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Investor Carrot Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing, and More!

real estate software Jan 20, 2022

Technology has slowly been disrupting the world and is now an inextricable part of every industry including real estate. Real estate investors and agents have been using software solutions to streamline nearly every aspect of their trade, from listing, lead generation, finding out-of-town property owners, wholesaling strategies to closing.  

Investor Carrot is one such software. If you're in the real estate realm, you've probably heard about Investor Carrot more times than you can recall. But what exactly is it, and how can it help you scale your enterprise as a Realtor, wholesaler, or property buyer? We break it all down below.


What Is Investor Carrot?

Carrot Performance Platform

Previously known as OnCarrot, and more recently Carrot, Investor Carrot is a subscription-based service that provides ready-websites specifically designed to help real estate investors build or strengthen their trade through a robust online presence.

These websites are optimized to enhance online visibility, generate quality traffic, and increase lead generation for REI entrepreneurs. Users can even set up instant SMS notifications, to get in touch with leads faster via text messages. It's an Oregon-based company created in 2003 by a team of skilled real estate investors led by Trevor Mauch.

Motivated by their experiences, the group began to build real estate websites that are both PC and mobile responsive to attract cash buyers and motivated sellers. And to help you determine whether it's for you, this guide will cover the platform's features and benefits, how it stacks against the competition, frequently asked questions, and whether it's worth your investment.

To start, check out this short behind the scenes video from the CEO, Trevor Mauch himself:


Investor Carrot Software Features And Benefits

Here are some of the features Investor Carrot brings to the table:

Landing Page Builder 

Online marketing for real estate professionals and rental property owners targeting multiple locations traditionally means building multiple websites that target each area. Investor Carrot changes this by allowing REI professionals to build multiple landing pages on the same website.

This makes lead management seamless, cuts the cost of online marketing, and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple website domains while allowing the investor to drive traffic from the areas they're targeting.

High-Converting Websites

Building websites with Investor Carrot is not just easy; it also makes generating quality leads in the competitive real estate world a breeze. The software features countless website templates, optimized, tested, and proven to be mobile responsive and improve ranking.

These sites feature hooks, lead-capture buttons, call-to-action, and keyword-rich content that only needs some light customization to fit each professional's real estate target market. Investors can also choose from nearly infinite theme designs that give their sites a unique appearance.

Lead Manager

investor carrot lead management feature

Proper lead management is the secret ingredient for any successful online marketing campaign, and with OnCarrot’s efficient lead management system, the task should be painless.

The platform's lead manager automatically captures and stores lead information from your capture forms, making lead progress tracking easier in each phase of their customer journey. This tool also enables professionals to identify quality leads and follow up on them, leading to more conversions.

Content Marketing

As cliché as it sounds, content is actually king in the world of digital marketing. As of writing, 47% of buyers review at least three content pieces before contacting company reps, while 82% of marketers actively use content in their marketing strategies. But while effective, researching and creating quality content that cuts from the noise to attract motivated seller leads is a mean feat.

Here's where Investor Carrots shines again. They offer content packs that include prewritten, SEO-optimized, ready-to-publish blog posts that drive traffic. Based on your Investor Carrot subscription, you can get anywhere from 12 to 24 high-quality, prewritten blog posts.

The platform also features an SEO tool investors in the real estate business can use to ensure each blog is well optimized before it goes live and a weekly class for pro members detailing how to improve a website's SEO efficiency.

Social Media Integrations

Successful online marketing, especially in 2021 and beyond, calls for marketing strategies that integrate quality content and leverage the immense power of social media. And to make this possible for investors and any property manager without being taxed, Investor Carrot features built-in buttons on each blog or site page.

All you ought to do is click the button whenever you need to share marketing content to social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin or platforms such as Craigslist. 

Real estate professionals can also maximize retargeting marketing strategies, thanks to the platform's 3rd party tracking scripts, which allow you to channel ads and marketing content to leads who’ve previously visited your website.

Besides training programs and tutorials, Carrot also offers an SEO Bible, an informative blog section, and a whole range of free resources anyone can maximize to learn the ropes of SEO.

SEO Tools 

investor carrot seo tool

Investor Carrot also offers an SEO tool for real estate agents using templates to build their sites to effortlessly customize and optimize page titles, meta descriptions, SEO titles, and SEO titles. For newbie realtors to SEO, the tool offers built-in suggestions showing what they can do to improve their content, ultimately ranking higher on SERPs.

Marketing Platform 

The Investor Carrot website is also a marketing platform by itself. The platform offers multiple membership programs and webinars where investors can interact and market their real estate business.

Comprehensive Training

Even with Carrot’s superb lineup of automated website building, lead management, and content marketing tools, learning the actual SEO marketing tactics helps investors make the most of their Carrot websites through customization.

And to make the learning curve easier, Investor Carrot offers a range of informative training tools such as the three leads per day training, scheduled group training calls, and Carrot University. These training programs break down topics like social media, direct mail marketing, and general SEO.

Visual Editor 

OnCarrot’s visual editor immediately highlights any changes made to website templates, allowing users to edit easily, and update landing pages, blogs, or other pages on their custom Carrot websites. This makes customization and website design a breeze even for novices. 


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

investor carrot vs competitors

Here’s how OnCarrot fairs against the competition:

Investor Carrot vs LeadPropeller 

Although both Investor Carrot and LeadPropeller are website-building platforms for real estate investors and offer a set of almost identical features, Investor Carrot stacks better against the latter in multiple areas.

For instance, while both platforms offer templates for effortless website creation, Carrot's templates are far more diverse and incredibly customizable. LeadPropeller, on the other hand, has fewer templates with fewer customization options than the latter.

Also, adding a blog with Carrot is seamless as it features WordPress integrations. With LeadPropeller, on the other hand, one needs to create a separate WordPress account and a blog before connecting it to the site. You also get to keep the domain name with the former if you cancel your subscription. With LeadPropeller, you cannot maintain ownership over the domain name.

Investor Carrot vs WordPress 

Even though WordPress is among the most powerful website-building platforms in the market, it generally targets anyone who wants to create a website. Carrot is for real estate investors and agents. As a result, Investor Carrot stacks better than WordPress for REI websites.

It packs many features specially geared towards the real estate market, such as SEO-optimized templates that explicitly target the real estate market.

Investor Carrot vs Restrict Content Pro 

Restrict Content Pro packs a punch of fantastic features, such as IP restriction, allowing users to restrict who can sign up, restriction timeouts, and EDD integration. However, it is merely a plugin for WordPress-based websites, while Investor Carrot is an independent platform with a slew of features that make real estate digital marketing a breeze, such as prewritten blogs, keyword tracking, lead management, and even an SEO tool.

Users even get training packages, making Investor Carrot the best option for any agent looking to get motivated seller leads and scale their enterprise. Carrot also offers social integrations for seamless content sharing on other platforms; the whole Restrict Content Pro plugin has limited options for site promotion.

Also, Carrot has an intuitive interface, while Restrict Content Pro can be pretty tricky to forget for beginners. The plugin also lacks an affiliate system, while Investor Carrot has an integrated affiliate plan.

Investor Carrot vs Done Deal Website 

The investor Carrot website is a well-established platform that positions itself more as a lead generation service and offers a full suite of features that facilitate successful conversions, such as ready-to-use templates with SEO-optimized keywords and content marketing packs.

On the other hand, Done Deal is more of a website provider, with a few features similar to On Carrot, such as an SEO tool and a blog integration feature. In terms of pricing, Done Deal offers affordable plans that start at $28, while Carrot's plans start at $69. Although pricier than Done Deal, OnCarrot undoubtedly provides more value for the money with each plan, especially their basic one.

Investor Carrot vs HomeVestors 

While Investor Carrot is a website building and lead generation service, HomeVestors is essentially a franchise that specializes in buying homes as they are for cash. The "we buy houses" franchise is only suitable for real estate investors selling properties for cash. Carrot is a platform where any agent or investor can build their online presence from scratch, market it, and find cash buyers and sellers.

Investor Carrot vs RealeFlow 

As noted, Investor Carrot is a lead generation platform with a full range of SEO-based tools. One can create a website, get automated yet quality marketing content, and share it directly to social media via the integrated buttons. RealeFlow, on the other hand, is more like a skip-tracing software with several SEO-based tools such as integrated direct mail campaigns, custom websites, and property listing pages.

Also, RealeFlow’s pricing plans begin at $175, making it significantly more expensive than Carrot. So, if you’re looking to improve online visibility and attract quality traffic that converts and is affordable, OnCarrot is the way to go.


Investor Carrot Software FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Investor Carrot.

How Much Does Investor Carrot Cost?

carrot software cost

Investor Carrot subscriptions are divided into real estate investors and REI agents. Investors get three monthly plans; Core at $69, Content Pro at $99, and Advanced Marketer at $199. With the core plan, users get one converting website, lead manager, SMS lead tracking notifications, live chat, email support, two campaign tracking links, a visual editor, and a landing page builder. 

Content Pro includes everything in the Core plan, two more sites, 13 more campaign tracking links, CRM and marketing integrations, group coaching calls, an automated content library, and video post.

Advanced marketer includes unlimited tracking links, phone support, 20 SEO rankings with each site, and even a 10% discount off specified in-house services. For agents, monthly subscription plans include content pro and advanced marketer only at prices mentioned earlier.

For each additional site you may need outside your plan, OnCarrot charges $20. Also, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee for each package offered.  However, each customer is only limited to one 30-day refund meaning if you sign up, and cancel within that period, you'll get a refund. But if you sign up and cancel again, you're not eligible for a money-back guarantee even if you cancel within that window. 

How Do You Use Investor Carrot?

Investor Carrot has one of the most user-friendly interfaces and straightforward website building processes. Once you’ve signed up, you only need to click on the “Build New Site," pick the leads you're trying to target, enter brand or company data, and then click on Create My Site.

What Does SEO Mean In Real Estate?

SEO in the real estate business refers to optimization strategies that help REI investors and agents improve their online visibility, drive traffic, build credibility and increase conversions.

While it can involve various techniques, SEO in real estate primarily focuses on local or area-specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that help investors and agents improve their rankings and relevance in particular geographic areas.

How Do I Cancel My Investor Carrot Account?

Canceling an Investor Carrot account is pretty straightforward too. Log in to the account, click billing on the top right under your profile icon, and select request cancellation. If you're confident you want to cancel your account, tick a box showing you've agreed your content should be permanently deleted and that you have given up your current pricing plan, and finally, click Submit request.


Is Investor Carrot Worth It?

investor carrot is it worth it

Even though countless websites and platforms offer lead-generation services, most cannot compare to Investor Carrot. The platform lets real estate investors and agents with no digital marketing or SEO knowledge create high-quality website designs, readily-optimized and mobile responsive websites that help drive conversion. The platform even lets Realtors set up instant text messages notifications to communicate with leads faster. 

It also features content marketing packages, so real estate professionals can focus on other essential marketing aspects, such as meeting new clients. It also includes a lead generator with impressive lead tracking capabilities, an SEO tool, and comprehensive training options for agents and investors new to the SEO-marketing game.

On top of that, subscription plans that are risk-free range from essential to advanced, meaning they're tailored to suit everyone, from the newbie agent to the experienced real estate investor who needs a full suite of SEO marketing tools for real estate. Simply put, Investor Carrot is worth adding to your arsenal of real estate marketing tools.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Investor Carrot or on its respective website. Investor Carrot is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Investor Carrot and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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