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What do you do when you find a hot fixer-upper you can flip for some good buck, but the owner is in absentia? Well, you could always dedicate an entire afternoon to browsing local property owner records at the tax assessor's office, or you can use skip tracing software and find the info you need in minutes.

Don't know of a good one? Check out our honest review of REISkip to determine whether it can work for you.


What Is REISkip?

reiskip skip tracing

REISkip is a popular skip tracing service designed to help real estate investors and other professionals in the industry find quality data about potential home sellers. Real estate professionals use this data for marketing purposes, typically to contact homeowners about buying or selling their properties.

REISkip packs different features such as accurate data tracking and real-time updates geared towards enhancing skip-tracing so you don't have to rely on cold calling alone. Read on to find even more about what it brings to the table.


REISkip Software Features and Benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits of using reiskip.com for skip tracing:

reiskip features

Accurate Data

Whether trying to find a specific property owner, or vacant, distressed properties in your neighborhood, using the correct data helps you avoid time wastage on contacts that lead nowhere. And REISkip facilitates that by giving users the most accurate skip tracing data.

In addition, their system uses triangulation technology, meaning contacts from different sources are triple-checked to eliminate duplicates and increase the validity and accuracy of any results you get back from your list.

This, in turn, enables you to hit up real homeowners who might be interested in selling or doing business with you, conversely increasing your close rates because you're following the right leads.

Real-Time Updates

Like everything else, data also has an expiration date and can be spoilt too. And in real estate skip tracing, using expired (outdated) or spoilt data means you'll end up calling the wrong contacts because, well, people move and change their contact information all the time.

The result? You end up wasting your time and airtime, and your official business number starts adding up to spam lists with every wrong contact you hit up, conversely preventing potential leads from answering your calls in the future.

To avoid giving you expired data that'll waste your time or make it difficult to find the actual property owners, REISkip tracing uses advanced data analytics to visualize contact data and send you real-time updates. With real and fresh contact lists, it's much easier to find owners interested in selling, especially if they just recently moved out or stopped using the property.  

List Management 

With REISkip’s list management function, organizing your contacts becomes a walk in the park. You can segment the accurate contact lists you get back based on factors like location, the property's condition, or even whether it's vacant or occupied.

For instance, if you get a list of 100 accurate contacts back and you want to hit up those with vacant properties, you can automatically segment the list into vacant and occupied property owner contacts.

The result? You get to reach out to the right people, and with your intelligent negotiation tactics, get to close on even more remarkable properties.


To ensure round-the-clock support for their clients, this software provider has a team of dedicated call agents always ready to address client concerns. They also have a helpful FAQS section addressing costs and multiple ways to use their platform. We went through their Facebook page as well, and they seem to be quite responsive too.

Skip Tracing 

Determining correct property ownership is the first step to getting your hands on that income property you believe is profitable. With this skip tracing service feature, you can easily find the rightful property owners as long as you know the street address, city, and state the property is in.

The software then analyzes multiple databases and gives you real-time updates on the owner's name and zip code.

Lead Generation 

There are various ways to find leads in real estate. For instance, you can try to mail out postcards or try to increase awareness through social media or you can always hire private investigators for the job. But while all these are effective methods, they're time-consuming, and you aren't always guaranteed qualified leads or if you'll get anything back.

But what if you could get the leads brought to you? Well, that's what REISkip does. Besides skip tracing, the software uses advanced technology to offer you a steady stream of accurate buyer and seller contacts, so you can focus on nurturing prospects into clients instead of running around mailing postcards.

Field Mapper

REISkip’s field mapper feature lets you quickly identify relationships between different contact data sets and find data important to buyers regarding a property such as value, zip code, or acreage. This, in turn, lets you quickly identify profitable properties worth investing in and those that'll be a waste of time.

REI Skip 2.0

On top of all the fantastic features listed, the software also boasts an easy-to-use REI Skip 2.0 interface. It has three main areas, home, bulk, and single skips meaning you don't have to be tech-savvy to use.

The single skip feature is a recent addition and makes it possible to find the property owners of a specific property you might be interested in. Additionally, all your lists remain organized based on the order you received them under the bulk and single skips for easier future reference.

File & Data Management 

REISkip is a reliable software for real estate skip tracing. It merges data from multiple data companies and uses triangulation and advanced data analytics to ensure it's accurate for efficient lead generation.

The software also makes file and data management a breeze thanks to its list management functions that allow platform users to segment data based on factors like property neighborhood, acreage, condition, or even whether it’s occupied or vacant.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

reiskip vs competitors

Want to know how it stacks against other skip tracing companies? Check out these direct comparisons:

REISkip vs Skip Genie 

REISkip and Skip Genie feature some relatively similar functions, such as bulk searching for real estate marketing. However, REISkip offers affordable and better plans than Skip Genie.

For instance, while REISkip offers a plan perfect for beginners (Bulk) and even a customizable subscription option for your Enterprise, Skip Genie only offers one fixed plan, and you have to add a few more cents for each additional search.

REISkip vs REIRail 

REIRail is essentially a call tracking software, but REISkip offers much more than call tracking. With REISkip, you get contacts and essential information you can use for lead generation and reliable skips.

REISkip vs BatchSkipTracing

Even though BatchSkipTracing is one of REISkip’s main competitors and offers pretty impressive features, it is a platform for debt collectors trying to skip trace debtors, resellers, and other industries.

REISkip is more targeted towards real estate professionals meaning it's easy to use and maximize skip tracer features designed to help improve your experience, such as an easy-to-use interface.

REISkip vs Prop Stream 

Both REISkip and PropStream are powerful skip tracing sites, but if you are looking to get flexible subscription plans and pricing, REISkip is the way to go.

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REISkip Software FAQs

While our review of REISkip covers all the bases, you might still have some questions. Check out our REISkip FAQs section below for answers:

How much does REISkip cost?

REISkip offers some pretty affordable plans. Users can choose between bulk, volume, and enterprise plans depending on their needs. The bulk plan provides a minimum of fifty matches and costs $0.22 per match at regular pricing but starts at $0.15. Volume users get up to 10001 minimum matches at an introductory price of $0.15 per match, but the regular price is $0.19.

reiskip subscription

Because the enterprise plan is tailored to fit your needs, there isn't any fixed price, and you'd have to call the company for pricing.

What information do I need to skip trace?

To find a property owner using this platform, you only need the actual property's street address, city, and state. If possible and for the best results, consider adding the Zip code, first name, and last name.

But if you don't have these details, don't worry because the software uses triangulation and advanced analytics and will parse through data to find the owner's name and other information.

How do you use REISkip?

REISkip has a user-friendly interface, meaning you don't need to be tech-savvy. All you need to do is sign up, and you'll be redirected to the main dashboards with three main sections; home, bulk, and single skips.

The home section is where you input skip details such as the address, first and last names, and then hit the single buttons. The results will then be displayed under the bulk and single skip sections based on the order of your search.

Does REISkip have a subscription plan?

Yes, users can choose between bulk, volume, and enterprise subscription plans. Bulk offers a minimum of 50 lists and is perfect if you're new to the game and trying to learn your way around while looking for motivated sellers.

The volume provides a minimum of 1001 matches, while pricing for the enterprise subscription plan varies since it's tailored for individual needs.

How good is the data from REISkip?

Data from RESkip is of top-notch quality which is pulled from various sources, ranging from public records and phone number databases, credit card applications, and public tax information.

All this is then merged and analyzed using advanced analytics tools to ensure maximum accuracy.

The data is also sent in real-time, meaning you don't have to worry about outdated contacts.

Does REISkip have a coupon code? 

REISkip doesn't have a coupon code, but they offer pretty great discounts on their subscription plans. For instance, the bulk plan goes for $0.22, but new users get a friendly introductory price of $0.15. The same goes for the volume plan.


Is REISkip Worth It?

reiskip is it worth it

With the bevy of real estate skip tracing tools in the market, identifying the best one can be a mean feat. But you can skip the hassle because REISkip is a solid software option.

Besides undisputed data accuracy, the company also boasts a friendly but professional support team always ready to respond to your concern.

The best part? Unlike most skip tracing software which is geared towards expert segments, REISkip is ideal for everyone.

So, whether you are just a newbie looking to learn how skip tracing works or an expert real estate investor looking for quality leads urgently, there's a plan for you. Plus, it’s ridiculously affordable, and every list you skip trace certainly offers you the best bang for your buck.

As with any skip tracing service, once you spend enough money to find an owner's contact information, the work doesn't stop. You'll have to bombard the property owner with phone calls, direct mail, yellow letters, and other marketing just to start the conversation. 

Then, you'll need to speak with potentially hundreds of sellers before finally landing a deal. Be prepared to work for it! REISkip is only the beginning of your journey to close your next deal. 

If you prefer to tap into a continuous stream of motivated sellers who are ready to sell their property to you, then check out our brand new free training on how to scale your business using the MLS without skiptracing or spending a dollar in marketing!


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by REISkip or on its respective website. REISkip is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using REISkip and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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