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18 Best Apps For Real Estate Wholesalers (2023 Edition)

The real estate game was forever and irreversibly changed for the better when the internet became more accessible. The knowledge, tools, and convenience that technology grants us are nearly unbelievable.

Thanks to designers, we have brand new real estate investing apps and software coming out nearly every single month. Each new piece of software is seemingly better and more comprehensive than the last.

The real question now is, which are the best apps for real estate wholesalers in 2022?


What Are Real Estate Apps?

Real estate apps are mobile software applications designed to make it easy for investors, renters, and sellers to find one another, communicate effectively, and find their ideal real estate properties. 

Real estate apps are intended to streamline the property transaction process. Potential buyers can use the apps to narrow down their property searches, conduct research, and find other people who may benefit from the real estate transaction process. 

Some apps focus strictly on the properties currently for sale, while others may specialize in lead generation. 

Buyers and sellers usually appreciate real estate apps because they make it so easy to locate ideal properties within their credentials. Listing agents, brokerages, and realtors like these apps because they offer convenient built-in advertising opportunities. 


18 Best Apps For Real Estate Wholesalers In 2023

The Best Apps for Wholesalers in 2022: 

  1. REsimpli
  2. CallTools
  3. FloDesk
  4. YellowLetterHQ
  5. PropStream
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Crexi
  8. DocuSign
  9. BiggerPockets
  10. LoopNet
  11. Zillow
  12. Realtor
  13. Redfin
  14. DealMachine
  15. Social Media Apps
  16. HootSuite
  17. HomeSnap
  18. LandGlide

Honorable Mentions: 

  • TweetHunter
  • Canva
  • Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans
  • Dropbox
  • Personal Capital
  • RealeFlow



Sometimes when you are looking for the best software for real estate investors, you need a jack-of-all-trades software solution that is also a master of them all.

REsimpli has everything you need in one place—and tons more stuff you didn’t even know you needed. It offers real estate CRM software plus comms features like RVM, email, phone call, and text capabilities, and even the option of sending retro-style postcards to the lead object of your affection.

Other features include accounting software, list stacking functionality, and Driving for Dollars—and to top all that, it requires almost zero customization so that real estate investors can generate optimum profits and keep their running costs to a minimum.

Three monthly plans are available as well as smaller add-on features, so the user always has a choice, no matter their priorities. This real estate software for investors was created by fellow investors who know and understand what is needed to easily locate properties, contact key leads, and track progress—so it is a convenient, easy-to-use platform that meaningfully wipes out all the stress that comes from juggling many real estate investor responsibilities.

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CallTools - Cold Calling CallTools software software logo

In 2011, Baylor University's Keller Center for Research joined up with Baylor MBA students and the Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) research and development to understand how effective cold calling is for prospecting

Fifty people made 6,264 cold calls over two weeks. One thousand seven hundred seventy-four of these calls resulted in a productive conversation; of the 1,774 calls, experimenters received 11 referrals, and participants made 19 appointments. 

The bottom line? Cold calling is time-consuming but can be beneficial. 

Thanks to CallTools, preview calls are now an option. This app allows agents to see current information on the people they call, personalize the call with a script, record their conversion rates, and schedule follow-up phone calls.

CallTools reduces call times, preparation time and helps real estate investors improve how they sell. CallTools takes the average 209:1 call-to-appointment-or-referral ratio, more favorable for real estate investors.

Click here to check out CallTools


FloDeskFlodesk software logo

As a real estate wholesaler, your email list is a crucial asset for your business. FloDesk is an email marketing service app that allows users to design and send branded emails. Use FloDesk to create high converting landing pages, opt-in forms, email automation, and marketing emails. 

This app is simple to use and creates attractive landing pages, opt-ins, and emails that will catch eyes and generate more income. 

Click here to check out FloDesk.


YellowLetterHQYellowLetter HQ software logo

Snail mail marketing may seem overdone, but there's a reason why so many wholesalers still use this method (it's effective and works). 

YellowLetterHQ is a direct mail marketing app and service. They offer a quick turnaround for their mail orders at competitive prices. They conveniently provide effective skip tracing too. 

You can craft attractive mailers on your own or use one of their many templates, and then they ship out all of your yellow letters or postcards for you on your behalf. They even offer handwritten letter options to really appeal to your audience. 

Click here to check out YellowLetterHQ.


PropStream - Property Data Collection Propstream software logo

PropStream is a property data software that allows investors to look up properties to find nationwide real estate data. 

Use Propstream to run comps on investment properties, estimate rehab costs, generate targeted marketing lists, lookup the owner, or use their built-in marketing tools, such as postcards, no-ring voicemails, and more. 

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Facebook Ads Facebook app logo

One of the best ways to reach motivated sellers is through a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign. 

Either find sellers through tight filters (age, interest, income level, location, purchasing behavior, specific keywords, and more) or through the Facebook Pixel on your site to retarget previous site visitors. 

Here is a helpful guide to get you started in the world of Facebook Ads for wholesale real estate investors: 

Click here to get started on Facebook.


Crexi Crexi App logo

While Crexi is only intended to help investors find commercial properties, it certainly deserves a place on your wholesale apps roster. 

It is the fastest-growing commercial real estate marketplace, and it's free to use. 

Crexi can help you find retail, multifamily, office, industrial, hospitality, land, special purpose, rental properties, foreclosures, and loan-based commercial spaces that are ideal for wholesale real estate deals. 

Crexi also offers Intelligence, which includes sales comps, market value estimates, map overlays, a sophisticated data center, insights, and more. This feature can help you map out your investment strategy and improve your wholesaling business. 

Click here to check out Crexi.


DocuSignDocusign app logo

DocuSign for Realtors is an easy way to stay organized and sign legal documents virtually. This mobile app is perfect for signing paperwork with property owners, agents, and potential buyers or investors who live far away or otherwise cannot meet in person. 

Click here to check out DocuSign


BiggerPocketsBiggerPockets app logo

BiggerPockets offers a real estate app that is chock full of beneficial resources for homeowners, real estate agents, and wholesale real estate investors alike. 

Their resource library contains podcasts, ebooks, blogs, guides, and user-contributed forums. BiggerPockets is one of the best places to learn about wholesaling real estate and real estate business in general. 

Click here to check out BiggerPockets


LoopNetLoopNet app logo

This app was designed specifically for wholesale commercial real estate investors. 

One of the best features about LoopNet is its watch list that allows users to get real-time updates when a listing's status changes. 

Many of their listings include street views, pictures, videos, and detailed descriptions of the property to make it easy for the investor to sort through. 

Click here to check out LoopNet


ZillowZillow App logo

Zillow is one of the most common real estate apps because the general public frequently uses it. Zillow estimates that they have over a million listings that MLS  doesn't have. 

Their app allows users to see current property for sale and property that's available to be rented, recently sold parcels, off-market properties, and more. 

All of their listings include a satellite image of the property pulled from Google Earth. Most of their properties also have high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, virtual tours, and video walkthroughs, making it easy for online home buyers.

Real estate professionals tend to use Zillow the most for advertising and outreach purposes because of the large population of people who frequent this app. 

Click here to check out Zillow.


Realtor app logo

Creators specially designed Realtor with real estate agents in mind. It is easy to cross-share listing data with MLS systems and scheduling services. 

Users are given access to property tax history, sales tax history, local school information, walkability scores, crime rates for the property, images, videos, and descriptions too. Property listings are updated every fifteen minutes, making Realtor one of the most up-to-date, real-time listing apps on the market. 

You can find Realtor at or use their app. 

Click here to check out Realtor


RedfinRedfin app logo

Redfin has an extensive database of over 70,000,000 properties updated in real-time every fifteen minutes. 

Redfin is best used for comps. It will tell you property history, the last sale price, the lot size, features such as mountain views, waterfront access, including outbuildings, or high walkable scores. Redfin also classifies the style of the home, as well as the property's age, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and total square footage. 

Click here to check out Redfin


DealMachine DealMachine app logo

Developers created DealMachine software for real estate wholesalers who are ready to scale their businesses. 

They offer Driving for Dollars software, allowing investors to create a list of local distressed properties that could become future wholesale deals. Usually, Driving for Dollars tends to be more profitable with a higher return on investment than simply sourcing leads blindly online. 

With DealMachine, you and your teammates can make sure you never accidentally drive the same street twice; it records neighborhoods you've already been to and updates everyone on your team. 

DealMachine also offers real estate lead generation software that quickly covers an entire neighborhood for a flat fee. 

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Social Media Apps

social media apps logo

Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are some of the best ways to connect with potential sellers and investors. Almost every single person in the United States has at least one social media platform on their mobile devices; it's too good of an opportunity to pass up. 

Want to find new leads? Paid ads are always an option, but don't forget about organic traffic, collaborations with other investors, and paid collaborations with (relevant) influencers to find your next real estate deal. 

Many successful real estate investors, lenders, and market experts give away tons of free, valuable real estate information that you don't want to miss. Facebook and Instagram are great ways to follow your favorite real estate investors' moves. You can also use social media to connect with other investors and learn more tips and tricks for the real estate industry. 

TikTok and Twitter are excellent sources for helpful speculation on how the real estate market will perform and information about navigating changes in the wholesale real estate game. 


Hootsuite Hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is a convenient solution for busy real estate investors to stay active on their social media accounts without the extra headache. This app allows you to schedule posts and tweets, manage ads, and look at all of your social media accounts on one dashboard. 

One of Hootsuite's big perks is its built-in insights. This feature allows you to track and analyze trends in a helpful, actionable way. It also offers additional security for your social media accounts. 

Click here to check out Hootsuite.


Homesnap Homesnap app logo

Homesnap is the real estate version of Snapchat. 

Users can get instant information on any listing just by taking a photo of it with the Homesnap app. In addition to this, Homesnap keeps the images and creates a map with the pictures and property information for your convenience. 

One of the best features of this app is that entrepreneurs can send text messages to homeowners and clients for free (even if the other party doesn't have the app). 

Click here to check out Homesnap.


LandGlide LandGlide app logo

LandGlide is ideal for wholesalers who want to find local hidden gems. 

Sourcing property on your own, without relying on lists or digital inventory, can be a highly effective way to wholesale real estate. 

LandGlide allows investors to hover over any property on their nationwide map covering over 95% of the U.S. population and see all property details. LandGlide provides the following information to users: 

  • Property owner name, phone number, and current address
  • Property address
  • Sale price
  • Acreage / lot size
  • Last transfer date
  • All buildings on the lot with building descriptions for each
  • Total square footage of the main building(s)
  • The local school district, and the local school district's ratings
  • Tax information on the property

Click here to check out LandGlide.





Honorable Mentions 

TweetHunterTweet Hunter app logo

TweetHunter makes growing your Twitter account (a valuable platform for real estate wholesalers) more attainable. It helps you create swipe files quickly, curates relevant tweets for inspiration, and its AI can even write tweets for you. The AI can also rewrite some of your best-performing tweets to use them once again. 

TweetHunter knows when your audience is most active and will automatically post your tweets for you at the most opportune times. You can also set it to auto-retweet your tweets to reach your fans in different time zones. 

Two of the best features are the auto plug and auto DM components. When a tweet does well, say it surpasses two hundred retweets, it will auto-reply to the tweet with your signup form, phone number, website, or whatever you need. 

The auto DM feature allows you to attach files, links, photos, or other information to a tweet. When users like, retweet, or reply to a tweet (based on your chosen parameters), you send them an automatic DM with that information. 

Click here to check out TweetHunter


CanvaCanva app logo

If you plan on spending any time online as a wholesaler, you need an easy way to create attractive graphics. 

Canva is a great way to create social media graphics, flyers, presentations, graphs, calendars, reports, proposals, invoices, and more.

Canva is one of the most user-friendly design apps on the market, and the majority of the platform is free to use. You only need to pay if you want to use some of their premium graphics or photography. 

Click here to check out Canva.


Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans Quicken Loans App logo

As a wholesaler, you likely will not need a mortgage or a loan just yet. But, after a few wholesales, you may want to jump into owning real estate yourself. 

When you're ready, Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans allows you to calculate your next mortgage, how much real estate you can afford, a renting versus buying comparison tool, a refinance tool, and an amortization calculator tool. Thanks to Quicken Loans, these tools (and more) are completely free. 

Click here to check out the Mortgage Calculator


Dropbox Dropbox App logo

Dropbox is a secure digital box to hold all your files, projects, images, data, and more. Use it to collaborate on projects or work alone. 

All items added to your Dropbox account are backed up to the cloud and available online via your account, so you can always access your stuff anywhere you have access to the internet. 

You can even set your real estate wholesale website to auto backup versions of itself to Dropbox. If your website ever becomes compromised or crashes, a recently saved version of it is always safe and ready to go on your Dropbox account.

Click here to check out Dropbox


Personal CapitalPersonal Capital App logo

Personal Capital is like Mint, but for your real estate investment properties. 

It integrates all of your accounts into one easy-to-read dashboard with built-in analytics and metrics, including bar graphs and pie charts. This is a great way to check your investments and invest more wisely quickly. 

It clearly shows your net worth, breaks down your retirement, and even catches sneaky fees and recurring expenses you may not notice otherwise. 

One great way to use Personal Capital is to only link and integrate accounts that are related to your real estate investments.

This gives you a clear overview of how business is doing, and lets you see how well each property is performing, how much capital you have saved for property emergencies or necessary upgrades, and even predict when your next repair or significant expense is likely to happen. 

Click here to check out Personal Capital


RealeFlowRealeflow app logo

RealeFlow is software built for real estate investors. 

This app generates leads, helps you analyze deals, check comps, make offers, fund deals, rehab properties, and then sell or rent the property. 

They have an extensive list of discounted property leads (and all information needed to start the process of wholesaling). RealeFlow also has an intelligent algorithm that will automatically configure projected profits, MAO, and an exit strategy. 

To make an offer, the app has a prewritten script you can use to create your wholesale offer. If you need capital, you can use RealeFlow's private lenders to find your subsequent investors for your next real estate deal. 

After gaining access to the property, you can walk through with your phone and generate a custom, line-by-line repair cost list to estimate the total cost to repair. 

Lastly, you can use RealeFlow to advertise your home for sale or rent. RealeFlow is a great place to find cash buyers. Once you find your buyer (or renter), they have accessible fill-in-the-blank legal documents to make the sale or rental agreement. 

Click here to check out RealeFlow


How To Choose The Best Real Estate Investment App For Wholesaling?

Choosing the best real estate investment app for wholesaling

The best wholesale real estate investment app is the one that works for you. But how do you know which one works best for your needs? 

1. Figure out your goals.  Why were you interested in wholesaling in the first place? Would you rather make several small wholesale deals or go for only a few big deals with more significant profit margins? Do you want to do this alone or with a team? 

2. Make a list of small, actionable steps to reach your goals. Map out your next moves.

Do you want to target properties that are already on the MLS? Or would you rather cold call, cold email, or cold mail distressed property owners who are not yet listed online or have not yet been approached about buying their property? 

3. Analyze your current processes. Is what you're doing right now the most effective way to wholesale?

Should you do some A/B testing to find new routes, hire on help, or seek the advice of a mentor?

Are your current software and existing systems doing the most to maximize your efforts (and results) as a wholesale real estate investor? 

4. Compare the above-listed software to the software you're already using.

Are your apps and systems as good or better than what is mentioned above? If so, be sure to tell us about them! If not, it's time to switch to better systems and processes. 

5. Experiment with new apps and find systems that work best for you.

Sometimes finding your next strategy is as easy as trying one new platform, seeing that it is absolutely perfect for your goals, and sticking to it.

Sometimes finding your next winning app requires you to try three or four similar software apps before finding the very best option for you and your business. You just have to keep an open mind and be willing to try new ideas and technology. 


Final Thoughts

Every month, new technology becomes available for the real estate industry.

While it can be easy to write off apps or websites that seem exclusively marketed to casual home buyers or renters, it is essential to remember that sellers and wholesalers such as yourself make up half of the necessary demographic to make these transactions (and therefore, power sites like Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin). 

Take the time to learn about the latest technology, look at new ways to utilize it for your needs (even if they aren't explicitly marketed to you), and find new strategies to improve your performance and efficiency as a real estate wholesaler and investor.

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