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InvestorLift Review (2023): Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

real estate software Jun 16, 2023

Real estate investments like wholesaling are a great way to build wealth and secure your financial future. However, finding and managing property deals is the hard part. With the market constantly changing, investors need to monitor, analyze, and manage properties continuously.

Thankfully, we are in the modern age, where the advent of digital tools has significantly streamlined the cycle of property investing.

InvestorLift software has various tools and features that make it simple for wholesalers, house flippers, realtors, and other real estate players to manage their REI ventures.

This article will dive deep into the features of InvestorLift and how it fares against the competition.


What Is InvestorLift?

InvestorLift is a software designed to help real estate investors increase their wholesale property deal flow and investments. It features a range of tools that allow real estate investors to track their income and expenses, generate leads, analyze potential wholesale deals, and perform other tasks that simplify the investment lifecycle.

The software was designed for wholesalers but is also marketed to house flippers, real estate professionals, and general property investors.


What Does InvestorLift Do?

InvestorLift review what does it do

InvestorLift claims to simplify property acquisition for wholesalers, rehabbers, and property investors. It does that through a set of tools and features such as:

The Property Section

The property section on InvestorLift displays all properties a user has under contract. It has tools set to simplify property marketing for its users significantly. Users can upload their listings for marketing. Once a property is up, the following tabs pop up:

  • Photos: Allows InvestorLift users to upload as many pictures of their investment properties as needed to attract buyers
  • Videos: Users can also upload videos of the property to offer potential buyers an even more detailed overview of the investment property
  • Matterport: InvestorLift integrates with MatterPort, meaning users can also upload 3D walkthroughs of their investment property to enable buyers better visualize the style and condition of the property, thereby motivating them to buy
  • Documents: InvestorLift users can post their purchase agreements, assignment contracts, and other documents pertinent to the investment property to show buyers that everything they need for a fast closing is ready
  • Address: Anyone interested in the property can request the address under this tab. It also includes a section requiring them to agree that they shall conduct all inquiries regarding the property solely through the listing investor, not the owner. This protects the listing agent or wholesaler's deals from getting stolen
  • Offers: Displays all offers for that particular listing
  • Comps: Shows all comparables for that specific property

These features make listing management seamless for investors, particularly wholesalers with multiple properties on contract since they can easily update listing information, review offers, and market their listings.


investorlift review god mode

GodMode is the name of one of InvestorLift's most hyped-up features. It offers users a comprehensive view of the real estate market within a targeted area. It helps procure a list of buyers that have recently acquired investment property within a user's target area, along with detailed information about each property, such as the purchase price, average sale price, and even the average hold time.

GodMode also has filters like distance, square footage, and the number of baths and beds a property has. This allows users to narrow their search to include properties that fit their investment portfolio. The result? Any user looking to purchase real estate wholesaling properties in the area can review the real estate performance in advance to determine whether or not they should invest in that area. Should they decide to go on and purchase the property, details available in GodMode, such as the purchase and average sale price, allow them to accurately determine how much to spend on an investment property in that area. 

In a nutshell, GodMode helps users make informed decisions about their target investment areas, the properties and ultimately enables them to maximize their returns on investments by only investing in areas with the best real estate performance potential.

Another noteworthy feature of GodMode is the list of buyers in that area. Each wholesale buyer receives a score based on the number of properties they have purchased in the area, the price they paid, and the price they ended up selling. This enables users to find the most qualified buyers for their investment properties in the area.

The best part is that each buyer's listing includes their contact information, further simplifying reaching out. The accuracy of each buyer's contact info is questionable, so proceed with caution. Users can also export these buyers lists to CSV from GodMode and reach out at their own pace. Simultaneously, they can also share their listings with buyers in the same area, which speeds up closing since they're technically marketing them to investors around them.

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Built-In SMS and Emails

The built-in SMS and email feature on InvestorLift allows users to send and receive text messages directly within the software. This feature enables users, for instance, wholesalers, to communicate with buyers and sellers in real-time from inside the software. Consequently, this ensures they respond to stakeholders on time and creates a centralized point of reference for the future. But that's not all.

The user can also schedule SMS blasts, so their marketing messages are sent out to leads when they're most likely to be responsive. In a nutshell, InvestorLift's built-in SMS and email marketing streamlines communications and reduces the administrative burden associated with SMS and email marketing on separate platforms. It also allows wholesalers to improve the overall contact experience.

Check out this quick video below that talks about how to send email and SMS blasts using InvestorLift!

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Skip Tracing

InvestorLift also includes a skip tracing feature. It allows users to find the contact information of potential leads seamlessly. This feature serves a variety of purposes for wholesalers, such as:

InvestorLift's skip trace function can also be integrated with other features like email and SMS, enabling users to contact potential leads quickly. They can also pair it up with mapping tools to find potential real estate wholesaling properties in a particular area.

Intuitive Interface

InvestorLift has an intuitive dashboard that anyone, from first-time real estate software users to seasoned ones, can easily navigate. Once logged on, you're immediately welcomed by a dashboard displaying shortcuts to all relevant analytics.

For instance, it includes analytics such as new real estate deals, new offers, new buyers, delivered emails and their open rates, average open house RSVP per property, accepted offers, and new leads. You can customize the dates so that only analytics from specific periods appear on the dashboard. The rest of the features on InvestorLift are well-displayed on the left side, just below the dashboard tab, for seamless access.


How Does InvestorLift Work?

InvestorLift is a cloud-based real estate software designed to help real estate investors like wholesalers manage their properties and investments through automation. The software provides a range of tools that allow users to track their offers and inquiries, analyze potential deals and perform other tasks related to managing and expanding a real estate portfolio. This platform's key features include property management, deal analysis, financial tracking, and investor collaboration.

Once users are logged on, they can begin to ease the journey toward closing lucrative deals by uploading their deals and importing their buyer's lists. The property section on InvestorLift allows them to upload basic listing info and incorporate as many pictures, videos, and 3D property walkthroughs as they need to make their listings stand out in the sea of buyers available on InvestorLift. On the other hand, the deal analysis feature allows wholesalers and other investors to use the platform to analyze potential real estate deals, including the possible return on investment and the potential risks.

There's a user section on the dashboard too, where registered users can add and collaborate with their virtual assistants, property managers, and other real estate professionals relevant to their daily work. InvestorLift also boasts a leads section you can integrate with your deal's website. As a result, all leads captured through lead capture forms and other lead generation methods on an integrated website are automatically added to InvestorLift without the user having to do it manually.

The built-in SMS and email features simplify lead outreach. GodMode puts investors on top of their game by allowing them to review other investors in their target area, the properties they are selling, how much they're selling them at, and even how long they've been on the market. There's also the analytics section that enables investors to easily track their offers, income, and how marketing campaigns are performing.

InvestorLift works by easing every step of lead and deal generation, from finding buyers to guiding them down the sales funnel. Need more clarification? Their team has been featured on podcasts such as Real Estate Disruptors, explaining how it works. Plenty of tutorials show how to perform various actions on InvestorLift's YouTube channel.


InvestorLift vs Competitors

investorlift review competitors

Here's how InvestorLift fares against the competition:

InvestorLift vs PropStream

Both are real estate software for investors to simplify property and investment management. InvestorLift offers a range of tools, such as property management, deal analysis, and user collaboration. PropStream, on the other hand, is centered on data analytics. It offers a wealth of market data on real estate properties from various sources, including the MLS.

It is primarily used for skip tracing, property research, and marketing. The key difference between these two software is that while InvestorLift is more of an all-around real estate acquisition management software, PropStream specializes in providing data and information for lead generation and market analysis.

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InvestorLift vs DealMachine

DealMachine is primarily focused on helping investors find and acquire new properties by driving for dollars, then skip tracing, using direct mail and automated follow-up. It also has a property research tool. But in a nutshell, both software has different strengths.

While InvestorLift is better suited for scraping leads in markets around the country, DealMachine is more geared toward finding new investment opportunities at a local level while driving a neighborhood. Each caters to different needs, depending on which aspect of investing you prioritize more.

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InvestorLift vs REI BlackBook

REI BlackBook is focused on helping investors manage and grow their networks of contacts. It has features such as lead generation, automated follow-up, marketing campaigns, and a CRM to track your network quickly.

In other words, while InvestorLift helps acquire new leads and deals for wholesaling and investment, REI BlackBook seems to have a more robust system for relationship building and lead management.

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InvestorLift vs REI Pro

REIPro is primarily a CRM software focused on lead and deal management. it is a full-featured tool to manage leads and track deals and includes features like task management and reporting.

In other words, while InvestorLift is focused on investment management, REIPro focuses on the CRM feature, enabling users to manage, nurture leads, and track communication history. Both software has overlapping functionalities but can complement each other if used together.

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InvestorLift vs RESimpli

REISimpli is more property analysis software that allows investors to quickly analyze properties and potential deals and perform property valuations.

As with REIPro, both software has overlapping functionalities and can complement each other- InvestorLift will ease investment pipeline management, while REISimpli offers an in-depth analysis of potential deals.

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InvestorLift FAQ

What Is The InvestorLift Pricing Model?

investorlift review pricing

The billing information on is quite limited. From the basic information available on their Buy Now Page, the platform offers an annual subscription at $5,748. Interested users can include additional skip trace and SMS credits at $250, $500, or $1000.

What Is The Primary Objective Of InvestorLift?

According to their website, the primary objective of InvestorLift is to help real estate investors such as wholesalers, rehabbers, and others to buy, sell, and fund their investment properties faster and more efficiently. It achieves this by providing users with comprehensive, user-friendly software to streamline the acquisition process for off-market properties. The key features of InvestorLift work together to achieve this objective.

What Is The Target Audience Of InvestorLift?

The target audience of InvestorLift is primarily real estate investors like wholesalers and rehabbers. It has features that help them easily find leads, such as GodMode, allowing them to see what other investors in their target area are up to. However, besides investors, the software is helpful for real estate agents as it can help them identify potential buyers and sellers, analyze market trends in their areas of operation and stay on top of the real estate market.

In a nutshell, the target audience of InvestorLift is mainly real estate investors looking for off-market deals and are willing to spend thousands of dollars per month in advertising expenses. It is not geared toward investors who are looking for lower-cost, less risky acquisition strategies, such as the MLS. 

How To Use InvestorLift?

The platform is designed to be intuitive, with clean navigation and a well-organized interface that makes it easy for users to access the tools and features they need. Once a user is registered and logged on, they are welcomed by the dashboard. It serves as the central hub of access to the various features and important analytics such as the delivery and open rate of their email campaigns and the number of offers generated.

Just below the dashboard is the users' section, where registered users can add anyone they want to collaborate with. Next is the leads tab, where all lead-captured through an external deal website are displayed. Below it is GodMode, analytics, properties, property inquiries, buyers, offers, settings, community, and knowledge base tabs.

Every tab unlocks the features users need to easily navigate the world of lead generation and real estate property management. However, should you have difficulty using it, check out the step-by-step tutorials on their YouTube channel.

How Do I Cancel My InvestorLift Subscription?

How to cancel an InvestorLift subscription depends on your subscription's specific terms and conditions and the company's billing and refund policy. However, users looking to cancel generally log on to their accounts>settings>subscription/billing sections, where they'll follow the prompts to unsubscribe successfully.

It's also worth noting that one may need to reach out to the InvestorLift customer support team to cancel if the steps above don't work.


Is InvestorLift Worth It?

investorlift review is it worth it

InvestorLift is a comprehensive software with features to help wholesalers and real estate investors flip more contracts and buy more deals. It connects users with buyers based on scores and offers everything they need for successful lead generation, including deal-tracking tools, outreach tools like built-in SMS, and superb listing features.

However, there are more effective and profitable ways to ramp up your investment business, especially with a price tag of over $5,000 annually. Keep in mind that this does not include the recurring cost of advertising that will be required in order to continue to generate leads with the platform. But whether or not it is worth it depends on your specific needs and goals and how you intend to use it. 

Unless you have a lot of extra money to spend on various software and a robust marketing budget, we first recommend tapping into the one and only free software you need to create an endless flow of real estate deals, which is the local multiple listing service (MLS).

Check out our brand-new free training on how to leverage the MLS to obtain a stream of investment property leads without spending a dollar on marketing. We'll cover the best source of deals that can supplement any CRM or project management software. See you there!

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