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Flipster: Real Estate Software Review (2024)

flipping houses real estate software wholesale real estate Feb 14, 2024

Strategic decision-making is the cornerstone of success when investing in the real estate market.

The difference between a successful flip and a loss comes down to your choices when buying a property. Pay too much, and your profit margin is reduced. If you buy too cheap, you risk getting a property that needs significant repairs, similarly decreasing your profit margin.

So, how do you walk this thin line without losing out? By investing in tools that help with decision-making. Flipster is one such tool.

Flipster is a real estate software solution crafted to streamline property discovery, financing, and flipping.

Our in-depth 2024 Flipster review explores how the features it brings to the table fuel wise decision-making at every phase of the property investing process:

What Is Flipster Real Estate Software?

Flipster is a cloud-based real estate software specifically tailored to streamline the process of house flipping. This comprehensive platform guides users through the entire investment journey - from locating distressed properties and analyzing potential deals to securing funding and calculating rehab budgets.

The software, acting as a thorough real estate database, contains a wide range of listings suitable for fix-and-flip projects. This includes distressed property sales, MLS listings, and more, which simplifies the search for the perfect investment opportunity.

Moreover, Flipster caters to wholesale real estate investors, with its features strategically aligned with the typical wholesaling workflow. This encompasses finding contact information of skip-traced sellers, analyzing deals, generating contracts, making offers, and estimating rehab costs and projected profits.

What Does Flipster Do & How Does it Work?

Flipster real estate software allows nationwide property searches, giving you access to over 150 million potential deals across the U.S. Its database includes pre-foreclosures, vacant properties, and absentee-owned homes, among others. Each month, depending on your subscription, Flipster delivers at least 10,000 motivated seller leads.

Additionally, it offers an array of filters to narrow down your search parameters, and if you're a wholesaler, it can help you connect with other real estate investors. Flipster's Deep Skip Tracing tool provides vital owner contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and even social media accounts.

The software also allows you to estimate a property's value by running comparable sales. It comes equipped with customizable cash buyer websites to attract potential buyers and motivated sellers, ready-made digital contract templates for deal management, and an integrated deal analyzer calculator to determine the best offer price.

It also incorporates a ringless voicemail feature, allowing you to leave audio messages for prospective sellers, and rehabbing tools to calculate potential renovation costs and create a budget. Lastly, Flipster offers self-guided learning material, encompassing video tutorials and written guides on flipping and wholesaling.

You start by entering a preferred zip code, and the software generates an array of leads, including properties with absentee owners, high equity properties, Craigslist leads, and more. Flipster's leads are updated daily, allowing users to access new properties faster than traditional search engines. The platform offers property details, including the owner's contact information.

The software also provides resources such as contractor forecasts and deal generators, allowing you to manage several deals simultaneously.

Despite the potential convenience offered by Flipster, remember that real estate investing involves complexities that software alone may not cover. This is where Real Estate Skills FREE Training Course comes in. Our comprehensive courses offer expert guidance and hands-on techniques that complement Flipster's tools. Our mission is to help you successfully navigate the dynamic world of real estate investing, equipping you to make informed decisions and maximize your profit potential.

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Flipster Review: Software Features & Benefits

Flipster is one of the most comprehensive real estate software around. For subscription packages starting as low as $97, this cloud-based REI solution offers features that cover all steps involved in REI investments, like wholesale real estate and house flipping.

Check out this quick overview of the features it brings to the table and the benefits they’ll accrue to you:

  • A comprehensive property database: Flipster real estate offers over 150 million motivated seller properties, including absentee owners, out-of-state owners, Craigslist leads, pre-foreclosures, empty nesters, tired landlords, and probate properties.
  • Deep skip trace: Just stumbled upon a vacant property with incredible flipping or wholesaling potential but can’t locate the owner? Just key in the address and primary details. Flipster’s deep skip tracing tool will generate over a dozen valuable data points, including owner contact information (landline and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles) and property occupation history.
  • Lead stacking: Flipster’s lead stacking tool allows users to combine multiple lead lists (for instance, absentee +vacant+ pre-foreclosure lists) to generate lists with highly motivated sellers. This streamlines marketing and enhances lead generation success since users only target their marketing efforts to leads with a high likelihood of converting.
  • Motivated seller sites: Flipster users also benefit from customizable, ready-made websites designed for lead generation purposes
  • Comps: Proper property valuation and pricing is critical to profitability. Flipster offers a list of properties comparable in value to a potential investment property. This drives strategic decision-making and reduces the risk of losses by ensuring investors only purchase properties with lucrative investment ARV.
  • Property workflow: Flipster allows users to create and manage workflows for each property deal they’re involved in.
  • Contract library: With Flipster’s library of attorney-approved contract templates, real estate investors not only eliminate having to craft contracts from scratch but are also assured that each contract they generate is legally approved.
  • Flipper score: Flipster’s flipper score employs a proprietary algorithm to generate and rank discounted MLS properties, saving time in the property search.
  • Assignment generator pro: Designed to allow users to generate digital cash buyer contracts with e-signatures quickly.
  • Leads dashboard: Flipster provides users with a user-friendly dashboard for finding motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders nationwide
  • Offer generator pro: Finally convinced a homeowner to sell you their property for wholesaling and house flipping purposes? This feature lets you quickly create instant digital offers for property owners interested in wholesaling houses and house flipping.
  • Custom websites: Building a website is typically time-consuming and expensive, but Flipster simplifies it for real estate investors. The software features ready-made yet customizable websites that users can tailor to suit their real estate practice. The benefit? Not only do they save time and money, but they also achieve professional websites that enhance the image and credibility of their real estate practice.
  • Funding network: Just found a property with incredible profitability potential but are short on funds? Flipster also features a network of over 100 asset-based lenders you can tap into for funding. Even more impressive is that your credit doesn’t matter.
  • Training center: If you’re new to wholesaling, fix and flips, and other real estate investments, Flipster offers a suite of industry-leading training resources, ranging from videos to written materials that you can leverage to learn the ropes of investing.
  • Rehabbing tools: Repair and renovation costs directly influence profitability in house flipping investments. Flipster offers rehabbing tools like a rehab checklist, budget tracker, and contractor management center that investors can use to estimate repair costs and stay on top of rehabbing expenses.
  • Instant deal analyzer: This Flipster tool allows investors to determine the profitability of a potential investment property beforehand, as well as the offer price they should offer for it to remain profitable.
  • Ringless voicemail: With Flipster's ringless voicemail, investors can drop recorded messages in lead inboxes, avoiding the hassle of sales calls and allowing leads to respond at their convenience.
  • List dashboard: This feature simplifies marketing by allowing users to launch direct mail, RVM, and skip tracing campaigns in just a few clicks.

Flipster's features and benefits don't stop here. Let's deep dive into the features we think are the most beneficial to real estate investors.

Motivated Seller Leads

One of Flipster’s most unique selling points (USPs) is the fact that it supplies users not with general seller leads, but with motivated seller leads. This means that the sellers you will see on the platform have extra incentives to sell their homes quickly. For example, you’ll likely find many absentee owners who don’t actually live in the house.

In many cases, these individuals are burnt-out landlords who are willing to drop the price in order to sell quickly. You’ll also see out-of-state owners. Selling a home – especially a vacant home – when you live in a different state creates a great deal of hassle; as a result, these homeowners are going to aim to sell as quickly as possible.

Skip Tracing

Flipster is a skip-tracing tool, which means that it searches through billions of records to locate phone numbers and emails for cash buyers, motivated sellers, and private lenders. People who fall into these categories are without question some of the best people to buy houses from.

Cash Buyers

Flipster helps filter through cash buyers. These individuals or entities are of particular interest to wholesalers and flippers because they represent a segment of investors and landlords who have demonstrated a propensity for purchasing properties outright, using cash, rather than relying on financing.

Such buyers have been known to invest in rental properties in the past, and given their purchasing patterns, they are highly likely to continue buying more properties in the future. This makes them a prime target for wholesalers who are looking to quickly sell their properties without the delays that can come with more traditional financing methods.

By helping to filter these cash buyers, Flipster accelerates the investment process, potentially leading to quicker returns on your investments.

Private & Asset-Based Lenders

Private lenders are typically very wealthy people who fund real estate deals at competitive rates and with minimal hassle. In the real estate realm, they present an appealing alternative to banks and hard money lenders.

Oftentimes, private lenders are referred to as asset-based lenders. This is because, in most circumstances, private lenders will take some kind of asset as collateral for the loan they offer (such as another property or a car).

When you use Flipster, you’ll be connected to an extensive network of both private and asset-based lenders, which will greatly facilitate the home-buying process.

Email Marketing

Flipster also includes email marketing as part of its service offerings. There’s no additional charge for sending emails on Flipster, and it’s all built into the price of the membership. Best of all, there’s no limit on how many emails you can send to motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders. 

Ringless Voicemail

Flipster offers direct-to-voicemail technology, which allows you to send recorded messages. This way, the leads that contact you are primarily those who are “ready to go” and move along in the home-selling or home-buying process.

SMS Marketing

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing is also built into the price of the Flipster membership. With this tool, you can send bulk text messages and secure a motivated buyer with the touch of a few buttons. This tool not only elevates your outreach efforts but also allows you to engage with potential buyers in a direct and timely manner. With SMS marketing, you can dispatch bulk text messages to a wide audience, exponentially increasing your chances of securing an eager, motivated buyer.

Pre-Written Templates

With Flipster, you get access to an array of pre-written templates that you can use to communicate with potentially motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders. Be sure to personalize these templates, since everyone else using the software has the same scripts.

Real Estate Comps

When you use Flipster, you’ll get lists of real estate comps, which are recently sold properties. With this tool, you’ll have an easier time estimating any property’s value. You’ll also get a detailed look at each comp, including photos, the year of the build, the date of the sale, and its sale price.

Deal Management

Stay on top of every deal you make with Flipster’s contact and property management tools. With these features, you can keep tabs on every deal you engage in, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and minimizing the risk of oversight or miscommunication.

The tool conveniently consolidates all your critical information - including the key contacts involved in a deal, like property owners, investors, and contractors, as well as crucial details about the properties, such as location, size, and transaction history.

Motivated Seller Websites

Having a website with high-quality images, virtual tours, and more has become paramount to selling a home. With Flipster, you can even get a custom website for attracting more motivated sellers to your market.

Offer Generator Pro

Make offers on the fly with the help of Flipster’s Offer Generator Pro tool. Simply fill in the blanks of this template and send it off to make an offer on a property of your choosing, all within a matter of minutes.

Deal Analyzer

Flipster’s instant deal analyzer runs the numbers on any house and tells you the offer price. It also tells you how much profit you’d make if you were to make an offer yourself.

*Real Estate Skills Tip: Always determine your own after repair value (ARV) instead of relying on an automated appraisal.

Real Estate Contracts

In Flipster’s contract library, you’ll have access to a wide range of attorney-approved contracts, giving you peace of mind that your agreements are ironclad.

Property Workflow

Get support every step of the way with Flipster’s property workflow. This tool walks you through each step of your deal with helpful resources like training videos, scripts, and templates.

Cash Buyer And Private Money Websites

If you want extra help convincing cash buyers and private money lenders to work with you, you’ll get it in the form of custom websites with Flipster.

Rehab Estimator And Budget Tracker

Flipster also offers multiple tools for rehabbing, including a budget tracker, a paperless contractor management center, and a rehab checklist. This handy checklist estimates your repair costs in 15 minutes or less.

Flipster Pricing

If you’re interested in trying Flipster, there is a limited free trial that lasts two weeks. After that, you can expect to pay $97 a month for the basic package. If you’d like a more specialized package, you’ll be looking at a higher price point.

The paid packages include many of the powerful features we mentioned above, such as access to the platform, property profiles, seller leads lists and dashboards, email marketing, offer generators, and more.

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What Are The Pros Of Flipster?

Flipster Real Estate is one of the most comprehensive REI software we’ve ever encountered. Whether you’re looking to streamline marketing, lead nurturing, or high-quality real estate deals, the platform has a tool for it. This makes it particularly perfect for beginner investors since they can:

  • Utilize Flipster’s custom websites to create a professional and polished image for their new business, boosting trust and credibility.
  • Maximize Flipster’s training center to learn their way around various investment strategies and enhance their skills.
  • Leverage Flipster’s database to find investment properties
  • Tap into Flipster’s private lender network to access funding for the identified investment properties
  • Use Flipster’s range of deal analysis tools, such as comps, the deal analyzer, and budget tracker, to analyze the profitability of an investment property before making a purchase, thus minimizing the risk of losses
  • Utilize the platform's multi-range of marketing tools, including SMS, email marketing, and ringless voicemail, to enhance their marketing efforts and increase chances of lead responses
  • Take advantage of Flipster’s offer generator and attorney-approved contract templates to speed up closing.

One of the most significant pros about Flipster real estate is that it touches all bases, from lead generation, nurturing, conversion, and even deal closing. Besides beginner investors, these tools can significantly benefit seasoned investors as well. For example, the deep skip tracing tool and lead stacking are especially beneficial to seasoned investors who’ve already built lead lists.

What Are The Cons Of Flipster?

Although Flipster Real Estate is excellent, some user reviews suggest that the platform might be tricky to navigate, particularly for new users, due to its vast range of advanced features. That means it comes with a learning curve, especially for the less tech-savvy.

However, you can overcome this curve by using the vast range of video tutorials and step-by-step article guides available to subscribed users to familiarize yourself with the software.

Some users also report occasional bugs and glitches when utilizing particular functions. Flipster’s responsive customer service team can help resolve these issues.

In light of these considerations, we encourage you to build a strong foundational understanding of real estate investment to make informed decisions about the tools that best fit your needs. Real Estate Skills’ Pro-Wholesaler Program is specifically designed to provide this knowledge, arming you with the insight and expertise you need to navigate your real estate journey effectively.

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How Does It Compare Against Its Competitors?

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of what Flipster real estate software has to offer, it's important not to overlook the competitive landscape. Just as in any industry, in the world of real estate investing software, a multitude of options exist.

Each platform brings a unique set of features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Hence, to find the best fit for your specific needs and preferences, it can be advantageous to explore some of Flipster's competitors and alternatives.

These platforms may potentially excel in areas where Flipster may not completely meet your expectations or requirements. By contrasting and comparing these different software tools, you can make a more informed decision about which tool will truly help you optimize your real estate investment ventures.

Flipster vs PropStream

Let’s start by comparing Flopster with a quick PropStream review, another real estate investment software. Both tools feature a similar price point for their basic plans – Flipster comes in at $97 per month, while PropStream comes in at $99 per month. However, Flipster potentially offers more bang for your buck.

As you’ll see in this table, Flipster offers leads across all categories, from MLS leads to private lenders. Propstream, however, lacks in lead areas like absentee owners, out-of-state owners, and prospective sellers.

PropStream also offers little to no resources for funding, whereas Flipster provides a funding network, private lender leads, and much more.

While similar in price, Propstream is far more basic in its features and is less powerful in providing tools to real estate investors.

Flipster vs DealMachine

Flipster and DealMachine are both powerful real estate investment tools. While DealMachine offers a cheaper basic plan ($49 per month compared to $97 per month with Flipster), it offers far fewer leads per month.

DealMachine’s basic plan only offers 500 “Driving for Dollars” leads each month. Its next step up, the Professional Plan priced at $99 per month, only offers 1,000 “Driving for Dollars” leads each month. In contrast, for only $97 per month, you’ll receive 10,000 motivated seller leads every single month with Flipster.

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Flipster vs Realeflow

Much like Flipster, Realeflow is a top-tier real estate tool used for both analysis and investing. Both platforms offer a free trial and many of the same impressive features, including lead access, lead generation websites, and email marketing.

However, the Realeflow interface has been critiqued for not being very user-friendly. On the other hand, Flipster’s interface is easy to navigate, making it easier to access important property information.

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Flipster vs FreedomSoft

FreedomSoft charges a very similar monthly price for its plans but does not include nearly as many software features as Flipster.

When it comes to leads, FreedomSoft does not include Craigslist leads, FSBOs, bankruptcy, divorce, and many more. When it comes to features, it lacks the offer generator, proof of funds, and a rehab checklist, among others. While Flipster has a training center, FreedomSoft does not.

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Flipster vs REIPro

REIPro and Flipster both offer users a free trial to test the waters of their service offerings. They also both offer multiple plans with unique price points and different features. The platforms are also extremely similar in their price points (starting at $97 per month) as well as the features they offer.

The main difference appears to be that REIPro does not provide motivated seller leads data, whereas that is one of the main offerings of Flipster.

Flipster Software FAQ

As a software with quite a substantial number of features, Flipster attracts lots of questions and concerns. Check out answers to the most frequently asked:

Who Owns Flipster?

Flipster is the brainchild of Arizona-based real estate investor Jerry Norton. 

Jerry has been a full-time real estate investor specializing in house flipping since 2004. He began his career as a construction worker in rural Michigan during his 20s, but his ambition and dedication led him to become a self-made millionaire by his 30s. 

His wealth primarily came from successfully flipping over 200 properties. 

Beyond Flipster, Jerry founded a real estate brokerage and established a training company called Flipping Mastery, where he trains and mentors aspiring investors in making real estate money.

In addition to Flipster and Flipping Mastery, Jerry Norton is a best-selling author. His notable works are on Amazon and include titles like “How to Get Rich Flipping Notes” and “Making Money in Real Estate.”

Is PropStream Better Than Flipster?

PropStream and Flipster share quite several similarities. For instance, both platforms offer access to many property records sourced from the MLS.

They also provide real estate comps, skip tracing, cash buyers, and a deal analyzer. When it comes to marketing, both PropStream and Flipster offer investors the opportunity to conduct campaigns via email, postcards, or ringless voicemail.

However, PropStream automatically sorts and organizes user lead lists, while Flipster doesn’t.

However, Flipster proves better in multiple areas. For example, while PropStream does offer a rehab estimator, Flipster features better-rehabbing tools such as a rehab estimator, checklist, and contractor management center.

Additionally, Flipster has far more categories of motivated seller leads, including probate, specialty liens, free & clear leads, Craigslist leads, empty nesters, and even REOs, making lead generation easier.

Flipster’s deep trace tool generates far more data points for each skip trace, allowing users to easily contact and find property owners. Moreover, Flipster has a comprehensive feature stack and offers advanced tools such as the offer generator pro, a library of attorney-approved contracts, custom websites, and even a private lender network.

In a nutshell, Propstream isn’t better than Flipster. If anything, Flipster is better as it’s pretty comprehensive yet relatively affordable than Propstream (Flipster’s basic plan starts at $97 while Propstream’s begin at $99).

What Are The Reviews On Flipster?

Flipster boasts positive ratings and reviews across real estate forums like BiggerPockets and non-real estate forums like Reddit and YouTube. Most users particularly appreciate the software’s comprehensive deal management tools, affordability, and user-friendly interface.

They say the software’s extensive range of features allows them to make smart data-driven decisions quickly, resulting in increased profit margins and swift turnovers. Experts in real estate also acknowledge that the software brings them incredible value.

For instance, renowned real estate investor John Smith appreciates Flipster's all-in-one analysis features.

Overall, most Flipster reviews are primarily positive and paint a picture of software that delivers what it claims to offer.

How Much Does Flipster Cost?

Flipster pricing starts at $97 per month and can increase to $297 per month depending on the plan you select. Flipster’s pricing is in line with its competitors; the fact that it offers numerous plans at multiple price points also makes it suitable for any budget.

The price is fair given the features it provides for buying, selling, and flipping houses. Even if you’re not 100% sure if it’s the tool for you, the company offers a free trial for you to test it out.

How Often Is Flipster Updated?

Flipster is updated on a daily basis to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date and powerful tools.

How Do You Use Flipster?

Once you’ve signed up for Flipster, decide which market you’d like to buy or sell in. Then, you use Flipster’s tools to set up lead campaigns and to start making offers on properties.

How Do I Cancel My Flipster Account?

You can cancel your Flipster account at any time and you will never be charged again. All you need to do is contact the Flipster support desk or send an email to [email protected].

Final Thoughts: Is Flipster Worth It?

This real estate software covers all bases of real estate investing.

To begin with, it features a database of motivated seller properties, easing lead sourcing for the first time, as well as seasoned investors. Once a user generates a list of leads from its database, outreach is seamless, thanks to the platform’s multiple marketing tools. From text messages, and emails, to ringless voicemails, real estate investors can reach their leads through various avenues, ultimately increasing the chances of a response. 

When a lead responds, Flipster eases the lead nurturing process with its property workflows. If the deal works out, it offers a range of tools that facilitate fast closing, such as the offer generator and attorney-approved contracts.

Flipster further facilitates the success and profitability of its users by allowing them tools that enable them to make smarter decisions, such as the deal analyzer, rehabbing tools, and comps.

Simply put, while it’s not a guaranteed success formula, Flipster has tools that, if maximized effectively, can propel both beginner and seasoned real estate investors toward investing success. 

Are you looking to refine your wholesaling real estate skills? Sign up for our free wholesale training course to learn the secrets of the trade.

*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Flipster or on its respective website. Flipster is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Flipster and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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