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BatchSkipTracing Review | Real Estate Skills

Investing in real estate at any sort of scale requires access to reliable data, whether it’s for prospecting, creating a direct mail campaign, or any number of steps along the way, from identifying potential properties to closing the deal.

For real estate investors and agents looking for an easy-to-use skip tracing platform to take their business to the next level, BatchSkipTracing may be a good fit.

The platform accesses over 325 million records containing 10.5 billion aggregated data points. The company also claims that its data includes 99% of the general population.

Let's take a closer look at this software in our BatchSkipTracing Review.


What Is BatchSkipTracing?

BatchSkipTracing software

Like other online skip tracing tools, BatchSkipTracing was created to help real estate professionals, wholesalers, debt collectors, APIs, and others find accurate contact information, including accurate phone numbers, landline, and mobile. With so many online skip tracing companies to choose from, selecting the one that’s right for your business can be a formidable task.

To set itself apart from a crowded field, BatchSkipTracing focuses on offering a straightforward platform that isn’t going to take a lot of time away from other important components of operating your business—yet, it promises to yield fast results with industry-leading accuracy. Perhaps best of all, sign-up is free, making it attractive to those who want to give BatchSkipTracing a test drive without committing to a monthly or annual subscription.

Read on to learn more about BatchSkipTracing’s features as well as how it stacks up against the competition, so you can decide whether it’s a useful tool for your real estate investment.


BatchSkipTracing Software Features & Benefits

BatchSkipTracing’s appeal for users may lie in its simplicity. That also means it doesn’t have a lot of add-on features beyond skip tracing, such as marketing campaigns and robust customer relationship management options.

But, that may be just fine with its satisfied users who are only looking for a skip tracing tool and already have processes in place to take care of marketing and other tasks. Here is a closer look at BatchSkipTracing's features that can help you decide if this is the best skip tracing service for your business.

Accurate Data

In responding to questions about the accuracy of the data it provides, BatchSkipTracing states that it provides tier-1 data, which it characterizes as the most accurate data available.

BatchSkipTracing compiles information from public records representing 99 percent of the population. The company further states that it aggregates over 10.5 billion data points from more than 325 million records in providing skip tracing services.          

Unlimited Skip Tracing

Unlike subscription-based skip tracing platforms that limit you to a set number of skip tracing searches or results per month or year, BatchSkipTracing uses a fee-per-result pricing system of 20 cents per result. That means there is no limit to the number of searches you conduct within any timeframe.

It also means that BatchSkipTracing allows you to do individual searches—no need to wait until you’ve compiled a list to upload for a bulk batch of searches.

If you have pertinent information, like name and/or address, you can use BatchSkipTracing to learn verified contact information as well as additional property data.

Instant Results

BatchSkipTracing promises to deliver results instantly, within a matter of minutes, depending on how large your submission is. That means you don’t have to plan far in advance once you’ve gathered some basic information for your search.

You can locate a potential property during a drive around a neighborhood and get the pertinent information for reaching out to a prospect soon thereafter.

Nationwide Access

BatchSkipTracing services provide nationwide access, so no matter the location, you can expect to get results from your search. The company says it has access to data representing 99% of the U.S. population.

While most online skip trace services will offer a nationwide search, it’s important to note that BatchSkipTracing does so as well, with access to a nationwide database. Those who need to conduct only a small number of searches over the course of a year can access a nationwide database of information and get instant results at the cost of only 20 cents per record.

This is more cost-effective and will yield better results than trying to track down a prospect using a limited number of available local records.

Lead Generation

BatchSkipTracing is a cost-effective lead generation tool for real estate professionals, providing phone numbers for any distressed and non-distressed property owners from their nationwide search. 

Real estate investors can use BatchSkipTracing to find pre-foreclosure properties, tax-default properties, vacant properties, or any other occupied or non-occupied home. Using skip tracing to generate leads but not using a service can be a time-consuming process.

List Manager

Once you register for the site, BatchSkipTracing’s dashboard allows you to see the orders and results based on searches within the past 7, 30, or 90 days or for all time. Lists can be searched by status, such as completed or pending.

In addition, BatchSkipTracing’s users can search by order or list if looking for a specific record by name, address, or other parameters. The dashboard also provides a reporting feature so you can keep track of your spending on skip tracing over time.

Batch Lead Stacker

With its sort features available from the user’s dashboard, BatchSkipTracing enables you to sort lists and records according to certain attributes. However, if you require an actual lead stacking function, which helps you to identify the most motivated prospects, you may want to consider making an account on BatchSkipTracing’s sister site, BatchLeads.

The latter is an all-in-one platform that comes with additional features compared with BatchSkipTracing, which is focused only on skip tracing. Keep in mind, however, that BatchLeads requires a monthly subscription and some of its features require an additional fee.

In addition to BatchLeads, there are a number of other all-in-one platforms targeting real estate investors. Most have monthly or annual fees with additional services offered at a premium.

Map Search

As with lead stacking, users of BatchSkipTracing will need to utilize an account at its sister site BatchLeads to upload records and gain access to a mapping feature. According to a customer service representative for the company, it is only the company's more robust all-in-one platform that includes the mapping feature.

There are other platforms available that provide mapping features, in addition to BatchLeads.

Text Messaging

As with the other more robust features, text messaging is not available on BatchSkipTracing and is only accessible on its sister site, BatchLeads, an all-in-one platform for real estate investors.

The site offers a fully compliant texting platform, but an account with BatchLeads is required to use the texting feature, which is considered an add-on. The feature has a limit of 1,000 texts per day at a cost of 3 cents per message and $1 per phone number each month. 

BatchLeads competes with other robust platforms for investors that also include text messaging and other marketing options.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

BatchSkipTracing Competitors

BatchSkipTracing is an online platform focused specifically on skip tracing for real estate professionals and others who require skip tracing services, such as debt collectors. It was not created as a full-featured, all-in-one real estate investing platform.

At the same time, its pricing reflects its specialized offering. So, how does it compare with its closest competitors? Let's have a look:

BatchSkipTracing vs REISkip

Like BatchSkipTracing, REISkip focuses on skip tracing only and offers a fee-per-result pricing structure. At a cost of 15 cents per result, REISkip’s introductory pricing is less expensive than BatchSkipTracing. However, unlike BatchSkipTracing, REISkip requires a minimum of 50 matches, so skip tracing individuals is not an option. 

BatchSkipTracing is priced at 20 cents per result and while it says there is no minimum, in reality, users must upload a minimum of $25 into their “wallet” on the platform, which is used to pay for searches.

No portion of the $25 is refundable, so a user of BatchSkipTracing should anticipate running enough searches to receive at least 125 results in order to use the minimum deposit.

Other than pricing, REISkip claims to be the only skip tracing engine that offers a proprietary method—called Skip Trace Triangulation Technology—to yield results that were once only available to elite bail bondsmen, private investigators, and the FBI.

It also claims to match 90% or more of contacts with a valid phone number, a rate it says is higher than any competitors. BatchSkipTracing points out that competitors who use a rate of numbers matched may very well be counting incorrect phone numbers.

BatchSkipTracing vs NeedToSkip

NeedToSkip markets itself as the skip tracing platform with the fastest, most accurate data, a claim virtually every skip tracing platform makes. NeedToSkip does not require monthly or annual contracts, with pricing similar to BatchSkipTracing. Cost is 20 cents for up to 49 searches and 15 cents for bulk searches of 50 or more.

NeedToSkip users pay per search. This is in contrast to BatchSkipTracing, where users pay per result. Also, unlike BatchSkipTracing, NeedToSkip requires users to provide a name and not just an address.

NeedToSkip indicates its normal hit rate is between 65 and 70%, depending on list quality. This percentage is calculated by dividing the number of results by the number of searches. 

NeedToSkip has a number of premium services, such as file export and master list organizer, available for additional fees. Like BatchSkipTracing software, NeedToSkip is streamlined but has recommended sites for additional related services.

In the case of NeedToSkip, the company has a partnership with Listiva to provide users with data lists, adding to their experience with NeedToSkip. Listiva offers a handful of services for free, but costs $69 per month for its full slate of services.

BatchSkipTracing vs Skip Genie

One major difference between BatchSkipTracing and Skip Genie is the pricing. BatchSkipTracing’s pricing is based on a per-result cost of 20 cents per result, which means it does not charge for searches that have no matches.

Skip Genie is subscription-based, starting at $58 per month, which enables subscribers to conduct 100 searches per month. Each search over that limit is priced at 17 cents per search.

Another significant difference is Skip Genie’s focus on coaching after contact information is gathered. Skip Genie’s coaching feature is designed to provide tips and best practices for closing deals.


BatchSkipTracing Software FAQ

BatchSkipTracing is very specialized software and might be just the ticket for real estate professionals who are looking for nothing more than a skip tracing platform.

The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision about whether BatchSkipTracing software is a good fit for your business.

How Much Does BatchSkipTracing Cost?

BatchSkipTracing subscription

BatchSkipTracing uses a fee-per-result pricing model. The cost is 20 cents per record, not to be confused with 20 cents per search. No monthly or annual subscription is required and registration is free.

Keep in mind that you must upload a minimum of $25 into the site’s “wallet,” which is used to pay for searches you conduct. The BatchSkipTracing platform does not mention promo codes or any batch skip tracing coupon codes. 

What Information Do I Need To Skip Trace?

BatchSkipTracing requires you to have the ability to upload either a property address or a name. For ideal results, you would be able to upload both name and address, but that isn’t always possible in real estate investing.

How Do You Use BatchSkipTracing?

BatchSkipTracing is fairly simple to use. After signing up for free and uploading a minimum of $25 into the online wallet, users upload their list to the BatchSkipTracing system. After the system does its work, users receive the results. 

BatchSkipTracing results are typically used to generate real estate leads, find debtors, locate beneficiaries and gain other insight on people, assets, and businesses, according to the BatchSkipTracing site.

Does BatchSkipTracing Have A Refund Policy?

Since you pay per result, BatchSkipTracing does not offer any refunds, under any circumstances, once a list has been uploaded.

How Good Is The Data From BatchSkipTracing?

BatchSkipTracing offers tier-1 data, which it states is the most accurate and highest quality data available. BatchSkipTracing accesses information from public records representing 99 percent of the population and uses a proprietary process to deliver results.

The company further states that it aggregates over 10.5 billion data points from more than 325 million records in providing skip tracing services. Batch skip tracing reviews widely show users of the software are satisfied with the data accuracy. 


Is BatchSkipTracing Worth It?

is batchskiptracing worth it

BatchSkipTracing focuses entirely on providing skip tracing services without a lot of the added features for real estate investors that can be found on more robust, all-in-one platforms.

Because it is very specialized and doesn’t offer a full slate of additional marketing, coaching, or other features, the price is lower than with more full-featured real estate investor programs at just 20 cents per result versus a monthly or annual subscription.

Such specialized services may work satisfactorily for real estate professionals who only require skip tracing and have other processes already in place to manage and sort lists, make use of a dialer, map properties, conduct marketing and communicate with homeowners. For these real estate professionals, BatchSkipTracing may be the perfect answer for skip tracer software at an affordable price.

However, those looking for an all-in-one type of real estate batch skip tracing platform will be disappointed in BatchSkipTracing. For those users, a full-featured, subscription-based skip tracing software is probably better suited to their needs.

It is worth noting that the company that owns BatchSkipTracing also offers an all-in-one real estate investing platform that includes skip tracing along with a number of other marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, some of which are priced as add-ons to monthly or annual subscriptions.

Bottom line, real estate investors looking only for skip tracing services may find the answer in BatchSkipTracing software.

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