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The Best Wholesale Real Estate Course (With Step-by-Step Training)

real estate investing strategies wholesale real estate Feb 19, 2024

Undoubtedly, choosing to join the often-profitable real estate investing world by learning to wholesale is a great entry investment strategy for new or even seasoned investors.  For those who would like to enter the market well-prepared, there are many in-person and online courses from which to choose.

So, how can you determine which of the various best wholesale real estate course options is the right fit for you? The answer to this insightful question follows in the narrative below.

*Before we begin, we invite you to view our video on How To Wholesale Real Estate (Step-by-Step) Host and CEO of Real Estate Skills, Alex Martinez, provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for beginners to start wholesaling real estate!

What Is Wholesaling Real Estate?

Real estate wholesaling is simply an investment or business strategy that has caught the attention of investors lately for several reasons.

  • Real estate wholesaling dovetails beautifully with the modern digital real estate marketplace.
  • Real estate wholesaling performs exceptionally well in a seller’s market – characterized by falling inventories and strong demand creating a push of prices in an upward direction.
  • Real estate wholesaling requires limited capital – usually just a small earnest money deposit held in escrow as good faith. This reduced capital is especially true when compared to other real estate ventures and opportunities.

As a wholesaler, your objective is to find distressed properties (for example, a foreclosure) that are priced below market value. Your investment strategy will help you determine the price you wish to pay. If the seller agrees, you are given a set amount of time to meet the terms of the contract. 

As a middleman or an intermediary, a real estate wholesaler contracts with one of many motivated sellers. The reduced home price may be because the homeowner is in financial trouble or just wants out for other personal reasons. 

The wholesaler (who is now a legally contracted buyer) is awarded, and this is important – Equitable Interest in the subject property. Equitable interest is the only asset that can be sold by a wholesaler. This is because it is the only asset that can be sold without a real estate license.

A wholesaler’s objective is to locate another end buyer (usually a cash buyer) and legally transfer the “equitable interest or right to buy the property” at a specified price to another end buyer – for a negotiated assignment fee.

The legal instrument that can be used in this instance is an Assignment of Contract.

Alternatively, a wholesaler can close a wholesale deal using the double-close method. This involves two closings (usually back-to-back) and additional fees in terms of dual closings costs.

But, the Double Close offers additional protection as, when selling, the wholesaler is truly the owner and needs no license. 

In this closing strategy, the wholesaler’s gross profit would be the price differential between the first wholesale contract and the second purchase contract.

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What Makes Our Wholesale Real Estate Course The Best?

With more than a few options from which to choose, it is important to understand the question, "What makes a wholesale course better than its competitors?"

In other words, how do you determine which of the available options is most suitable for your objectives and learning style?

Real Estate Skills' quality wholesale real estate course will have:

  • A Step-By-Step Process
  • High-Quality Content
  • Content Should Be Relevant & Topical
  • Community Of Successful Wholesalers
  • Expert Wholesaling Coaching & Mentorship
  • Deal Reviews
  • Student Success & Case Studies

A Step-By-Step Process

Wholesaling real estate, from a purely theoretical perspective, is a matter of several key steps. At its most basic level, wholesaling requires you to enter into a contract to buy a property at a specific price within a pre-determined time limit for purchase and sell your "right to buy" the subject property quickly, for a price higher than the original contracted price.

While the above description seems a bit simplistic, the right real estate course must be able to break down the intricacies (between those defined steps noted above) that you must master to complete a wholesale real estate deal.

The preferred real estate course will offer step-by-step guidance in these areas:

  • What is wholesaling?
  • How does it differ from other investments?
  • How to create the right mindset required to be a successful wholesaler.
  • In which market cycle does wholesaling work best?
  • How to start wholesaling with no money or credit.
  • Understand important real estate terminology, construction and code requirements, and wholesaling legal concepts.
  • The importance of proper and clear communication with the seller and all other relevant parties.
  • How to find or acquire viable wholesale investments.
  • Learn the importance of the after-repair-value (ARV) and how its calculation can determine the investment’s potential.
  • How to find potential cash buyers.
  • Learn which types of wholesale properties are the best investments.
  • The way to curate a buyer’s list and network with other professionals.
  • How to execute a closing using an Assignment of Contract or a Double Close.
  • Learn which mobile apps and software options are available to enhance your wholesaling business.
  • Insider tips from experienced wholesalers who have learned what to avoid and how to avoid potential potholes.
  • How to scale for future real estate investing business.

Upon completing a quality wholesaling course, a student will have the knowledge to know where and how to start the wholesale business and how, over time, these skills can be used to build a viable profit-generating business. 

If the wholesale real estate course is offered systematically, with clear learning objectives and objectively measured outcomes, it is likely to meet your needs as a student of real estate wholesaling. The good news is that once you have mastered the wholesaling basics, this strategy can be used (or partially modified) across property and investment types.

Additionally, the best wholesale real estate course options are delivered in more than one format (digital or in-person) by highly qualified instructors with real-world experience. Online classes offer great convenience, while in-person classes are a good choice for certain types of learners.

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High-Quality Content

While quality learning is and should be the objective of any real estate wholesaling course, it is important to determine if the wholesale course or program you are interested in meets the basic tenets of content quality:

  • Instructional methods that provide active learning modules with several paths to meet or exceed learning outcomes.
  • Superior communication regarding course content.
  • Access to essential resources, supplemental materials, and guides to enhance the curriculum.
  • Strategies to assess a student’s comprehension and readiness.
  • Sufficient and ongoing feedback to students and student feedback to instructors.

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Content Should Be Relevant & Topical

If the course doesn’t mention some of the wholesale real estate industry's current trends, you might want to look elsewhere.

For example, a red-hot debate in real estate is primarily focused on wholesalers.  Certain jurisdictions have begun to pass laws regarding real estate wholesaling -

Illinois, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the latest – Oklahoma, which became effective November 1, 2021.

Although not prohibited, Michigan’s Occupational Code 339.22319 limits wholesalers to selling more than five properties (within a consecutive 12-month period) is the definition of a real estate practice. If this occurs, a license is required.

In addition to academic features and content quality, the best wholesale real estate course will provide continued support and industry guidance.

Community Of Successful Wholesalers

Networking is an essential business component and usually an essential part of a wholesale real estate course – whether it is delivered online or in person. Our wholesaling programs provide a genuine opportunity to meet like-minded wholesalers and investors – who have varying levels of experience and investment objectives.

Establishing working and professional relationships with other wholesalers, agents, and other real estate professional players - creates a future of trusted business associates and colleagues.

*Check this interview below where Ryan Zomorodi (Co-Founder & COO of Real Estate Skills) speaks with Pro Wholesaler VIP Student, John, on his success since being in the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

Expert Wholesaling Coaching & Mentorship

History has taught that the art of mentoring is often transformative for those participating. A mentor and mentee relationship is a working alliance with a trusted professional that offers both career guidance, role modeling, sponsorship as well as psychosocial support functions. Mentors offer valuable insight through a collaborative learning approach.

Mentorships with other established real estate professionals often lead to lifelong relationships that have a tendency to change and grow over time but are often a great solution for an experienced wholesaler, one with many questions, as they begin to establish their career as a professional real estate wholesaler. 

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Deal Reviews

Another great feature that is offered by only a few of the best wholesale real estate courses is the access and help of experienced investors – those with a trained eye for detail. Real Estate Skills' professionals can help review your wholesale property in real-time to determine its viability and help you build confidence in your own abilities. 

Student Success & Case Studies

Access to authentic stories of other students who are now successfully wholesaling properties is quite helpful for those just starting.  

Case studies offer those interested, an opportunity to learn how a winning deal should be and should not be executed. Success stories show the transformation that is possible by applying the learned skills.

Pro Wholesaler VIP: The Best Wholesale Real Estate Course Of 2024

With so many learning styles and varying professional objectives, it is important for students of wholesaling (from beginner to advanced) to select a wholesale real estate course that is designed to meet their learning needs.

The best wholesale real estate course for entrepreneurs and those with varying levels of experience is The Pro Wholesaler VIP Program by Real Estate Skills.

The Pro Wholesaler Program is world-class and is not only an immersive-driven teaching platform, but it is also designed to offer a fast-paced, engaging, supported, and convenient way to learn how to start turning a profit as a real estate wholesaler.

best wholesaling real estate course

For a real estate wholesale program to work efficiently and effectively - like Real Estate Skills’ Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, the curriculum must include these proven techniques and effective tools -battle-tested over time:

  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions with accomplished real estate wholesale coaches
  • Extensive video and online materials are updated regularly and available in 1080p HD
  • Experienced and successful real estate wholesaling instructors who can share expert marketing strategies
  • The provision of important templates, tools, scripts, and other relevant resources in the wholesaling process
  • Instant Access to the coursework – the minute you enroll, the coursework materials are available
  • Detailed Curriculum & Learning Outcomes
  • Offers techniques to find leads and buyers without expensive marketing efforts. 

What Is The Best Virtual Wholesaling Course?

The Real Estate Skills Pro Wholesaler VIP Program has been designed specifically to optimize the advantages and benefits now available for the modern real estate investor or entrepreneur. In other words, this incredibly popular course is available on the company’s hi-tech, online learning platform – accessible from anywhere with the internet.

This real estate wholesaler program from Real Estate Skills offers the training to help you hit the ground running in the market of your choice – be it a city, a suburban location, or a variety of locations.

The creators of the Pro Wholesaler Program have virtually wholesaled properties across more than a dozen states and have incorporated those fundamentals into their extensive training.

free wholesale real estate training

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Real Estate Wholesaling Programs Vs. Wholesaling Courses

While it would appear that a Real Estate Wholesaling Program would seem to describe the same thing as a Real Estate Wholesaling Course, there are several rather important differences between the two. Most other online real estate courses only provide members with written content or visual media, however, there’s hardly any connection to the real life industry.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Program, like the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, offers entrepreneurs and investors a quality curriculum, expert mentorship, community, and ongoing support during and after you complete the program -

  • A step-by-step process to succeed in wholesaling houses at scale, along with wholesale calculators, tools to estimate repair costs, and resources to hold you accountable.
  • A society of successful, active investors to learn from, joint venture, and co-wholesale deals together.
  • Live weekly deal reviews of members’ wholesale real estate transactions and regular meetings with mentors.
  • Student Success & Wholesaling Deal Case Studies, all delivered in a convenient, 24/7 access format.

Learn How To Wholesale & Flip Houses In The Ultimate Investor Program™ By Real Estate Skills

Can A Beginner Learn How To Wholesale Real Estate?

Yes, a beginner can learn to wholesale real estate. Every multi-millionaire investor starts their journey as a complete beginner.

Speed is a basic principle of the real estate wholesale trade. The time it takes to learn can be equally fast. If there are variances in how long it takes to complete your first wholesale deal, it is more likely due to the student’s learning style, their ability to traverse the learning curve, or the time they have available to commit to the learning process.

The following is a partial offering of the learning outcomes the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program provides:

  • Methods to find potential leads and investment opportunities.
  • Learn the importance of due diligence in the wholesale process.
  • Understand how to use the industry-standard investment criteria. For instance, the 70% Rule, which is a simple calculation using these important numerical values -
    • The property’s After-Repair-Value (ARV).
    • The property’s current value & rehab costs.
    • The Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO), among others.
  • Curate a buyers list of end buyers or other real estate investors.
  • Learn the importance of communication with all relevant parties that are required to close deals.
  • Establish working relationships with professionals related to the wholesale real estate market – a favorite real estate agent or realtor, appraisers (to help find comps), title companies, lenders, or hard money sources, etc.

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Is A Free Wholesale Real Estate Course Worth It?

One of the more valuable derivatives of the internet’s invention was that it provided the technology that allows easier access to education options – and pretty much everything else.

There are now online educational offerings – including wholesale real estate courses that are offered at no charge. Well, except if you discount the value of your time, especially if the time and effort are unsuccessful.

These no-cost programs can be solid options if you already have some investment, real estate, and legal experience. They may work if you have the confidence (and nerve) to find the information and understand what constitutes a misstep that may have a legal consequence.

A free program in wholesaling is a great idea for those who want to try their hand at wholesaling and see if the subject matter is a good fit. To boot, they are risk-free, without an upfront cost to try the program.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Real Estate Courses

Choosing to become an investor by learning to wholesale real estate is a great entry strategy. It is a smart investment technique for those who, at present, cannot devote a full-time effort due to other obligations.        

The Real Estate Skills Pro Wholesaler Program is world-class and designed for the modern investor with fast-paced, engaging content – all supported by a community of experts and genuine investment professionals, not your typical “wholesaling gurus”.

Check it out for yourself with our free online training to see why thousands of new and experienced real estate entrepreneurs are learning to wholesale and flip houses successfully with Real Estate Skills!

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