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real estate investing real estate marketing real estate software Dec 02, 2021

Many house flippers, wholesaling professionals, and traditional investors today use real estate investing software to leverage their businesses. Many of the software platforms currently available feature tools to help you find properties, generate leads, build investing websites or create a list of MLS comps.

You'll find a long list of companies offering real estate investing software, so it can get tricky to find the one that matches your business needs. In this article, we'll review a popular platform many investors use known as Propelio. Here is what you will learn:

Our Review of Propelio

Many high-performing investors use real estate investing software to find deals that produce consistent positive cash flow. Technology today has made it easier than ever to generate and track leads, examine financial records, access comparable sales, organize your business and more.

Since a host of these platforms are currently available, it pays to spend some time researching which ones will help you excel in the real estate business. We'll help with a little of the research by taking a deeper dive into the popular investing software platform offered by Propelio.


What Is Propelio?  

What is propelio software review

Although an array of real estate software currently exists for multiple business needs, Propelio.com focuses on real estate investing (REI) solopreneurs. The platform offers services to help you target motivated sellers and buyers.

For example, the service offers up-to-date property lists that you can search for by county or zip code — which saves you from digging through local property records to find a deal that fits your business model.

The platform offers many other user-friendly features other than generating lead lists, so let's take a closer look at some of the services Propelio offers. To start, you can watch this brief walkthrough video to learn more about Propelio.


Propelio Software Top Features & Benefits

From marketing your business by building responsive investing websites to finding cash buyers and private lenders willing to work with you, Propelio offers a host of features to help you scale up your real estate investing business.

MLS Comps

Propelio offers a multiple-listing service comparable tool that lets you access comparable sales at any time. Instead of waiting for a local broker to provide you with valuable information on a property listed on the MLS, this tool provides you with real-time data on properties recently sold. Therefore, you don't need to wait around for data from an agent to conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) on a property you may want to buy.

propelio property analyzer feature

The most important details include:

  • Pending sales and expired listings
  • Rental information for lease comps
  • Number of days on the market
  • Tax information w/year built and square feet
  • Last recorded deed information
  • Number of days on the market
  • 24/7 access with 15-minute updates

An up-to-date comp report helps investors instantly evaluate the list price of a property they might want to buy. Savvy investors run comp reports regularly to gauge real estate trends and follow their target markets.

Additionally, accurate comp reports give you the data needed to analyze properties for an after repair value (ARV), potential profitability, and future cash flow.

Lead Lists

lead list feature propelio

Propelio provides a lead list feature that lets you filter potential properties in your area by county and zip code — so you can zero in on potential deals in your target market. Another slick feature allows you to filter different property owner types. If you want to target properties that are owner-occupied, bank-owned or trust-owned, the lead list tool quickly helps you find these properties.

Lead Generation

You can also generate leads by narrowing your search down to cash buyers who are operating in your market. The tool lets you easily find how many deals these cash buyers have closed and the size of the properties they bought.

You'll also need lenders to finance your deals — unless you're independently wealthy. So, Propelio's lead list tool lets you search for private lenders in your target market. You can set the minimum and maximum loan amounts to find out who offers financing in your price range.

Lead Management

Once you capture your leads, Propelio's lead management tool lets you conveniently track your information in one place. You can create and manage tasks, add photos and internet links, filter by pending sales/expired leads, and attach pertinent documents to each property.

With one click, you can build valuable comparative market analysis reports and share them with others if you're working with a team. Additionally, a built-in calendar helps you assign daily tasks to team members and track their progress.

Driving for Dollars

It's no secret that real estate professionals spend a lot of time driving around searching for deals. Propelio's software helps you optimize the time you spend in your vehicle by tracking where you've been, so you know where to go next.

driving for dollars propelio

Driving for dollars is a common term among real estate pros, and the most successful investors know it’s a critical real estate investing strategy. With Propelio's mobile app, you'll see detailed graphs and logs of routes you've taken so you can map out new markets to target.

Additionally, the app has a built-in skiptracing feature that lets you quickly find a property owner's phone number. And, the app will create a custom postcard and send it to the property owners if they aren't available. Just take a picture of the house, and the app sends a postcard with your contact information and image.

Real Estate Marketing with Propelio

With the rapid advancement of the digital landscape, successful real estate investors know the importance of having an online presence. An effective digital marketing strategy is a vital component of how you connect with potential leads — and websites are a big part of that strategy.

With Propelio, you can build a custom website pre-loaded with valuable content. The process is simple — just answer some questions about your preferred sellers and the types of properties you like to buy and sell, and Propelio takes care of the rest.

The site features lead capture forms, a unique domain name, a mobile-responsive design and free training to help your website rank high on search engines. You will need to tweak your website to avoid publishing duplicate content from other sites. Although the site doesn't have the bells and whistles you would get from hiring a web designer, it's certainly a far less expensive option.

Propelio CRM

A recently added tool to Propelio's suite of features is the integration of Google Maps Platform Services, Google Workspace, and application programming interfaces (API) from Google service provider Woolpert. These tools give you the ability to aggregate data into one tool.

propelio software crm

API from Woolpert gives Propelio the power to quickly transfer real estate data such as automated valuation models for specific properties, home valuations, market statistics/demographic information, and specific property details.

Propelio Academy

Since many real estate software platforms provide an array of features, many of them offer free educational and training videos to help users get the most out of their software. Many also offer training to help you become a better investor.

Propelio Academy is an online investing education resource featuring training videos from several noteworthy real estate investors. Dozens of courses are available, and Propelio uploads new courses each month. Daniel Moore, one of the co-founders of Propelio, also sits down and discusses real estate investing strategies with some well-respected voices in the industry.


How Does Propelio Compare Against Its Competitors?

propelio competitors

Propelio does have a host of real estate software companies it must compete against. PropStream, DealMachine, Realeflow, PropertyRadar, and REIPro are just a few of Propelio's top competitors. Let's see how it stacks up.

Propelio vs. PropStream

PropStream is a well-known real estate software platform offering a long list of information such as property details, market statistics, analytics, and trends. PropStream is similar to Propelio in that it offers MLS details, comparable property listings, tax information, and property owner details.

However, PropStream can get pretty complex, and there is a lot to learn. Although there are instructional videos to help navigate the software, it's difficult to find precisely which video you need for a specific software function.

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Propelio vs. DealMachine

DealMachine is another real estate app that offers similar features as Propelio, like driving for dollars, real estate list builders, direct mail postcards, skip tracing, and automated workflows. However, DealMachine limits its starter package to 500 leads per month for one driver and one team member. Additionally, DealMachine doesn't offer an MLS comparative market analysis tool like Propelio.

Propelio vs. Realeflow

With its automated direct-mail marketing and state-of-the-art property search database, Realeflow is a genuine player in the real estate investing software market. Both Propelio and Realeflow are available to make the lives of real estate investors easier and more profitable.

However, Realeflow doesn't offer many upgrade options, and the starter package — known as the "lite" option — starts at $75/month, which only offers a few tools and one lead generation website. And, the deal-analysis calculator doesn't have long-term rental option calculation capabilities.

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Propelio vs. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar offers many of the features provided by Propelio. In fact, the software offers so many features, it can take some time to decide if it's appropriate for your real estate business model. If you need something basic to help you generate and manage some leads, PropertyRadar might be too detailed in its offerings.

Additionally, PropertyRadar only offers a free 3-day trial, while Propelio offers a 14-day free trial. With all of PropertyRadar's features and its custom pricing option, three days probably isn't enough time to find out if it's the right software for your business.

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Propelio vs. REIPro

Many real estate professionals rank REIPro at or near the top of their list. The software has a solid reputation in investing circles, and it offers several robust functions with decent price tags for professional investors. Just like Propelio, it has property lookup tools, comparable sales information, marketing tools, and seller-lead searches.

However, REIPro doesn't offer website-building capabilities as part of its marketing tools. And its $97/month standard plan may be a little pricey for new real estate investors.


Propelio Software FAQ

How much does Propelio cost?

Propelio has three pricing packages. After you try the platform with a no credit card needed 14-day free trial, you can buy the pro package for $98/month. You'll gain access to every feature we touched base on in this review.

pricing for propelio software

Lower-tier packages include the marketing/website plan for $49/month. You'll get unlimited website building capabilities with pre-filled customizable content, lead capture tools, and domain services. The driving for dollars package is included with this plan.

The driving for dollars package is $29/month. This plan gives you access to Propelio's skiptracing and direct mail tools, capturing leads with note-taking and photo attachment capabilities, and the ability to track your driving routes.

How do you use Propelio?

You use Propelio to scale up your real estate investing business and buy more properties. You can access all the features and tools using the mobile app or visit Propelio's website at www.propelio.com. 

You can also watch TV programs on the app or website that focuses on real estate and investing. PropelioTV includes shows like The Mr. Texas Real Estate Show, REI Divas, Monday's w/Daniel and Grant Teach Me Something.

How do I cancel my Propelio subscription?

Propelio lets you cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. Just visit the billing settings in your mobile app or on the website.

How can I reach out to Propelio customer service?

Propelio provides a chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. The average response time is three minutes. Additionally, you can schedule a live demonstration to go over any new tools or features that were recently added.


Is Propelio Worth It?

is propelio worth it

The challenge of having several real estate investing software platforms available today is finding one that matches your business model. Fortunately, Propelio offers nearly every tool — and a few others — offered by its competitors.

At $98/month for the pro package, you get an entire suite of powerful, streamlined real estate tools at a competitive price. If you're a new investor, you can start with the lower-tier packages to help you get your investing career off to a strong start.

As your business model evolves, you can up your investing prowess by upgrading to the pro package. Some of Propelio's competitors' higher-tier packages cost more on a per month basis without offering much more than what you'll get with Propelio's top plan.

With three very affordable pricing plans, we believe Propelio is worth checking out for yourself.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Propelio or on its respective website. Propelio is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Propelio and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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