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real estate software Jan 27, 2022

The real estate industry might be super competitive, but there are countless strategies every real estate investor or agent can maximize to rise above the noise. One such strategy is using tech tools and software geared at REI, like REIRail.

Whether you're new to the industry and want to improve your shot at success or you’re a seasoned investor looking to better the trade, this guide will comprehensively cover REIRail to help you determine whether it suits your practice.


What Is REIRail?

REIRail is an advanced lead generation and call tracking software from Hoozip.com, a Max Maxwell solution. It's a SaaS platform with nearly endless features, including skip tracing, personalized SMS campaigns, a landing page builder, and other features that make investing a tad easier for every REI professional.


How Does REIRail Work?

REIRail functions by providing its users with detailed information about a new prospect in real-time. Specifically, the software uses technology to instantly skip trace an incoming lead and provide investors, mortgage loan officers, and real estate brokers with more insights about a property owner and their real estate. 

While this primary feature is more of a convenience than a unique breakthrough technology, the REIRail platform offers more than simply improved data mining. It has a number of sales and marketing tools that can help real estate professionals run legitimate businesses. We'll dive into REIRails features in the following section.


REIRail Software Features And Benefits

The REIRail Software platform offers:

software features of reirail

Lead Generation

Leads in real estate are prospects who may finally turn into a client. Good leads allow investors, wholesalers, and realtors to boost sales, enhance networking opportunities and build a reputation as seasoned REI experts, ultimately driving growth. As an advanced lead generation platform, REIRail has multiple features that make finding such leads easier. These include:

  • In-App Monthly Leads

REIRail.com users get up to 10,000 in-app monthly leads to vacant and absentee homeowners. As a result, no time is wasted following up on bad leads. Also, real estate investors, particularly newbies, get the upper hand in closing and making more successful real estate investment deals.

  • Skip Tracing Engine

Most distressed and vacant properties are sometimes set aside by owners until they can get the time to handle them. Some owners are often open to selling and even writing up an excellent deal but don't want to handle the heavy lifting of finding a buyer. With REIRail's accurate skip tracing engine, finding such leads is a tad easier.

The engine analyzes data from different sources, including top real estate listing platforms, offering accurate results that include vital information such as name, phone number, and even home address of the property owner. This, in turn, enables the agent or investor to better prepare before making the call, increasing the chances of a successful conversion.

  • Landing Page Builder

While skip tracing and in-app monthly leads go a long way in improving lead generation, the chances of conversion are even higher when a prospect finds you online through a landing page.

This is because they'll have come to you first, meaning they have a need. That said, REIRail features a lead page builder, allowing real estate professionals to create a lead page for each service or REI solution they provide. And users don't even need to be tech-savvy since the templates are often ready to use.

However, these pages are also easily customizable, meaning the user can always embed photos or tailor them according to their ongoing or future SEO marketing campaigns whenever they need to. The best part? They’re not just basic landing pages.

Each one you create is optimized to capture data from those who visit your website or fill your contact forms, allowing you to reap the benefits of retargeting. What’s more, you can build as many landing pages as you find ideal.

Check out this REIRail Demo of their lead page builder!

Call Tracking

Real estate investing is generally based on relationships and quality customer experiences. Most of these experiences may start online but ultimately end with a call. REIRail's call tracking function comes in handy during such calls as it uses the platform's patented deep trace technology to analyze and instantly deliver important information about the inbound caller even before your phone rings.

If it's a potential lead, these insights come in handy as they allow the agent or investor to better prepare for the call and make more thoughtful conversations compelling the lead to take action. But caller identification isn’t the only call-related feature on the platform.

It also supports call recording meaning real estate agents can legally record and use the data obtained from calls with clients to identify and fix issues, improve customer experiences, and most importantly, track marketing campaign effectiveness.

REIRail also features call routing meaning reduced call wait times for clients who contact your business, fewer voicemails or missed calls, and overall improved clientele satisfaction.

Ringless Voicemail System

The problem with traditional lead generation is that REI professionals have to do everything manually, including cold-calling leads. That means if some of them are unavailable, the professional may have to create another separate list of inaccessible prospects for cold calling later.

REIRail’s RVM system revolutionizes this process by allowing investors and agents to create and voicemail drop a pre-recorded message directly into the user’s inbox without their phone ringing.

This RVM functionality creates a win-win situation since the prospects listen to the message when it’s most convenient for them, meaning they'll be more receptive and save the agent or investor from the frustration of cold-calling leads.

Bulk SMS

SMS marketing is still very much alive for small businesses and startups and is one of the most effective strategies any real estate investor can use to reach leads. This is because texts often have faster delivery and a higher open rate than marketing emails.  

They are also mobile-friendly, easy to integrate with other forms of marketing like direct mail, and one can reach a wider population at the touch of a button; plus, the prospect can always decide whether they want to opt-in or not.

TCPA compliance reirail

REIRail’s bulk SMS feature lets you maximize such benefits and personalize customer experiences since these messages can always be customized to fit the recipient.  The software’s bulk SMS function is TCPA compliant, so users never have to worry about violating any laws.

List Management

Lists essentially dominate the real estate business. From seller and buyer lists to potential leads that you have to call up, accurately organizing and managing these lists, even for an experienced investor, is often a mean feat, especially when using complex tools like excel.

With REIRail.com merging and managing multiple lists is a breeze since all you have to do is upload your lists to the field mapper, follow the prompts, and let the CRM do all the heavy lifting.

Benefits of REIRail 

On top of all the features listed above, the software also accrues users the following benefits:

  • It’s Shareable

A single REIRail subscription can be shared with nearly any number of staff agents, investors, or wholesales may have on their teams or even virtual assistants. This enables REI professionals to leverage the incredible benefits across the entire business.

  • Set Up Reminders About Leads

Users can set up reminders about leads up to three days in advance, so they never have to miss out on a potential deal because they forgot to call back

  • Plenty Of Resources

For REI professionals who've never before used a lead generation software, REIRail offers training via webinars, online lives, and other helpful resources sometimes sent directly to their email.

The REIRail blog section is also quite resourceful for any professional looking to learn the ropes of REI software.


How Does It Compare To The Competition?

reirail competitors

Like any other industry, the REI software realm is also saturated with nearly all types of offerings. Here is how REIRail stacks against some of the most popular:

REIRail vs CallRail 

CallRail is a popular call tracking software with features such as call tracking and analytics, online and offline form call tracking, call recording, and dynamic number insertion. The solution also features AI-powered caller analytics.

However, CallRail leads are limited to data generated from inbound and outbound calls. In contrast, with Hoozip.com's software, users can generate leads from texts, skip tracing, in-app monthly leads, and even organic ones through the landing pages they create.

REIRail vs Convirza 

Convirza is a call tracking and optimization platform that allows users to generate and trace phone calls to online and offline sources. The platform has excellent analytics such as multi-channel call attribution, call reporting, routing, and paid search.

Compared to REIRail, Convirza offers a longer list of call tracking features but is geared towards all businesses instead of real estate. Also, Convirza is only a call optimization and tracking solution, while REIRail is more of a CRM specially optimized for both new and seasoned real estate agents thanks to its excellent lead generation and list management functions.

REIRail vs REIPro

REIPro is a built-in lead management platform geared towards real estate investors and agents. The software has a string of features that make real estate investing a tad easier such as a deal analyzer real estate professionals can use to run a financial analysis on potential income properties.

As with REIRail, REIPro users can also use the platform to find owners of vacant, absentee, bank-owned, and even pre-foreclosure properties. Other REIPro features include workflow management, excellent phone search functionality, skip tracing, and integration.

That said, both software pack a number of similar features such as integration with Zapier, skip tracing, and lead generation.

REIRail vs RVM Lead Machine

The RVM lead machine is a ringless voicemail drop system geared at real estate investors and agents. It makes reaching leads a tad easier by allowing Real estate investing professionals to drop their marketing messages via a ringless voicemail that the potential lead will find later.

All RVM voicemail drops are also FCC compliant so the user doesn’t have to worry about harassment, and also the potential lead won’t be billed. While it’s an incredibly efficient platform, the RVM lead machine only offers ringless voicemail drops. 

Besides voicemail drops, REIRail, on the other hand, boasts a string of other incredible features such as list management, bulk SMS, and even a landing page builder meaning it offers not just value for the money, but also greatly eases real estate lead generation and overall REI marketing.


REIRail Software FAQ

How much does REIRail Cost?

reirail subscription price

This Hoozip.com software has three pricing plans: a mobile-only, basic, and pro plan, tailored to different user needs. Their Mobile-only subscription goes for $49 per month and offers access to the app's functions, a thousand leads, and plenty of Google images as well as add-ons. Users can pay $0.15 for additional skip tracing and $0.60 for more postcards for this plan.

The Basic plan starts at $129 per month, and besides the drive app, it includes free recording, list management, alerts and notifications, deep tracing, Zapier integrations, and deep tracing. But, you can always get an additional 500 messages at $0.06, up to 350 talk minutes at $0.04, $3.00 one tracking number at $3, two more lead pages at $3 for lead pages, three SMS numbers at $1, $0.15 for skip tracing and finally $0.60 for any additional postcards.

The Pro plan is even more comprehensive and features up to 10,000 leads monthly with free Google images and add-ons. It also includes web features like 1250 additional text messages for only $0.05, 1000 more talk minutes at $0.03, five tracking numbers and lead pages for an additional $3 on each, 10 SMS numbers at $1, and skip tracing as well as postcards at the earlier mentioned costs.

However, the standard cost for the REIRail Pro plan is $249. Note, all three plans have a free 14-day trial and may or may not include a setup fee.

Are there any available integrations for REIRail?

REIRail is a highly flexible lead generation platform. It can be integrated with nearly any platform you use to find phone leads, including the Mojo Dialer, Zapier, OnCarrot websites, and Deal Machine, among others.

Can you make calls from REIRail?

Besides ringless voicemail drops, users of this Hoozip.com platform can also make direct calls to voicemails left for them or initiate calls to phone numbers on their lists from inside REIRail.

To respond to voicemail via direct calls inside the software, select the number, and open the dialer to complete the call.

Direct, one-off calls you make are conducted through the REIRail tracking number, so the recipient only sees the same number even if you’re making the call from another phone.


Is REIRail Worth It?

reirail is it worth it

Based on the features we reviewed, REIRail is a business software undoubtedly worth having as part of your REI technology. The platform allows lead generation from multiple sources, including organic ones from the landing pages you create.

It also has a TCP-compliant bulk tracing functionality and superb call tracking features like routing, recording, and even direct calls to customers via a tracking number that you can also use as the official business number.

That said, it's important to realize that no tool or software will automatically lead to closing more deals. It's more essential to learn the ins and outs of real estate and have a strong mindset to aggressively pursue your goals.

We recommend that you check out our brand new free training to see how we help people across the nation dominate their markets by using the Multiple Listing Service (the "MLS"). In our opinion, this is the most crucial software that every real estate investor should have.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by REIRail or on its respective website. REIRail is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using REIRail and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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