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Zillow Premier Agent Review (2024): Is It Worth the Cost?

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Our Zillow agent review will explore the benefits it offers you as an agent or investor, its pros and cons, and alternatives you could try if it doesn’t fit your investment needs.

Need to quickly generate real estate leads to meet your sales targets or revenue quota? You should look into the Zillow premier agent program. It’s one of the most popular agent programs around—it attracted over 1.4 million buyers in 2021 alone. 

But, note, the Zillow Premier agent program is hated as it’s loved. While some buyers praise it for its efficiency, others criticize it for overselling agents.

What Is Zillow Premier Agent?

Founded in 2006, Seattle-based Zillow is a consumer-facing platform that provides data on residential properties and assists consumers in connecting with local professionals who can assist them with their real estate transactions. As the most-visited real estate site in the country, Zillow offers a full suite of marketing and lead-generation tools for real estate agents.

The Zillow Premier Agent program is designed to connect agents with motivated buyers, helping agents grow their business, as well as providing them with tools and resources to help them convert those buyers into clients. The Zillow premier agent app allows for on-the-go lead generation.

How Does Zillow Premier Agent Work?

When potential homebuyers view properties on one of the Zillow Group real estate platforms, they have the option to contact an agent or request a tour of a property.

In that instance, the potential lead will be connected with a Zillow Premier Agent who is paying to have their profile and contact information advertised in that ZIP code.

Zillow refers to these leads as connections. Once a potential home buyer inquires about a listing shown on Zillow or Trulia, Zillow verifies, typically by phone, that the lead is actively looking to buy or sell.

Once verified, Zillow connects the potential buyer with one of the Premier Agents in that ZIP code. By introducing the two parties, Zillow says its Premier Agent program meets the increasing expectation of on-demand service among consumers, while also setting the stage for the agent to nurture and then convert the connection.

Based on Zillow premier agent reviews, the frequency of leads that any particular agent within that ZIP code receives is based on the share of that ZIP code that he or she has purchased.

The agent then can reach out to the connection and add the lead’s contact information to their customer relationship management system, either on Zillow or the CRM software platform of their choice.

Check out this short video introduction of Zillow Premier Agent below!

What Does It Mean to Be a Zillow Premier Agent?

The term, “Zillow Premier Agent” is used to describe those real estate professionals who advertise on the Zillow Group of websites, which primarily includes Zillow and Trulia. In exchange for purchasing a share of ZIP codes in their target market or markets, these agents are provided with branding and exposure to what has become the most-viewed real estate marketplace in the country.

As a Zillow Premier Agent, you also can identify your real estate business as part of the Premier Agent program on other media. For example, you can note that you are a Zillow Premier Agent in your email signature or on your website.

In addition to its advertising program for generating real estate leads, Zillow offers a resource center that includes everything from business plan templates to helpful tips on social media marketing.

Zillow Premier Agent Features

There are several useful features available through Zillow at no cost. These can be accessed simply by creating your free real estate profile on Zillow. Doing so will give you the ability to claim your listings, add photos and videos to your feature properties, generate data reports, and make use of Zillow’s client relationship manager (CRM).

Zillow even allows agents with free profiles to add Zillow 3D Home® virtual tours to their listings for free, using its app available for iOS or Android™. According to Zillow, listings with 3D home tour videos get 37% more views and sell 14% faster. You can also share the video you create on your website, local MLS listing, or social media.

Looking beyond the free features, the Zillow Premier Agent program takes things to a whole new level. By subscribing to the Zillow Premier Agent program, you can receive enhanced Zillow features, including lead generation, advertising, additional photos, video, third-party integrations, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store when you opt for a Zillow Premier Agent subscription.

Leads Generation

Advertising as a Premier Agent helps to generate leads, while also gaining exposure for the agent on the highest-viewed real estate website in the U.S. Premier Agents also benefit from premium placement on Zillow Group platforms, multiplying the opportunity to generate leads. About 73% of homebuyers select the first agent they interview, so the Premier Agent program seeks to put Premier Agents front and center with a connection by phone when a prospective buyer reaches out through the platform.

Not only does the Zillow Premier Agent CRM track leads from its own platform, but it can also organize your leads from multiple third-party platforms in one place. Tech Connect is Zillow’s application programming interface (API) that connects ZPA to other real estate lead generation websites. This makes it a one-stop shop for following up with leads rather than constantly switching between multiple platforms or losing track of valuable lead opportunities.

CRM & Transaction Management

Zillow’s built-in customer relationship management tool (CRM) is fairly robust and makes it convenient to keep track of your Zillow connections throughout the transaction, from connect to close. Managing your contacts in Zillow’s built-in CRM also means you will be able to create custom reports based on client data collected through the platform.

Those reports are made possible because Zillow says its CRM for Premier Agents provides insights on homebuyers by letting you monitor which homes clients view as well as which listings they save.

You can also send automated task reminders, keep notes on your connections, and group your leads according to many different variables. Zillow’s CRM conveniently enables Premier Agents to utilize templates, along with automated follow-up and drip campaigns, directly from the CRM.

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The Zillow Premier Agent program guarantees premium placement of your listings on Zillow as well as partner sites like Trulia. Exposure on these platforms can give a boost to your lead generation efforts and help to build brand recognition for your real estate business. When you post an exclusive listing as a Premier Agent, you will then claim your listing. Your photo, contact information, and premier agent Zillow reviews will appear in a prominent spot at the top of your listing.

No listings? No problem! As a Zillow Premier Agent, your contact information will be placed prominently on listings that have not been claimed within the specific ZIP codes.

You are automatically added to unclaimed listings in your chosen ZIP code, giving you more opportunities to generate leads. Zillow notes that this placement is particularly advantageous for new agents who have not built their own real estate network or their name recognition yet.

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Zillow Premier Agent Mobile App

About a third of agents say they spend the majority of their time out of the office, whether at showings, client meetings, or other functions. Having a reliable app to operate your business on the go is extremely critical to the success of your real estate business.

The Zillow Premier Agent mobile app does just that. As a Premier Agent, you’ll be able to use the Zillow app to track your leads, and then continue to nurture your connections via text, email, or call. The app makes it easy to manage your tasks and update your statuses directly from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring you don’t miss a notification.

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It’s hard to know whether your investment in marketing tools such as Zillow is paying off if you don’t have the data analysis to make that determination. Luckily, Zillow Premier Agent offers a return on investment (ROI) calculator to keep track of your marketing investments.

The calculator can figure out commissions, ROI of your Zillow Premier Agent subscription, net profits, and even which ZIP codes within your Premier Agent markets are your best performers.

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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA)?

Check out some of the perks you’ll enjoy when you enlist in the Zillow Premier Agent program:

Advanced Lead Management Tools

Generating leads is usually the first half of creating investing opportunities while managing them is the other half, and it is a tricky one at that. Thankfully, being a member of the Zillow premier agents program helps simplify it thanks to the various lead management tools you’ll get. 

To begin with, ZPA program members usually get a real estate CRM tool. All the leads they get are sent straight to this CRM’s inbox, easing their management, and incorporation into third-party tools. ZPA agents also get ROI reports and analytics tools to help track their lead-generation efforts.

Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

The ZPA program comes with a special feature called “My Agent” that offers participating agents 30 days of exclusive access to leads. In other words, once you’re connected with a home shopper, you’ll be the only agent they’ll see on all for-sale listings and the only option they get if they need to contact Zillow again.

This helps agents and investors build strong relationships with buyers, relationships that ultimately turn into business. 

Note that beyond appearing as their only option, you also get detailed insights into their searches and usage history on the larger Zillow platform. This enables you to understand and better cater to their needs, making you their number one option should they need agent services again, and increasing their likelihood of referring you to other leads.

They’ll also probably leave positive ratings and reviews on your agent profile, boosting your reputation on the platform. 

Networking Opportunities

ZPA offers opportunities to not only connect with leads, but also network with the thousands of real estate agents, and investors who are also part of the program.

Who Should Use Zillow Premier Agent?

The Zillow Premier Agent program is ideal for agents and investors:

  • Looking to establish a presence in specific local markets: As noted, the Zillow Premier Agent program allows real estate professionals to acquire advertising shares in specific Zip Codes. This makes it quite an excellent option for agents, wholesalers, and other real estate professionals seeking to establish and solidify their presence as experts in particular local markets.
  • Seeking to increase visibility: Zillow typically prioritizes premier agents in buyer and seller search results. With Zillow attracting over 200 million visits a month, the premier agent program is a particularly suitable option for seasoned investors looking to increase visibility for their listings.
  • New investors: The Zillow premier agent program offers newbie investors a leg up in a competitive real estate market by bumping their ads to rank higher in search results.

Zillow Listing Agent vs. Premier Agent

Although often confused, a Zillow Listing agent isn’t the same as a premier agent. A Zillow listing agent is simply any real estate agent, or investor using a free Zillow account to market their properties.

A Zillow premier agent on the other hand usually pays for advertising. Essentially, they purchase a share of Zip Codes in a real estate market they’d like exposure to. In exchange, they’re featured in every listing on their chosen Zip Code regardless of whether they own it or not. Additionally, Zillow Premier Agents are featured in their listings even if they are outside the Zip Code they’re paying for.

How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

Wondering how much is Zillow Premier agent? Although some third parties have estimated the average cost for the Zillow Premier Agent program to be about $200 a month or between $20 to $60 per lead, these averages are difficult to estimate.

The reason why pricing is so challenging is that the cost of subscribing to the Zillow Premier Agent program will vary from ZIP code to ZIP code, each with its own individual plan and price point. This is why Zillow requests that interested agents complete a contact form on their site or give Zillow a call at 855-657-6611, rather than quoting a price on its website.

Pricing for Zillow Premier Agent varies depending on the area, average home price, and competing agents in that area. There's no monthly minimum or signup fee. 

As you might expect, ZIP codes that generate a lot of real estate traffic come at a premium rate and often have a waiting list.

No matter their budget, real estate agents who subscribe to the Premier Agent program are purchasing a share of voice within that ZIP code. When a homebuyer comes onto the Zillow or Trulia platform and requests to be put into contact with an agent, they are connected to one of several agents based on the agent’s share of voice.

If your spending puts you within the top three agents for that ZIP code, you also receive exposure on Zillow’s directory of real estate professionals.

Bottom line? The more you pay, the more you play.

Zillow Premier Agent Alternatives

If the Zillow Premier Agent doesn’t feel ideal for your real estate lead generation needs, consider looking into the following alternatives:


Homes.com is a real estate website featuring millions of property listings from across the U.S. and Canada. The platform offers home buyers, sellers, and even renters with access to real estate information, listings, and tools they need for informed decision-making. 

For agents, real estate investors, and other marketing professionals, the platform offers millions of free leads through “Your Listing, Your Lead” advertising. Real estate professionals can also earn from listing commissions and referrals. And thanks to the platform’s popularity and cross-country reach, professionals marketing themselves on the platform are often guaranteed visibility and leads.


Trulia is a sister company to Zillow.

Like Zillow, the platform is primarily designed to help connect home buyers, and sellers with agents, and other real estate professionals. However, it also features homes and apartments for sale making it an ideal lead-generation platform for landlords and other rental property investors. 

Trulia offers real estate professionals an opportunity to market themselves through the Trulia Agent Featured Listings. It’s a paid-for program that pushes an agent’s listings to the top three spots whenever a buyer or seller conducts a relevant search. 

They also offer Trulia Pro, a marketing solution that offers agents and other professionals looking to increase visibility unlimited local ads, and unlimited featured listings. Trulia also offers a Q&A community called Trulia Voices where agents can showcase their expertise, answer questions, and directly interact with potential clients to generate leads.

Redfin Partner Agents

Redfin Partner Agents is also an excellent alternative for real estate professionals looking to maximize lead generation. It’s a referral-based program designed to help experienced agents who are already part of another brokerage generate more leads.

Redfin Partner agents are often offered direct-client connections when Redfin agents are unavailable or when the client is in an area where Redfin agents are unavailable.

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BoomTown is a full-featured platform, including a consumer-facing IDX website, CRM, and an in-house digital marketing agency that is at the heart of its paid lead generation. BoomTown is one of the most expensive lead-generation platforms out there.

Its main plan is about $1,500 to set up and then $1,500 a month thereafter. The kicker? That doesn’t even cover the paid leads, which can set you back at least another $1,000 a month. Agents who are successful with BoomTown can easily spend five figures per month. A 12-month contract is required.

While some agents love the look of a BoomTown website and all the platform has to offer, this isn’t a good choice if you prefer a customizable website. You also won’t be a fan if content marketing is more your style. While an estimated 25% of the top agents in the country use BoomTown, the question is whether that success stems from the work of experienced agents or the platform.


REDX gets high marks for its pricing, mostly because of its “don’t pay for what you don’t need” pricing.

Unlike Zillow Premier Agent where nearly all the leads are buyers, the focus for REDX users is on motivated sellers. REDX provides expired listings, pre-foreclosures, FSBO, and for rent by owners. It also claims to deliver hard-to-find contact information and offers a Power Dialer feature that helps its subscribers reach more contacts more quickly.

Like Zillow Premier Agent, REDX backs its services with online training, tutorials, and access to customer service. REDX differs from Zillow Premier Agent also in that users find it easy to use right out of the box. Zillow Premier Agent requires a call to one of their representatives to get started.

Expired leads and geo-leads start at $59.99 per month. For-sale-by-owner leads and pre-foreclosure leads start at $39.99 a month, while for-rent-by-owner leads can be had for $79.99 monthly.

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Market Leader

Market Leader delivers both seller and buyer leads. The platform has been around since 1999 and serves over 250,000 subscribers. It’s used by some of the top brokerages in the industry. Reviews are positive for the most part, though as is the case with nearly every lead-generation platform, some common complaints leads aren’t always reliable.

The company offers two lead-generating products. One provides a set number of exclusive leads each month. Known as Leads Direct, the leads are generated through its pay-per-click advertising. The other is a home value request site that passes the customer information on to the subscribing agent. Both services guarantee a specific number of leads each month.

Like Zillow Premier Agent, Market Leader also offers several other features, including integration with other platforms, CRM, mobile app, marketing automation, and a customizable website.

Market Leader also offers agents Market Leader Professional, which is essentially a bundle of its features, including a customizable website, marketing, and CRM. Pricing varies depending on location and setup requires a call to Market Leader sales reps.


One of the biggest differences kvCORE has from Zillow Premier is that it targets brokerages or even entire franchises rather than individuals or teams. Costs range from $499 to $1,800 monthly, depending on the number of users, while set-up ranges from an additional $999 to $1,800. It requires a 12-month commitment.

kvCORE provides an IDX website, email campaign capabilities, online marketing, reports, agent accountability features, a mobile app, and lead nurturing. The websites are completely customizable and include a lead-generating page. Its CRM has a built-in artificial intelligence tech that can respond via text, email, or voicemail. kvCORE also offers the ability to assign leads to various individuals.


Like Zillow, Realtor.com is a consumer-facing website used primarily by prospective homebuyers looking for their next home. Like Zillow Premier Agent, Realtor.com offers buyer leads, but there are some key differences. Known as Connections Plus, the basic Realtor.com lead-generating service uses its website to capture leads and then sends them out to multiple subscribing agents within a geographical territory.

You need to be quick on the draw to be the first agent to contact the prospect. Luckily, features like automatic email responses can help you reach the lead first. You can also opt for their service, which provides exclusive leads, but it will cost you considerably more.

On average, Realtor.com costs slightly less than Zillow, though prices vary by region. It averages around $200 per month for non-exclusive leads and $1,000 per month when you own the territory.

But to find accurate pricing information and get a quote for your area, you’ll have to contact a sales rep from Realtor.com directly.

Pros of Zillow Premier Agent

Being a Zillow premier agent gives you:

  • Visibility: As the largest real estate website in the U.S., Zillow attracts millions of visits every month. Enrolling in the Zillow Premier agents program means not just visibility but prioritized exposure in every user’s search results, which greatly increases your visibility and enhances lead generation success.
  • Targeted marketing: Zillow premier agent allows you to select specific neighborhoods and markets you’d like exposure to. This bumps your visibility in the target area and affords you the privilege of selecting markets you’re well versed in thus offering 5-star services that ultimately enhance your reputation, and bring you more business.
  • Exclusive lead relationship: Thanks to the “My Agent” feature, Zillow Premier Agents usually get exclusive marketing opportunities with a lead, which helps enhance conversion.
  • Tools for success: Beyond exposure, Zillow Premier agents get various additional tools including CRM, ROI reports, and analytical tools simplifying lead generation, and setting you up for success

Cons of Zillow Premier Agent

According to reviews on Zillow premier agents, the program has the following flaws:

  • Stiff competition: Zillow premier agents are often featured alongside other premier agents on the same listings, making competition quite stiff
  • Learning curve: while tools like the CRM are a nice touch, they present a bit of a learning curve, especially to agents who aren’t tech-savvy
  • Cost: Being a Zillow Premier agent comes at a cost that can prove particularly high if you’re looking to gain exposure in a hot market since one of the factors influencing the cost is the number of professionals seeking leads in each Zip Code

Zillow Premier Agent FAQs

Zillow Premier Agent offers several lead management features. But, there are a lot of choices when it comes to generating leads and advertising your real estate business. The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision when it comes to Zillow Premier Agent.

How Do You Become A Zillow Premier Agent?

Becoming a Zillow Premier Agent is as easy as signing up. The caveat, however, is that your zip code needs to be available. You will need to call Zillow customer service for pricing and to complete your sign-up.

You may need to start with a lower-cost ZIP code in a nearby market. You can then ask your Zillow rep to contact you when your targeted ZIP code becomes available.

Is There A Zillow Premier Agent App?

Yes,  there is the Zillow Premium Agent app. The app enables the user to do most of the same tasks that they would if they were on their desktop. 

How Do I Get Out Of A Zillow Premier Agent Contract?

Premier Agents with a current contract can cancel their agreement before the end of their current term but are subject to an early termination fee equal to twice the monthly minimum spend stipulated in their contract.

Please contact your business consultant if you wish to cancel your Premier Agent Advertising.

How To Delete A Zillow Premier Agent Account?

If you have canceled your Zillow Premier Agent contract, expect your Zillow Premier Agent account to revert to a free profile.

For questions about your account's status, contact Zillow Help Center.

Final Thoughts: Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth It?

Although relatively costly, the Zillow Premier Agent is a program worth considering especially if you need to generate leads fast. Not only does the program advertise on your behalf, but it also bumps up your ads on a user’s search results, increasing the chances of them reaching out to you first.

Once you establish a connection, ZPA offers you a 30-day exclusive relationship with them, which helps in strengthening your relationship and increases the likelihood of conversion. Furthermore, the program offers networking opportunities and tools to simplify lead management.

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