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10 Best House Flipping Software & Apps For Investors

flipping houses real estate software Nov 08, 2023

Technology is turning the real estate world on its head, and the house-flipping niche is no exception.

In this niche, software and mobile apps are altering the status quo by automating every aspect of the house flipping process, from finding leads and analyzing deals to estimating renovation costs. The catch is that most real estate investors are in on the secret, so you need the absolute cream of the crop to stay ahead.

Expert house flippers of Real Estate Skills, Alex Martinez and Ryan Zomorodi, have chosen what they consider to be the most helpful apps they’ve used during the house flipping process.

From finding profitable properties to estimating ROI, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of the best software and apps for flipping houses so you can rehab with finesse and outshine your competition.

Now, let’s dive into the best house flipping software chosen by the experts at Real Estate Skills:

  1. Flipster
  2. DealMachine
  3. Realeflow
  4. Backflip
  5. Houzz
  6. Redfin
  7. House Flipping Spreadsheet
  8. Homesnap
  9. FlipperForce
  10. Property Evaluator

best house flipping apps

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Pricing: $97/mo for Basic, $197/mo for Pro, & $397/mo for Prime

Flipster is like the Swiss Army knife of real estate, with tools for every step of your flipping journey, from finding leads and budgeting to selling.

Primarily designed as a real estate database, Flipster offers investors access to over 100 million property records nationwide. Add in its over ten motivated seller lead filters, such as absentee homeowners, Craigslist leads, pre-foreclosure homes, and out-of-state property owners. Now, finding a property to flip becomes a walk in the park.

Once you've found "the one," Flipster's deal analysis and comps tools are your besties. They'll help you quickly determine its profitability potential, allowing you to decide whether it's a golden opportunity or a pass.

If, after running comps and deal analysis, you decide it’s a golden opportunity, Flipster has multiple house flipping tools to simplify every phase of the process.

There's a skip tracing tool to hunt down property owner contact information such as phone number and email address, a rehab estimator and budgeting tracker to anticipate and keep those costs in check, and lead outreach tools – think email, SMS, ringless voicemail, and pre-written templates – to reach and follow up on leads easily. Need cash? Flipster has a network of asset-based money lenders.

Have multiple projects going? No worries, Flipster's deal management tool keeps everything tidy and organized. And when your project is ready to hit the market, the app offers access to a network of cash buyers ready to pounce and offer hard money, ensuring a speedy return on investment.

Simply put, Flipster is one of the most comprehensive and best software for house flipping that any rehabber, wholesaling investor, real estate agent, or any other REI investor can have in their tool stack.


  • It is a comprehensive house flipping software that covers all bases from deal-finding, analysis, marketing, and selling


  • With numerous features, it can have a steep learning curve for first-time users
  • Can be costly compared to other software

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Pricing: $79/mo for Starter, $119/mo, & $499/mo for Teams

Ready to turn a potential property into a prime flip but can't locate the owners? Say hello to DealMachine, a fix-and-flip software designed for rehabbers and wholesaling investors who drive for dollars or, in other words, any investor willing to pound the pavement in search of real estate investment properties.

DealMachine has a built-in skip tracing tool that, with a few clicks, lets you uncover critical property data, including the owner's name, contact information, mortgage specifics, and mailing address.

Once you find this information, you can instantly ring them up or shoot a pre-written postcard directly from the platform. DealMachine simplifies follow-up by automatically resending emails to property owners who don’t respond immediately.

But that's not all—DealMachine has a built-in CRM that stores and updates lead info, making follow-up campaigns a breeze. Plus, it's a genius at route tracking, ensuring you don't backtrack through the same neighborhoods while driving for dollars.


  • Built-in lead outreach and follow-up features
  • Allows you to quickly find lead information
  • Route tracking capabilities
  • CRM functionality simplifies lead management


  • Charges for every direct mail you use in cold calling, regardless of whether you get a response or not
  • You may be required to drive for dollars to utilize the platform’s features fully

dealmachine best flipping software

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Pricing: $99/mo for Leadflow Invest & $149/mo for Leadflow Invest+

Realeflow is a house flipping project management software you’ll want to check out if you need an all-in-one tool.

Realeflow comes with a handy deal analyzer pack for house flippers. This collection includes a deal analysis tool to help you determine whether a project is worth pursuing right off the bat. If it is, the deal analyzer pack features a repair cost estimator known as Hammerpoint, designed to forecast rehab costs seamlessly, and lastly, a rehab planner that lets you seamlessly organize the rehabbing process.

You may also run comps on Realeflow to determine how other properties in the area compare to your potential deals.

Marketing with Realeflow is also a breeze thanks to its multiple automated marketing features. These include an integrated direct mail tool with hand-written templates and pre-written postcards to streamline cold calling and custom, SEO-optimized website templates to simplify, attract traffic, and engage visitors.

Realeflow also boasts a CRM with document storage and organization, team collaboration, and list management features to automate lead management.

Suppose you’re just dipping your toes into house flipping and have no leads to work on; Realeflow features Leadpipes, a lead generation feature with access to public, mortgage and even legal information records. This feature enables real estate investors to find potential properties to flip quickly.


  • Offers over 20 lead types
  • Deal analysis tool
  • Repair cost estimator
  • Rehab planner
  • CRM for seamless lead management
  • Real estate marketing tools


  • It doesn’t integrate with third-party, real estate flipping software
  • It may be tricky to navigate for beginner users

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Pricing:  Free on the iOS App Store

Have no real estate investment software budget but badly need one? Check out Backflip!

It’s a free house flipping app with many features that’ll greatly simplify your house flipping process. The platform offers access to 41 US real estate market databases that users can easily search for house flipping properties through filters such as location, property type, and price range.

Once a user finds the ideal flip, Backflip has a comprehensive returns analyzer they can use to assess the property’s profitability potential. The analyzer generates detailed reports based on the purchase price and expected resale value, allowing users to determine whether a flip is worth following up on. Backflip also boasts an automated ARV comping tool and an AI-powered renovation tool, allowing users to evaluate a flip's profitability further before they put their effort into it.

At its core, Backflip is a fintech company dedicated to offering real estate investors financing options, including fix and flip loans. This makes it one of the best real estate flipping software for beginners looking to venture into rehabbing properties since it’s free and offers them access to startup capital.


  •  It’s a free house flipping software
  • Seamless property search thanks to an extensive database and multiple filters
  • Generates detailed renovation plans and ARV comp reports
  • Access to financing
  • Integrates with popular real estate tools such as Zillow, PropStream, and Google Sheets


  • Its availability is limited to a few states



Pricing: $99/mo for Starter, $139/mo for Essential, $199/mo for Pro, and $399/mo for Ultimate. 

Houzz is a business management platform that, if well-maximized, can double up as one of the best house flipping software for rehabbers. 

It has a marketing program where you can showcase your services and portfolio. You can set it up to target locations you desire to get leads from or rehab projects you prefer.

Once a potential client hits you up, this platform lets you upload proposals, invoices, and payment requests, saving the time you’d have spent doing that physically. Additionally, it has an estimate builder that comes in handy when you need to estimate potential rehabbing costs, a 3D-floor planner, mood boards to design and envision your flips before you embark on the project, and even a project tracker and a time-tracking feature to help you ensure you complete your project as per your pre-determined timeline.

At its core, Houzz is a CRM, meaning lead management should be a breeze. The best part is that it also has a mobile app, meaning you can run your house flipping business while on the go. It also integrates with QuickBooks, allowing you to upload and manage your lead lists seamlessly.


  • Can save you a lot of time and money
  • Streamlines renovation planning through mood boards and 3D floor plans
  • Simplifies real estate marketing
  • Comes with a client success manager


  • Difficult to download details entered within the app
  • It can be tricky to navigate if you’re a new user

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Pricing: Premier requires a 1% listing fee when buying and selling properties

Redfin is more of a house flipping website than a software. The platform serves over 100 markets throughout North America and could be a valuable tool for house flippers thanks to its extensive housing market data. 

As a real estate brokerage with agent partners nationwide, the website boasts direct access to data from its agents and the MLS. The data is updated weekly and can be downloaded for sourcing house flipping leads and properties. 

Besides vast market data, you can also list your rehabbed property on the platform, and it's much cheaper since its agents charge only half the average listing commission. Additionally, Redfin has a value estimator a rehabber can leverage to estimate the potential value of an investment property they’ve identified, run comps, and review similar market trends.


  • You only pay when your flip property closes
  • Offers access to vast housing market data
  • Features a value estimator for instant rehabbing cost estimates


  • Covering the 5-6% of the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent fee

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House Flipping Spreadsheet

Pricing: One-time-fee of $127

House Flipping Spreadsheet is among the handy programs for flipping houses you should consider if you want to improve your home rehabbing game. 

It comes with a rehab analyzer module that house flippers can use to view a property’s buying, holding, selling and rehab costs, thus determining the ideal purchase price they should propose. This home flipping software also has a repair estimator to estimate repair costs before you embark on rehab projects accurately.

Once you begin a flipping project, the software’s expense tracker and accounting tools come in handy in keeping up with rehabbing activity costs. Additionally, it has a project management and a task manager, tools that make a significant difference, especially when handling multiple flipping projects simultaneously.


  • Has a repair estimator for users to anticipate rehab costs beforehand
  • Simplify house-flipping project management
  • Streamlines expense tracking during flipping projects


  • The platform occasionally freezes during use

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Pricing: $599/yr or $49.99/mo

Homesnap is a real estate mobile app for iOS and Android users. 

The company behind this app for flipping houses partners with local multiple listing services nationwide to provide users access to numerous, detailed home listings with information such as property history and property lines. With such data, finding potential deals becomes incredibly easy. 

Users can simplify lead generation through its filters by fine-tuning their search by the number of bedrooms, square footage, and even locations. You can also finetune your search by commute time and school zones to find rehabbing properties that best fit your portfolio. 

The real estate user version, Homesnap Pro, comes with advanced tools such as comparative market analysis. This enables users to efficiently run comps on a property they might have encountered during marketing.


  • Detailed property listings
  • Features numerous filters that simplify lead generation


  • Has no off-market properties

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flipping houses software training

Flipper Force

Pricing: $79/mo for solo users, $199/mo for teams, & $499/mo for large teams

Nailing deal analysis is the secret to success in house flipping and real estate wholesaling projects. Proper deal analysis helps ensure you make the right move before diving in. That’s where Flipper Force comes in!

It features a house flipping calculator and a rehab estimator, allowing house flippers to accurately determine the ideal purchase price they should offer and potential repair costs. 

If you use the BRRRR method, Flipperforce has a BRRRR calculator to help you eliminate the guesswork. With this tool, you can calculate the maximum purchase price and profitability potential before you invest in real estate.

But while these estimation tools are handy, keeping your flipping project on track is equally crucial. Thankfully, Flipper Force features tools like a project schedule to help you ensure you hit your deadlines and stay within budget. It also has handy tools like an investment report builder, project calendar, and project accounting, all of which streamline lead management.


  • Hassle-free deal analysis
  • It lets you track deadlines and stay within budget
  • Built-in project management functionality to simplify lead management


  • It doesn’t integrate with third-party apps for flipping houses and other investments

flipperforce house flipping software

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Property Evaluator

Pricing: Free on the iOS App Store & a $19.99/mo subscription

Have a neat house-flipping tech stack and only need a dedicated deal analysis tool? Property Evaluator might be the best micro-flipping software for you.

All you need to do is enter property data, and voila! It whips up performance projections with essential metrics such as cash flow and return on investment. These projections let you quickly decide whether the property is worth your investment.

And here's a neat feature for those with partners: Property Evaluator lets you create performance projection reports and send them directly from the platform. You can even add your branding–just slap your company's name and logo for that professional touch.


  • Generates detailed performance projections
  • You may turn performance projections into PDF reports for your partners
  • You can add brand names and logos to these reports


  • Largely supports IoS devices
  • No integrations

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How To Use Software & Apps To Flip Houses Successfully

  1. Learn the Basics: Dive into real estate education. Using house flipping apps and other resources can help you understand the market better and stay ahead of competitors.

  2. Trust the Data: Make decisions based on objective data, not emotions. Ensure you understand the relevant figures.

  3. Understand the Local Market: Your property's value is tied to its location. Get to know the area you're investing in to predict potential future trends.

  4. Get a Home Inspection: Before buying, always have the property inspected. This will highlight any issues or potential problems.

  5. Negotiate Smartly: Make an informed offer considering potential profits. Be ready to discuss terms, and consider properties with motivated sellers for better deals.

  6. Choose Reliable Contractors: Partner with experienced contractors. Their quality work can boost the property's value, and they might offer discounts for consistent work.

  7. Oversee the Renovation: Stay involved in the rehab process. Set milestone-based payment schedules for contractors to ensure timely completion.

  8. Market the Property: Begin advertising when renovations are nearing completion. Consider hiring a real estate agent for a faster sale at a potentially higher price.

  9. Finalize the Sale: Negotiate with your buyer and close the deal, aiming for a good profit margin.


Final Thoughts On The Best House Flipping Software

The array of house flipping software and apps available today are truly changing how investors approach their projects. Our list of the best house flipping software proves that whether you want to find deals, conduct detailed deal analyses, or efficiently manage your projects, there’s a tool out there to streamline the process. 

However, note all these software solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to do due diligence to identify one that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. We summarized them to help you understand what they offer and pick one that best fits your house-flipping investment strategies.

While utilizing the right software is crucial for success, understanding how to effectively navigate the MLS is equally vital for house flipping. We're offering a FREE training class that will equip you with the skills to utilize the MLS to its full potential for your flipping endeavors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to further enhance your expertise at no cost.

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