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How To Find Off-Market Properties In North Carolina (4 Methods)

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Finding off-market properties in North Carolina presents a distinctive opportunity for investors and homebuyers, particularly in the context of the state's evolving housing market. In 2023, the North Carolina real estate landscape is experiencing a slowdown from the rapid growth of the previous year. Although home prices are still on the rise, the pace of this increase has moderated. The market is seeing a growing inventory of homes for sale and a longer duration of listings on the market, indicating a shift in dynamics.

According to the latest market report by NC Realtors, the median sales price in North Carolina reached $302,549 in April 2023, marking a 4.4% increase year over year. However, the number of homes sold saw a significant decline of 16% compared to the previous year, and homes are now taking an average of 36 days to sell, 10 days longer than before.

This changing market scenario underscores the importance of considering off-market properties as a viable option for real estate transactions in North Carolina. Off-market properties, which are not listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), offer a less competitive environment for securing real estate deals. For those navigating North Carolina's shifting market, finding off-market properties for sale can be crucial in uncovering valuable opportunities and making smart investments.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the intricacies of off-market properties in North Carolina and how to access these deals. As the state's housing market continues to adjust in 2023, with a slight increase in home prices and a growing number of listings, understanding how to navigate the off-market real estate landscape becomes increasingly relevant. J

Join us as we cover the strategies and insights necessary to discover and capitalize on off-market real estate opportunities in North Carolina:

*In our video below, Alex Martinez, CEO of Real Estate Skills, shares his experience of purchasing a seven-figure off-market multifamily property. Alex also provides two reasons why shifting focus to on-market deals can lead to getting off-market properties for wholesaling, house flipping, and even purchasing a rental property.

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What Are Off-Market Properties In North Carolina?

Off-market properties in North Carolina are real estate listings that are available for sale but are not publicly listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This segment of the market represents a unique aspect of North Carolina's real estate, often bypassing the traditional channels.

Sometimes referred to as pocket listings, off-market real estate is generally marketed through more private methods. This can include direct networking within a real estate broker’s community, personal referrals, or exclusive investor circles, rather than through public advertising or MLS databases.

For sellers in North Carolina, off-market properties offer an opportunity to maintain privacy and control over the exposure of their property, appealing to those who wish to conduct their transactions discreetly. This approach can be particularly advantageous in North Carolina's diverse real estate market, where sellers may seek a specific type of buyer or wish to avoid the publicity of open market listings.

For buyers and investors, off-market real estate in North Carolina present a chance to access hidden opportunities that are not visible through standard real estate channels. These properties might include unique homes, investment opportunities in emerging neighborhoods, or properties in high-demand areas that haven't reached the general market.

Engaging with the off-market sector in North Carolina can lead to discovering real estate gems and securing deals at potentially more competitive prices, given the reduced buyer competition. While this approach differs from the usual property search methods, it can yield significant rewards, offering unique investment opportunities and an advantage in the multifaceted North Carolina real estate industry.

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How To Find Off-Market Properties In North Carolina

Locating off-market properties in North Carolina demands a methodical and investigative strategy, distinct from the typical search for MLS listings. The real estate market in North Carolina offers various channels through which discerning investors and homebuyers can find these hidden properties.

In the upcoming sections, we'll explore the most effective sources and methods for discovering off-market properties in North Carolina, providing insights into how to successfully traverse these less conventional paths for unique real estate opportunities.

Each strategy mentioned will offer a different pathway to uncover the hidden treasures of North Carolina's property market, addressing the diverse needs and objectives of real estate enthusiasts in the Tar Heel State:

  • Mashvisor
  • Batch Leads
  • Foundation CREF
  • Facebook

how to find off market properties in north Carolina

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Mashvisor stands out as a vital resource for finding off-market properties in North Carolina, catering to a range of real estate needs from foreclosures to tenant-occupied rentals. The platform offers a substantial inventory of off-market listings, providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for investors and homebuyers in North Carolina.


Locating Off-Market Properties

Mashvisor's platform is equipped with intuitive property filters that allow users to refine their search according to specific criteria. This feature is particularly beneficial for navigating the diverse North Carolina real estate market, enabling users to quickly identify properties that align with their investment goals or personal preferences.


Analyzing Investment Potential

A standout feature of Mashvisor is its advanced investment property calculator. This tool offers users the ability to conduct comprehensive property analyses with just a click. It provides detailed sales and rental comparisons, ROI, and expense analyses, which are essential for making informed investment decisions. The analyses are presented in user-friendly PDF reports, simplifying the investment evaluation process.


Direct Connections with Property Owners

Mashvisor also facilitates direct communication with property owners. The platform provides essential contact information, such as phone numbers and emails, making it easier for users to initiate negotiations and move forward with potential deals efficiently.


Off-Market Listing Opportunities

For those looking to list properties off-market in North Carolina, Mashvisor offers a straightforward and free listing process. Properties listed on the platform are exposed to a wide audience of real estate investors, agents, and serious buyers. The platform’s communication tools allow for seamless interaction with potential buyers, helping to find the right match for each property.

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Batch Leads

Batch Leads stands out as a premier platform for North Carolina-based real estate investors seeking off-market properties. Designed to cater to the specific needs of investors, Batch Leads offers a comprehensive platform that facilitates the identification and management of real estate leads.

Equipped with advanced features such as in-depth property data filters, skip tracing, and direct mail marketing tools, Batch Leads empowers users to efficiently find potential off-market deals throughout North Carolina. These features are particularly advantageous in a market as varied as North Carolina's, where unique real estate opportunities are spread across both urban and rural landscapes.

A key benefit of using Batch Leads in the North Carolina market is its real-time access to an extensive database of properties. This database includes listings that are not commonly available on traditional real estate channels, making it a vital resource for investors looking for diverse investment options. Batch Leads' targeted marketing capabilities also enable investors to directly engage with property owners, a crucial aspect of negotiating successful off-market transactions in North Carolina’s dynamic real estate environment.

For those navigating the complexities of North Carolina's real estate market, Batch Leads provides a potent mix of comprehensive property data and effective marketing strategies. By leveraging this platform, investors can gain a substantial edge in finding and securing lucrative off-market properties, whether they’re in thriving city centers or the serene countryside of North Carolina.


Foundation CREF

Foundation CREF serves as another key resource for uncovering off-market properties in North Carolina, particularly appealing to those focused on single-family homes and REO (Real Estate Owned) properties. Backed by a leading alternative asset manager, Foundation CREF has access to a vast collection of defaulted single-family loans and REO properties, not just in North Carolina but across the United States.

This strategic affiliation allows Foundation CREF early access to properties in pre-foreclosure and pre-listing REO stages, offering North Carolina investors and buyers a chance to explore real estate opportunities often hidden from the public market. The platform's partnerships with other asset managers and loan servicers further broaden the array of off-market properties accessible to its users.

In addition to providing access to these unique property listings, Foundation CREF enhances the investment process by offering flexible financing options, such as bridge loans or permanent rental loans. This combination of property access and financing options simplifies and streamlines the acquisition process for buyers looking to invest in off-market properties in North Carolina. Whether seeking high-return investments or diversifying real estate portfolios with exclusive assets, Foundation CREF offers a comprehensive pathway to a wide range of off-market real estate opportunities in North Carolina.


Facebook Groups

Facebook has emerged as an increasingly popular and effective tool for discovering off-market real estate opportunities in North Carolina. For example, the Facebook group, North Carolina Off Market Properties, serves as a prime example of how these online communities can be invaluable resources for investors and homebuyers.

Facebook groups can provide a platform for real estate professionals, investors, and individuals interested in the North Carolina property market to connect, share information, and discover off-market listings. It offers a space for members to network, discuss market trends, and exchange tips on finding off-market properties in various parts of the state.

Members of these notable groups have the advantage of accessing property listings that are not available on conventional real estate platforms. These listings often include a range of properties from residential homes to investment opportunities, giving members early access to potential deals.

The direct line of communication between property owners and potential buyers is one of the key benefits of active Facebook groups. Members can engage directly with sellers, facilitating more straightforward and potentially quicker transaction processes. This direct engagement often leads to more transparent negotiations and can simplify the buying process.

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Alternative Strategies For Finding Off-Market Real Estate In North Carolina

In addition to the methods previously mentioned, there are other effective strategies to discover off-market real estate opportunities in North Carolina. These methods leverage networking, public records, real estate auctions, and more offering diverse approaches to uncover hidden gems in the property market:

  • Real Estate Wholesalers
  • Real Estate Agents & Brokers
  • Networking &l Real Estate Groups
  • Builders & Contractors
  • Driving For Dollars
  • Public Records
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Direct Mail Marketing


Local Real Estate Wholesalers

Local wholesalers in North Carolina are invaluable resources for finding off-market deals. They actively engage with sellers who prefer not to list their properties publicly and can provide a direct pipeline to potential investment opportunities. Keeping in touch with and subscribing to updates from these wholesalers ensures that you're among the first to learn about new off-market deals as they become available.

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Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Real estate agents and brokers in North Carolina often have inside access to off-market properties, including exclusive pocket listings. These properties are usually sold directly by an agent and are not advertised on major platforms, making them unique opportunities. Establishing a good rapport and trust with agents, and showing serious intent and financial readiness, can help in gaining access to these exclusive listings.


Networking Events & Local Real Estate Groups

Networking plays a crucial role in real estate investing. In North Carolina, joining local real estate events and groups can be highly beneficial. These platforms, found on social media or local community boards, offer opportunities to connect with industry professionals, exchange market insights, and learn about off-market deals through referrals.


Builders & Contractors

Builders and contractors in North Carolina often have firsthand knowledge of off-market deals due to their close ties with the industry. By expressing your interest in off-market properties and building trust with these professionals, you can gain access to potential deals that are not widely known.


Driving For Dollars

Driving for dollars involves physically scouting neighborhoods in North Carolina for potential investment properties. Look for signs of distressed properties, like overgrown yards or unattended repairs, and then research the ownership details through county records. This direct approach can lead to opportunities for negotiating with property owners.

By employing a combination of these strategies, along with traditional property searching methods, investors and homebuyers in North Carolina can greatly enhance their chances of finding valuable off-market real estate opportunities in the state's varied market.


Utilizing Public Records

Keeping abreast of public records can reveal pre-foreclosures or short-sale properties, both of which can present lucrative investment opportunities in North Carolina. Regularly checking newspapers, as well as state and local government websites, is recommended for staying updated.

These sources might also provide early information on properties about to be listed. Setting up alerts on sites like HUD Home Store can notify you of upcoming properties, giving you a head start. Additionally, exploring expired listings in public records and reaching out directly to sellers can lead to potential deals.


Exploring Real Estate Auctions

Auctions in North Carolina are a valuable source for off-market properties. Regularly browsing auction websites like RealtyTrac or Auction.com can yield promising leads. Keep track of local auctions at county courthouses and through network connections. Focus on two main types of auction properties: foreclosures and REOs.

Foreclosures are typically sold “as is” and can be priced below market value. However, it’s crucial to research the property thoroughly beforehand, as foreclosures may come with liens or other issues.

REO properties are owned by lenders, usually due to unsuccessful foreclosure auctions. While lenders may not make repairs, knowing the property's condition before bidding is essential. With due diligence, REOs can offer excellent investment opportunities.


Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing can be an efficient way to find off-market real estate deals. Target potential home sellers with postcards or ads expressing your interest in their property. Homeowners sometimes consider selling only when they receive a compelling offer.

Research your target audience thoroughly and choose the right advertising medium, whether it's postcards, yellow letters, or other forms of direct mail. Persistence is key, as it may take several campaigns to see results, but this strategy remains a proven method for identifying off-market deals in North Carolina.


Off-Market Properties Vs. The MLS: Why MLS Is The Optimal Choice In NC

The allure of off-market properties in North Carolina is compelling, but it's crucial to acknowledge the significant benefits of properties listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), especially in a market as diverse as North Carolina's.

The MLS stands as a comprehensive and centralized database of property listings, which is indispensable for anyone serious about real estate investment or home buying in North Carolina. Unlike off-market deals, which can be elusive and require extensive networking to find, MLS listings are readily accessible and straightforward to navigate. This accessibility ensures that valuable opportunities, which may go unnoticed in the off-market sector, are easily available.

Additionally, properties listed on the MLS come with the benefit of being affiliated with real estate agents. These professionals provide vital insights into the property, prevailing market trends, and facilitate a more transparent and effective negotiation process. This level of professional guidance is particularly advantageous for those new to the real estate market or those who prefer a more structured approach to property investment.

Focusing exclusively on off-market deals means potentially overlooking a broad spectrum of opportunities that are only available through the MLS. The dynamic real estate market of North Carolina offers a diverse range of properties on the MLS, including everything from potential fixer-uppers to homes ready for immediate occupancy. Furthermore, MLS properties meet regulatory standards, ensuring a degree of transparency and security in transactions that may not always be present in off-market deals.

For individuals looking to maximize their real estate activities in North Carolina, Real Estate Skills offers a comprehensive free training course. This course delves into accessing the MLS without a license and covers effective strategies for wholesaling and house flipping. The aim is to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively utilize MLS listings, enhancing your real estate investment or home-buying journey in North Carolina.

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Pros Of Off-Market Properties 

  • Reduced Competition: Off-market properties typically attract fewer buyers, which significantly reduces competition. This can be particularly advantageous in areas with high demand, as it lessens the likelihood of bidding wars and enhances the chances of successful property acquisition.

  • Potential for Lower Sale Prices: The lack of public exposure for off-market properties means they may be priced more competitively. This presents an opportunity for investors to negotiate better deals before these properties gain widespread attention in the market.

  • More Relaxed Negotiations: Transactions involving off-market properties tend to be less high-pressure, leading to more relaxed negotiations. This environment often results in more favorable contract terms and a smoother overall transaction process.

  • Flexible Transaction Timelines: Sellers of off-market properties are often not in a rush to sell, giving buyers more time for due diligence. However, certain situations, such as pre-foreclosures, may necessitate quicker transactions, typically balanced by lower purchase prices.

  • Unique Investment Opportunities: Off-market properties can arise from unique situations, including financial distress or a seller's need for discretion. These scenarios can offer mutually beneficial arrangements and attractive investment prospects.


Cons Of Off-Market Properties

  • Limited Availability: Recent policy changes have led to a decrease in the number of off-market listings, such as pocket listings, affecting their overall availability in the market.

  • Difficulty in Locating Properties: The secretive nature and reduced availability of off-market properties make them more challenging to find, which can hinder the growth of an investment portfolio and demand more effort and resources in the property search process.

  • Challenges with Inexperienced Sellers: Many off-market deals, especially those involving For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties, may feature sellers who are inexperienced in real estate transactions. This can complicate negotiations and the overall purchasing process.


Final Thoughts On Finding Off-Market Properties In North Carolina

The journey to discover off-market properties in North Carolina presents its own unique challenges and rewards. The state's diverse real estate landscape offers a plethora of opportunities that may not be immediately apparent in the traditional market. The allure of off-market deals in North Carolina, with benefits like reduced competition and the possibility of lower sale prices, is counterbalanced by challenges such as limited availability and the complexities of navigating transactions with inexperienced sellers.

To successfully navigate North Carolina's real estate market, it's essential to understand its intricacies, cultivate relationships with real estate professionals, and leverage resources like Mashvisor. These tools and connections can significantly boost your ability to find these hidden off-market gems. While off-market properties offer unique opportunities, they require a strategic and informed approach to unlock their full potential.

At the same time, it's important not to overlook the advantages of properties listed on the MLS. These listings provide a broader array of choices, regulatory protections, and the valuable expertise of real estate agents. A balanced approach that includes both off-market searches and MLS exploration can lead to a more well-rounded and effective real estate investment strategy in North Carolina.

Whether you're an experienced investor or just beginning your real estate journey, a comprehensive understanding of both off-market properties and MLS listings is key to making well-informed investment decisions. With the right combination of strategies and resources, your quest for off-market properties in North Carolina can yield significant returns and contribute to a rewarding real estate experience. Join our free training course to deepen your knowledge of the North Carolina real estate market and acquire the skills needed for success.

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