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Mojo Dialer Review (2023 Edition)

Even though we live in a digitally integrated world, cold calling is still a critical component in real estate prospecting. If done right, it enables investors, agents, sales teams, and other real estate professionals to gain new customers and information essential to making human connections with prospects.

So, how can you make cold calling more efficient? By adding an autodialer to your real estate digital marketing stack. Don't know which dialer software to get?

Check out this in-depth review of the Mojo Dialer, one of the most popular in the industry, to determine whether it'll work for you.


What Is Mojo Dialer?

mojo dialer software dashboard

The Mojo Dialer is a line power dialer designed to enable real estate agents, investors, wholesalers, salespeople, and other professionals to quickly and efficiently make outbound marketing calls.

Beyond dialing capabilities, the Mojo Dialer is also an on-demand lead generation and management system. So, besides making targeted calls, professionals can also nurture leads through their customer buying journey.

Check out this short video demonstration of Mojo Dialer!


Mojo Dialer Features & Benefits

Here are some of the benefits real estate investors and agents enjoy from using the Mojo Dialer:

mojo dialer review software features

User-Friendly Interface

This line power dialer has an incredibly user-friendly interface on both the web and mobile. On opening the website, you're greeted with a well-detailed homepage with buttons for home, media, pricing, blog, FAQ, about us, log in and sign up pages laid out across the top.

The sign-up process for Mojo Selling Solutions is pretty straightforward. Afterward, you're redirected to the Mojo Dashboard, where all features and options such as the auto-dialer with triple line dialer are well laid out.

Superb Call Prospecting Features

The Mojo Dialer packs an assortment of incredibly amazing call prospecting features. The Mojo Auto Dialer automatically completes up to 300 outbound calls in an hour on the multi-line dialer and up to 85 on the single line option. This power dialer saves you time and lets you focus on other essential aspects of the call, such as your conversation with the lead, instead of manually browsing through a list.

It has multiple easy-to-call modes, and even better, a triple line dialer that lets you make three outbound calls simultaneously. The triple line dialer instantly connects to lines that go through so users don’t have to sit through all the phone ringing.

It automatically disconnects busy or offline numbers, saving real estate professionals even more time for their real estate marketing. The best part? Mojo Dialer users are guaranteed high-quality call experiences since the platform uses copper-based hosted dialers to ensure utmost clarity.

When you only want to focus on a specific lead, the Mojo Power Dialer uses the optional dialing filter to modify your dialing session to remain only with lists of phone numbers of prospects who fit the category. Suppose you come across a property with potential profitability but can't reach the owner via their primary number; this platform has Call Hammer, a feature you can use to contact the lead via every available number linked to them.

If you do manage to find them, but they're offline, utilize the auto dialer's pre-recorded voicemail functionality to leave them a message. The Mojo Power Dialer also comes with digital call recording capabilities meaning you can keep track of lead conversations and use recordings to improve your real estate prospecting call scripts.

The best part? All data obtained from the US comes with a complimentary do not call scrubbing.

Advanced Search Feature For Quality And Reliable Cold Calling Data

Whether you’re a wholesaling Realtor targeting for sale by owner leads (FSBO) or manager of a sales team looking to market to off-market leads, Mojo Dialer advanced search functionality will blow your mind away. This sales dialer features an advanced neighborhood geo search functionality with street search and radius plotting features to allow users to quickly find the information they might need on a prospect even with minimal details.

It browses multiple public lists and filters the data to remove ads, so users only end up with high-quality and reliable lead information. Users can further refine their results using the countless filters available, including absentee owner lists, FSBO, and multi-family to vacant properties. And to simplify things, even more, Mojo Dialer lets users create instant calling and mailing lists for just listed or sold from the data obtained in the search results.

This Mojo Selling Solutions platform lets you obtain up-to-date foreclosure data on properties within your proximity which comes in handy if foreclosure properties are part of your target portfolio.

Powerful CRM Features

A quality Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) is a must-have feature for any reliable real estate prospecting tool, and the Mojo Dialer happens to have one of the most efficient. It's designed to streamline lead generation and management and packs many features that let agents, salespeople, and other professionals seamlessly nurture leads through the sales pipeline.

It not only records calls but also offers easily customizable Q&A sheets for users to collect valuable call details such as duration and outcome of the call to ensure you maximize each call.

And to make follow-up easy, users can automate pre-schedule tasks such as follow-up calls, emails, or texts through the Mojo Activity Planner, so no lead is lost through the cracks. For lead management automation, the Mojo Dialer lets you organize contacts into groups or lists based on

  • Their source - e.g., from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Type -  For instance, expired property leads or for sale by owner leads
  • Status - i.e., Lead position in the sales pipeline
  • Custom rules - Any custom filter you think fits best.

The Mojo Dialer calendar lets users set appointments with leads, schedule follow-up calls, and do other necessary follow-up tasks. What's more, the platform even has a cloud notification system to keep users on top of their to-do list by alerting them of any impending tasks. This dramatically improves productivity by making even tedious prospecting tasks appear manageable.

Users can also use the line power dialer CRM function to import phone numbers and other data from apps like Boomtown, Follow Up Boss, Wise Agent, and over 500 other supported partners via Zapier.

If you're just getting started and have no contacts to upload, maximize the dialer's lead capture form to generate new leads. There are hot sheets to easily save phone numbers and other contact details, notes, or even print.

Straightforward Email Marketing

Email marketing with Mojo Dialer is pretty straightforward, thanks to the countless professional email templates available on the platform. These email templates come in handy during drip email campaigns, as all a user needs to do is make simple edits and hit the send button.

Even better, the Mojo Dialer lets you track important analytics such as open and click-through rates, so it's easy to assess the success of your marketing campaigns. There’s even an auto-send email button for those successful lead calls.

Mojo On The Go

As a people-based industry, a career in real estate means you'll be moving around a lot. To cater to realtors, salespeople, and other individuals like you, the Mojo Dialer comes with Mojo on the Go, a mobile app for Android and IoS.

Users can review, manage and add new lead phone numbers and even schedule and manage appointments, tasks, and follow-ups on the go. If a new prospect whose number you're yet to save calls in, the Mojo on the Go app features an exclusive mojo ID function that lets you identify who’s calling so you can better prepare for the conversation.

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How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

mojo dialer competitors

Check out how the Mojo Dialer performs against the competition:

Mojo Dialer vs REDX

REDX is a prospecting software geared towards real estate investors, while Mojo Sells fits REI players, salespeople, and sales teams in different industries. Both platforms offer a triple-line dialer and multiple lead categories you can use.

However, while both are efficient prospecting tools, Mojo Dialer software stands out for its copper-wire dialer infrastructure and slightly affordable pricing for products like neighborhood search. It also comes with a lead management CRM for easy data organization.

Mojo Dialer vs Call Tools

CallTools is a cloud-based dialer software that offers call prospecting automation, making dialing through entire lists of potential sellers and buyers a breeze. The platform offers impressive features such as call suppression, limiting calls based on emails sent, texts sent or received, and dial attempts, among other filters.

They also offer better support than Mojo Sells. Even so, the Mojo Power Dialer still stacks better thanks to easy calling modes, copper-based dialer systems, hello on ring technology optional filtering, and Call Hammer. Add in advanced search filters, countless integrations, and excellent CRM features, and it'll be worth considering.

Mojo Dialer vs CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking software with advanced features such as offline call tracking and dynamic number insertion. It also boasts an AI-powered caller analytics functionality making it more appealing than the former.

However, we'd still recommend Mojo since you can not only automatically dial contacts but also generate leads from multiple categories, including fore rent by owner, FSBO, and many others. With CallRail, on the other hand, you can only create leads from inbound and outbound marketing calls.

Mojo Dialer vs Phoneburner

Mojo Dialer and Phoneburner feature relatively similar features. Like Mojo Dialer, users can also drop pre-recorded voicemails to leads via Phoneburner. The platform also offers no connection delay calls, so your line doesn't go silent when prospects hit the receive button.

It also has a customizable dialing solution, and users can send instant emails based on call outcomes. In a nutshell, both platforms are pretty similar, so it all comes down to your budget and preferences.


Mojo Dialer FAQ

How Much Does Mojo Dialer Cost?

mojo dialer cost

Mojo Sells offers two monthly recurring subscriptions; the single-line dialer and the triple line dialer. The former is geared towards single users or anyone looking to introduce prospecting to their operations and costs $99 per license. It includes 85 calls an hour with first hello technology, pre-recorded answering machine functionality, multiple caller ID broadcast, and runs on a copper-based dialer.

The Triple line dialer goes for $149 and targets sales teams, realtors, or investors with diverse prospecting needs. It includes all functions available on the single package, with two more copper-based dialers, super-fast live call answer detection features, and supports up to 300 calls in an hour.

Additional functions such as the neighborhood search are charged separately on the Mojo Lead Store. The neighborhood geo search function goes for an extra $49 per month; for rent by owner, data costs $25, while FSBO data goes for $25 a month.

How To Set Up Mojo Dialer

To set up and use the Mojo Dialer, you'll first need a PC with any Windows version from XP to 10, a MacBook with US 10.05 or more, and at least 2GB RAM.

Whether PC or MC, ensure you have a reliable internet connection, and your browser is fully updated. With these items ready, call into the dialing system using any third-party phone to complete the setup.

How Do I Cancel My Mojo Dialer Subscription?

Mojo Dialer offers recurring monthly subscriptions with no contracts meaning users can cancel at any time. To cancel your mojo dialer subscription, log into your account, go to account, select cancel account on the page you'll be redirected to, and confirm to cancel your account. Your account will then be put in "reactivation ready" for 30 days if you change your mind and need to restore it quickly.

After 30 days, the account transitions to hibernation, meaning reactivation will take longer. Mojo Selling Solution keeps data backups on canceled accounts for only a year, meaning if you cancel for that long, you'll need to sign up for an entirely new account again.

If you're unsure of what you want, there's an option to downgrade your subscription to hosted lead management for only $10.

How Can I Contact Mojo Dialer Support?

Visit the Mojo Dialer Support Portal to contact their customer care team. The portal features links to different support requirements, such as the Getting Started page, which features a video detailing basic navigation, account settings, how to set up caller ID, and other functionality available on the platform.

If looking to contact support directly, hit the “submit a ticket” button on the portal to reach the help desk. Those contacting Mojo Dialer after hours will need to fill out a contact form, and their Mojo support team will get back on the next business day.


Is Mojo Dialer Worth It?

mojo dialer is it worth it

Based on our review, it's safe to say Mojo Dialer is a popular platform among real estate agents, investors, and sales teams for a good reason. The platform uses a copper-based autodialer to ensure utmost clarity on each call and even boasts hello on ring technology to enhance the professional tone of each call.

The Mojo power dialer comes with easy-to-use modes and features such as optional filtering and Call Hammer, further improving outbound calling efficiency.

The dialer aside, this platform is generally user-friendly and comes with a highly functional CRM that users can maximize for follow-up automation and to set up lead appointments, create calling lists, and even create custom workflows.

It integrates with over 500 apps, including popular real estate lead generation options such as Top Producer, Wise Agents, Boomtown, and Follow Up Boss.

The Catch? Well, we didn't find the subscription options very efficient. While one is free to cancel anytime, Mojo Dialer only offers two monthly plans, with all other features such as the neighborhood search feature coming at an additional cost.

But good things come at a price, so this isn't much of a deal-breaker. Generally, we found the Mojo Dialer worth adding to your real estate prospecting stack.

With cold calling tools like Mojo Dialer, you may end up making hundreds of cold calls before making a single offer, let alone closing a deal!

If you want to explore a strategy that focuses on making fewer cold calls and submitting more offers, check out our free training on how we help investors make more money in less time using our proprietary MLS Offer System. See you there!

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