REDX Review

REDX Review: How Does REDX Work?

real estate software Jul 12, 2022

Most real estate agents, wholesalers, house flippers, and experts in the real estate industry can agree on one thing; finding leads is not difficult, finding quality ones is. 

Leads are usually everywhere, from those next-door neighbors, and colleagues to associates, but the quality ones don’t just sit waiting around. You need to actively seek them out by combining traditional, and digital lead generation strategies such as cold calling via REDX

REDX eases real estate marketing and lead generation through the provision of automated access to quality real estate leads. Find out how it works, and all there is to know about it in our REDX review below.


What Is REDX?

REDX is a real estate prospecting platform and software company based in the USA. The company eases and automates lead generation through cold calling by providing real estate agents, realtors, wholesalers, and other real estate investors with access to high-quality, consistently updated lead lists.

These lists range from expired listings, for sale by owner (FSBO), to for rent by owner (FRBO), and GeoLead lists. They’re pulled from a variety of proprietary databases including the MLS, newspapers, tax records, websites, to classifieds. All REDX lead lists are often vetted against the Do Not Call Lists, and relisted homes to prevent legal problems in the future, and ensure high accuracy. 

And to further facilitate ease of lead generation, REDX offers Vortex, a unified platform or CRM for users to organize and easily retrieve information about their leads, new and past clients, to any other information vital to lead generation. It also includes tools that make reaching out to leads a breeze such as a preview line dialer, and a multi-line dialer. 

The software company started as an expired lead lists provider but has since expanded to include the other lead types mentioned. It is a Utah-based software company with a large base of users meaning it’s a solution most real estate investors trust. 

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How Does REDX Work?

REDX is designed to ease real estate prospecting by providing REI professionals with access to various lead lists. The software crawls, and aggregates data from various databases compiled into suitable lead lists, and delivers it to the platform’s subscribers. 

For each lead list category users opt for, they get important real estate lead generation information about each contact, such as their phone number, name, address, tax info, and even details about their property. 

With this information, one can then use any of REDX, three phone dialers to speed up listing appointment scheduling. Users even get scripts tailored to each lead source which is perfect for new real estate agents still learning their way around professional phone etiquette. And for each lead list category, REDX also offers free access to its CRM for easier data organization and retrieval. 


What Are The Benefits Of REDX?

REDX review benefits

REDX primarily benefits all its users by offering them access to high-quality lead information. But with each of its features come distinctive advantages as shown below:

A Variety Of Lead Lists For Seamless Lead Generation 

Although leads are the lifeline of every form of real estate investment, they’re pretty hard to come by. But with REDX, anyone looking to find new leads through cold calling in the real estate business is guaranteed an easy time thanks to the variety of lead lists available on the prospecting platform. These lists are divided into six categories as shown below:

Expired Listings

When a property is listed but fails to sell before its listing expiration date, most homeowners often prefer to relist with a new agent.

REDX expired lead lists allow users to increase their likelihood of being that next agent by providing them with new and old expired lead lists complete with phone numbers, MLS listing information, and search filters such as location, pricing, and date expiry. 

For Sale By Owner Leads (FSBO)

Although a majority of homeowners use the services of a realtor to sell their home, some property owners prefer to try to do it on their own to save money and time. However, a majority often fail, while a good majority of those who succeed end up selling their properties short.

Reaching out to FSBO homeowners is an excellent way to generate leads since you can break down the perks and value of using a realtor’s services, or if you’re an investor, buy their property before anyone else.

REDX makes this even easier through its FSBO lead lists. Its software searches the web for FSBO properties, uses the owner-provided phone numbers to generate more detailed information about the owners, and then compiles and delivers the complete list to its users, allowing them to capitalize on the FSBO niche. 


Looking to target properties in your area, or in a particular neighborhood with plenty of potentials?

REDX GeoLeads list will make your endeavor a tad easier. You get up to 2,500 GeoLeads per month, with each featuring up to three phone numbers.

You also get the boundary search feature, unlimited zip codes, and various Geo filters to seamlessly narrow down your searches. 

Check out this quick demo video below that talks about GeoLeads!

For Rent By Owner (FRBO) 

Busy property owners with vacant properties are often a call away from listing with another real estate agent. Since they’re not yet prospecting, For Rent By Owner lead lists from REDX offer you an upper hand in getting them to list with you by allowing you access to their contact information.

The REDX search software often filters out properties under property management firms meaning every FRBO lead you get owns a vacant property with profitability potential, but they've yet to sign up with other agents.

Pre-Foreclosure Lead Lists

Because homeowners with pre-foreclosure properties are always ready to sell to avoid complete loss, REDX pre-foreclosure lead lists also allow you an upper hand in convincing them to work with you or sell their property to you.

A pre-foreclosure lead list subscription starts at $39.99 a month and includes the mobile number, MLS listing information, and a variety of filters such as the property’s date of the auction, location, and pricing. 

REDX Plus 

Although REDX lead lists are already game-changing, REDX Plus subscribers get even closer to closing their next deal by getting more detailed lead data. A REDX plus subscription offers access to a lead’s email address, market trend data, homeowner financial insights, home & building specifications, and lifestyle insights.

With this kind of data in their hands, it’s so much easier for users to reach out to, and convert leads into actual clients. 

Effortless Lead Management Through Vortex 

REDX review Vortex CRM

Although generating qualified leads is of the essence, it’s only one piece of the puzzle in the real estate lead generation process. You also need to nurture them through the sales pipeline, if they’re to be a successful deal. This typically involves calling them up, sending direct mails, and capitalizing on other digital marketing strategies. 

REDX eliminates the bulk of the work involved in the nurturing process through Vortex, its official lead management system. Once you subscribe to a particular category of leads, Vortex verifies, and stores all your current and past leads along with their contact information. It lists important lead generation data such as prospect names, past and previous contact details, tax information, and even a property’s previous listing data. 

Although it doesn’t track all lead interactions, Vortex lets users create and store notes about each lead they contact, and easily track leads they’ve reached out to, and their position in the sales funnel. This makes follow-up more manageable by allowing them to categorize contacts they’ve reached out to into groups such as “not answered”, warm or cold leads, or even current or past clients. 

What’s more, Vortex integrates with the Power Dialer, REDX's official auto dialer further facilitating seamless real estate follow-up since they can automatically contact leads directly from the system, consequently reducing time spent on manual prospecting.

The lead management system even features built-in scripts perfect for novice real estate players still learning their way around phone etiquette. The platform constantly generates, and updates these scripts to suit each subscriber’s target lead list category. 

Looking to expand your prospecting efforts through direct mail? REDX makes the endeavor a tad easier through the mail merge feature available on Vortex. It lets users mail merge, and create personalized follow-up emails using the pre-written direct mail templates available on the platform. In addition to the Vortex, REDX also offers a variety of tools for even easier lead prospecting.

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Power Dialer 

Manually calling leads means constantly hitting the voicemail box, disconnecting numbers not forgetting having to load up each lead’s information. The REDX power dialer does the heavy lifting for you, by automatically dialing your lead lists. It also pulls up all stored information regarding a lead, allowing users to better prepare for the call to increase their likelihood of conversion. 

Formerly known as storm dialer also filters numbers on The DNC list, automatically skips voicemails, and swiftly moves on to the next lead to call if one is not available, or fails to respond. This greatly speeds up lead prospecting and saves the users a lot of time and effort.

Preview Line Dialer 

Want to take your time while calling each lead? REDX also features a preview line dialer. It automatically loads up lead data saving time but does not dial allowing users the time to check out more details about the lead before they make the call.

Plenty Of Professional Support 

Most realtors, wholesalers, and property investors often love the convenience of modern listing leads software and tools, but often give up using them after a while due to the learning curve. 

With REDX, such users are guaranteed ease of use since the platform is highly user-friendly and includes a demo for every feature provided. Additionally, users have multiple customer support contact options. They can either use the live online chat to connect with an online agent, call in directly between 8 am and 8 pm, or email them directly. 

The company’s official website also includes a support page with a detailed FAQs section, a blog with helpful tips and tricks on how to use its various features, and a Podcast featuring top real estate agents, and entrepreneurs detailing their experiences with the platform.

And if you are a complete newbie to real estate software, REDX representatives are always ready to offer training via Skype, and for those within Utah, in-person training sessions. Simply put, the company sure does invest in ensuring ease of use for its platform users. 


REDX Competitors 

REDX review Competitors

Like most real estate lead generation software, REDX also has plenty of competitors. Check out how it stacks against its top competitors:

REDX vs Vulcan7 

Vulcan7 is an equally, highly-regarded lead generation software. Just as with REDX, Vulcan7 users get expired listings, FSBO, FRBO, to pre-foreclosure leads. It also includes a search function, advanced filters, and a built-in dialer for seamless lead generation and management.

Although both platforms have almost similar features, Vulcan7 stacks better against REDX thanks to its video email function. It also includes several map searches and a fully-functional CRM with plenty of integrations. 

REDX vs Mojo Dialer 

The Mojo Dialer is among the most popular power dialers in the real estate industry. It dials a whopping 300 calls an hour and features a triple line dialer that automatically and simultaneously dials three numbers. Like most prospecting platforms, the Mojo Dialer also includes a search feature but stands outs for its geo search functionality and radius plotting feature. 

It also boasts excellent CRM features for listing lead management and like REDX, built-in email templates for easier direct mail marketing campaigns. However, the dialer uses a copper line for its auto-dialing, while the Power Dialer maximizes internet-based auto-dialing which is much faster, making REDX the way to go for most people. Plus, with REDX, they also get complete lead lists. 

REDX vs Espresso Agent 

Espresso Agent is a real estate lead generation software for real estate agents, house flippers, and other investors in the real estate industry. It offers the same variety of lead lists as REDX, has a lead management system, and a dialer, but stands out from the former thanks to the video email feature.

Espresso Agent rolls out its lead lists, and additional features in form of a monthly package, instead of an A La Carte system. 

REDX vs Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resource is yet another popular real estate listing software. It delivers more detailed lead data thanks to features like Prospect IQ, a feature designed to get you more data than just a phone number, and email address. Cole Realty also boasts the Retriever, ideal when you need to find the email addresses of specific contacts on your lead lists. It even includes an aerial view feature that allows users a bird’s eye view of their target neighborhood.

The latter also has a long integration list with options running from Zillow to Wise Agent. Although we found their website pretty clumsy and hard to navigate, Cole Realty Resource has features you won’t find on REDX, but both platforms are equally good at their job. 



How Much Does REDX Cost?

REDX review products pricing

REDX allows users more control over overall costs by individually pricing each feature. For Rent By Owner Lead lists is at $79.99 a month, followed by Expired Leads at $59.99 while the Power Dialer is a feature starting at $99.99 a month. Other lead lists, including the GeoLeads feature range between $39.99 a month, and $119.98 per month.

With each type of lead list subscribers sign up for, they get free access to Vortex, REDX all-in-one lead manager. Also note, that the platform has a set-up fee and offers a 30-day free trial with full access to all features and tools available on the platform. 

What Is the Average Age Of REDX Leads?

REDX leads are consistently updated and are pulled from a variety of databases also updated in real-time such as the MLS, newspapers, and tax records.

How Many Leads Do You Get From REDX?

REDX offers five different lead types, ranging from expired, FSBO to pre-foreclosure lead lists but they do not specify the exact number of leads a user gets from each meaning you’d have to sign up, to find out. 

How To Find REDX App Download?

REDX has an app for both Android and iOS users. It’s readily available on the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store respectively. 

What Is The REDX Cancellation Policy?

REDX users may cancel their subscriptions at any time by either calling in and talking to a customer rep or sending a written cancellation request to the REDX office via mail. Users planning to opt out are required to notify the relevant teams one day before their next billing cycle to avoid subscription renewal. Failure to do so means there is no refund.

Don’t want to opt-out yet you don’t want to continue paying until you’re ready?

Well, REDX subscribers are allowed to put their accounts on hold for up to six months. Also, note that REDX reserves the right to cancel or terminate its services with a subscriber at any time. 

How To Cancel REDX Subscription?

You can either call the REDX support team at 800-731-7339 to cancel or send out a cancellation email request to REDX’s corporate team. 


Is REDX Worth It?

REDX has a feature stack designed to ease not just lead generation, but also prospecting, and lead nurturing such as the Vortex lead management system. It also has features like mail merge that facilitate effortless direct mail campaigns.

REDX is also quite easy to use, and for those having a hard time, the company offers in-person and skype training sessions, as well as live support.

The platform also allows cost management since users are free to subscribe only to the features they need and they get Vortex for free. Even though there are platforms with better features, REDX is certainly worth investing in.

Another tool we strongly recommend having to get deals and leads is utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Learn more about how you can get deals and wholesale houses consistently using the MLS in our brand new training!


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by REDX or on its respective website. REDX is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using REDX and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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