REIA Meetings

REIA Meetings - The (ULTIMATE) Guide

wholesale real estate Jul 17, 2022

One of the best actions I took when I began my real estate investing endeavors was to attend as many REIA Meetings as possible. REIA Meetings will give you the opportunity to learn, grow, network, and build relationships with all types of real estate professionals in your local market!

Most importantly, REIA Meetings can help you take your real estate investing business to the next level.

You'll meet potential business partners, investors, cash buyers, sellers, private lenders, agents, wholesalers, mentors, and all types of real estate industry professionals!

Want more real estate deals whether you wholesale, flip houses, or buy rental properties?

Want to be taken seriously as a real estate investor in your market?

Want to meet potential mentors and partners that can help grow your business?

Want to beat the real estate investing learning curve & give yourself the highest likelihood of success?

Then read through The Ultimate Guide For REIA Meetings, and start attending them ASAP!

Enjoy The Ultimate Guide For REIA Meetings!


What Is REIA In Real Estate?

A REIA is a trade organization for real estate investors to provide an opportunity for networking, learning, market updates, and bringing together those who are interested in real estate investing.

What Does REIA Stand For?

REIA stands for Real Estate Investors Association.

Some call them “Real Estate Investment Associations,” or “Real Estate Investment Groups.” Whether you use the word, Investment,  Investors, Groups, Events, MeetUps, or Clubs – they usually all mean the same thing!

How To Pronounce REIA:

In the real estate investing community, REIA is pronounced like “ree-uh” rather than saying each letter in the acronym like “R-E-I-A.”


reia facts


What Is A REIA Meeting?

REIA Meetings are where those interested in the investing aspect of real estate meet on a regular basis to network and learn. REIA Meetings are typically held on a once a month basis, but there is no set standard or rule that says how often a REIA Meeting must take place.

Keep in mind that you will find a wide variety of experience levels at these meetings. From investors who have never completed a real estate deal all the way to investors who have done hundreds of deals.

To grow your real estate business, it’s absolutely crucial to develop long-term, beneficial working relationships with other real estate investors and professionals.

REIA Meetings are where you’ll find others interested working together to grow each other’s real estate investing businesses.

You'll also get a different type of real estate investing education that you can't find on Youtube or a book!

Whether you’re a beginner, or advanced real estate investor, attending your local REIA Meetings is crucial!

Real Estate Skills Lingo Tip: Seasoned real estate professionals like to shorten the term of "REIA Meetings" by calling them "REIAs." REIAs (pronounced 'ree-uhs') means Real Estate Investors Association Meetings.


How Do REIA Meetings Work?

Keep in mind that not all REIA Meetings are created equal.

You're going to find some meetings held in an auditorium that have over 50+ people in attendance. And, you're going to find some at a small dinner where only 10 or 12 people attend.

Some meetings charge per event and some don’t. Also, there is not a set-in-stone operating procedure for these meetings. They're all a little different and they're typically run by private individuals or private companies.

With this in mind, you want to explore & attend different meetings.

As you will come to find, different REIA Meetings may be better to go to than others. There are fewer/higher quality professionals, more/less people in attendance, and different investment education topics covered at different meetings.

You need to find and choose meetings where you're going to be able to meet other quality professionals - the most serious people, the most serious investors, cash buyers, and agents.

I recommend that you go to all of the local Real Estate Investors Association Meetings near you. Especially, when you’re getting started.

You’re going to learn, network, get more deals, and begin making a name for yourself!


Is There A Cost To REIA Meetings?

Some meetings are completely free, while others may charge a monthly or annual REIA Membership Fee to help support the investment group. If a REIA organization does charge, then it's typically about $10-$20 per event.

Most Real Estate Investors Association Meetings have memberships where you will get a discounted rate if you pay for the year.

Becoming a local REIA member is a small price to pay to fuel the growth of your business and surround yourself with other real estate pros.


Why Are REIA Meetings Important?

Have you seen the movie called “Field of Dreams”?

Well, if so, then you're probably familiar with this famous quote from the movie: "If you build it, they will come."

Now, while this is a great quote, too many beginner real estate investors take this quote to heart by applying it to their businesses.

For example, sometimes new real estate investors will create their business (they "build it"), and then just expect that the money will just come.

But, this philosophy is flawed and let me tell you why!

While starting the business is a great first step, it is not the step that will make the money pour in!

The motivated seller leads won't start coming in. The cash buyers won't appear for you to wholesale deals to. The real estate agents with on-market & off-market deals won't be calling you out of the blue...

While Field of Dreams is a great movie, there’s a better philosophy I recommend when it comes down to business. And, no one says it better than Alan Weiss:

“You have to build it and then let people know you’ve built it. Then they come.” – Alan Weiss, Entrepreneurial Coach

So, you have to let your network know about your business and services! Then, you will build momentum and give yourself the chance to start making legitimate profits from your business.


reia meetings best practices


To be a successful real estate investor, you not only have to build your business, but now you need to tell others about it! (Or, else how will anyone know to reach out to you & your business. This is Real Estate Marketing 101)!

Only after telling them (partners, lenders, cash buyers, contractors, deals, etc.) will they start to come!

This is why REIAs are so important: They are a platform for you to tell others who you are, to let them know what you're about, and how you can do business together!

Because of this, Real Estate Investors Association Meetings are hands-down the best place for you to kickstart your business.

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Why Join A REIA?

A real estate investors association is where like-minded real estate professionals can get together to offer support and discuss business. A REIA can be a great place to build your personal brand by getting subscribers to your newsletter or followers on your LinkedIn. It can also be a great place to find mentors and partners to help you grow your investing business.

Sharing information and providing access to deals is a crucial part of joining a REIA. As an investor, it's important to network in your local area to discover potential opportunities before they become available to the general public. But it can be challenging to do so without a place to connect with other investors.

REIAs host monthly meetings where investors can network, chat and share resources to help each other succeed. So you should consider joining a REIA if you're looking for more structure and support to help you in your investing journey.


6 Powerful Benefits Of Attending Local REIA Meetings:

Let's take a deep dive into each benefit below!

local reia meetings 6 benefits

  1. Learn How Real Estate Investing Works In Your Market
  2. Network With Other Real Estate Professionals
  3. Get Access To The MLS
  4. Meet & Find Cash Buyers To Wholesale Real Estate
  5. Home Depot Rebate Programs (awesome if you're flipping houses!)
  6. Create Your Own "Luck" In Real Estate 

1. Learn How Real Estate Investing Works In Your Market

Each real estate investing market is a little different when it comes down to the laws & legalities. From attending REIA Meetings, you'll become familiar with your local market and real estate investing best practices.

2. Network With Other Real Estate Professionals

A big benefit of these meetings is being able to network & meet with other real estate professionals who are "investor friendly." Meaning, these are real estate pros that want to work with real estate investors!

Real Estate Investing is just one of many niches in this industry. Believe it or not, some professionals do not work with investors. So, by attending REIA Meetings you are utilizing your time while only networking with others who want to work with investors!

The types of people you can connect with are: real estate brokers, agents, lenders (hard money & private), or fix and flippers, lawyers, title companies, escrow companies, tax professionals and other real estate pros.

These are all key relationships to build when creating your real estate investing team.

3. Get Access To The MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Getting access to the MLS is an essential step for any serious real estate investor.

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the database of all houses on the market in your area. The MLS gets updated every day with new motivated seller leads and is a great place to get real estate investment deals.

By attending Real Estate Investors Association Meetings, you'll be able to connect with real estate agents and brokers who can assist in getting you access to the MLS.

4. Meet & Find Cash Buyers To Wholesale Real Estate

One of my friends told me a story about when he asked his mentor “How Do I Find Good Girls To Marry?”

His mentor answered with: “Well, you go to where good girls hang out…Church & Charity Events!”

All jokes aside. I tell this story because a lot of beginner wholesalers ask “How Do I Find Local Real Estate Investors That Can Buy My Wholesale Deals?”

Well, here’s the answer: You go to where your local real estate investors hang out…which is at REIA Meetings!

These particular investors that buy wholesale real estate deals are called "cash buyers" and will pay you a wholesale fee for a house that meets their buying criteria.

You're able to find these cash buyers, build rapport with them, and understand the types of properties they want to buy. This way, when you get a deal under contract, you'll know with a high certainty that they want it!

Wholesaling real estate is a great way to get started investing because you can literally "flip" real estate with little to no risk, experience, and money. If you'd like more information on wholesaling, then check out our guide here.

You're just one REIA Meeting away from establishing these key relationships!

5. Home Depot Rebate Programs

Some REIAs, like the San Diego Creative Investor's Association (SDCIA), have Home Depot Rebate Programs if you're a Member.

In this particular case, REIA Members can save 10% on certain cabinets, 20% off on paints, and 2% on all purchases through Home Depot.

Renovation costs can easily add up when you're a real estate investor. Saving 2-20% on home renovation supplies is a big benefit. Especially if you're flipping houses or constantly touching up your rental properties!

6. Create Your Own "Luck" In Real Estate

This is one of my favorite benefits. By attending these REIA Groups, you will start to create your own luck.

I've been able to help others invest in real estate for 8+ years now. Within this time frame, I've seen some of my clients be able to acquire and flip their first real estate deals in less than 21 days.

Some may just call this "luck" - and that's fine.

But, I believe you create your own luck in real estate by giving yourself as many opportunities to succeed as possible.

Attending REIA Events will help you create your luck because you will now literally be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with millionaires, with people who want to invest with you, with people wanting to sell their homes, and with those that want to joint venture with you.

Now, you may not meet these people at every single meeting, but you will meet them.

And, guess what I've seen to be true? You will have a higher likelihood of meeting these people and having quicker success with your real estate investing business rather than not attending REIAs.

Thus, you're able to create your own "luck." :)

For example, I was "lucky" enough to meet a real estate professional at a REIA Meeting 8+ years ago. This person was standing in the back of the room. I took it upon myself to go up to him, introduce myself, and learn about what he did.

Long story short, he was (and is) an extremely successful entrepreneur and real estate broker. One week later, we met for lunch and he was able to help me get access to the MLS.

Fast forwarding to today, he has invested in multiple real estate deals with me, we have flipped countless houses together, and we now work out of the same office where we still help one another to grow our respective businesses.

He's not only a great mentor and business partner - but also a great friend.

You, too, can build these relationships.

You just have to create your own "luck," and REIA Meetings are where you get to do this.

Want other tips and tricks for Real Estate Investor Associations? Here's a video for you:



How To Dress For REIA Meeting

Alrighty, now let’s get into how to dress for a REIA Meeting! You just don’t want to wear anything to these meetings because it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in - first impressions are important!

Whether we like it or not, we have these things called our brains, and they make snap judgements all the time!

Nicholas Rule, Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition, says:

Before we can finish blinking our eyes, we’ve already decided whether we want to hire, date, hate, or make friends with a person we’re encountering for the first time. - Nicholas Rule, Psychological Science.

So, don’t be the person who hasn’t showered or shaved for a month at these meetings – that won’t be a stellar first impression!

First, we’ll go over what NOT to wear at REIA Meetings. Then, we’ll go over what TO wear.

This will allow you to be taken as a professional from Day 1, rather than an amateur!

What NOT To Wear At REIA Meetings:

  • Flip Flops
  • Jeans with holes in them
  • Shorts
  • Sweat Pants
  • Any clothing that is too revealing, like:
    • Tank tops
    • Workout clothes
    • Short skirts
    • Low cut shirts or blouses
  • Anything politically suggestive (let's leave politics to facebook where Uncle Joe posts about it all the time)
  • Torn or tattered clothing
  • Any clothing with vulgar or offensive words on it


how not to dress reia real estate


You’re here to meet the right people, and make a great first impression.

If you go to a meeting wearing flip flops, with shorts, and a tank top with your favorite politician – then, you won’t be taken seriously.

Wearing a shirt that says “I MAKE CUTE BABIES” while wearing a beanie and exposing your tattoos won’t be a great first impression either. It’s actually a very bad first impression.

Would you want to do immediate business with a person wearing these things to a meeting?

I know I wouldn’t. I would give someone the benefit of the doubt, but would take someone who dressed professionally much more seriously

You’re going to have a much better experience, and outcome, at REIA Meetings if you dress for success. Let me show you how:

What To Wear At REIA Meetings (Recommend):

There are 2 types of attire I recommend for REIA Meetings:

  • Business Professional, &
  • Business Casual

Business Professional Attire For Real Estate Investors:

Business professional attire essentially means wearing a suit with a tie. For a woman it can mean a suit, or a skirt and blouse combination.

People who wear this clothing mean business and give off a professional vibe from the get-go.

business professional attire real estate

Business Casual Attire For Real Estate Investors:

Business casual attire is essentially a long sleeve button-down shirt, with slacks, and nice shoes. It can even be a nice jacket with jeans, like the woman in the example above.

I personally prefer wearing business casual attire the most at Real Estate Investors Association Meetings. I feel the most comfortable, yet am still wearing appropriate attire to network and make a great first impression.

reia business casual attire

Additional Tips On Clothing:

Have your clothing be as unwrinkled as possible by ironing, or dry cleaning.

Make sure that all your clothing is clean. You don’t want to be that smelly person at the meeting.

With any attire you choose, I recommend wearing clean dress shoes with dress socks. Wear your clean leather shoes (if you have them) and not your 6-year-old converses that haven't been washed since that last concert.

First impressions are crucial. Set yourself up for success by wearing business professional, or casual attire!


Quick Networking Tips For REIAs:

  • Dress well (see above!) & don't forget to smile!
  • Always have your business cards handy.
  • Let everyone know who you are and what you do (...tell them and they will come)!

Real Estate Skills Ninja Tip: It's in the Organizer's best interest to help all members find what they're looking for. Introduce yourself to the Organizer at the next REIA and ask if they can point out any fix & flippers at the event. This tip will help you to immediately find cash buyers in your area!

How To Network With Real Estate Agents As A Wholesaler At REIAs

At a REIA, I don't recommend starting a conversation with a Real Estate Broker or Agent saying you are a "wholesaler."

You do not want to mention you're a wholesaler at this point for two main reasons:

  1. Many brokers and agents do not know what wholesale real estate is. If you mention you're a wholesaler from the start, then you may have to spend your time educating instead of networking.
  2. Some can hold a grudge against wholesalers because wholesalers know how to make money in real estate without having to be licensed.

So, make your networking life easier by telling others & distinguishing yourself as a "Real Estate Investor," instead!     


Your First REIA Meeting As An Investor: What To Expect?

Congratulations on making it this far through the Ultimate Guide! Let's get into what to expect during your first REIA Meeting!

Your first meeting will be a new, exciting, and necessary step in your real estate career.

And, it might be a little nerve-wracking unless you’re wired as an extrovert!

I want to let you know that if you feel a little nervous and anxious – it will be completely fine!

Here’s an important truth to understand about REIA Meetings: every single person at REIA Meetings ALL had to go to their first meeting at one point in their careers!

Every single person at a REIA Meeting was probably a little nervous for their first meeting, as well! But, once you start going consistently, this will be another successful habit for you as a real estate investor!

To continue evolving as a real estate investor, you will need to keep getting outside of your comfort zone. This means less Netflix shows on flipping houses and less of “I’ll just attend a REIA next month.”


reia meetings infographic


By attending REIA Meetings and by getting outside of your comfort zone, you’re going to progress as a real estate investor and find those who can help grow your business.

You’re going to find lenders to lend on your real estate deals. You’re going to wholesale, flip houses, and buy rental property. But, it all starts with getting outside of your comfort zone (and then continuing to do it)!

You'll start to realize that on the other side of your comfort zone, is everything you want!

Being uncomfortable and getting outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Now, I totally get it if you’re nervous for your first meeting. I felt nervous during my first few REIA Meetings. However, here's what I found: I found that the more REIAs I attended, the less nervous I got!

Once you attend a few REIAs, you’ll get the hang of it, make new business relationships, and start carving your real estate path.

Remember the bigger picture in all of this. You’re probably in real estate to provide for your family, achieve financial freedom, or make a lot of money which in turn will create more time for you to do other things you’re passionate about in life.

Whatever your “Why” is – keep reminding yourself of this. For it will fuel your real estate endeavors and help you to push through any obstacles that come your way.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind also makes it easy to swat any pre-meeting butterflies you may have!

This is about you building the real estate business and life you want. Attending REIA Meetings is a piece to solving this puzzle.

So, attend your first REIA Meeting and keep the momentum moving forward!

Here's Well Behaved Wallet's video of her first REIA experience. (SPOILER ALERT: she had a great time)!

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about and nothing bad will happen at these meetings. There are all walks of life at these meetings: those who have not done any real estate deals with no real estate experience all the way to seasoned real estate investors.

You will fit in at a REIA Meeting no matter where you are on your real estate journey!

Besides, by reading through this Ultimate Guide, you’re already armed with more knowledge than 99% of people who attend their first meeting! ;)

So, I hope my pep talk pumped you up to go to your first REIA Meeting! Did it work?

If “Yes,” – awesome!

If “No,” – here’s a first timer tip to give you a nudge in the right direction:

First Timer Tip: Invite a friend to come with you to your first REIA Meeting!

It helps if this friend is also interested in real estate investing like yourself! Now that you have a friend with you, you’ll feel much more comfortable since you don't have to attend the event alone. Plus, you’ll always have someone to talk to!

By all means, it’s not absolutely necessary to bring a friend along with you. But if this is what it takes to attend REIA Meetings – then utilize this tip and make it easier on yourself!

You’re going to do great. Go out there and crush it!

Let's go into how to find a Real Estate Investors Association near you!   


REIA Near Me: Where To Find Them?

where to find reia meetings near me

Here are 4 ways to find local real estate investors association meetings near you:

  1. List Of Local REIAs by RealEstateSkills.com
  2. MeetUp.com
  3. EventBrite.com
  4. Searching Google

1. List of Local REIAs - RealEstateSkills.com

We've compiled a ton of local REIAs around the Nation in the "Resources" section of our website.

Here is the direct link to find the location, websites, and contact information of REIA Meetings in your area. This is the perfect starting point for you to begin finding REIAs in your area.

Please note: We are always updating our list of Real Estate Investors Associations across the Nation. If you ever find a REIA that's not on the list, then please let us know by leaving a comment below at the bottom of this article. We'll be sure to add your local REIA to the list! 

2. MeetUp.com

Another way to find local REIAs near you is to use MeetUp.com

Meetup.com is a website that lists all types of physical events in your area. On this website, you can search for Real Estate Investors Association Meetings and other types of real estate events!

3. EventBrite.com

Eventbrite.com is another great way to find REIAs. Similar to MeetUp.com, Eventbrite will list all of the different types of events in your area. 

For both MeetUp.com & Eventbrite.com, be sure to narrow your search by selecting the City you live in. This will allow these websites to gather the local events that fit your search criteria!

In the search bar, type in keywords such as, "Real Estate," "REIA," & "Real Estate Investors Association" to find these group meetings. 

4. Searching Google

Google is one the simplest & easiest ways to answer "Where The Heck Is My Local REIA?"

Here's how to find REIAs using Google:

- Google search: “ 'Your City Name' + 'REIA' "

For example, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, then type “Atlanta REIA” into google. Here’s exactly what it will look like when you type it in:


atlanta reia google search result


- Now, click the magnifying glass or click "Search" to have Google display the different REIA Meetings near you.

Not all of the page results will be REIAs. So, you may have to click around a little bit to see which websites are the REIA you're looking for, and which ones aren't.

By doing the simple search of "Atlanta REIA" I was able to find these Investors Associations:


local atlanta reia meetings

Not too complicated, right?

So, if you live in Chicago, Illinois, then Google Search Chicago REIA If you live in Dallas, TX, then Search Dallas REIA”.

You can change your search wording around a little bit to possibly have different results show on Google. Such as, “ ’Your City Name’ + ‘Real Estate Investors Association Meetings’ " or “ ’Your City Name’ + ‘Real Estate Investment Association Events’ ” 

Need To Find REIA Reviews?

If you'd like to find REIA Reviews on specific meetings you'd like to attend, then check the actual website of Association. Most REIA websites have member reviews and/or testimonials.

Additionally, you can use Yelp to search for additional reviews.

Looking up REIA Reviews can help you to understand how that specific group operates. Like, what the meeting times are, the structure of the event, any fees associated, guest speakers, monthly topics, and more.


How To Start A REIA Real Estate Group?

While there are REIA's all over the country, smaller areas may not have an official chapter. But the good news is, it's pretty simple to start your own.

The first step is to reach out to any local investors and realtors you may know and ask them if they'd like to join. Then choose a name and decide where you will meet and how regularly. You may decide to keep it exclusive, or you can advertise upcoming events on sites like Facebook, Meetup, or Eventbrite.

Then, if you want to grow your REIA, you should be sure to get everyone's contact information when they check in so you can follow up with meeting reminders via text or email.


How To Make Money In An REIA Without Any Money?

how to make money in reia meetings

Financial opportunities are another potential benefit of joining a REIA. An obvious way to make money is to find deals for your investing business. But this may be a bit more difficult if you're just starting or don't have much money to invest. Luckily, there are other ways that you can make money at a REIA meeting without actually investing any of your own funds.

Wholesaling is one easy way to get started. Invite as many cash buyers, real estate investors, hard money lenders, and anyone involved in the real estate business as possible. Then start building a buyers list that includes the name and contact info of any investors who flip houses, along with information on the types of properties they're looking to buy. After the meeting, you can start scouting properties on their behalf and potentially earn a wholesale fee without ever putting up any of your own money.

Another strategy is to sell resources or services to other investors. Create a webinar, write an e-book or compile case studies and try to sell them at the meeting. This may take a bit of creativity and sales skills, but it's an intelligent way to bring in extra cash flow while you network.


What Is National REIA?

National REIA is a group of different associations and investment clubs around the Nation. They not only service investors, but also property owner, apartment, and landlord associations.

They are a 501 (c) 6 trade non-profit association. Some REIA Groups are a part of their federation, while some aren't. Don't let this be a determining factor for if you attend a specific REIA.

Here is the REIA List of the organizations they are associated with: Find A National REIA.


How To Join National REIA?

In addition to local groups, there is also the National Real Estate Investors Association, which is the official authority for organizing these events. They host regular meetings designed to bring together local members in a particular city or region. If you want to join a national REIA, just visit their website to find the closest chapter to you.

You will also find their location, meeting time, and the organizers' contact information on the site.

Each REIA will often have a website where you can find instructions on how to join. Or you can reach out to the organizers by phone or email to ask any questions and find out how to sign up. The requirements vary from chapter to chapter, but you'll typically pay an annual fee of around $100 - $200 to have unlimited access to meetings or pay per meeting as a non-member.


How To Make Money With National REIA?

There are also a variety of financial benefits to joining a REIA. For one, they often offer rewards and incentives for joining, such as discounts at local partners like Home Depot or Office Max. You should check with the organizers to find out any potential membership benefits, but this can often be an excellent way to lower the overhead of your real estate business.

Another smart way to make money at a National REIA is to find partners to help you finance an investment. Maybe you have a potential deal in mind but don't have the funds to do it alone. Perhaps you can find other investors at the national REIA who have the funds but don't have any current leads. You may convince them to go in on the investment with you. Or if you are persuasive enough, you may be able to convince them to finance the project but let you manage it without any skin in the game.

Real estate is a numbers game; the more access you have to potential partners and deals, the more money you will make. Joining a REIA will significantly increase your ability to find investors and leads by putting you in the same room as other real estate professionals. You'll need a solid strategy to turn these new connections into profitable relationships that will make money. But a REIA can be a great way to get your name out there and plant the seeds that will eventually grow into lucrative partnerships.


Final Thoughts On REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) Meetings

Don't let this Ultimate Guide go to waste! As previously mentioned, you are now armed with more knowledge on REIA Meetings than 99% of investors who ever attended their first meeting!

Like all great things in life, you can't just sit back and wait for things to happen. If you do, you're probably following the wrong philosophy of "If you build it, they will come."

Remember, what Alan Weiss says: “You have to build it and then let people know you’ve built it. Then they come.

So, re-read this guide! Use the resources above to find a local REIA Meeting in your area. Put the REIA Meetings in your calendar. And, get going now!

Everything you want is one REIA Meeting away!

Cheers & Happy Investing!

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