • 12 users and up to six websites included, with additional ones readily available


FreedomSoft Software FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions about FreedomSoft complete with answers:

How Much Does FreedomSoft Cost?

FreedomSoft offers monthly subscription plans only based on an investor’s expertise and tools. Their basic start package costs $197 a month, and includes limited calls and websites, prebuilt automation, and offers about 3,000 leads.

Their growth plan will cost you $297 a month for customizable workflows, multiple users, and websites, as well as 6,000 downloads. Their last plan, Scale costs $497 and includes customizable workflows and up to 12 users.

freedomsoft live demo

How Do I Set Up The Lead Swiper For Zillow and Other Listing Sites?

The lead swiper is one of the most powerful features on FreedomSoft. It allows the user to pull leads from listing sites like Zillow and Craiglist. To set it up, simply search the properties you prefer, save the alert, and you’ll automatically receive leads from sites like Craiglist in your email.

How Do I Set Up FreedomSoft For The Best Results?

To get the best results from your FreedomSoft subscription, customize your account with more of your current buyer and lead lists as well as user preferences to build a good foundation for long-run use.

Consider signing up for suggested onboarding sessions, and join groups such as the FreedomSoft Mastery to access helpful resources. Create direct mail templates, and additional fields you may need to make contact information more organized, and highly targeted.


Our Verdict 

freedomsoft is it worth it

As noted earlier, FreedomSoft packs plenty of innovative features into four categories. This makes it easier to find and focus on just the solutions you need. For instance, if you're looking to invest in distressed properties, you'll find plenty of helpful tools under lead generation & marketing. If your goal is to automate tasks, follow-up & workflow automation tools will come in handy.

What's more, it's also highly scalable. For instance, a real estate investor who's just starting out in distressed property investing gets access to over seven million motivated sellers, making finding qualified leads easier. Finally, the CRM makes managing all seller information a breeze and data-driven decisions a reality.

On top of that, FreedomSoft runs a highly resourceful blog where users can learn how it works. Their support team is also highly responsive. In a nutshell, FreedomSoft is software worth having in every real estate's investor tech stack. It’s a step-by-step real estate investing software for newbies and a fully-integrated real estate solution for the experienced realtor.

Whether you're looking to generate leads or a wholesaler looking to automate workflows, FreedomSoft has just the features you need and a subscription plan to fit your budget, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for quality and satisfaction assurance.

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