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17 Best Wholesaling Real Estate Books You Must Read

wholesale real estate Oct 04, 2022

Wholesaling can be tricky if you are a beginner. Thankfully, we live in an interconnected world where you can easily learn from the experience of accomplished wholesalers through various media, ranging from modern ones like Facebook to traditional ones like books. 

If you prefer the traditional way of learning, check out the 17 best wholesaling real estate books you must read.

Some are specially written for real estate wholesalers and contain tips and strategies to better navigate the real estate market, others feature real-life lessons from real-life investors, while others cover successful property investment management tips.


1. The Art Of Wholesaling Properties: How To Buy, And Sell Real Estate Without Cash Or Credit

Wholesaling Real Estate Books Art Of Wholesaling

  • Author: Alex Virelles, Aram Shah
  • Pages: 188
  • Year Published: 2014

They say experience is the best teacher, but if your goal is to excel in wholesaling properties, it’s wiser to learn from others. The Art of Wholesaling Properties is a real estate book that lets you do just that. The authors, Alex Virelles, and Aram Shah are two of the country’s most successful wholesalers with a proven track record of over a thousand flips.

The book shares their previous experiences, and how budding wholesalers can emulate their ways to achieve success in wholesale real estate. It breaks down crucial aspects of wholesale real estate such as how to find hidden motivated sellers, build a solid cash buyer’s list, make offers that get accepted, and even insider secrets such as how to work with an agent, to find wholesale deals via the MLS


2. If You Can’t Wholesale After This: I’ve Got Nothing For You

Wholesaling Real Estate Books If you can't wholesale

  • Author: Todd M. Flemming
  • Pages: 164 
  • Year Published: 2017

If you’re looking at wholesaling as the escape plan from your monotonous 9-5 job, through this method of real estate investing, you need this real estate book by Todd Flemming. Fed up by the traditional rat race, Todd quit his job and began his career in wholesale real estate with nothing but 11 dollars in his account.

He shares how he did it in a simplified, 9-step process that anyone, from a complete novice, can follow to achieve not only wholesaling business success but also financial stability. 


3. The Beginner’s Guide To Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-by-Step System For Wholesale Real Estate Investing 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books wholesaling real estate system

  • Author: Jeff Leighton 
  • Pages: 86
  • Year Published: 2019

Sometimes all we need is a step-by-step guide to help us get where we are going, and if a wholesaling business is your destination, this book makes an excellent roadmap. Author, Jeff Leighton covers the basic, but fundamental steps of starting a successful wholesale business. He shares a step-by-step process for wholesaling your first property, common wholesaling mistakes to avoid, quick but effective ways to build a cash buyers list, resources he used, marketing strategies to generate steady motivated seller leads, and much more.

The best part? The process is incredibly simplified, and the book is only 86 pages so you’ll be up and done within no time. It is available on websites like Amazon and Goodreads and is also available on Audible if you prefer audiobooks. 


4. The Wholesaling Blueprint 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books the wholesaling blueprint

  • Author: Luke Weber
  • Pages: 164
  • Year Published: 2020

If you want a book with actionable wholesaling steps you can quickly implement, The Wholesaling Blueprint fits the bill. Luke Weber, the man behind the title has been a key player in real estate investing for nearly two decades during which he has successfully flipped and wholesaled thousands of properties.

Tired of seeing others fail, Luke created a blueprint covering everything you need to know about wholesaling properties in real estate, from where to find wholesale property, how to negotiate a good offer, to the contracts you’ll need to create, and how to find buyers. And if after reading the book you like his ways, consider joining his Facebook group, The Flipping Blueprint Group where he and other investors continuously share more real estate investing tips and tricks. 


5. Real Estate Investing For Beginners 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books real estate investing for beginners

  • Author: Jonathan Smart
  • Pages: 110
  • Year Published: 2021

Interested in wholesale real estate but seeking a resource that will help you learn not only the art of wholesaling properties but also the ropes of the real estate industry? If yes, this great book by Jonathan Smart is a great place to start. Available in paperback, and audiobook formats, the book showcases how to kick start a successful wholesale career, and features general real estate investing topics such as:

  • How to get quick cash for good deals 
  • How to handle conflicts in real estate
  • Investing in uncertain times
  • How to get more profitable real estate deals
  • Qualities every aspiring real estate investor should possess to achieve success

The real estate book also covers the latest topics in real estate such as how the Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of the real estate industry. And if you want to do more than wholesale properties, this book also deep dives into alternative investment strategies such as house flipping.  


6. FLIP: How To Find, Fix, And Sell Houses For Profit 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books flip how to find fix and sell

  • Author: Gary Keller, Clay Davis, Rick Villani
  • Pages: 394
  • Year Published: 2007

House flipping is almost similar to wholesaling, except the investor does buy the distressed properties they find, and shoulder the renovation costs, before selling them. Given wholesaling only involves finding motivated sellers, and connecting them with buyers, it’s possible to simultaneously pursue both property investment strategies as you can always choose to buy and flip some of the distressed or foreclosure properties you think are profitable yourself.

Doing so will allow you to diversify your portfolio and create multiple streams of income. Plus, it’s always great to have an exit strategy, and flipping houses makes an excellent one in case you need to quit wholesaling at some point. 

But before you procure flip properties, make sure you read Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit. It has chock full of information on how anyone, from complete beginners to budding real estate wholesalers can successfully venture into flipping houses. It covers topics like how to identify properties fit for house flipping, accurately estimate repair costs, manage cash flow, and even tips for overseeing a house rehab process while you handle other investments. 


7. How To Be A Real Estate Investor 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books how to be a real estate investor

  • Author: Phil Pustejovsky
  • Pages: 200
  • Year Published: 2012

To excel and prosper at wholesaling properties in real estate, you need to be a good investor first. That way, it will be easier to negotiate good deals and tell between properties with great profitability potential for your wholesale business, and those that are a waste of your time. 

How to Be a Real Estate Investor is a real estate book that allows you, and every beginner out there, to learn how to be one from the industry’s best; Phil Pustejovsky. He is an accomplished real estate investor and mentor in the US and Canada with years of experience, and a portfolio of over 3000 successful real estate investment deals. 

His works have been featured in a variety of renowned publications including Business Insider, and The Huffington Post, and reading this book is the easiest way to learn his secrets. Besides how to be an investor, It covers why one should consider being a real estate investor, how to think like an investor, advanced investing strategies like wholesaling, and strategies to build a successful team. 


8. Flip: An Unconventional Guide To Becoming A Real Estate Entrepreneur, And Building Your Dream Lifestyle 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books flip an unconventional guide

  • Author: Nick Ruiz 
  • Pages: 106
  • Year Published: 2014

Did you know there are factors in your personal life with the power to prevent, or facilitate your success as a real estate entrepreneur? If you didn’t, this enlightening read by Nick Ruiz is a wholesaling real estate book you must read. 

Nick highlights the subtle things that commonly occur in our personal lives which have the potential to derail our entrepreneurial success in the real estate industry. He also covers all a beginner needs to know before dipping toes into the real estate industry, and how to find genuine, high-paying details.

Note, unlike most books that emphasize on permanently investing in real estate, Nick focuses on how aspiring real estate wholesalers and other investors can get in and out of the trade quickly while ensuring they make great profits. 


9. The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books real estate wholesaling bible

  • Author: Than Merrill
  • Pages: 252
  • Year Published: 2014

Not everyone investing in real estate is passionate about the job. Some do it for the money. But, there’s nothing wrong with that since the goal even for real estate players passionate about the job is to achieve seamless cash flow and financial freedom. Besides, real estate is a diverse industry ripe with opportunities for everyone whether passionate or not. That said, if you are looking at wholesaling as a means to an end, the Wholesaling Bible is a real estate book you must read. 

The author, Than Merrill, a renowned real estate investor with over 1000 successful real estate transactions under his belt, details how you can build systems that propel your wholesale venture to success without you necessarily being involved every step of the way. 

And if you know nothing about wholesaling houses yet, this great book also breaks down everything you need to know about wholesaling, including exactly how to find your first deal, analyze, finance, and sell it to potential buyers. 


10. Skip The Flip 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books skip the flip

  • Author: Hayden Crabtree
  • Pages: 252
  • Year Published: 2014

The real estate industry, like most industries, is full of myths and misconceptions that unfortunately, derail the success of most beginner investors. For instance, most people believe debt is bad but is it really? This book by Hayden Crabtree debunks the myth about debts being bad, and many other misconceptions you may have heard about real estate risks, house flipping, and other REI-related topics. 

And since most investors are often torn between real estate investing and stocks, Hayden comprehensively breaks down how the two forms of property investments differ, and compares in terms of control, political risks, tangibility, and predictability, so, anyone at the crossroads can pick what works best for them. 

Most importantly, it covers the different ways to make money in real estate including wholesaling, flipping, commercial real estate investing, and rental properties. Hate paying taxes? Well, there are legal ways to skip taxes and keep every cent you earn, and Hayden does share the secret. Simply put, if you are looking to make money out of real estate wholesaling, or general real estate business, Skip the Flip is a must-have in your real estate books collection. 

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11. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Wholesaling Real Estate Books rich dad poor dad

  • Author: Robert Kiyosaki 
  • Pages: 336
  • Year Published: 2017

Wholesaling is a short-term investing technique with the potential to generate handsome profits for you. However, even if you make thousands of dollars from each wholesale deal, they’ll do you no good when you have poor financial skills. This is because as explained by Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, it’s not about how much money you make, but how you use it. Robert, an author, and a teacher learned this crucial money lesson by observing his rich dad, and poor dad.

His rich dad would make his money work for him, while his poor dad who was also his biological father would spend money on investments with no returns. Although his book will not teach you how to wholesale, it’s chock full of lessons that will teach you how to make the most from each payout you get from wholesaling, ultimately achieving financial freedom. 


12. Never Split The Difference 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books never split the difference

  • Author: Chris Voss 
  • Pages: 288
  • Year Published: 2016

Successful wholesalers, real estate agents, and other rei players have one thing in common; they are exceptionally good at negotiating and can talk to anyone their way regardless of the individual’s personality. Whether or not you are good at it, Never Split the Difference is a book guaranteed to take your negotiating skills in wholesaling a notch higher. The author, Chris Voss, is a former FBI international hostage negotiator who was so good at his job that he was appointed the lead negotiator.

Drawing from his years of experience, Chris reveals the tips and tricks that enabled him and his team to successfully negotiate and save hostage lives from the world’s most dangerous criminals. He explains how something as simple as the tone of your voice, or even how you start a conversation with someone can alter the outcome of a conversation.

Learning these tips and the tools he used will come in handy not only in the real estate business but also in reality since life is technically a series of everyday negotiations. 


13. Think And Grow Rich 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books think and grow rich

  • Author: Napoleon Hill
  • Pages: 320 
  • Year Published: 2005

With over a hundred million copies sold, Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular and also best books in the world. It’s also among the earliest, having been first published by Napoleon Hill in 1930. Both the original, and commissioned versions to draw from the experiences of renowned society figures such as Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Mary Kay Ash to show that wealth and success are only possible with the right mindset. It highlights the patterns, and traits common among these successful individuals.

The book highlights the common patterns and traits in their success journeys to prove that thoughts are powerful, and when combined with principles like burning desire, faith, persistence, and purpose, they can translate into immense success and wealth.

Since wholesaling, and real estate investing is no walk in the park, reading this book as you embark on your wholesaling journey will help you build a positive mindset, and form habits that attract success regardless of the challenges you’ll encounter. 


14. The E-Myth Revisited

Wholesaling Real Estate Books e myth revisited

  • Author: Michael Gerber 
  • Pages: 268
  • Year Published: 1995

Most people including both aspiring, and active real estate investors fail because they assume just because they know how a business model works, they can run it. The essence of the E-Myth book by Michael Gerber is to debunk this myth.

The author also shares qualities of the successful entrepreneur, and a step-by-step guide small business owners can implement to successfully run their businesses from infancy, adolescence through to established organizations.

The E-Myth is a timeless classic that has sold over half a million copies and enabled over 15,000 small business owners to attain success. Reading it will inspire a mindset shift, and equip you with the skills, and values you need to grow your wholesaling venture. 


15. How To Win Friends, And Influence People 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books how to win friend and influence

  • Author: Dale Carnegie
  • Pages: 320
  • Year Published: 1999

Although technology has revolutionized it, the real estate business is generally a people-based industry, and so are all upcoming strategies such as real estate wholesaling, and housing rehab projects. For instance, to find great wholesale houses, you need to interact with sellers, and to earn, you need to network with other investors. The better your interactions and relationships with these individuals are, the more likely you are to get a good deal. Simply put, people skills are a necessity if you’re to succeed in wholesaling, and the book How to Win Friends, and Influence People shows just how to build better connections. 

The book is laid out in four parts, techniques in handling people; six ways to make people like you, win people to your way of thinking, and be a leader; how to change people without arousing resentment. Each section breaks down the key principles you’ll need to achieve success in that area and contains numerous examples of how you can apply them in different areas ranging from business, and family to politics. 


16. The Persuasion Skills Blackbook 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books persuasion skills blackbook

  • Author: Rintu Basu 
  • Pages: 188
  • Year Published: 2009

Imagine being able to talk every seller you come across into giving you a wholesale deal, and convincing every buyer you find ideal to buy your wholesale property? It would be a source of great joy, but unfortunately, that’s not always how it goes. 

Although we cannot promise you’ll talk every seller and buyer into doing things your way, with principles from the Persuasion Skills Blackbook you may come close. Rintu Basu, the author, lays out the hypnotic language patterns that you can use to change people's minds in real life. 


17. Influence 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books influence

  • Author: Robert Cialdini 
  • Pages: 320 
  • Year Published: 2006

Influence is yet another personal development a real estate wholesaler can read to master the art of persuasion, and influencing people. After years of research, and his own personal experiences, Robert Cialdini, an author and psychology professor discovered that in a world with an information overload, people usually make decisions based on generalizations because they require limited thoughts and time.

Through his seven principles of influence and numerous studies, and examples, Robert proves anyone can maximize these generalizations to influence others to act in certain ways. Reading this book will leave you with a deep understanding of how others think, and how you can capitalize on general ways of thinking in wholesaling real estate to legally get other people’s money or control deal outcomes. 


Real Estate Wholesaling FAQs 

Wholesaling Real Estate Books wholesaling FAQs

Can A Beginner Wholesale Real Estate?

Yes, in fact, wholesaling houses is an investing technique best suited for beginners since having a license, previous experience, and large capital are not prerequisites. With the basic knowledge on how to scout the market for properties with profitability potential such as foreclosures, how to find leads, and a decent cash buyer’s list, anyone can wholesale properties. 

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What Are The Best States To Wholesale Real Estate?

While success in wholesaling is largely dependent on one’s marketing, and lead generation skills, the strategy is more profitable in some states than others due to external factors that drive real estate market demand.

For instance, it’s more lucrative to wholesale in states with an ever-growing population like Arizona, California, Georgia, New Jersey, Missouri, and Texas due to increased housing demand.

Check out our best states to wholesale guide to find out more factors that drive wholesaling demand, and other states with a lucrative market for wholesale houses. 

How Much Can You Make from Wholesaling Real Estate?

Most wholesalers make between 5%-10% of the purchase price per deal on an average-priced home, which is usually anywhere between $5,000 and $40,000

However, how much you make per deal may fall below, or above that range, depending on the strategy you use to find buyers and your overall wholesaling process. For instance, if you partner with a realtor or another wholesaler, you might make less per deal since part of your profits will cover their fee.

However, the strategy will speed up the buyer-finding process, while simultaneously allowing you to find more wholesaling properties. The result? You wholesale more houses monthly, which means more profits than average. 

The location also affects how much a wholesaler earns. For instance, markets with a steadily growing population have excellent wholesaling profitability because the increased housing demand drives up the market price point. 

Can A Realtor Wholesale Houses?

Yes, Realtors can absolutely wholesale houses. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) prohibits Realtors from buying or selling properties without disclosing their licensure status to all parties, which is an easy requirement to meet. 

Real estate agents can also wholesale properties in situations where the seller cannot afford to cover the realtor’s service fee. That technically means Realtors can indeed wholesale houses since real estate wholesaling primarily targets distressed property owners who may not afford the listing fee, but are willing to sell if someone presents them an offer. 

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Final Thoughts On Wholesaling Real Estate Books

If you’ve been considering a career in wholesale real estate but holding out because you have no idea where to start, books can be a reliable resource to learn the ins and outs of the industry. They are easy to find and affordable, and you won’t be easily distracted, unlike when you’re learning about wholesaling on the internet.

That said, our list above features some of the best books for wholesalers and active real estate investors. They are titles from some of the most renowned wholesalers, and key investors in the real estate market.

They share comprehensive beginner guides to proven real estate investing methods that will help you seamlessly find motivated seller leads, build a buyer’s list, negotiate better offers, and generally, excel in your wholesale real estate career. So, be sure to add them to your collection, and note, that some of these authors have podcasts and social media groups where you can check them out for daily tips.

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