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REIkit Review (2023 Edition)

real estate software Feb 09, 2023

Are you looking to scale up your real estate business? Ensure your sales pipeline is always full of leads—such as homeowners in default and motivated sellers of distressed real estate.

This will safeguard your business continuity and generate the revenue you need. However, finding these leads isn't always easy, so you might consider tools like REIkit. Discover what REIkit is and all there is to it in our REIkit Review.

But first, check out this quick video below that talks about what REIkit is for!


What Is REIkit?

REIkit review software dashboard

REIkit is a comprehensive, virtual real estate wholesaling and house-flipping software.

It provides a suite of lead generation and leads management tools to help new and experienced real estate wholesalers identify and close more profitable and marketable deals.


What Does REIkit Offer?

REIkit offers a comprehensive suite of tools for real estate wholesalers, house flippers, and other real estate investors. These tools are divided into lead generation and lead management tools. We'll start by reviewing the lead-generation tools below

Lead Generation Websites

The internet and search engines have considerably eased the way we do things. Instead of traditional marketing methods like putting up bandit signs, motivated property owners now turn to search engines like Google to find buyers.

That is why REIkit's lead generation websites are such a fantastic feature. They are fully SEO-optimized for mobile and PC to facilitate a wholesaler's visibility on the internet, ensuring every motivated seller in their target area can find them.

REIkit review lead generation website tools

The best part is that users don't have to pay separately for this feature. These investor websites come as part of the REIkit suite of real estate lead generation and marketing tools.

This means you get free websites integrated with the rest of REIkit's tools, such as the CRM, greatly easing campaign creation and lead management.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation Tools

REIkit offers up to five different ways to reach out to leads:

  • SMS marketing:  With REIkit's CRM, users get SMS as a lead-generation channel, and well-optimized, ready-to-send text messaging campaigns.
  • Email marketing: as with SMS marketing, REIkit's CRM users also get emails as a lead-generation channel. Additionally, they access a series of optimized, converting email templates they can customize to suit their marketing needs. Even better, users get notified when leads click on links incorporated in marketing emails.
  • Direct mail postcards: we might be living in the age of electronic mail, but direct mail is very much alive and among the most effective cold outreach strategies for wholesalers and house flippers. Thankfully, REIkit's real estate CRM also features many direct mail postcard templates ready to send out. You also have the option to design your own. Additionally, the CRM has a postal tracking event feature you can use to track when your direct mail hits the target lead's mailbox or even when they return it.
  • Ringless voicemail marketing (RVM): Ringless voicemail for wholesaling or flipping enables investors to get to leads at their own appropriate time.
  • Webphone: REIkit's CRM webphone lets users phone prospects from any part of the world from their browser. It also records and can transcribe these calls for future use.
  • Virtual phone numbers: REIkit's CRM feature lets users create unique virtual phone numbers for their marketing materials. This not only ensures they're accessible for inbound marketing calls, but it also protects the user's identity and is an especially ideal feature for wholesalers with virtual assistants.

These contact points significantly simplify lead generation because users can combine them to ensure the marketing message gets home. For example, when reaching out for new leads, a wholesaler may use REIkit's direct mail feature to get the lead's attention, and then combine SMS, email marketing, and ringless voicemail for follow-up.

They also come in handy during lead management because once a lead converts, the wholesaler can now focus their marketing efforts on the channel the lead is most responsive to or which they prefer. 

Stackable Motivated Seller Lead Lists

Motivated seller leads are the key to success in real estate investing strategies like wholesaling, and the good news is that REIkit provides leverage to find them.

The software features eight types of lead lists. All users have to do is select the type of motivated sellers they want to target, enter the target geographical area, and hit "USE RADIUS" to generate a list of motivated leads ripe for marketing in that particular region.

The results come complete with the phone numbers and email addresses of the leads on the list eliminating the extra step of finding this data. Lead lists they can select from include:

List stacking in the real estate industry involves collating lists of motivated property owners into one and then identifying those who appear on multiple lists. The strategy yields a list of highly motivated sellers, easing lead generation by ensuring you reach out to prospects with the probability of selling. However, when done traditionally, list stacking is incredibly taxing and can prove counterintuitive if you've got a lot on your plate.

Thankfully, in addition to the above, REIkit offers a build-your-own list option. It allows users to stack different types of lead lists by either matching or layering them using up to 85 filters! The result? They generate lists of ultra-targeted, highly motivated leads who need proper marketing to convert. This saves the user's time by ensuring they focus their energy on leads with the likelihood to convert instead of those who aren't sure whether they want to sell yet.

Check out this quick video below that talks about the 8 types of motivated seller leads!

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Skip Tracing

Although REIkit's lead lists come complete with the contact info, users may have a manually-built list of leads they want to find. This is where REIkit's skip tracing tool comes in handy. Unlike most commercial skip tracing tools, it has no minimums on the volume of contacts you can skip trace.

Additionally, REIkit's skip trace tool is thorough and combs through all major databases, including DNC lists, to ensure users find the contact info of every lead they import.

ARV Calculator

The after-repair value (ARV) allows wholesalers looking to flip the property themselves or actual house flippers to determine how profitable a property is beforehand. This saves them time since they can decide whether an investment property is worthwhile from the get-go. 

reikit tools for ARV

REIkit's ARV calculator makes the task even easier. It provides users with comps from their target area, allowing them to efficiently and accurately work out the after-repair value of a potential property. The best part is that it's free for all REIkit users. Take the results with caution, as most automated valuation software can be wildly inaccurate. 

Other notable house-flipping software on REIkit's tech stack includes:

  • The nationwide Rehab Costs Estimator
  • Professional deal pitch reports
  • Exit strategies
  • Extended property data, for instance, taxes and past owners or estimated equity

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REIkit Lead Management: An All-in-One CRM

Real estate wholesaling and house flipping investments are typically lucrative, but the money isn't on the table for you to take. To remain profitable, one has to seek leads consistently and guide them through the sales funnel. While it sounds easy, the process is repetitive, not to mention you have to deal with a constantly changing lead database.

REIkit CRM can thankfully make the endeavor ten times easier. It's user-friendly and integrated with the multiple lead outreach channels on REIkit. This significantly eases lead management because whether you contact a lead via email or SMS, their data is automatically added to their record, ensuring it's easily accessible should you need to use it in the future. It also allows for the seamless use of lead data when organizing marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, their real estate CRM tracks and organizes all communications with a lead. One can invite cold callers, virtual assistants, and other partners for easier lead management. But that's not all. REIkit's CRM also features built-in compliance tools that prevent automatic marketing campaign messages from reaching out to Do Not Call Numbers. These tools also only reach out to leads during legal hours and automatically unsubscribe users who may respond with stop words from your compliance, thereby preventing people from marking your enterprise as spam.


How Does REIkit Work?

REIkit works by easing lead generation and lead management. It automates every lead's journey through your sales funnel, simplifying lead management. For instance, users find motivated sellers through the different types of lead lists offered on the platform instead of doing it manually.

Instead of manual list stacking, REIkit offers a build-your-list option that allows them to list stack by either matching or layering. Once a user generates their list, REIkit simplifies outreach by providing five different communication channels they can use to get their marketing messages to the target. 

Even better, each channel comes with elements that further simplify the outreach process. For instance, in addition to templates, REIkit also offers email marketing automation during campaigns. If a lead responds positively, the all-in-one CRM simplifies lead project management through the sales funnel by providing centralized access to all their data from the moment they start their journey. 

REIkit also facilitates organic lead generation through investor websites and ensures users only partake in lucrative deals with estimation tools like the ARV calculator and the nationwide rehab cost estimator.

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REIkit vs Competitors

REIkit vs Propstream and competitors

REIkit is a real estate wholesaling software full of interesting features, but there are always alternatives to consider. Here is how it fares against the other options in the market:

REIkit vs PropStream

PropStream is a lead marketing software for real estate investors. As with REIkit, PropStream users get features like skip tracing

It has several features similar to REIkit. These include a skip-tracing function, targeted lead lists, a website generator, a deal analysis feature, and a rehab estimator. Like REIkit, PropStream offers users access to real estate comps for seamless property value analysis.

However, it beats REIkit in terms of MLS data. While REIkit does offer access to different databases, PropStream incorporates all key MLS data, including a listing's pricing and history and even the agent behind it. They also have a mobile app, while REIkit doesn't. Still, REIkit stacks better against PropStream thanks to its multiple lead outreach channels.

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REIkit vs HouseCall Pro

REIkit and HouseCall Pro are entirely different. While REIkit is a virtual software for real estate wholesaling, flipping, and other REI investments, HouseCall Pro is a business management tool designed to enhance task organization, drive sales, and manage your business.

It has scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing tools for professionals in different industries, including real estate, HVAC, plumbing, appliance, and carpet cleaning. Consequently, you can use REIkit for lead management and HouseCall Pro to simplify and automate other aspects of your real estate venture.

REIkit vs FlipperForce

REIkit and FlipperForce are relatively similar in terms of what they offer. Both platforms have a CRM for lead management and deal analysis tools like the rehab cost estimator and real estate comps. However, each software does have distinct features. For example, REIkit offers a website builder and multiple outreach channels. 

FlipperForce, on the other hand, comes with a daily task management tool, material catalog and shopping lists, and a comprehensive project calendar tool. So, determine what features are the most important to you in real estate software to make the right choice.

REIkit vs Salesforce Sales Cloud

REIkit is essentially a full-stack real estate software. That means it offers an entire suite of tools for lead generation and management. Salesforce Sales Cloud, on the other hand, is a CRM. It does offer fantastic features, such as an account and contact management feature that lets you view all client data in a centralized platform.

It also includes opportunity management, lead management, and comprehensive sales data. All these features are also available on REIkit's CRM. So, whether to settle for the former or the latter depends on preference and your business needs.

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REIkit Pricing

REIkit review pricing

REIkit offers two types of products- wholesaling software and house-flipping software. REIkit pricing for the former comes in three subscription plans- marketing scale, marketing success, and starter.

The Marketing Scale subscription plan starts at $204 a month, while the Marketing Success plan costs $104 monthly.

The starter plan is the most affordable and ideal for rei investors just starting. It goes as $64 per month. There's also a free trial plan for demo purposes.

If you specifically need house-flipping software, REIkit offers a standalone subscription plan at $44 per month, but you may add a little more to get it bundled with their CRM for wholesale real estate.

What Is The Purpose Of REIkit?

REIkit was designed to ease lead generation and management for real estate wholesalers, house flippers, realtors, and other real estate investors in similar lines of business.

What Are The Advantages Of REIkit?

REIkit has a user-friendly interface. It also comes with an integrated CRM for ease of use during lead management. Additionally, REIkit offers multiple options for reaching out to leads, greatly simplifying lead generation. One can also build SEO-optimized websites in just a few clicks. 

Even better, these websites are integrated with the platform's CRM meaning every lead you capture is automatically added to your CRM to simplify management. The best part is that it offers these features for wholesalers or house flippers, meaning you don't have to purchase the entire package if you only need house-flipping software.

Does REIkit Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, REIkit does have an affiliate program. The link to join is at the bottom of their homepage.

How Do I Cancel My REIkit Subscription?

You can cancel a REIkit subscription by calling the customer service team, emailing them, or via the chat with us support function on their website.


Final Thoughts About REIkit

REIkit is one of the market's premium wholesaling and house-flipping software. It eases every step of lead generation and management through automation. By providing different types of lead lists, and list stacking features, REIkit enables investors to ensure they only focus their marketing energy and budgets on warm leads. 

Once they generate these leads, the multiple outbound and inbound marketing channels allow users to reach their target audience through the communication platforms they're most likely to interact with, thereby increasing response rates. At the same time, REIkit makes it easy to manage these leads through an all-in-one, user-friendly CRM. In a nutshell, it's a platform worth investing in if you're a wholesaler or real estate investor looking to ensure your lead pipeline is always full.

Check out our brand new free training on how to obtain a stream of investment property leads without spending a dollar on marketing. We'll cover the best source of deals that can supplement any CRM or project management software!

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