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10 Best Skip Tracing Tools & Services For Real Estate Professionals

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Do you feel like finding great real estate deals is a daunting task? You probably haven’t given skip tracing a try.

While it requires a little extra work compared to strategies like MLS marketing, skip tracing boasts better-deal-finding potential because it takes you where most investors rarely go—off-market. Read on to discover what is skip tracing and our recommendations for the best skip tracing service.

So, what exactly is skip tracing in real estate? It’s harnessing databases for the contact information of homeowners whose properties you wish to invest in. We shortlisted the ten best skip tracing services for real estate to ensure you settle on a service that best fits your needs. Now, sit back, relax, and review our list of the best skip-tracing software:

  1. PropStream
  2. REISimpli
  3. Deal Machine
  4. Skip Genie
  5. Property Radar
  6. InvestorLift
  7. LexisNexis
  8. Batch Skip Tracing
  9. Mojo Skip Tracer
  10. TLoxp


10 Best Skip Tracing Software for Real Estate Professionals

best skip tracing tools

A real estate investor can use the best skip-tracing companies to locate property owners who are difficult to find through traditional means. They can also leverage these databases to identify potential leads for off-market deals.

Initially used by debt collectors and private investigators to hunt down elusive debtors and persons, it has since evolved into a formidable real estate deal-finding strategy, giving rise to a distinct service niche: skip-tracing companies. 

Now, here are in-depth views of the best skip-tracing service companies for real estate professionals:


1. PropStream

 propstream skip tracing tool

 PropStream is one of the best skip-tracing tools around. It streamlines all phases of lead generation done through skip tracing. The platform boasts some of the best data thanks to its database of over 153 million property records gathered from various sources, including public records, the MLS, and search engines.

Each traced result features comprehensive information, from basic property facts and ownership history to mortgage details. This significantly simplifies skip tracing as it unlocks a large pool of potential leads and provides users with comprehensive, accurate skip tracing data they need for outreach.

With PropStream, real estate agents and other users don’t have to spend endless hours manually sifting through this sea of skip-tracing data. This skip tracing software has over 120 property filters, ranging from absentee owners' foreclosure properties to vacant properties and lien types. Consequently, you can narrow your people search to investment properties you specialize in, and if you’re just getting into real estate, make lead targeting easier and more focused.

Once you generate your lead list, Prop Stream has a DNC scrubber to flag numbers on the Do Not Call list. This feature saves you valuable time and keeps you out of potential legal trouble.

Furthermore, PropStream offers valuable tools like a comps function, allowing you to determine the maximum selling price for a property and assess its worthiness. For wholesalers and rehabbers, a handy rehab estimator feature helps estimate the costs of property rehabilitation before they invest. The catch? While the website is intuitive, navigating all its features can be overwhelming, particularly for first-time users.

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2. RESimpli

resimpli skip tracing service

 Do you already have lists of potential leads and just need to find their contact information? RESimpli is the best skip-tracing software for that purpose.

As a skip tracing tool, RESimpli simplifies tracing through list stacking. This cool feature lets you combine multiple lists and remove duplicate lists. Conversely, you save time, effort, and resources you’d have spent reaching out to the same people multiple times.

Simultaneously, you can build a list of motivated sellers with the duplicated leads. For example, if a lead appears in multiple lists, like absentee and foreclosure, it usually means they’re eager to sell their property.

But that’s not all. If you have a property’s address and the owner’s info, but no phone number, RESimpli’s skip tracing function can generate up to three phone numbers associated with the owner. And if you have zero owner details, you can use REISimpli’s skip tracing filters to find up to three email addresses related to that property, increasing the chances of successful outreach.

The icing on the cake? RESimpli doubles up as CRM, where you can store all your skip-traced records.

As a CRM, it supports drip marketing campaigns, direct mail, business websites, and even lead forms. So, it’s not just an excellent skip tracing tool; it’s also a lead generation management software.

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3. DealMachine

dealmachine skip trace software

DealMachine is essentially a lead generation platform with one of the best skip tracing websites for real estate investors. The skip trace function can perform either individual property traces or trace the entire spreadsheet.

For each traced record, you get a phone number and email address, discover additional property addresses linked to the owner, and even more phone numbers. This greatly increases your chances of reaching the right person and your hit rates.

Even more convenient is that Deal Machine’s skip tracer streamlines the outreach process. For each property you skip trace, you can send mail to any additional property addresses you uncover through the platform.

Alternatively, you can create automated email campaigns for each extra email address you obtain during the trace. On top of all this, Deal Machine has handy lead management features, such as list building and direct mail, further simplifying the off-market deal-finding experience.

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4. Skip Genie

skip genie skip tracing companies

Do you believe skip-tracing websites are only effective when exclusively designed for real estate investing? Check out Skip Genie. It can perform single or batch processing, and users can skip trace for a person report, property report or explore possible relatives.

The person report is your go-to choice if you only have the lead’s name. It generates their phone number, email address, and related property addresses and phone numbers. The property skip tracing feature is ideal for cases where you only have the property address. It uncovers the homeowner's details, associated phone numbers, and other properties they may own.

If these searches don’t yield the desired results, Skip Genie lets you skip trace their possible relatives to enhance chances of contact. Although this option costs extra credits, cross-referencing possible connections enhances the chances of finding the information you need.

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5. PropertyRadar

propertyradar skip tracing websites

PropertyRadar offers immense flexibility regarding skip tracing services for real estate leads. You can trace leads using their name, phone number, or email address. If the resulting list is extensive, you can narrow it down by specifying a particular city or zip code.

Alternatively, if you prefer to trace using property details, PropertyRadar allows you to skip trace based on the property address, APN, and even properties near the one you’re targeting.

The platform displays skip-traced results in four view options: map, grid, card, or split view. Regardless of your preference, a simple double-click on each skip-traced record reveals comprehensive information about the property or the owner.

After generating your results through single or batch processing, PropertyRadar simplifies the process further with an automatic list builder. This feature enables you to save your lists for future use effortlessly and unlocks more actions once your list is created. For instance, once you make a list, you can add or remove skip-traced properties or property owners, specify your interest level, set their status in the lead cycle, initiate direct mail campaigns, or even add notes.

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6. InvestorLift

investorlift skip tracing software

InvestorLift is one of the largest off-market platforms for real estate investment, boasting an impressive 4.5 million-strong network of buyers. Their skip tracing function offers a seamless experience in tracing properties or homeowners thanks to the plethora of useful filters real estate professionals can leverage to enhance targeting.

As one of the best skip tracing sites, InvestorLift’s skip tracer is integrated with Investor Lift’s built-in email and text tool, allowing real estate agents to initiate and manage lead communication directly from the platform.

It’s further integrated with Investor Lift’s mapping tool, providing an insightful overview of potential investment properties within the area of interest. Beyond its exceptional skip trace capabilities, InvestorLift offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline off-market deal discovery.

Notably, the “God Mode” feature allows users to generate lists of recent property buyers in their target area, equipping them with valuable insights like purchase prices and average sale prices of comparable properties, data that proves invaluable for accurately pricing the skip-traced investment properties.


7. LexisNexis

LexisNexis skip tracing sites

LexisNexis is a data and analytics company providing a range of data and technology products, including a skip tracing tool called Accurint Skip Wizard. While originally crafted for debt collectors, Skip Wizard can be a highly efficient asset for real estate investors.

Why? In addition to harnessing LexisNexis comprehensive databases, it also leverages the company’s advanced analytics to deliver highly precise, up-to-date, and comprehensive skip trace results. Also, beyond basic contact details, each skip-traced result comes with information on employers, relatives, and associates, offering multiple avenues to connect with the desired lead.

Even when traced results yield limited information, LexisNexis Skip Wizard comes to the rescue with its account monitoring feature. You can integrate it with skip-traced batches for updates whenever inactive or limited-information lead accounts are active, enabling you to optimize your outreach efforts.


8. BatchSkipTracing

batchskiptracing skip trace software

While BatchSkipTracing is not exclusively tailored for real estate, it ranks among the top choices for real estate professionals seeking efficient skip tracing software for real estate investing. Their skip tracer offers the flexibility of single and bulk searches and can deliver up to ten distinct phone numbers. This substantially improves the likelihood of reaching the target lead.

Moreover, BatchSkipTracing boasts a built-in dialer with DNC scrubbing. Consequently, users can contact the generated lead numbers directly from the platform and save time contacting Do Not Call contacts.

Even better, BatchSkipTracing offers a pay-per-use model, eliminating the need for monthly or annual subscriptions. This cost-effective approach means you only need to pay for the outcomes they require. Also, BatchSkipTracing comes with a mobile app that allows you to conduct traces even while on the go.

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9. Mojo Skip Tracer

mojo skip tracer tool

Want to skip trace on a budget? Mojo Skip Tracer should be your go-to option. This platform allows you to perform unlimited single or bulk searches for a well-priced monthly subscription plan. You get owner names, addresses, phone, and an email for every traced record.

Additionally, Mojo has a phone dialer, easing lead follow-up. Besides a skip tracer, the Mojo suite of tools includes a lead manager, marketing software, and a data organizer, meaning it can double up as a CRM.


10. TLOxp

TLOxp skip tracing tool

TLOxp, a skip-tracing tool under TransUnion, was initially designed for debt collection but has since evolved into one of the best skip tracing services for real estate investors.

Here’s why: as a TransUnion software, TLOxp offers access to an exceptionally extensive database gathered from multiple data sources. This means each record you skip trace results in highly accurate data. At the same time, the large data pool offers you a larger pool of potential off-market deals to explore.

Even more impressive, the TLOxp skip tracer uses cutting-edge supercomputing technology and advanced linking algorithms. This combination speeds up the skip-tracing process and delivers remarkably comprehensive results. Real estate professionals gain a wealth of information for each traced record, including the lead’s phone number, associated contacts, asset details, liens, bankruptcy history, social media details, and even fraud-related data.

With access to such comprehensive information, these tools increase hit rates and simplify finding even the most elusive contacts. It also empowers you with profound insights, granting you a significant edge in your marketing efforts.


Final Thoughts

Deal finding in real estate is a challenging feat. However, skip tracing makes it a tad easier, and with the best skip tracing service for real estate investors aligned with proper strategies, you never have to compete for deals in the main market.

From PropStream's extensive database to InvestorLift's advanced filters, these top ten skip-tracing services will empower you with precision and efficiency. They offer multiple contact points with built-in features for easy outreach and follow-up, plus some even double up as CRM, making off-market lead generation and management simpler than ever before.

Hopefully, you have identified the best fit for you. Assess your needs to identify the best one for you.

While at it, remember that although competitive, traditional finding strategies like the MLS also yield great deals. Moreover, you won’t need any experience or marketing expenses to land deals when using these strategies. Sign up for our free wholesaling training to learn how.

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