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REI BlackBook Review

Anything that claims it can help you streamline your real estate investment business is worth a closer look. REI BlackBook promises to do just that. 

Built for wholesalers, rehabbers, and landlords, REI BlackBook has gained the attention of more than 12,000 real estate investors across the country, who cite the software's simplicity, strong customer service, and efficiency among its strengths.

Let's dive into our REI BlackBook review so you can see what this popular platform is all about.


What Is REI BlackBook? 

REI BlackBook is a web-based platform created to help real estate investors streamline their business processes.

Every real estate investor wants to spend less time trying to figure out software platforms and more time putting the software to work for their business.

With powerful contact management, lead generation, and integrated marketing features, REI BlackBook aims to give property professionals a leg up in building their business.

rei blackbook software review


Read on to learn more about the features of this software and determine if REI BlackBook is the right choice for your business. Then, if you think REI BlackBook is a good fit, check out the REI BlackBook free trial.

Who Created REI BlackBook?

Based in St. Louis, REI BlackBook traces its roots all the way back to 2008 when founder and CEO Damon Remy was operating a mortgage business. In the process, he created a suite of software tools designed to help investor clients identify and buy more properties.

His model was to give away the tools to help clients buy more houses so that he could build a continual stream of mortgage customers.

When the bubble burst, his mortgage business nearly went under. But then Remy got the idea to sell the software to investors, gambling that they would be willing to pay for tools that combined to help them grow their business. His bet paid off.  


REI BlackBook Software Features and Benefits

REI BlackBook delivers integrated features that help investors manage all aspects of their business. In addition, it offers users robust customer service support through a team of 25-plus reps.  Here's a closer look at the features that this software can offer your business:


The REI BlackBook CRM is built to help you prevent leads from falling through the cracks. It was created to be just as easy to use whether you're sitting in front of the computer or out of the office. Like most good customer relationship management (CRM) tools, contacts are automatically updated, and users have the ability to add notes and even view the entire history of a lead within the contact's record. 

A feature that sets REI BlackBook apart from many of its competitors is its ability to integrate contact management seamlessly with your website and phone system. What this means is that every time you generate a new lead, a record for that contact is automatically created and you're able to continue tracking that lead through your CRM.

rei blackbook real estate crm

This eliminates the need for taking notes or following up on a website-generated email by manually adding a contact to your CRM. This feature is designed to save time, while also reducing the risk of contacts falling through the cracks entirely. 

Contact Segmentation and Advanced Tagging

Sort out a specific segment of your contact list easily with REI BlackBook's advanced tagging feature. This feature allows you to quickly and easily sort through your contacts and segment out only those contacts you are targeting.

In addition to segmenting out lists based on tags you create, the system allows you to sort using such data points as date created, geographic location, and more. Forget about trying to make built-in tags and fields work for your business. REI BlackBook gives you unlimited custom fields.

Property Pipeline

How many times have you been out at a property site or meeting with a prospective client and wish you had a property's file folder with you.

REI BlackBook feels your pain. That's why it created the property pipeline. Serving a virtual filing folder, so it's always at your fingertips, your property pipeline keeps important documents and contracts, as well as photos and more, all in one, convenient place. 

Marketing & Sales Tools

Failing to follow up is one of the biggest downfalls for a real estate investment business. Having to learn multiple platforms just to get the job done is a critical factor. 

REI BlackBook's visual workflow builder helps you build customer experiences that close more deals. Thanks to REI BlackBook's automation, you can create a lead nurture program that ensures your leads receive personalized follow-up via text, email, or ringless voicemail. 

Website & Page Building Tools

If your website is beautifully designed but isn't building your business, then it's nothing more than a pretty face. Traffic volume becomes irrelevant if you aren't converting. REI BlackBook's website and page-building tools help you turn those clicks into leads.

Booking appointments is made easier with automatic follow-up and routing of leads to your team for scheduling.

Campaign Tracing

Follow-up goes on autopilot with REI BlackBook's multi-channel nurture campaigns. Stay in touch with prospects and customers throughout the process. 

REI BlackBook's workflows also make moving contacts between campaigns a snap. 

Marketing Automation

Your contacts will receive personalized emails as they move through the sales cycle. You'll be able to see how contacts are progressing and where they are within a campaign.

rei blackbook software marketing

Property Marketing

Building and managing your contacts is just half the story. REI BlackBook lets you also create a website to promote your properties and build demand for your inventory.

Customize for your business with templates for wholesale deals, rehabs that are ready to move, lease option properties, and rentals. Best of all, you'll be able to capture leads and take rental apps directly from your site. 

REI BlackBook Bootcamp

As part of its robust portfolio of resources it offers users, REI BlackBook holds an REI BlackBook Bootcamp twice a year.

The Bootcamp is a live, in-person event that not only provides more in-depth information on using its software's many features but also offers attendees the opportunity to hear from successful real estate investors who share their experiences in building their investment business. 


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

rei blackbook competitors

REI BlackBook is rich with features, but how does it stack up against its competitors? Here's a look:

REI BlackBook vs REIPro

REIPro promises its DEALPro deal analyzer will analyze every potential deal from all angles, with the goal of providing valuable information for making your investment decisions. While its features are more basic than some property-focused platforms, such as PropStream, they are comparable to what's offered with REI BlackBook.

It also cannot help you evaluate potential returns or property rehab costs if you are an investor. The platform is able to provide additional features, such as assistance with property campaigns, ordering direct mail postcards, skip tracing, and phone scripts. Pricing is lower than some of the more robust options.

REI BlackBook vs FreedomSoft

FreedomSoft is a robust real estate investing platform. In addition to offering contact management and automated marketing, FreedomSoft distinguishes itself from REI BlackBook with in-depth deal analysis and reports, including nationwide property comps, repair estimates, and cost analysis for rentals and rehabs.

It also has a strong lead generation feature, identifying tax-delinquent properties, absentee owners, REO properties, and more. The cost is higher, with three plans ranging from $197 to $497.

REI BlackBook vs Propelio

Propelio focuses on real estate investors and it has a number of features that REI BlackBook has, including a robust CRM. It also allows you to perform skip tracing to find owner contact information. It does not seem to have automated marketing features comparable to those you will find with REI BlackBook.

It also appears as if there are not as many opportunities for customizing contact management. On the other hand, the cost is about half what you will pay for the added features offered by REI BlackBook. 

REI BlackBook vs PropStream

PropStream is a popular real estate software platform and it's easy to see why. The primary focus for PropStream is finding and analyzing properties.

An advantage it has over many similar programs is that PropStream offers its users access to data encompassing 153 million properties. That includes mortgage history, tax details, property owners’ information, and general property data, PropStream is the all-in-one software providing access to it all.

One of PropStream's most in-depth features is its ability to research properties and analyze the potential deal. It has a less robust contact management system than REI BlackBook, with greater emphasis on property data.

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REI BlackBook Software FAQ

Real estate software is a big investment, but it can pay off by driving more business your way. If you're still on the fence, the following questions and answers may provide just the right information to make your decision.

How Does REI BlackBook Pricing Work?

REI BlackBook offers three plans, each with the option to pay monthly or annually. The Solopreneur is the base plan, designed for a single user at $97 a month, it allows up to 5,000 contacts.

rei blackbook software price

The Small Business plan adds REI BlackBook's automated marketing features and allows up to 10 user accounts and 25,000 contacts. The top of the plans is the Accelerator. It offers all the same features as the Small Business plan, but for $297 a month, it doubles the number of allowable contacts, users, and automated marketing messages. 

Does REI BlackBook Have a Discount Code?

REI BlackBook offers 2 months free when you subscribe to any of their annual plans. They also offer a 14-day free trial to their small business plan.

Does REI BlackBook Have a Free Trial?

Yes, REI BlackBook offers a free 14-day trial to their small business plan. This free trial can be accessed on their website.

How Do Real Estate Investors Use REI BlackBook?

Real estate investors will find REI BlackBook offers an all-in-one platform for generating and nurturing leads, managing property information, and marketing. 

Integration with website and phone help to automatically manage contacts. Automated marketing provides continual follow-up throughout the sales process.

Is There an REI BlackBook App?

In May 2020, REI BlackBook announced that its Profit Dial Mobile App is officially available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

rei blackbook mobile app

The app is available to all Small Business and Accelerator plan subscribers.

How Do I Cancel my REI BlackBook Subscription?

Plan management is available from the account dashboard on the REI BlackBook website or by contacting customer service at [email protected] or (800) 507-1945.

How Do I Contact REI BlackBook Support?

Help is just a phone call away. There are a number of resources available for support at REI BlackBook, including a library of articles categorized by topic. Customer support can also be reached at [email protected] or via phone at (800) 507-1945 or fax at (800) 507-1945.

What is the REI BlackBook Customer Service Number?

REI BlackBook customer service can be reached via phone at (800) 507-1945 or fax at (800) 507-1945.


Is REI BlackBook Worth It?

is rei blackbook worth it

The field is crowded when it comes to real estate software available for investors. With the growing number of platforms, it can be difficult to know which is the best fit for your business. REI BlackBook’s advantage over many is that it offers a lot of features all in one place, with features focused on everything from motivated seller leads to property marketing.

If your primary focus is an automated system for generating and nurturing leads, with integrated marketing, then REI BlackBook may be just the ticket.

One of the reasons REI BlackBook users say they use the platform is the company’s strong support system. The website itself contains a catalog of resources for using all the various features of the software. The company also employs 25-plus customer service staff, available to walk users through any part of the features. Customer service is conveniently available via email, fax, or phone.

In addition to the resources available on their website, the REI BlackBook Channel on YouTube hosts video tutorials. In addition to an overview of the software, there are a number of videos with tips on real estate investing, lead generation, and other related topics.

One thing to consider is that REI BlackBook does not offer the kind of property report and analysis that you will find with some other platforms that are more oriented toward helping to make investment decisions.

However, there are a lot of things to like about REI BlackBook when it comes to building your business and closing more real estate deals. With the automation tools offered, it’s easy to see why so many users find the efficiency and simplicity that REI BlackBook has to offer well worth the price.

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