Pro Wholesaler Program Review: How Roxy Virtually Wholesaled 8+ Houses & Made $45k+ within 90 Days!

mls pro wholesaler student success video virtual wholesaling wholesale real estate Dec 01, 2020

Meet Roxy Chamochumbi from Utah - she's an amazing member of the Pro Wholesaler Program. She faced extreme adversity during the quarantine, but she didn't make any excuses... instead, she's making wholesale deals happen!

Roxy needed a way to wholesale houses consistently during the quarantine without having to leave her home, so she became a Pro Wholesaler.

Within 3 months of enrolling into the Pro Wholesaler Program, she has already completed 8+ deals & $45,000+ in wholesale profits!

Recently, I sat down to chat with Roxy to talk about her exponential ROI since joining. She has an amazing story that moved me, and I'm sure will move you!

In this video, Roxy and I will discuss:

  • How Roxy wholesaled 8+ deals & made $45,000+ in profit following our strategies
  • Why taking action is the most important aspect of any wholesalers' success
  • How to virtually wholesale real estate consistently without having to leave your home
  • How Roxy has not let anything hold her back from being a top wholesaler in her market

--- Video Transcription ---

Alex Martinez (00:00):

Hey everyone, I'm here with Roxy. She's an awesome woman, mother, real estate investor, an inspiration to a lot of members in our Pro Wholesaler Program, and an inspiration to me. I wanted to be able to hop on a call with her today, and talk about just her journey, her awesome success.

She is someone who doesn't make excuses, but she makes deals happen. And so, just wanted to hop on here with Roxy and talk about her experience since enrolling in the program, even your experience before. And then, how this has been helping you in COVID. Because, a lot of stuff has been going on. And like I mentioned, you haven't been making excuses. You've definitely been making deals happen, Roxy. When a lot of other people would just falter and slow down, you've done some amazing things. So Roxy, first of all, thanks for being here!

Roxy (00:52):

Thank you, Alex. I'm so happy that we're meeting through Zoom at least. You're making a difference for a lot of people. And for me, it's very exciting for this, for me, it's very amazing for me to meet you. Thank you for the introduction. I don't know. I am just applying what I'm learning every day and I see the results are coming. So, I'm super happy for that.

Alex Martinez (01:22):

Awesome, Roxy. Like I mentioned, you're a rock star Roxy. And always love hanging out with rock stars, and talking to rock stars, and seeing what they're doing to make it happen. So, if you could share, what were you doing before enrolling in the Pro Wholesaler Program?

Because, I know you've got some experience, this isn't your first rodeo. If you could share a little bit about what you were doing before, and then, maybe how enrolling into Pro Wholesaler, it seemed like it was an opportune time, when COVID came as well, for you to work & make money from home and still make deals happen.

Roxy (01:57):

Yes, absolutely. Well, I started, well, this is a long time ago, actually. 2008, when I first wanted to learn how to invest in real estate, and I bought the Kiyosaki Program for $8,000. But, nobody helped me with that. So, just I bought it, nothing happens. I bought my first property, but all the crash came in 2008, and I didn't know what to do. So, I stay with the home until I just sold it, last two months ago. But, I have to rent it out, because I didn't know what to do with the house.

Because of that, I had to do another business. So, I started to do... I had two restaurants here. I live in Salt Lake City, in Utah. But, I'm originally from Peru. So, I came here, went to school, and wanted to do something like a business thing, and I did my restaurants. After that, I get a divorce and I was depressed, so I was broke for a while.

Roxy (03:06):

So, after I came back, I wasn't approved for two years. When I came back, broke, no money, I have to start working again. I start working for an investor. He was doing real estate commercial with the family, and I was doing some accounting and financial with him. But, I started learning more about the real estate business. And it was exciting to see how much money they were making, buying, build, refinances, selling. And they were like, "Why am I not doing this?"

So, I started reaching out to people and I worked there for probably a year or less because I wanted to do well with my own business. So, I say... I talked to the owner and I said, "I want to learn this. How do I start until where I'm so busy. But this is something that you can do."

So, I started getting hard to go to work every day. Because, I wanted to do it myself. And oncel I started reaching out, I started to learn how to flip houses and how to wholesale real estate.

Roxy (04:16):

So, I start buying all sorts of classes, seminars. But, I got to the point that I say, I can't be in this office anymore. I need to start doing my things. So I quit my job. And the owner, he understood perfectly what I was going to do, but he said, "Roxy, you have kids? Are you sure?" And I said, "I know it's crazy, but I have to do something. And I feel like this is what I want to do." So, he supported me for a little bit. And then, everybody was like, "Roxy you're crazy." My parents, my family. And I said, "I know." "What you going to do?" "I don't know." This is what I want to do, but I start looking and learning.

So, like I said, I bought different classes. I started flipping houses. And then, I worked for a wholesaler. So, I know how to find deals. But to become an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) expert, that's where the resources that most of the people understand how to find deals, but to become an expert on MLS, will give you an advantage over the competition.

Roxy (05:37):

So, unfortunately, my parents passed away three months ago, from COVID. And I was with COVID as well. So, being at home, not being able to meet with people, general contractors have to be in quarantine, I started looking more into your program, and say, "Okay, where is Alex?"

So, I started reviewing the process. We're going to focus this week, that I'm home on the MLS strategies. And I start getting deals, and I was sitting here at home making money, which was amazing.

We were like, "Wow, I didn't know I can do this much." Sitting here in a week, I did $20,000, in about 10 days. But I will because all these houses were closing between last week and this week. So, because I've been sick for almost a month, about three weeks. So, you focus on your MLS, and just from the MLS, I make more than... How many properties so far? Eight or nine, right now. But, when we talk a couple of hours, six, right?

Alex Martinez (06:56):

Yeah. It was six like a week or two ago. And now, it's eight or nine.

Roxy (07:01):

Yeah, eight or nine. And like I said, it's a good thing that you lost count because you get messed up. Somebody's calling you from the other house, and then, "Oh, did you just send a deposit?" And I say, "Which house? Okay. Hold on. Let me look at my list." So, you have to get the list and like I said, you can get crazy with so many deals sometimes, but it's a good thing. And I'm so glad that you are teaching real estate skills that anybody can implement

Even me, like I say, I have experienced looking for different types of deals, using different types of strategies, but being sick, at home, and still making this happen, is being blessed and you're blessed. Because, you helped me get different strategies, that I implemented. So, it set me aside from the competition. Because, there are a lot of people looking on the MLS, but the way you do it, the way you say it, or the way you handled your business, will make the difference. And that's what I learned from you.

Alex Martinez (08:19):

Totally. Awesome, Roxy. I mean, I love it. I was coming on here expecting you had maybe six deals and now, it's eight or nine. And you joined late August. It's been three months, exactly.

Roxy (08:35):

Yes. But, it took me probably a month or so to go through the Pro Wholesaler Program, and go back, and come back. Because, I use my car as an office.

Alex Martinez (08:51):

A mobile university!

Roxy (08:55):

Sometimes, you're in the phone call and then you miss the concept, you have to come back and rewind. So, the good thing is that, I believe that, if you're paying to learn something, you need to implement. Because, a lot of people are like, "Oh, I bought this class and this other course, I pay this much." Okay. Why are you not making money?

Alex Martinez (09:21):

That's the goal. The goal is to get an ROI when you invest in yourself, your own education. That's the whole point.

Roxy (09:26):


Alex Martinez (09:29):

There's no lack of action on your part too. That's the secret ingredient. Like you said, you listen and then you implement. And then, you got COVID.

Roxy (09:43):

So, it was a perfect time. I got your class because, now they say, "Well, how is Alex making so much money on this? Okay. Let's figure it out." And I sit down, I go through the classes, like I say, I have some experience also, of finding deals, or how to negotiate. But, it's being just the focus that you're getting. In my case, I have to focus on the MLS because, I am home. There is no way I can go out and look for all the deals,  or do research on the county records, or getting different listings.

For me, it was just the perfect time. And it was the momentum, that you need to have sometimes to say, "Okay, let's focus on this." If you believe in the system and you're focusing on any strategy. If this is the MLS, but you're focusing on this, and you make it... I mean, try to do it, then get the result. Then, everybody's going to get their results. Because, if it works for you, it can work for me too. Right?

Alex Martinez (10:54):

Yeah. Absolutely. And you're seeing that. I mean, it works for anyone. We're talking before this call, it's the perfect strategy. You have no experience or you haven't done this before. It's an even playing field for anyone to come in here, as long as you're persistent. And there's never 100%, all the offers you're sending are getting accepted. There are obviously some offers you send that don't work.

Roxy (11:16):

I just have experience. Yesterday, I sent five... Was yesterday or was Friday? Friday, I think. I sent five offers. And some of them want to say, "Don't waste your time, sending an offer lower than this." And I say, "Wow. That's perfect." Because, I say, "Can we be flexible on the price or something? Because, we're not seeing a cash offer." And they say, "Oh, don't waste your time, if you want to send a lowball offer less than this amount." And they were like, "Wow, that was like 20 or $30,000 below what they were asking." I say, "Okay. Can I send the contract? He's like, "Yeah."

Alex Martinez (11:58):

I love it. The power of questions.

Roxy (12:05):

Exactly. I think, like I say, I took so many different motivational classes as well. Which helped me focus on the group part and the good things. One of my friends, I was talking with her on the phone and she said, "Hey, I was so mad because I lost her $20,000 deal. I was wholesaling it and the person canceled at the last minute." I say, "Okay, you're so mad, but you just make $30,000 on another one." And they were so discouraged. "I don't know, if I want to do this again." "Say what?"

Alex Martinez (12:43):

Just one deal, come on.

Roxy (12:47):

I say, don't waste your time. There's so many more ahead and next.

Alex Martinez (12:53):

Onto the next one.

Roxy (12:54):

She didn't even lose money. Because, they put $3000 in for the earnest money deposit. When they wholesale the deal, they asked for a $5,000 deposit. So, they make $2000 instead 20, of course. But, I mean, you're making $2000, right?

Alex Martinez (13:11):

It's better than nothing. Tell you that.

Roxy (13:14):

So, we're like, "Oh my gosh." That's what I say, sometimes we need to change... I just learned this. We need to change our expectations for appreciation. We need to be always appreciating that, we're working, we're making things happen. Not everything is going to be perfect. But, if I expect $20,000 and then make $2000, why am I going to get mad? I have to be grateful still. Because, I'm still making money. When we change that focus, and things are going to flow, and they're going to come our way, and we're going to be more abundant. And I'm experiencing that with the things that I'm doing.

And that's what I want to share with everybody that is listening as well. Don't focus on the, "Oh, I did this the wrong way." That's okay, next. Nothing happens, next. Focus on the things that you can make, and the next deal that you going to make, and the person that's going to say, yes.

Roxy (14:19):

And that's what you teach too. You say, "You're going to have a lot of 'no', but it's closer to the next 'yes'. So, yeah, that's fine. They say, "Okay, don't waste your time on this." "Okay. That's fine. Next." I'm like, "How am I going to get this house closed? Because, I know I'm getting close." And people are answering and we're communicating. So, I'm getting experience, and all these things that are happening, are happening for us. So, we're always learning. And that's a good thing.

I have been sick, I could have the attitude of, "Okay. I have COVID, I'm going to be at home all day, I'm feeling bad. I say, okay, I'm here, but can I still look on my computer? Can I still send an offer? Can I use virtual wholesaling from home? Yes. And I'm so happy being in COVID, I was able to do this business, and generate an income very quickly and easily, and it was amazing.

Alex Martinez (15:19):

I love it. Awesome, Roxy. Super proud of you. And I mean, your mindset doesn't go unnoticed, your persistence doesn't go unnoticed. That's what it takes to be successful, to be the best at what you're doing. That's definitely what you're doing.

Roxy (15:34):

Thank you Alex.

Alex Martinez (15:35):

Yeah. So, once again, a couple of weeks. So, in two weeks, you've got like three more deals under contract that you can flip, which is great. And I think two weeks ago, when we were talking, you, you mentioned some of the numbers, like $20,000, $9,000, $6,000, $5,000. I think it was like around $45,000 in wholesale fees. And then, how are these other ones looking, that you've got?

Roxy (15:57):

Well right now, I don't know. We just got the contract today. Probably, I saw it coming, that they accepted the offer. So, what I do when they get a new contract, I just put it together, do the comps, the pictures, and things like that. So, I can send that out to my cash buyers list. So, I was telling you before, I took a couple of days off, because I was busy with training and all of these deals, and that's a good thing. You can control your time and be productive. I don't know. So, I have to still... Because, I was calm, I was like, "Okay, if I make $5,000, it's like playing." You're playing or something. It's like a game. I don't know. I see like, I'm going to do something like, doing video games under my flips.

Alex Martinez (16:56):

I look at it that way too. Yeah. It's like a game.

Roxy (16:58):

Like a game, "Okay, I'll send this and see why they say." And I wasn't expecting to make that much, being at home and limited and all that, but it was surprise. Even a deal that I did feel, it wasn't going to be good. I send it out for $5,000, and the person say, "Hey, I already went to the house. So, I know the house. Do you have another offer?" And I say, "Yes, I just receive a full price. "I can do more than this person. $5,000 more." Okay. So, I would think $5,000, I may $10,000, right? So, I was surprised because, like I say, well, [inaudible 00:17:43] sometimes, now I make in one deal $2,500. Because, I had to split it with another person that brought their buyer since it was a co-wholesale deal. And she said, "I'm only making $5,000, let's just split it." No problem.

Roxy (17:59):

So, like I say, if you know, that you are going to have properties... If you believe in the system, and you know that this works, then there is no reason, you have to worry about the next deal coming.

Basically, you set up your goals, or you set up how much you can make, or you want to make. If I can do $20,000 in one week, can I do it again? Yes. What did I do to generate this? Can I just repeat it and do it? So basically, if I want to stay here full time, I potentially can do more. But, I've been sick still. I feel better. But, I think anybody can do this, even if you do one a month. But, if you focus and you follow the system, I think you can do more. Yes. Definitely.

Alex Martinez (19:05):

Totally. And what I love to hear, before we hopped on this call, Roxy too, we were saying, how you got to go to a personal development event for four days and then spend a couple of days with your children as well.

You weren't even picking up the phone. And that's what I'd love to hear too. I mean, the money's great, but the fact that you got that time to better yourself go to personal development event, which I love that you love that, because I'm in the personal development as well. And then, get to be with your children just undisturbed. A lot of people don't have that luxury. And so, I'm so happy that you're able to have that, too.

Roxy (19:38):

Yes. Like I said, if I want to do more, I believe that, I need to prepare myself for the next level. Because, I learned that even if you teach me how to get to the next level, if I'm not that person for the next level, I'm going to go back to my old patterns. But now, if I'm learning from you, is because I want to do more. And I have to be at that level.

So, personal development is very important for me. And I'm always learning, always reviewing the lessons. Because, I say, everytime you listen, you know you're going to learn more. So, if I learn something from you, I say, okay. I was re-listening to you, yesterday, I think. And I was, "Okay, let me hear Alex." And I was in the last two sections, and I was reviewing what you say. And I say, "Okay. Yeah."

Roxy (20:46):

And every time you process, try to apply it. Because, that way you learn. If I pay for something and I don't apply it, I'm wasting my time and my money. So, my goal is, if I'm learning from you, I need to apply it. So, Monday I said, "What am I going to change in my routine to apply this? What am I going to do differently?"

So, all those, everything that we're doing that is different, everything can be learned and we just need to be ready and with a mindset that, "Okay, I need to go to the next level, but I have to start with me, right?" So, like I say, I'm going to new construction. I have two projects that I'm getting nervous because they're my first projects. But, I guess, I got a group of people from... There's a big hotel here in downtown, and I didn't know that, the land that I was buying, it belongs to them.

Roxy (21:53):

So, we have a problem. We were at closing in a week, before we close on the land, and we found an easement that they didn't disclose. We didn't know, and it was some mistake from the title company, from the first surveyor. So, it created a situation. And this happens for a reason.

And because of that, I was able to meet the guys. Because, he was the real estate agent involved before. But because of that problem, I was able to meet, one of the biggest investors here in Utah, and we have a conversation before I got sick. And I say, "Well, we don't want to go to court and trying to solve these. I think we're business people, why we don't partner?" And they say, "Well, we're open to that." And then, we have another meeting, probably this week or next week. And then, we're setting up because, they find I was sick, and I guess, we become very good... It was a good connection. I don't know.

Roxy (23:01):

And they found out I was sick, because they extended one more month, the closing date. They extended it one more time without me asking them. And I was so surprised, that they were quality people. And they were able to, just don't think about money. Because, now everything is about money. They extended it, and they're talking through their realtor to tell me that, they're willing to partner with me on this deal probably, and do it together.

Which for me is huge because, they have the experience, they have the money, they have everything to do that by themselves. But now, basically, we got an agreement, I going to start working with them in that level that they are. And I'm just starting on that field.

Roxy (23:57):

So, I'm super blessed. I feel, beside all this COVID thing, but my message would be for people that are going through... Are struggling with people that die, getting sick, you don't have money to probably go out and do more things, keep positive, count your blessings, count the things that you have, instead of things that you don't have. Because, that will give you a good energy to keep going. If you start complaining, "Well, I don't have money." You don't have this, then you're going to focus on that, and that's exactly what you're going to get. Because, we changed our focus.

And like I said, for me, it's still hard that my parents passed away. They were young. Nobody expected it. I still cry every day I remember them, but with that pain, I keep going. I have to do things and I want to do more. I want to do more because of them.

Alex Martinez (24:57):

Yeah. Absolutely. And no doubt that you're going to do more. And you're going to get into the construction. I know we talked about that before as well. I love that you're using wholesaling houses, as a stepping stone for yourself, to go on to bigger and better things.

You're an inspiration to everyone, Roxy. The entire Real Estate Skills and I'm so happy to be able to hang out with you, and continue hanging out with you on the Pro Wholesaler Q&A Calls. And I always know you bring 110% and we bring 110%, right back at you.

Roxy (25:26):

Thank you, Alex.

Alex Martinez (25:30):

Your hard work, once again, doesn't go unnoticed and I'm so happy that you're able to be here and just share your story. Because, like I was saying in the beginning, a lot of people make excuses and it's not because they mean to, but life gets hard. Life gets fricking hard. And it's how we look at things, and it's how we adapt, it's how we persevere, it's how we get through the hard times that really develops us, and really develops our life.

And in the end, it's the choices and decisions we make, but it's that outlook. And so, thank you so much for sharing that today. I know I'm reinvigorated, Roxy.

Roxy (26:13):

Just one second more. Because, I'm a minority. My English is not perfect. But, that's what I want to be my message for people that are probably, been struggling with the language. Because, in the beginning when I started, I didn't know, I was so insecure about myself. I don't know if they will even listen to me. I'm a woman. I'm Hispanic and I don't speak good English. So, I cannot do a negotiation, how I'm going to sell or buy a house from somebody that, if come up 10 Americans after one house? And how are they going to sell it to me? No way. But I mean, the connection is important and the things that you can, how do you say? Transmit to the other person.

Roxy (27:17):

And if these are for you, they're going to be for you, no matter what. So, just believe in yourself. I mean, cost me a lot of preparation to be to this level that I can speak fluently again. But, I just want to make... Do a message for these people that have a second language, English as a second language. And they still have fears that, "I don't know if they're going to accept my offer or if they're going understand what I say. And just do it anyway. It's practice, and if I can do it, you can do it. Thank you very much for everything.

Alex Martinez (28:00):

Awesome, Roxy. Well, I couldn't end it any better than that, Roxy. So once again, thank you so much. You're an inspiration to everyone here and I'm so happy to be able to share this. It's going to inspire a lot of people. Not even just in real estate, but just in life too.

Roxy (28:17):

Thank you. I hope so.

Alex Martinez (28:20):

Awesome, Roxy. Well, thank you so much. Once again, Roxy, you've been crushing it, not making any excuses, persevering through life, through the struggles, through the hardships, and coming out on top. And I know that your future is so bright and I know you're going to do those construction deals. You're doing them right now. And maybe we can partner together in the future, too, on these bigger deals.

Roxy (28:46):

Yes. Alex. Come on.

Alex Martinez (28:46):

You're in Utah, I'm over in California, we can get a little connection going on.

Roxy (28:50):

No, it's nice. Thank you so much, Alex. That will be my pleasure. Like I say, the good things that open doors, I think is, when you are real, and when you can be honest, or hard worker. I been in meetings, when I have to bring somebody else, that know better than me.

They have more masters' degrees and things like that. And I've been in a specific conversation when I got investors trying to raise the capital for some other projects that I have. And I said, "You have to talk because, you speak more English and all that." So, the guy was talking and said, "Oh, I have a masters' on this and I have all the experience." And I was just listening and just talking a few things there. And then, at the end of the conversation, the investor say, "Roxy, how can we help you?" They didn't look at this guy, that have the experience or the knowledge.

Roxy (29:54):

But, I was so surprised that they say, "Hey, Roxy, want to be part of it. How can we help you? What do you need?" And they were like, "Wow. I'm so shocked." They can see my hard work, that I'm able to do everything for my goals. If I don't know something, I'll find a way.

That's why I surround myself with people that are smarter than me because I am aware of my weaknesses as well. And that's the best thing. If you are aware of your weaknesses, now you know what you have to work on. If you don't know, and you don't know where your weaknesses, then you're just foolish. You're like, "Oh, I'm the best, I can do this and that. No."

Alex Martinez (30:43):

Yeah. You're absolutely right.

Roxy (30:46):

We're always learning hard work, always listening to inspirational things. People that know better than you. Learn from the best, learn from the people that are doing things. And that's my main thing right now. I'm focusing on that. That's why I'm not crying and in my bed right now. Is that, because a lot of bad things happen in my life, right? But, I'm here because this is my life.

I want to make things happen. And this is my time. I cannot live the life of my parents, or make them survive, or do something different. This is my life. It's my turn. So, hopefully everybody understands that believe in the system, just do it as Alex says, because if you do exactly what he says, you're going to have the results that he has had and that I have, too.

Alex Martinez (31:38):

There we go.

Roxy (31:41):

Thank you, everybody.

Alex Martinez (31:44):

Roxy, thank you so much. Self-awareness is absolutely key. And like you mentioned, you could be under the bed and instead you're here. Instead, you're here inspiring others. And so, you're doing a service to a lot of people and it is your time. You said it: it's your time. It is your time to shine. Keep on shining.

So, once again, Roxy, I'm happy we're able to hang out. Thank you so much. Thank you for just being you. Thank you for doing the work. And it's so happy to hang out. I'm happy to hang out with you and to see you. And I can't wait to talk probably, in a few months and just hear about these construction projects. You're probably going to have 30 deals, by then too!

Roxy (32:29):

Thank you so much, Alex. You're amazing. Thank you.

Alex Martinez (32:32):

All right. Thank you. I'll see you, Roxy.

Roxy (32:33):


Alex Martinez (32:34):


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