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What Is Real Estate Wholesale Coaching?

If you’re interested in wholesaling real estate, but don’t know where to begin, have hit a roadblock, or want to scale your wholesaling business to the next level, finding a wholesale coach may be the right next step for you.

Wholesaling can be a highly profitable and rewarding endeavor, and having a coach, or a team of coaches, can shortcut your path to profitability.

We hope you enjoy our guide to real estate wholesale coaching! By the end of this article, you'll learn if it's the right investment for you.


What Is Real Estate Wholesale Coaching?

Wholesaling real estate is the act of contracting a home with a seller while simultaneously finding a buyer to purchase it at a higher price. Once the wholesaler has a great deal under contract, the wholesaler flips the real estate contract to an end buyer for a price larger than they have with the seller. The wholesaler keeps the difference as profit for the resulting sale between the buyer and seller.

Real estate wholesaling coaching helps new, aspiring, and even highly experienced investors establish themselves within the wholesaling industry and scale their businesses.

Coaches simplify the process through step-by-step guidance, share insider tips and tricks, help prevent burnout, strategize, and accelerate the journey for the student.

"Professionals have coaches, amateurs do not." -Dan Sullivan, Author and Entrepreneur


What’s The Difference Between A Real Estate Wholesale Mentor And A Real Estate Wholesale Coach?

Real Estate Wholesale Mentor and Coach

While most people freely interchange the terms "mentor" and "coach," there is a difference.

Real estate wholesale mentors share their knowledge from the perspective of their own experiences.

They share their story, what they did step-by-step, and their opinions. It is up to the mentee to take this information and convert it into tailored, actionable steps for themselves. 

Real estate wholesale coaches take their knowledge and experiences and provide personalized guidance and actionable plans for their students.

The primary difference between a coach and a mentor is that a mentor places the burden of making a personalized plan onto the student, while the coach takes on this task themself. Mentorship is less personal for the beginner.

Both wholesale coaches and mentors are typically well-versed in the world of real estate and have considerable experience wholesaling homes.

Mentors and coaches can offer one-on-one education or group-setting teachings. One-on-one coaching can be helpful for the additional attention, but a classroom setting tends to be more beneficial, as fellow students usually offer different valuable insights and experiences.


How Can Real Estate Wholesale Coaching Help You?

Wholesaling real estate for beginners can seem overwhelming. Hiring a wholesale coach will undoubtedly help newbies and seasoned investors alike hone in on their real estate skills, refine their processes, implement new strategies, and significantly boost their income.

Real estate wholesale coaching can benefit both aspiring, new, and even experienced wholesalers.

Having a coach or a team of coaches can help ambitious wholesalers find a starting point, plan their processes, build confidence, and start making their first steps towards success.

For beginning wholesalers, coaching means implementing a proven plan of action, overcoming obstacles that they weren't prepared for, and connecting with fellow real estate investors and real estate agents to create unstoppable momentum.

For experienced wholesalers, a professional training program can take their real estate wholesaling business to the next level. At this stage, they can focus on improving their wholesale investing strategy through:

  • More effective marketing campaigns
  • Better understanding of real estate markets, both locally and nationally
  • Implementing automation in their business, for a less hands-on approach, or to automate the business entirely, so it becomes a source of passive income
  • Scaling their wholesale business
  • Outsourcing and delegating tasks that they do not enjoy or are not adept at
  • Connecting with other high-quality entrepreneurs
  • Finding tricks and healthy coping mechanisms to avoid burnout
  • Generating five, ten, or twenty times more income per month in their wholesaling endeavors


How Much Does Real Estate Wholesale Coaching Cost?

Real Estate Wholesale Coaching Cost

Wholesale coaching can range from a couple of hundred dollars for minimal training and support, all the way to tens of thousands of dollars for the more intense, heavy-trainer involvement programs.

The return on investment, however, can be astronomical.

When you factor in that some of our Pro Wholesaler VIP Program trainees start earning money as early as 21 days into the program, it’s easy to see that coaching is well worth it.

Financially speaking, the return on investment (ROI) is even more favorable.

Considering that many of our Pro Wholesaler VIP Program students earn five figures a month and six or seven figures a year, their results are impressive.

When you compare coaching to college, the difference is even more incredible.

The average adult with a bachelor’s degree earns $1,248 per week (median) or $62,400 annually, assuming the adult works fifty weeks a year.

Meanwhile, the average cost of in-state tuition is $25,707 per academic year, meaning the price for that four-year bachelor's degree (tuition-only) costs $101,948.

It takes years or even decades for most college students to repay their debts, and some can never fully repay them.

On the other hand, real estate wholesaling courses and programs usually pay for themselves within a few months (or fewer) and have exponentially higher rates of return.

Success Story: How Chi Made A $10,000 Wholesale Profit In 14 Days While Working A Full-Time Job!


Is Real Estate Coaching Worth It?

If you are fully dedicated to the endeavor of learning and executing real estate wholesaling, coaching is 100% worth it.

For some, coaching gets them started in wholesaling when they may have never begun without the help. For others, coaching makes wholesaling more attainable, profitable, and enjoyable.

If you can save hundreds or thousands of hours of your precious time, would you consider a few hours of coaching worth it?

And if you can double, triple, quadruple, or even increase your income tenfold with a paid coaching program, would you consider it worth it?


How Do I Find A High-Quality Real Estate Wholesaling Coach?

There are countless real estate wholesale coaches online. A quick search for wholesale coaching will bring up over seven million results on Google alone.

So how do you find a coach or a team of coaches who will actually help you and genuinely fight for your success as a wholesaler? Here are a few traits to look for when choosing real estate wholesaling coaches.

High Quality Real Estate Wholesaling Coach

Wholesale Real Estate Investing Experience

A high-quality real estate wholesaling coach will have quite a bit of real estate investing experience, both in wholesaling and in the industry as a whole.

You want to find coaches who have successfully executed multiple double closings and know the process inside out, backward, and sideways.

The keyword here is "successfully."

The best coaches know how to get the most rewards for your time and money invested. This is why you must choose someone with desirable profit margins, exemplary methods for sourcing seller leads and buyers lists, strong connections in the real estate industry, and quick closing deals.

Don't take any coaching from someone you wouldn't want to swap real estate portfolios or bank account balances with them.

A Real Estate License

While you don't need a real estate license to wholesale deals or to even be a successful wholesaler, this is a nice-to-have credential for coaches.

A real estate agent who has personal experience wholesaling will have more valuable experiences and skills to share with you.

For example, a licensed realtor will know more about the following:

  • Title companies
  • Lenders and guidelines for loan applicants
  • Best places to source real estate deals
  • How to lower closing costs
  • How to find cash buyers
  • How to successfully speak to and connect with motivated sellers
  • How to most accurately estimate the after-repair-value (ARV) of a home
  • Which neighborhoods to focus on
  • How to determine if a property is best suited for resale or being turned into a rental property
  • Getting access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Real estate contracts and laws in your market
  • Real-life transactional experience

Proven Results And Successful Students

A high-quality coach will have a long list of successful, happy students. Bonus points to the coaching program if you can connect with these fellow wholesale students once you join because they have a lot to offer you, too!

Since the best coaches have several years and lots of experience under their belts, it can be easy for them to eventually forget (or at least be fuzzy remembering) their first deals as a wholesaler. This is where the other students come in.

Having access to a high-quality coach with tons of experience and a successful, extensive portfolio, paired with a handful of students who are mere steps ahead of you in the wholesaling process, makes your success nearly inevitable.

It's an incredible feeling to have a well-seasoned leader and several entrepreneurs in a similar position as you to learn alongside.

For example, here are a few student success stories from our Pro Wholesaler VIP Program:

  • Check out how Jeff wholesales a few houses from the MLS every month!

  • Cecilia locked in $30K of wholesale profits using the MLS offer system.

“Your network is your net worth.”


The Top Real Estate Wholesale Coaching Programs

Are you ready to change your life with real estate wholesaling?

Then our Pro Wholesaler VIP Program is for you. Start your hyper-profitable wholesaling business, flip your first house in 45 days, and make over $10,000 per month with one convenient, intentionally designed program.

Pro Wholesaler Program Free Training

The program includes real estate wholesale coaching, among other invaluable Real Estate Skills, that will accelerate your investment business, boost your income to the point of total financial freedom, and ultimately give you the lifestyle of your dreams.

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program comes with digital, social, and physical learning materials designed to up your wholesaling game.

  • Training videos are shot in 1080 HD and accessible wherever you have an internet connection.
  • A vibrant, knowledgeable 400+ person community is part of the program. Find people just like you, learn from one another, ask questions, create lifelong friendships, and share life-changing tips, tricks, and business connections.
  • Score a bundle of crazy high-value wholesale scripts, wholesale calculators, walkthroughs, cheatsheets, wholesale contracts, templates, and more.
  • Get Live Q&A coaching phone calls, student interviews, recordings, live stream sessions, and 24/67/365 comprehensive support.

Ready to change your life? Get started today with the Real Estate Skills Pro Wholesaler VIP Program and check out our free training video.


Final Thoughts

Wholesale real estate can be an utterly life-changing endeavor that nets determined investors generous profits, financial freedom, a brand new lifestyle, and dozens of meaningful connections.

While it is undoubtedly possible to wholesale real estate on your own, joining a professional program or implementing the expertise of wholesale coaches can immediately springboard your real estate business.

Real estate wholesaling coaches can help you achieve your goals in significantly less time, less headache, and with substantially better profits.

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