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PropStream Review (2023 Edition) | Real Estate Skills

If you've been looking for a real estate investing software to ramp up your house flipping, wholesaling, brokerage, or investing business, then you have surely heard of PropStream.

The PropStream software has gained plenty of attention in recent months and has become one of the most popular tools for both virtual real estate investors and local property professionals. 


Our Review of PropStream

PropStream is desirable online software renowned for its investor and real estate tools, marketing solutions, and nationwide real estate data. It is targeted towards investors, brokers, and agents and provides comprehensive data of real estate markets to allow buyers to make informed decisions.

Even though PropStream is one of the most trusted real estate software providers, that does not mean you have to jump into purchasing it right away. It can be worth learning all about its offerings, pros and cons, and features before you make a decision. Read this PropStream review below to find out more.

If you want to try it for yourself, use our link for your FREE 7-Day Trial of PropStream!


PropStream Features and Benefits

After reading various PropStream reviews, you will come to learn that this software has an abundance of convenient features for real estate investors finding property, realtors, property investors, and more. The more you learn about it, the more you come to see its value for allowing you to make sound purchasing decisions. 

propstream login 

Nationwide Reach

If you are serious about purchasing property or pricing it appropriately for buyers, then software targeted to your specific location may not suit your needs. Instead, you may need to find a real estate tool that offers property information from throughout the country.

propstream nationwide reach

Unlike many PropStream competitors, this software provides access to data encompassing 153 million properties. Whether you require mortgage history, property owners’ information, tax details, and general property data, you will be able to access it with this one convenient software.

MLS Data

Multiple listing service (MLS) data incorporates property data to connect home buyers and sellers. Such data can be imperative for real estate agents, not to mention cash buyers who are ready to purchase their dream home. This software incorporates all important MLS details, such as listing pictures, the agent description, property lists pricing and history, keywords, and any active, pending, sold, or failed listings.

Real Estate Comps

Real estate comps, or comparisons, helps agents and brokers determine the price of a property based on sales nearby. This software offers up-to-date comparable data based on local MLSs and public records.

You can even pinpoint exact neighborhoods on your property search to make sure you’re able to establish the most accurate pricing. If you’ve been wondering, is PropStream worth it? Then such a feature could have you believe that it is.

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Target Marketing

If you’re a Realtor trying to target those interested in real estate investing and passive income, the built-in marketing feature may appeal. This feature allows you to target specific marketing lists with email systems, postcard generators, and more.


It’s such an advanced feature that when you have the PropStream Pro feature, you can create marketing campaigns, landing pages for properties and manage your contacts in one convenient place.

Rehab Estimator

If you’re a frequent investment property purchaser, understanding your rehab costs is essential. When you know how much labor and materials costs in a specific area, you can determine if a particular investment opportunity will be better suited as a short term or long term investment – or whether it’s even worth investing at all.

Cash Buyers

Since you can generate targeted leads, which is something a PropStream alternative may fail to offer, this software is suitable for brokers and agents targeting cash buyers. You can set filters that allow you to match people with property with greater efficacy than many other software types and tools.

Skip Tracing

One of the most remarkable features that appear in many PropStream software reviews is skip tracing. In real estate, skip tracing refers to being able to access homeowner phone numbers and emails, even if a property is sitting with a property manager. Without having to put your investigative cap on, you can access information fast to find the property address and make quick and easy contact with its owner.

Deal Analyzer

Whether you’re driving for dollars or have keen investors ready to buy, it’s helpful to have marketing tools that help you do the job quickly and effectively. According to many reviews, this software ticks that box. It has a deal analyzer function that allows you to view the property data available to know with as much certainty as possible that a particular property is a sound investment.

PropStream App (Mobile)

propstream app

You might think that so many features packed into one type of software would mean that it’s only suitable for use on a computer. However, property brokers and real estate agents spend a great deal of time on the road, which means mobile technology is crucial.

As a result, PropStream is entirely mobile-friendly. It even has its own app. This app allows you to access Google maps and drive features, search for property addresses, mark favorites, perform homeowner skip tracing, and much more. You can even perform many of your marketing tasks from the app.

Support and Customer Service

The support and customer service available from this software provider are superior to many other software types. Not only can you contact customer support through the website, but you can access various layers of support there, as well.

You can check out the FAQs section, watch videos in the video library, and even attend events and webinars. With the helpful PropStream community, you will be familiar with the intricacies of this software in no time.

Here's a step by step PropStream tutorial video:

PropStream Pricing

When you come to learn just how many standout features this software has, PropStream pricing will be one of the last considerations. The base version of PropStream is $99 per month, but you can also Try a FREE Trial for Seven Days to see if you like it first.

You can also purchase add-ons, such as Team Member, List Automator®, Mobile Scout, and Marketing Tools, to make the most of your software experience. Some of the features come with a per-use cost.

For example, emails cost two cents each, and skip tracing is 12 cents per search. Essentially, this software has full scalability so that you can pay as little or as much as you like for the features you use and rely on.


What Are The Pros and Cons of PropStream?

Here are some helpful things to be aware of when you’re reading through PropStream reviews:

Reputable Company

Whenever you’re investing money in software to help you do your job, you want to be sure that the company providing it is reputable. It’s even more critical in the real estate industry when dealing with pre-foreclosures, cash buyers, rental property investors, and current property owners.

PropStream is considered the most trusted provider of real estate information for investors, agents, and real estate brokers. Therefore, it has a high standing in these industries.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is perhaps one of the most significant drawcards. It’s only natural to want to use software that doesn’t require hours of homework to learn how to use. Given the number of features that users have at their disposal, you can expect them to be clearly categorized. When you require a specific feature, it’s easy to find and use within seconds.

what is propstream

Ease of use is also noticeable in its multi-platform flexibility. You can use your computer to access the features you desire or the mobile app when you’re on the go.

Overall Effectiveness

When you compare the overall effectiveness of PropStream to other similar software types, it’s easy to see why it stands leagues ahead of its competition. It boasts over 153 million property records, which means it’s able to capture a broad range of data to give the most accurate picture of property in your area.

Whether you’re a broker, realtor, or in another property-related line of work, it caters to your unique need for information.


If you are going to have anything negative to say about this software, it’s that there is a lot to learn. It does take some time to engage with all the features and become a proficient user. In saying that, you’re not short of educational tools to help. 

No matter what information you need or problem you’re having, there’s a video, guide, or article to assist. 


How Does It Compare Against Competitors? 

PropStream is one of many real estate software types on the market. Therefore, it is only natural to want to see how it stacks up against others so that you can make an informed choice.propstream competitors

PropStream vs REIPro

PropStream and REIPro are very similar software types with many of the same desirable features. REIPro can assist with property campaigns, ordering postcards, skip tracing, and phone scripts. You can even use it to find property details before making automated offers. It’s also available for a base price of $97 per month.

However, compared to PropStream, it’s far more basic. If you are using it to do more than simply make an offer on a property, it lacks features. It also cannot help you evaluate potential returns or property rehab costs if you are an investor.

PropStream vs Realeflow

Realeflow is another superior real estate tool for analysis and investing. It has packages starting from $75 per user and offers a free trial. This software also offers a variety of features like lead capturing, file sharing, email marketing, and client/property matching.

For many real estate agents, it’s an ideal tool for identifying buyers and sellers for a range of properties. In saying that, the interface is not as user-friendly as that of PropStream. What’s more, it has only recently added a mobile app. That means that accessing helpful property information on the road used to be next to impossible.

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PropStream vs ListSource

If you’re a real estate investor who relies heavily on direct mail lists, then you may have wondered whether ListSource was the ideal product for you. It comes from CoreLogic and has a variety of features like property search, homeowner discovery, prospect targeting, and lead generation.

However, it’s light on features compared to PropStream, which means there is a potential to miss out on important information that could sway buyers and sellers. ListSource also operates with per-record pricing. The more filters you add to a search, the more you have to pay. This could mean that ListSource is not a cost-effective option for everyone.

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PropStream vs DealMachine

DealMachine is an app that allows you to track down contact information for property owners and send them mail solicitations. It’s designed to be simple yet functional. Real estate professionals can identify an address and owner, visit the property, create a postcard, and send it to the owner.

Use our link to Try DEALMACHINE (FREE) For 7 DAYS!

However, the monthly fee for such a limited number of features is far from competitive. You also have to pay for each postcard you create and each skip trace you perform. With far more features and a more competitive monthly fee, PropStream is a more all-inclusive and user-friendly option for many. 

PropStream vs Flipster

Some real estate professionals believe that Flipster and PropStream are quite similar. In many ways, they are. Flipster is an all-in-one tool with an abundance of convenient features to analyze data and generate leads. Its base cost is also marginally cheaper than PropStream.

However, it lacks on several fronts, especially regarding leads generation. For the comparably priced plan, many people have experienced a significantly lower number of leads, which can potentially impact their business. In contrast, PropStream offers a higher number of leads while also adding new features at little or no additional cost.

PropStream vs REI Automator

When you’re a real estate professional, you want accurate, up-to-the-minute information on both properties and their owners, and with PropStream, you get that. There’s no denying that the features of REI Automator are remarkably similar, but the information doesn’t appear to be updated as regularly on REI Automator, according to some users.

PropStream vs Propelio

In recent months, Propelio has been growing in popularity as a viable property investing tool. It offers lead lists, CRM, MLS comps, and competitive pricing. It also allows you to perform skip tracing to find owner contact information.

While it has all the makings of a desirable property investment tool, it does have some shortcomings compared to PropStream. Its comparable sales information is not always accurate. This can be important for real estate agents trying to put accurate prices on neighboring properties.

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PropStream FAQ

To make the hard decisions, you often have to ask the hard questions. If you are still unsure which real estate investing software or tool is right for you, it can be worth finding out the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How much does PropStream cost?

PropStream is competitively priced against many other similar software types in the market. The full version of the software after you complete your seven-day free trial is $99 per month. You can also purchase List Automator® for an extra $27 per month and Team Member for an additional $20 per month.

Does PropStream skip trace?

Yes, PropStream offers a skip trace tool. This is located in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the application. You then follow three steps to select your list, make a payment, and confirm the order.

What is PropStream for?

This software is a provider of real estate data for whichever industry professionals require it. It offers brokers, investors, real estate agents, and other users various marketing solutions, real estate data, and investor tools. As real estate investors and brokers, we've focused on its utility to identify great deals across the nation and virtually invest in real estate.

How often is PropStream updated?

PropStream updates its property information daily, according to its website. In our extensive use of Propstream, we've noticed a delay - as much as 7 days - for new MLS listings to populate in the software as "on market" properties.

Does PropStream have an app?

Yes, PropStream recently released a mobile app. If you’re a property professional who spends a lot of time on the road, having access to the same information as you would get on your computer is imperative. The app is just as intuitive as the computer version of the software.

Here's the official commercial for the PropStream Mobile app:

Where does PropStream get its data?

PropStream pulls its information from a variety of sources so that you can access as much information as possible. It’s able to gather a complete property profile for you, including owner information, homeowners associations (HOA), pending bankruptcies, mortgages, tax records, and more.


The Bottom Line – Is PropStream Worth It?

PropStream is one of many real estate software types and tools on the internet. As a result, it can be challenging to know which one will suit your needs the best. The beauty of PropStream is that it offers something for everyone.

While some tools hone in on a particular real estate investing feature, this software has them all. As a result, you can analyze several different information types until you can make an informed decision about a property’s worthiness for investment.

PropStream is also held in high regard by a multitude of different property professionals, rather than just one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a broker, investor, wholesaler, or real estate agent; you’re able to tap into whichever resources suit your needs the most.

It’s priced competitively on a per-monthly basis, and you can choose to include add-ons and extra marketing tools as and when you need them. People also appreciate having access to a support network that consists of both company staff and a community of users who can answer your pressing questions.

If you still can’t find the information you are looking for, they offer guides, tutorials, videos, and a FAQ section. For marketing properties, buying, selling, and investing, PropStream is a one-stop shop for your needs.

We certainly think it's worth the nominal price tag. Why not check it out for yourself and see if it ticks all the boxes for you?

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