PropertyRadar Review

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Whether you're a new investor or you've been at it for a few years, today we're going to take you through PropertyRadar, one of the most popular tools for real estate prospecting. Here's our software review of PropertyRadar.


What Is PropertyRadar?

propertyradar real estate software

Founded in 2007 by Sean O’Toole, PropertyRadar is a real estate software solution for home services professionals, including real estate investors, wholesalers, and real estate brokers.

It serves as a data-driven one-stop shop for discovering property and owner data, anywhere and anytime. PropertyRadar provides services for Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

If you’re wondering if PropertyRadar is the best platform for your needs, use this detailed review to understand the pros and cons of the platform, along with the best ways to find the information you need.


PropertyRadar Software Features and Benefits

PropertyRadar has several features that you can use to discover legitimate real estate investment options around you. In this section, we'll take you through these features and how you can use them for your real estate needs.

Activity Dashboard

Once you purchase a PropertyRadar subscription plan, you get access to a personalized activity dashboard. The dashboard is easy to navigate and allows you to discover new opportunities and real estate deals seamlessly. On the left side of the dashboard, you'd find a drop-down sign with several options, including:

  • Property Lookup
  • Discover
  • Lists
  • Property Search
  • Transfer Search
  • Foreclosure Search

Realtors can use any of these options to narrow their search for specific real estate deals.

Contact Management

PropertyRadar provides an all-in-one dashboard for managing owner and property information. Once you build a list, you also have access to the contact information of property owners, including social media information, phone numbers, emails, and more.

This way, you can reach them whenever you want to discuss a possible deal.

Lead Management

More than generating targeted leads, PropertyRadar allows you to manage your leads seamlessly as you work to convert them into closed deals.

For example, you can create different lists with targeted opportunities and the contact information of property owners. Next, you can integrate these lists with third-party CRMs like Hubspot and Pipedrive for marketing automation and streamlined communication.

Reporting and Analytics

PropertyRadar gives you access to updated insights about real estate opportunities on your lists. In the top right corner of each property profile, you will see two icons that allow you to print reports or share reports via email.

Third-Party Integrations

propertyradar software integrations

PropertyRadar integrates with more than 2,000 of your favorite apps and services, including Asana, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Airtable. This way, you can automatically export property data and owner contact information into the apps that drive your business.

Campaign Management

If you’re ready to launch a marketing campaign to attract your target customers, PropertyRadar has several third-party integrations that will help you to launch and manage marketing campaigns.

For example, with Hubspot, you can follow up on leads and track responses until you make a sale.

Email Marketing

PropertyRadar integrates with several email marketing applications like MailChimp, Klenty, AWeber, and Hubspot.

These tools allow you to set up email marketing campaigns and automate follow-ups at scale. For example, you can send emails and create landing pages for lead generation and nurturing with MailChimp.

List Building

After using the "Discover" option to find suitable properties in your specific location, you can automatically add them to a list. Just above the PropertyRadar dashboard, you'd find the "make list" button that allows you to build a list of potential customers and deals.

Once you do this, you can view insights, connect with property owners, or launch marketing campaigns.

propertyradar potential customer list


PropertyRadar automatically scouts and adds new leads to your list so that you stay updated on your target market at all times. You'd get immediate notifications when an opportunity that meets your criteria shows up.

Marketing Automation

Once you build a list of preferred properties, you can go ahead to automate hyper-local marketing campaigns and workflows to connect with your target customers.

Property Profiles

You can quickly discover a property and learn more about it right in the PropertyRadar app with the lookup option. This saves you the time you would have spent on scouting for information about the real estate opportunity.

You can filter the lookup option by APN, state, and county to get hyper-local information. You would see the estimated value of the property, equity, location, and owner information. This property information is in greater detail than you’ll find on real estate listing sites, like Zillow.

Property and Owner Data

More than discovering viable investment options, PropertyRadar allows you to verify property details and the owner's information before brokering a deal.

propertyradar real estate info

You can directly look up property details from the public records data and access the neighborhood information, value transactions, and foreclosures, plus the owner's name and contact information.

Lead Generation

Are you trying to find the most attractive real estate opportunities in your location? PropertyRadar can automatically generate leads for you based on your ideal customer profile.

With the “discover” feature, you can find credible, high-value properties that suit your needs. PropertyRadar allows you to filter your search using 200+ criteria and patented heatmaps to discover the precise opportunities that work for you.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is one of the most exciting features of PropertyRadar. This is simply the process of locating the owner of the property.

On PropertyRadar, you can view the owner profile for every real estate opportunity and find out more about their demographics like age, gender, contact information, mailing address, interests, and occupation.

If you want to take the conversation further, you can connect with the property owner and book a virtual or physical meeting.

Transaction History & Title Research

Every real estate professional needs to do their due diligence before brokering a deal, whether for a foreclosure or outright purchase.

Transaction history is a powerful tool on PropertyRadar that can help you do this easily. By clicking on the property transaction history tab, you'd have access to abstracted information like mortgage details, deeds, acquisitions, and other documentation.

PropertyRadar also allows you to do your title research on foreclosures and mitigate any risks. In the transactions tab, you can view the complete history of the title on a property. Check out this short video and see how it works!


The "finding comparables" feature on PropertyRadar is handy for visual learners.

Once you have an Interactive Property Profile open on a property that you deem worthy as a flip, scroll down to the market value section of the page, and you will see two blue arrows.

Click the top arrow, and it will bring you to the Comparables page. This page has a map feature that shows where each comparable sale is in proximity to your subject property.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

propertyradar vs competitors

PropertyRadar is a powerful software solution solving several challenges in the real estate space. However, before making a purchasing decision, you should know how it compares to other solutions in the market. Let's see how PropertyRadar stacks up against its competitors.

PropertyRadar vs RealtyTrac

PropertyRadar and RealtyTrac have similar features. RealtyTrac primarily provides foreclosure listings, although you can also find information on traditional real estate offers.

It also offers a free trial with cheaper pricing starting at $49.95 a month. However, PropertyRadar has a more interactive and personalized dashboard for users.

PropertyRadar vs ListSource

ListSource is one of the best platforms for generating direct mail lists. Even better, you don't need a subscription to pull this off. However, it falls short of PropertyRadar when it comes to property research.

This means you cannot use this platform to research individual real estate opportunities or access property information.

ListSource also operates with per-record pricing, so the more filters you add to a search, the more you have to pay. You can generate up to 1,153 leads in one month for a $150 monthly fee.

PropertyRadar vs DealMachine

PropertyRadar and DealMachine both offer free trials for their platforms. Like PropertyRadar, DealMachine makes it easy to find properties and contact their owners. However, both platforms work differently.

A key feature of DealMachine is driving for dollars. Here, the prospective buyer goes out to scout viable properties. When he finds something that works, he has to take a picture of the property and send an automated postcard to the owner via the mobile app, indicating interest in making a purchase. This is pretty different from how property scouting works on PropertyRadar.

The basic package for this real estate software starts at $49 a month while the professional package costs $99. You also have to pay for each postcard you create and each skip trace you perform.

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PropertyRadar vs Investors Title Toolbox

Like PropertyRadar, Investor Title Toolbox has a dashboard where you can search for available properties in a specific area based on several criteria.

While it provides in-depth information about the property and owner, it has little or no third-party integrations. You also cannot generate personal lists using this tool.

Unlike PropertyRadar that supports monthly subscriptions, Investors Title Toolbox is only offered on an annual basis, with the cheapest plan costing $995.

PropertyRadar vs PropStream

PropStream provides a variety of features like target marketing, MLS data, and skip tracing. While it meets several needs for real estate professionals, some users have mentioned that the platform is challenging to navigate.

PropStream pricing starts at $99 a month, and it comes with a free 7-day trial. This is equivalent to the cost of the complete plan on PropertyRadar.

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PropertyRadar Software FAQ

Now that you have a good idea about how PropertyRadar works, let's look at the common questions other real estate professionals ask about the platform.

How Much Does PropertyRadar Cost?

PropertyRadar is pretty affordable compared to other real estate software solutions in the market. It has two subscription plans which are: The Essential Plan and The Complete Plan.

propertyradar software price

The Essential Plan costs $59 per month, while The Complete Plan costs $99 per month. There's a free three-day trial on both plans. If you want to be billed per year, you can get a decent discount on the fees.

How Often Is PropertyRadar Updated?

PropertyRadar lists are automatically updated on your dashboard when a new lead matches your list criteria.

How Do You Use PropertyRadar?

You can use PropertyRadar to discover real estate opportunities, verify property information, connect with owners and automate marketing campaigns. For example, here's how to use the "lookup" option on PropertyRadar:

  • Select "lookup" on your dashboard
  • If you want to look up a person, click on the "person" icon, then use the drop-down to filter your preferences.
  • To lookup property, select the "property" tab. Filter the options by site address, APN, and other options.

How Do I Cancel My PropertyRadar Subscription?

how to cancel propertyradar subscription

You can cancel your PropertyRadar subscription right in the app, via postal mail, or by email. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about both.

Cancel Your PropertyRadar Subscription in the App

Step 1: From the Account Settings menu in the upper-right corner of the PropertyRadar app, select "Subscription."

Step 2: Click the Cancel Subscription button.

Step 3: From the list of reasons, please select the option that explains why you are canceling your subscription.

Step 4: Click the Continue button.

Step 5: When the "Confirm Cancellation" tab pops up, read the acknowledgments and select the three boxes confirming your acceptance of the cancellation conditions.

Step 6: Click the "Cancel Subscription" button.

How to Cancel Your Subscription Via Email

Send an email to [email protected] from the email address associated with your PropertyRadar account.

How To Cancel Your Subscription by Post Mail

Send a letter to the following address:


P.O. Box 837

Truckee, CA 96160

In your letter, be sure to include the email address associated with the account you want to cancel, as well as the last four digits of the credit card affiliated with that account.

If you experience any challenges, contact the PropertyRadar support team.

How Can I Reach Out to PropertyRadar Customer Service?

There are several ways to reach out to the PropertyRadar support team. You can chat with the team online, send an email or visit the help center for answers. Alternatively, you can connect with your peers in the community and ask for help.


Is PropertyRadar Worth It?

propertyradar is it worth it

When it comes to real estate investing, PropertyRadar is one of the most effective tools you can use to find viable opportunities. PropertyRadar makes it easy for residential and commercial real estate professionals to stay on top of the industry, and access information on time.

It supports several features that make property prospecting simple and convenient. You can automate lists and campaigns, verify property and owner information and connect with owners from the same software.

If you want to try it for yourself, use our link for your FREE 3-Day Trial of PropertyRadar!

We also think the pricing is fair, and you can opt for your preferred subscription plan based on your needs. Give PropertyRadar a try, and see how it works for you!


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by PropertyRadar or on its respective website. PropertyRadar is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using PropertyRadar and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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