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House Flipping Shows: What’s This Business Really Like? | Real Estate Skills

House Flipping TV Shows have become increasingly popular over the years! While house flipping shows are a great way to be introduced to the real estate industry, there is still lots to learn that’s not being covered on your television.

Flipping a house entails purchasing a home with the intention of renovating it and reselling it to make a profit.

Whether you’re planning to flip a house, or in the middle of a project, watching these shows can provide helpful instruction and inspiration.

Let’s give you the run down on house flipping shows so you can see the reality behind it all!


The History of House Flipping Shows

So, how did house flipping shows start? Well, the great economic recession hit the world in the 1980s. During this time, earnings from the stock market were down as house foreclosures went up. Guess what started to happen?

Savvy investors were able to get great discounted prices on houses and began buying foreclosed homes, fixing them up, and reselling them to make nice profit. The common phrase of “house flipping” really started to take off during this time in the 1980s.

Additionally, with more & more houses being built in the 80s and 90s, the notion of remodeling or renovating older homes became popular.

During this time, television shows like “This Old House” emerged. Now, average homeowners were becoming encouraged to renovate their own homes instead of demolishing them by media personalities like Bob Vila, who was the host of This Old House.

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To keep up with the excitement, Lowe’s and Home Depot began building their mega stores in almost every suburban community. This made it easier for the average person to tackle their DIY home improvement projects

This trend also led to the emergence of more television shows featuring experienced house flippers.

Today, the opportunity of flipping older homes is not limited to carpenters and contractors only. The opportunity to build successful house flipping business is possible for anyone who is willing to get the right education and put in the work (and a little elbow grease)!


Are House Flipping Shows Fake?

Yes and no. The real answer is…it depends! What are we defining as “fake” here?

Do some TV Networks embellish on the numbers (ARV, Repairs, & Purchase Price) of a property? Sure. This is what the media does.

Do some shows create more drama when there might not be any? Absolutely. That’s REALity TV for ya’!

However, if look past the common practices of today’s media, you’ll see that there is more realness, then “fake” from these shows.

I’m sure you’ve seen an HGTV Show where a house flipper purchases a neglected home, slaps fresh paint on the walls, stages the house, and then sells it in 3 weeks time. Easy, right!?

Well, not so fast. A lot of the times these house flipping shows do not show the acquisition process of getting the house under contract, the negotiations, and closing of the deal on the front-end. This acquisition process requires special skill sets that the TV shows like to gloss over. This way, the TV Network can focus on the sexy parts of the house flipping process. Like, renovating the home and the profit numbers!

The most important thing is that a house flipper should always do their due diligence and have the proper education to know what they are getting into!

What also makes these shows seem unreal is that they tend to not feature the following:

  • History of the houses being flipped.
  • How the money was raised to finance the house flipping projects.
  • The general contractors or workers involved in the home renovation.
  • The negotiation process or signing of the contracts & disclosures.
  • Major problems like foundation, electrical, and plumbing issues that can increase project budgets.

All in all, a house flipping show only lasts about 20 minutes to 1 hour on your TV Screen. When the reality, the timeframe to flip a house can take weeks to over a year!


How Many House Flipping Shows Are There?

It’s difficult to state the exact number of flipping shows that you can watch on television, YouTube, and Netflix – but let’s just say: tons. In fact, 65% of HGTV’s programming is all about real estate and home renovation shows. The other percentage comprises of categories like decorating, gardening, entertaining, design, specials, construction, salvage sales, and appraisals.

Nevertheless, there’s no shortage of shows on house flipping whether you prefer watching online, on Netflix, or on TV. What’s more, the high number of these shows ensures that there is something for everyone.


List of House Flipping Shows on TV

There are several television shows on house flipping you can watch to learn more & get inspiration. These shows will never be able to teach you everything, but they’ll assist in showing you the good, the bad, and the ugly of a flipping project.

Here’s a quick list of house flipping shows that are playing on TLC and HGTV:

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

This renovation show features buyers that want to purchase beach homes in need of renovation. Viewers are then shown the purchased houses, the made renovations, the amount of the project cost, and the return on investment.

Fixer Upper

This show follows Chip and Joanna Gaines while renovating homes in Waco, TX. Every episode features a new buyer looking for a fixer-upper to purchase and renovate. The couple usually shows a couple a few homes they can potentially purchase , and then Joanna and Chip lead the renovation.

Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop features Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they buy distressed homes in need of fixing in Orange County, California. Afterwards, they flip the homes with the end goal of making a profit. The home is considered a “flop” if it breaks even, loses money, or doesn’t sell.

Desert Flippers

This show features Lindsey and Eric Bennett as they renovate and then sell homes to make profit. Every episode features a new flip project!

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Brother vs. Brother

This show features competing property brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. Every episode highlights a one room renovation until the whole house is complete. The brother’s are then judged who did the better job, and the loser has do an embarrassing task, like clean out a giraffe moat in the Oakland Zoo.

Big Beach Builds

This show features the host, Marnie, and a contractor as they renovate old beach houses. The goal is to bring new life into the beach homes regardless of the budget.

Flipping Virgins

The host, Egypt Sherrod, helps first-time homebuyers throughout the house flipping process. Some of the newbies listen to of her real estate advice, and some don’t!

Other flipping shows that you can watch on your TV include; Good Bones, Hidden Potential, Holms- Next Generation, House Hunters Renovation, Listed Sisters, Love It or List It, Music City Fix, Property Brothers, Nate & Jeremy by Design, This Old House, Trading Spaces, and Vintage Flip.

There are also renovation shows that people love but don’t air on regular schedule. Such shows include the Rehab Addict, Holmes Inspection and The Vanilla Ice Project (Yep. Even Vanilla Ice flips houses)!


Are There Any House Flipping Shows on Netflix?

Yes. There are several Netflix shows that fall in the category of house flipping, such as:

  • Fix It & Finish It
  • To Build Or Not To Build
  • The Great Interior Design Challenge
  • Amazing Interiors
  • Stay Here – Makeover. Make Money.

While some of these shows do not go as in-depth into the house flipping process as others, they are still great to watch for inspiration & a little knowledge.


Where is Property Brothers Filmed for HGTV?

Property Brothers is also among the most popular house flipping shows globally. This reality TV series is produced by the Scott Brothers Entertainment. Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are identical twins featured in this Canadian series. Over recent years, Property Brothers have explored different locales across the U.S while filming this HGTV series. Essentially, the brothers relocate their filming to a different city after every 2 to 3 months.

The show was originally filmed in Toronto, Ontario for the first time before moving to Austin, Texas where seven episodes were filmed. However, the brothers decided to relocate to different places from Canada because their American audiences could not relate with the high market prices of properties in Canada.

The brothers ended filming for the Property Brothers: Buying & Selling episode in Nashville. Currently, they are working on the Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House in Los Angeles. After this, the brothers will be shooting in Toronto again for the next three months. Nevertheless, the brothers say they are yet to pick their next destination in the U.S.

Here's a quick video of Drew and Jonathan Scott giving a tour of their home in Las Vegas:



Why Did Tarek & Christina EI Moussa from The Flip or Flop TV Show Get a Divorce?

Christina and Tarek El Moussa are among the most popular stars on HGTV because of their show, Flip or Flop.

So, why did Tarek and Christina get a divorce while they were having one of the best house flipping shows ever?

While the couple looked amazing on television and social media there were issues in their personal lives, which affected their marriage.

In 2016, Tarek and Christina separated after being in marriage for seven years. However, the couple continued working on the Flip or Flop show together as if nothing happened.

Flip or Flop kept performing well prompting HGTV to order another season.

From being on a house flipping show, these stars are able to promote their real estate investment businesses, brokerages, interior design product lines, & much more.

It’s easy to see why these popular stars would keep the show going (literally) even though they had marital issues.


Is the A&E Flip This House TV Show Still Running?

No, A&E’s “Flip This House” was a fan favorite but is no longer producing new seasons. The show ran for 5 seasons from July 2005 to August 2009, and feature real estate investors like Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, JD Esajian, & Armando Montelongo.


Why Was The HGTV Show Fixer Upper Cancelled?

The announcement by Chip and Joanna Gaines that the Fixer Upper show was coming to an end after 5 seasons caught many people by surprise. This is because Fixer Upper was one of the most popular house flipping shows ever created.

The Gaines revealed they were being overstretched for sometime and couldn’t handle all of their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

They had a home life and four children, a business, and a TV show, which spread them thin.

After juggling time between each they decided to call Fixer Upper “quits” in order to focus on their family & business.


Who are the Main Members of the Flipping Vegas Cast?

Flipping Vegas is a reality TV series on A&E that premiered on June 18th, 2011. It quickly became a popular house flipping shows featuring one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S., Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main cast members of this show are:

  • Scott Yancey
  • Amie Yancey
  • Darryll Brandwine
  • Candida Wells
  • Andrew Cartwright
  • Jon Christopher Beaumont

Flipping Vegas features Scott, and his wife Amie, as they purchase, fix and then flip properties in Las Vegas with realtors from their brokerage company.


Is Zombie House Flipping Scripted?

Yes. The reality is that each show is a bit scripted to enhance the dramatic effect and quality of viewership. It’s not always easy to tell what percentage of the show is scripted and what percentage is real. But, most television shows are highly edited to some degree because each episode is allocated a certain length.

This leads some shows being much more scripted and staged than others. Zombie House Flipping seems to be one of them.

Zombie House Flipping is television show based in Florida that features an investor teaming up with contractors and a real estate agent to fix and flip “zombie” houses.

Zombie house flips describe houses that were abandoned or went into foreclosure but have not been sold to the public. That means they have been empty for several years until the bank has sold them. In most cases, Zombie houses are found in states that have lengthy foreclosure process like Florida. Other states where foreclosure processes are long include New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.


The Main Differences Between Real Life & House Flipping Shows

Watching a show about house flipping can easily make you want to start flipping houses to make serious cash. Unfortunately, what these shows depict is different from the reality.

The main difference between real life and these shows is that real estate transactions generally take longer to complete in real life than they do on the shows. For example, a 6-month long renovation project can be cut down to one 30 minute episode!

Basically, watching these shows make many people think it’s easy to find and own a dream home. While real estate investing can be simple once you understand the processes, I wouldn’t say that it is necessarily easy.

Finding houses to wholesale or flip at the right prices takes time. Additionally, renovating a house requires careful coordination and planning. However, on house flipping shows, this planning of the renovation can literally take 5 minutes on the TV screen when it takes much longer in real life.

The best real estate investors start their planning before actually starting to renovate a house. The scope of work has to be created detailing what will be done. Bids have to be taken from various trades and contractors. A working schedule has to be developed and managed. Permits must be submitted, inspections done and much more.

Because of this, no rehab will happen as quickly as is shown on these shows!

Here's a quick video explaining why you may want to hire out the renovation work on a flip so you can focus on the growth & scale of your business:


Is Watching Real Estate TV Shows a Good Way to Get Started Investing?

We look at Real Estate TV Shows as a start for getting inspired and entertained. However, you should not depend on them as the only way to educate yourself about real estate investing.

In most cases, these shows do not provide sufficient education to investors. The primary focus of these shows is to tell you how easy investing can be, rather than show all of the headaches & obstacles.

So if you want to get started investing, watching real estate TV shows is a place to start, but then it is highly recommended to educate yourself through more training.

For instance, watch YouTube videos by successful real estate investors and continue reading our blog to always be on the cutting edge of investing.


How To Become a Real Estate Investor If You Like House Flipping Shows?

You have watched house flipping shows and now you feel inspired to become a house flipper. Well, you need to learn more than you have gathered from watching the shows. House flipping can be a profitable venture. However, it’s important to always have a growth mindset and to learn real estate investing lessons from others.

Here’s a list of resources to become a real estate investor just like those on the house flipping tv shows:

  • Read the guide on flipping houses – This article will educate you on how to find, fund, fix, and flip properties.
  • Learn about wholesaling houses – Wholesaling houses is when you get a home under contract and then sell the rights to that contract to another investor, typically a fix & flipper. If you become great at wholesaling, you’ll always have another exit strategy to make a profit on house besides solely having to renovate it!
  • Get a real estate license - Getting a real estate license is a good idea when starting out. A license can open up more income opportunities. It also teaches you more about the entire real estate industry including the forms and vocabulary needed to purchase and sell properties.
  • Build your real estate network – Building your circle of influence with real estate professionals is a must for anyone who wants to flip houses. Flipping homes is a team sport and you have to work with others to be successful.
  • Attend REIAs – REIAs are Real Estate Investors Associations where you can network and meet others to build your A-Team.
  • Learn about & get access to the MLS – The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the best place to find information sold properties and properties available for sale. Therefore, get MLS access to take advantage of the service in growing your real estate business.
  • Buy property! - When purchasing the house to flip, decide whether to get financing or pay the total amount up front. Also decide whether you will use the help of another investor to purchase the property or do it alone. Finally, consider the value trends of property in the area through real estate comps.
  • Renovate the property! - Stick to the budget when renovating the property to maximize profit. Choose your contractor wisely and be specific on your scope of work in order to stay on budget.
  • Sell the property! - After renovations, you’ll most likely want to sell the property with a real estate agent. However, you can represent your property and sell it if you are a licensed. This way, you can save the commission you would pay an agent to sell your flipped house. This can normally save you 1.5% to 3% of the sales price of your property! In the end, this means more money in your pocket from the real estate deal
  • Learn how to find and flip houses with little to no money – This is our world-class training showing you how to find and flip your first house in 45 days or less.


The Bottom Line On Shows About Flipping Houses

House flipping shows are a great source of inspiration for anybody wanting to venture into real estate investing or house flipping.
However, as you now know, there’s much more to learn about real estate investing than what meets the eye!
Cheers & Happy Investing!

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