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ListSource Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and More!

These days, one of the many challenges faced by real estate professionals is finding high-quality leads. More often than not, they have to painstakingly and manually sort through every real estate listing, only to get a refurbished list of unmotivated sellers and buyers.

If you have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, you can attest that having a reliable lead source can help you secure and efficiently close deals that can scale your real estate company.

If you tend to heavily rely on direct mail lists, you may already have heard of ListSource. ListSource is a popular real estate platform that industry professionals have been utilizing to create accurate and highly targeted mailing lists.


What Is ListSource?

ListSource is a lead source tool for real estate professionals who want to build their own local or national marketing prospect lists. They cater to investors, brokers, and real estate professionals who want to build targeted direct mailing lists so that they can connect with more motivated sellers, property owners, and homeowners.

ListSource ownership data

With their platform, you can discover millions of properties and obtain ownership data that covers 94% of all property owners situated in the United States.

The information from ListSource is regularly updated to ensure that the data that you are getting is fresh and accurate. Additionally, all of their lead data comes from CoreLogic, a firm that analyzes data to provide its customers with customized data services.

CoreLogic secures property characteristics, parcel maps, tax assessments, and property records from county recorders’ offices and tax assessors from all around the country.

ListSource efficiently provides leads that are segmented by several factors such as buying behaviors, demographics, mortgage equity data, property criteria, location, and foreclosure. By using the leads from ListSource, brokers, agents, investors, and real estate professionals can create more efficient direct marketing campaigns, increasing their chances of securing a deal.

In addition, ListSource claims to have a 97% match rate and they pride themselves on developing an effective and accurate method of gathering information.

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What Are The Top Benefits Of ListSource?

ListSource is highly regarded by real estate professionals because of its convenience and ease of use. It is a great option to have at your disposal, especially if you are venturing into the real estate industry for the first time and you are unsure if the direct mailer marketing approach suits your needs.

If you want to know how exactly their platform works, here is an overview of the features that ListSouce offers.

ListSource Features

Basic And Advanced Options For Property Searches

One notable feature of ListSouce, based on several reviews, is its basic and advanced options searches. The platform offers an updated and accurate data on over 134 million properties in the United States. ListSource proudly prides itself on being able to cover 94% of property owners across the country.

This particular feature is highly useful for real estate agents who are tired of paying for directory services that are outdated and inefficient. You can also utilize any search criteria to generate data and build your own direct marketing lists.

If you are a budding real estate entrepreneur who is focused on getting high-quality lead information, this feature can certainly help you with your endeavor. Some of the criteria and filters you can use include:

  • Mortgage data (mortgage date, mortgage amount, loan type, lender name, etc., or you can also choose a specific lien position)
  • Owner purchasing patterns and behavior
  • Geography (census tract, area code, city, county, state, FIPS code, zip code, SCF, MSA, zoning, municipality or township, map book page/grid, tax rate are, subdivision, street name, zip radius, map search, parcel ID range, etc) Kansas, South Carolina, Idaho, and Montana are among the excluded states
  • Home equity information
  • Owner demographics (ethnicity, age, estimated income, gender, marital status. etc.) You can also filter your criteria specific to the individual (business owner indicator, interests, investments, language, lifestyle attributes, occupation, year of birth, education, etc.)
  • Property data and types (above grade area, last market sale price, bathrooms, basement type, basement area, lot area, parking spaces, year built, homestead property, current home value, land value, number of buildings, improved value, length of residence, last market sale date, last market recording date, parking type, number of units, site or waterfront influence, stories or floors, last market sale deed type, total assessed value, pre-foreclosure, swimming pool, county land use, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Foreclosure (default, initiated, pending auction sale, and bank-owned properties)
  • Other options (owner-occupied status, trustee-owned properties, corporate-owned properties, and address completeness requirements)

Since you have several options to choose from, it will be easier for you to reach out to your target audience. You no longer need to spend your time and resources trying to analyze if the property that you are interested in is within your area of interest.

Easily And Quickly Build Your Lists

Once you have identified where you want to search for potential leads, you can easily create and download your preferred target lists. There are four list types you can create:

  • Property detail report
  • Prospecting list
  • Contacts list
  • List of records

After creating or choosing your preferred list, you can download it in .csv format and either place it into your contact manager for easier access or use the platform’s common label templates.

ListSource can also check and run your list with your previous ones to make sure that there are no duplicate records, which means you don’t need to worry about paying for a contact or prospect that may already be in your existing list.

You can also use ListSource to produce labels that will help in your direct mail campaigns. This is a great feature for real estate agents who are tired of using multiple tools for their marketing and direct mail endeavors.

ListSource generating prospects process

ListSource Provides The Option Of Downloading Pre-built Lists

If you are still undecided about what type of list you want to pursue, ListSource offers you a variety of Quick lists you can choose from. Depending on your target leads, you can efficiently obtain the essential information you need for your direct marketing campaigns. Here are the several types of Quick lists you can utilize:

  • Absentee owners - Homeowners who are not residing in their properties and who may also be living in another state
  • Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Property owners who have a current Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and a potential upcoming reset date
  • Estimated Equity - Owners who are main candidates for a cash-out refinance or home equity loan
  • FHA & VA Military Home Loan Eligibility - Property owners who have VA/FHA Military loans who are interested to convert their existing mortgage to a conventional loan
  • Foreclosure Prospects - With this list, you can check for pending auction sale properties or bank-owned (REO) properties
  • Insurance Prospects - You can find homeowners with lifestyle characteristics that suit the insurance services you are offering
  • Nearby Properties - Using this list, you can locate nearby properties from a specific geographic area you’ve chosen.
  • New Homeowners - You can target homeowners who have purchased a property within the last 12 months. Keep in mind that new homeowners are great prospects for home improvement services.
  • Lender Specific - You can build a marketing list based on specific lenders and mortgages
  • Mortgage Consolidation - With this list, you can focus on owners who have several mortgages on one property and who may want to consolidate
  • Mortgage Loan Rate & Term Reduction - Homeowners with an existing mortgage of more than 30 years and those who are paying high interest rates
  • Private Party Lender Prospects -Homeowners who utilized an unconventional financing method
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal - With this list, you can find homeowners who have an existing Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and check if they are eligible to remove it
  • Reverse Mortgage Prospects - Locate eligible homeowners for FHA Reverse Mortgage based on their mortgage information and age
  • Seller Carryback - Property owners who financed their home through the seller
  • Subprime Loans - You can target homeowners with existing subprime loans who may want to refinance or obtain a loan with better mortgage terms.

ListSource also offers targeted leads for a variety of industries aside from the real estate sector. To give you an overview of what they provide:

  • Academic institutions - You can find homeowners to solicit students or raise funds
  • Commercial real estate - Get information on ownership and property data
  • Direct marketing - Explore effective prospecting capabilities
  • Government and Utilities - Secure targeted and accurate data
  • Green Marketing - Promote your green services or products
  • Construction - Find property owners who need construction services
  • Insurance - Have access to several insurance prospects
  • Mortgage Industry - Focus on homeowners with mortgage-related information
  • Nonprofits - Enhance your donations
  • Residential real estate - Find homeowners interested in selling or buying
  • Title and settlement services - Get information for your customers 


How Much Does ListSource Cost?

How much does ListSource cost?

ListSource does not require any registration fee and all their plans come with free sample leads. This means you can start building your list after registering. It costs approximately $0.31 per record and you can choose from three of their pricing plans:

1. Subscription

This plan works well with real estate professionals who are committed to their direct mail marketing campaigns since they can buy their leads in bulk. Some of the plan’s features include:

  • 99% coverage of all properties in the United States
  • Free sample leads
  • Free customer phone support from CoreLogic ListSource Direct Marketing Specialist
  • Discounted price
  • Flexible annual or quarterly subscription plans
  • Access to a customer dashboard where you can manage your accounts
  • Ability to create your prospect list

2. Build and Buy

If you are still testing the waters and want to make sure that direct marketing works for you, this plan may give you the best value for your money. You can buy your leads whenever you want and need them, and you are not required to purchase in bulk every month. Some of the plan’s features include:

  • 99% coverage of all properties in the United States
  • No registration fee required
  • Free sample leads
  • Ability to create your prospect list
  • Free customer phone support from CoreLogic ListSource Direct Marketing Specialist
  • Doesn’t require a long-term contract

3. License and Resell

If you want to be able to redistribute data to third parties, this plan could suit you well. This plan is designed for direct marketers, banks, and large retailers. With this plan, you can:

  • Directly consult with a CoreLogic ListSource Direct Marketing Specialist for guidance and support
  • Locate apartment owners and find commercial properties
  • Have multiple output formats
  • Boost your bulk data delivery

Keep in mind that with all their plans, pricing can increase as you get more targeted with your lists, and the price depends on the type of criteria you use in your list. If you would like to keep the costs as low as possible, you can limit the number of filters you use.

If you want to avail of any of their plans, they accept Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard credit cards. Additionally, you can also pay by check.

Should you wish to use your credit card, it is important to note that there is a $50 minimum dollar requirement per transaction for an e-Commerce purchase and a maximum of $2,500. For the subscription plan, there is a minimum commitment of $1,000.


What Are Some ListSource Alternatives?

ListSource is highly regarded in the real estate industry but the company also has its own set of competitors. AgentPro24/7, ListAbility, PropStream, and First American by DataTree are popular alternatives that have been reviewed by various critics. Let us take a look at each of them and see how they stack up to one another.

listsource other software alternatives

ListSource vs AgentPro24/7

AgentPro24/7 is a lead generation and research tool designed for real estate professionals. With their platform, you can obtain property owner data, secure MLS data, lender information, mortgage data, and others.

As per various reviews, AgentPro24/7 is convenient and easy to use. You can easily research properties and generate lead lists. Their users also have an option to check the individual records before downloading them. Additionally, you can have access to delinquent tax data in certain counties.

It utilizes the Black Knight database and is notably less expensive than ListSource. However, with this real estate tool, you won’t be able to get the payment information of the owner and appraisal data.

ListSource offers a more comprehensive list of criteria and filters, enabling you to create a more targeted direct mailing list. Many reviews also noted that their customer service is not very responsive.

ListSource vs PropStream

PropStream is a platform for real estate investors. Like ListSource, Propstream provides complete details about a property, including tax information, transaction history, and foreclosure information. It even helps you look for upcoming property auctions in a specific area.

If you are an investor who is hungry for details, then PropStream could be your best bet. It allows for thorough research if you want to look for a property that allows for massive cash flow. The platform also comes with a deal analyzer function that takes out the guesswork in finding a great deal 

The platform is also great for real estate agents and brokers. It uses data from a local MLS and provides comparable data from public records. This allows for accurate pricing if you are working with homeowners who would like to sell in today's market. If you sign up for PropStream Pro, you have access to the tools you need for marketing your properties.

The only downside is that Propstream requires a monthly fee. If you are on a tight budget, then you might as well consider ListSource.

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ListSource vs First American By DataTree

First American by DataTree is another popular direct mail provider. They have a user-friendly and well-curated interface. Their database covers more than 100% of the housing stock in the United States.

With their platform, you can access public records including foreclosures, property owner information, homeowner data, lender and mortgage information, and MLS data. You can search any way you want by using their map, property information, and their advanced features.

They are relatively inexpensive and competitively priced at $47 per month. Same with AgentPro24/7, you can easily conduct property searches and pull lead lists. As per some DataTree reviews, their filtering options are almost similar or as comprehensive as ListSource. Also, many individuals who used their services claimed that DataTree’s customer service is top-notch.

While some counties are not listed on their site, you can request for a county coverage and they will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

ListAbility vs ListSource

Similar to ListSource, ListAbility is also a great source for leads for your real estate practice. With over 200 million real estate records, ListAbility offers an all-in-one solution for building investor lists, skip tracing, and creating and sending out direct mail postcards.

Using ListAbility, you can print out direct mail postcards to send out to homeowners and business owners that match your ideal client profile.

The platform also provides skip tracing services. Costing five cents per match, ListAbility allows you to append phone numbers and email addresses to your list. The best part about ListAbility is its collection of segmented and pre-built real estate investor lists on:

  • Vacant properties
  • Seniors
  • Multifamily Properties
  • Absentee Homeowners
  • Business-owned
  • Owner-occupied properties

Investors laud ListAbility as the best source for absentee leads as well as free and clear leads, although the property search function could be limited for you. Nonetheless, ListAbility can be a tool that’s perfect for your needs as a real estate investor. Offering both pay-as-you-go and self-service pricing models, the tool itself can be a worthwhile investment.


ListSource Criteria For Wholesaling

Wholesaling is the practice of contracting a homeowner’s property to a qualified buyer who agrees to pay a higher price for the property. If this is your niche, then ListSource would be the perfect platform to seek out motivated sellers.

With its advanced property search options, you can build custom direct marketing lists for wholesaling using the following criteria:

  • Mortgage data
  • Purchasing behaviors
  • Location
  • Home equity information
  • Property data
  • Foreclosure data
  • Other options such as owner-occupied status and corporate-owned properties

Using these filters, you won’t have to spend time and effort analyzing individual leads. That way, you can reach out to people who need your services.


How to Find Cash Buyers On ListSource?

Cash buyers are homebuyers who can purchase a property outright without the need to apply for a mortgage. By selling to cash buyers, you reduce the level of risk and you can close a sale in a matter of days. 

The only thing that gets in the way is the process of looking for cash buyers, especially investors who are aiming to expand their portfolios.

With ListSource, you won’t have to join meet-up groups to farm for prospects. To build a list of cash buyers, simply click on Build List and select the city you want to target. After that, go to the Mortgage tab and select a good equity percentage (typically, from 70% to 100%). 

You will also need to set the Last Market Sale Date and choose Property Type. Investors who are buying cash are focused on acquiring townhomes and other rental assets.

Next, under the Options tab, select Absentee Owner and select No Preference for both Trustee-Owned and Corporate-Owned Properties. After you have gone through these steps, click on Purchase List. Watering down your list using this approach should give you the contact details of people who are ready to buy.


ListSource FAQ

Does ListSource Provide Phone Numbers?

ListSource only provides direct mail addresses, phone numbers (including email addresses) are not provided. However, the platform can filter out properties with verified phone numbers. ListSource scrubs its database of phone numbers against the FTC Do Not Call list once every 30 days. 

Is There a ListSource App?

So far, ListSource does not have its mobile app. All list purchases are made through


Is ListSource Really Worth It?

Is ListSource really worth it?

ListSource is one of the many popular direct mail providers available in the market. It has been used by several real estate professionals for the past years and is highly regarded by various professionals in the industry. There are also several ListSource reviews curated by several critics and experts in the real estate industry.

Whether you are an investor, broker, real estate agent, or a professional from another sector or field, ListSource can help you with your direct mailer marketing campaigns.

ListSource offers its users several flexible and competitive pricing packages which they can tailor fit based on their needs and preferences. You don’t need to pay a registration fee and you can have immediate access to property information anywhere in the United States.

ListSource is also exceptionally convenient since you can choose a quick list or produce a lead list in just a few minutes. Moreover, they have a very comprehensive and flexible filtering system so you don’t need to worry if you failed to include certain criteria in your prospect list.

ListSource will particularly benefit real estate agents who are just starting in the real estate sector since they can gauge if the direct marketing approach works for them.

ListSource users can also benefit from the support they could get from CoreLogic, especially whenever they need answers to their pressing questions. Their website offers quick tips on their products and a page dedicated to some of their frequently asked questions.

If you are a real estate professional who wants to scale your business by using a direct mailer marketing approach, ListSource could be a great fit for your company.

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