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The BEST Wholesale Real Estate Email Template (With Examples)

real estate investing strategies wholesale real estate Oct 08, 2023

Despite the continuous emergence of new digital marketing strategies such as social media, email communication remains one of the most powerful marketing tools a real estate professional can have in their arsenal. Email marketing campaigns reportedly can generate up to $42 for each $1 spent.

But while powerful, email marketing is no walk in the park. It’s a hassle to craft messages that capture the attention and captivate a lead into the opening, leave alone reading a marketing email.

And for wholesalers or real estate investors who need to simultaneously send marketing emails to an entire list of property owners with different interests, the task is harder, not to mention time-consuming. Here's how having a wholesale real estate email template can be a total game-changer for real estate marketing.

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What Is A Wholesale Real Estate Email Template?

A wholesale real estate email template is an email marketing message sent to one or a group of potential buyers and motivated sellers to inspire action and, most importantly, convert them into leads.

what is a wholesale real estate email template

That said, a wholesale real estate email template is essentially a prewritten and preformatted email a wholesaler can quickly tweak and send to property owners on their lists instead of writing from scratch every time. A wholesaling email template can be text only or text and HTML.

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3 Benefits Of Wholesale Real Estate Email Template

Here’s why having real estate email scripts is essential to closing more wholesale deals and a total game-changer for wholesalers, real estate agents, and anyone in the real estate business:

real estate wholesale email template

Email Templates Save Time

Lead generation in real estate investing, especially in real estate wholesaling, involves compiling and contacting long mailing lists of property owners to convert them into leads. Traditionally, that means writing to each one individually.

This can be mentally and physically exhausting since wholesalers and real estate professionals often target different types of leads (for instance, foreclosure and distressed property owners) and need to create a separate message for each new potential lead they get. It also takes away from the time they could have channeled into finding more leads or following up on motivated sellers.

With a well-written real estate email template, on the other hand, all a wholesaler needs to do is edit the text a little, upload images if necessary, and hit send to contact multiple property owners simultaneously. Even better, one doesn’t need to check for errors every time since a significant portion of the email content is preformatted and ready to send.

Motivates You To Maximize Email Marketing

The more email scripts you create, the easier contacting leads using email becomes, and the more motivated you become into using it, allowing you to leverage one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools of this digital era.

Allows For Personalization

Even as most physical home buying steps such as home showings become virtual, personalization in real estate remains of the essence. It’s even more critical in real estate investing strategies like wholesaling because no one wants to receive an email from a random stranger inquiring whether they’re selling their property.

Wholesale real estate email templates allow real estate investing professionals to tailor their marketing text with content that fits the target audience better, compelling them to open and respond to the email. For instance, a wholesale realtor targeting vacant and distressed investment properties can create two templates with content tailored to suit each group of homeowners. That means every time they need to contact a motivated seller with a vacant property, they have a template with a personalized message, and all they need to do is edit it with the correct details and hit send.

If targeting different sellers in real estate wholesaling groups, consider segmenting contacts using a CRM. It makes sending wholesaling email templates to many contacts seamless and allows personalization.

Does A Wholesale Real Estate Email Template Work?

Yes, wholesale real estate email templates are effective. However, as with everything else, you need to put in the work if you’re to achieve positive results.

So, your goal should be to create engaging master templates for different purposes. Read for tips on how to create converting scripts, below!

How To Write A Wholesale Real Estate Email Template

Wholesale real estate email scripts let real estate agents and other real estate investing professionals simultaneously reach many contacts, conversely saving time. They also create room for personalization leading to more effective real estate marketing campaigns.

But to achieve this, a real estate email template needs to be well-written and free of formatting errors. If you’ve never written one, here are tips detailing how to write a winning wholesale real estate email template:

wholesale letter template


Identify The Target Audience And Segment Your Lists  

There’s no single real estate email template that can fit all audiences. So, to write a well-personalized and targeted email script, start by defining your audience. For instance, if targeting vacant, foreclosure, and distressed properties for real estate wholesaling, create a template for each target audience.

Consider segmenting each target audience into even smaller groups to personalize the templates further. For instance, instead of generalizing your real estate email template for foreclosure property owners, create individual email scripts for pre-foreclosures and each of the phases of foreclosure, so it’s easier to write more personalized and compelling content.

You can also segment your scripts based on where a lead is in their customer’s journey or location, so creating targeted and relevant email content is more effortless.

Create Different Templates

Creating multiple scripts for different purposes means every time you get or need to contact a related lead, you'll not be short of words as all you need to do is edit the suitable template and send it. Here are a few ideas on wholesale real estate email templates realtors and other real estate investing experts need:

  • Open house
  • Cash buyers scripts
  • Seller lead email template & follow-up wholesaling template
  • New-lead follow up
  • Testimonial requests on Zillow, Facebook, or other marketing platforms template
  • Referral request email
  • Engaging cold call leads email
  • New wholesale deal template
  • Event announcement email
  • Happy holiday emails to past and new leads

Select Template Designs That Fit Your Practice

Having a consistent design across all your email templates allows recipients to identify your messages even amidst a bunch of unread emails. It also solidifies a realtor’s practice image and makes your wholesaling practice appear more professional. Consistent branding across email templates also creates a sense of trust, leading to a stronger relationship with your wholesale practice.

So, after defining leads and identifying templates, you need to select designs that suit your practice best. Select a color scheme you'll use across your templates, as color is one of the main factors influencing a client's purchasing intent.

Also, find at least two fonts that complement each other, and use one for all the headers and the other for the email content. While at it, create a consistent logo and a professional email signature. Try to maximize on template designs available in your CRM or other similar software.

Optimize Your Email Templates For Mobile

85% of users access email via smartphones. That means wholesalers and other real estate investors need to not only craft compelling wholesale email scripts but also optimize them for mobile to increase the open rate and lead generation.

If this is your first time creating templates, keep them short, break up the text, be intentional with images, and ensure call-to-action, as well as links to your wholesaling website, are button-friendly to optimize them for mobile devices. 

Additional Tips For Wholesale Real Estate Email Scripts:

  • Use a recognizable, professional sender name to earn the reader’s trust

  • Keep it short and to the point

  • Make it personal

  • Bold or italicize your most essential points to make them stand out

  • Include a well-crafted footer

  • Use the right fonts

What To Include In A Wholesale Real Estate Template

With the tips above in mind, create and ensure your wholesaling templates include:

  • A Compelling Subject Line
  • A Pre-header Text
  • Real Estate Investing Logo
  • Eye-catching Images
  • Call To Action (CTA)

A Compelling Subject Line

You may craft killer email content, but if the subject line isn’t catchy enough, the lead probably won’t open it, as 47% of email recipients often decide whether or not to open an email based on this one factor. So ensure you include a compelling subject line, especially when cold calling. Include the lead's first name as seeing an email with their name amidst a bunch of unread, impersonal emails will compel them to check it out.

Keep the subject line short, if possible, less than five words as longer ones tend to appear salesy and non-human. Convey urgency to inspire action or consider invoking curiosity to pique the lead's interest.

Avoid excessive punctuation or writing the subject line in all caps. You also don't want to deceive or trick a lead into opening an email, as this will only motivate them into deleting and adding your practice to spam.

A Pre-header Text

A preheader text, sometimes known as the Johnson Box, is the line of text that comes immediately after the subject line in an inbox. Preheader texts offer the reader an overview of what’s to come in the rest of the email even before they open it.

Like the subject line, this text could be the thin line between a lead opening your wholesale real estate email template and spamming it. So, ensure you craft a compelling one to get motivated sellers and leads to open and read your emails. Preheaders can be added manually or via CRM software.

Real Estate Investing Logo

Add your wholesaling practice logo at the top of the message for recipients to easily distinguish it from other emails in their inbox.

Eye-catching Images

The right images make your email templates stand out and inspire the lead into action. They capture the reader’s attention by breaking up email content from a boring text block into smaller, easily readable bits.

Find images from stock photograph sites or create your own, and ensure you use the correct format, size, and image-to-text ratio for the best results.

Call To Action (CTA)

The point of creating real estate email templates is to make contacting clients easy and drive lead generation. In that light, a captivating call to action is a critical component of every template you create.

Make it short but highly visible by using a contrasting font color and optimizing it for mobile and large screen devices by providing plenty of space around the CTA button.

Wholesale Real Estate Email Template Examples

Here are a few real estate investing email templates to get the ball rolling on yours:

Examples Of Wholesale Real Estate Email Template

Seller Lead Initial Contact Wholesale Real Estate Email Template

If you’ve just spotted a distressed property with the potential to become a profitable investment property, contacting the owner via email is the easiest way to get feedback. Here’s an example to help you craft a converting wholesale real estate email template for initial contact with seller leads:

Subject Line: Get The Best Value For Your Distressed Property

Dear (Insert name),

My name is (name), a professional real estate wholesaler with over a decade of experience. I focus on wholesaling vacant, foreclosure, and distressed properties in (your area), and I'm interested in your house at (location). Maintaining such a property isn't just costly; it's also emotionally and physically taxing. Luckily, every similar property in the neighborhood has sold for more than you’d expect, and I'm also willing to write a valuable offer. If interested, get in touch at (your contact information or link to the website). If you’re not selling at this time, please maintain this letter for future reference.

Best regards,

(Your name or company name)

Follow-up Real Estate Email Template

A follow-up email template is a must-have for any wholesaler, real estate agent, or REI professional looking to succeed in this competitive market. It allows professionals to keep up and nurture potential sellers from sites like Zillow or other sources who might not be ready to sell right away. Here’s an example of one:

Subject Line: Still Looking To Sell Your House Fast?

Hello (Recipient name),

I know that finding a good cash buyer for your foreclosure property is quite the hassle. There's so much involved, from the cleanup process, the bank, to the documentation process. And I understand because I've worked with countless homeowners in similar situations before and saved them the stress of crippling debt and the hectic process of finding a buyer. Here's what a few sellers had to say:

(Include one or two testimonials)        

Still, looking to sell your property fast? I'm here to help and willing to buy it in its condition. Feel free to reach me here (include contact or link to website) whenever ready.

Best Regards,

(Your name or company name)

Cash Buyer Email Template

It pays to have a master template for potential cash buyers if you specialize in wholesale investment property. Here's an example to get you going:

Hello (Real estate investor name),

My name is (name), an experienced property acquisition expert in (your area and company name). I specialize in finding and acquiring potentially profitable off-market properties. As a professional acquisition expert, I understand the essence of finding below-market value homes for reputable investors like you. I have a list of ready investment properties you might be interested in. Please contact me at (contact information or website link) to discuss more.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,

(Your name or company name)

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Final Thoughts

A well-written wholesale real estate email template makes lead generation a walk in the park. With a master real estate template in hand, all you'd need to do is lightly tweak the message and images and hit send, conversely contacting an entire list of leads in one go.

Create as many scripts as you need, and use CRM to segment your contact list and schedule emails, so it’s seamless to send targeted marketing messages to potential buyers and potential sellers, not forgetting current leads.

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