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How Joseph Wholesaled His 1st House From The MLS For $3,500! | Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review


Meet Joseph Reyes - He's a Pro Wholesaler & Real Estate Investor located in Orlando, Florida!

Joseph enrolled in the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program to get the exact blueprint for how to wholesale on-market houses. He got that exactly and has successfully implemented our MLS Offer System into his existing wholesaling business.

Come hear how Joseph wholesaled his first on-market house from the MLS for $3,500 and how he's now ramping up his business through hiring Acquisition Associates!

Hope you enjoy Joseph's review of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

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--- Video Transcription of Joseph's Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review ---

Joseph (00:10):

Hey, how's it going? Joseph here wholesaling in the Orlando, Florida market. I just want to give my feedback on this program overall. It's not going to be the most presentable because I'm looking at two screens to answer the questions.

Joseph, Orlando market likely for joining Pro Wholesaler, I was running a six-figure, about half a million dollar off-market wholesaling company doing SMS, doing cold calling had a pretty large VA and in-house team of, I believe, 12 VAs at the time doing like $40,000 - $50,000 a month.

And I wanted to get into wholesaling on-market property because I just realized it was an opportunity to capture more leads and not have to invest so much into marketing. So I dove deep into the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program.

I think I started around February and then kind of systemized my own business to spend more time on the MLS wholesaling training.

Joseph (01:10):

And so I got that, got some processes down, shifted things from the tools that were communicated to...

I'm using Podio on my business and just utilizing the information and started implementing around that March period. Was able to get some wholesale deals under contract, but not specifically able to close. Numbers were off. I learned a lot from buyers, but I was able to get my first wholesale check of $3,500!

I locked up the deal and then immediately called the cash buyer that I already had a great relationship with. I used to share an office with him in the Orlando, Florida area.

Joseph (01:49):

So, going through the program overall has been great! Alex Martinez is very informative & relatable.

He gives you really great, actionable steps and overall life information, which has been valuable because it's always great to hear from a high-level individual. Especially in real estate and just business and as a professional. So that's been great, as well!

Joseph (02:15):

What results have I seen? So I did one deal in quarter two. It is now quarter three. And now we're trying to hire two Acquisition Associates because we have the capital.

I'm going to train them exactly how Alex Martinez teaches, and hopefully they can go ahead and ramp things up. That'd be fantastic. So that's the plan going forward. Because I'm in the dispositions departments and we're, we're typically having like 20 real estate transactions on the board.

I'm also the transaction coordinator. So I've had so much time to really focus, focus, focus, but I know the value behind it. So, I sent out some job postings for Acquisition Associates, interviewed them, and they should start... It is July 11th, probably in two weeks or so.

So that'd great for the company overall and themselves where they'll be able to have an improvement in their real estate skills.

Joseph (03:05):

If you were to recommend the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program for someone who was on the fence, what would you say to them?

I'm a living testimony, but just take action! Definitely take action and be disciplined. Be structured, be organized, but take action.

Getting into this journey, one of the things that I realized about myself was I was a "learn everything as much as possible and then take action" type of guy. Which can be fine, but definitely just take action, because when you hear people and their success stories and how they've grown their own real estate business, it's true relative information.

So I would say the investment into the program is, as far as like the monetary investment, the cost is pretty small compared to what you can achieve! So it's just digesting the information, being disciplined with your time.

Definitely developing hard skin, tough skin because not everything's going to go your way and reduce that thought process of perfection, but overall just take action. Take action and be disciplined. And then I believe that's all, so I'm signing off. Thank you for your time & hope you enjoyed the review.

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