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With more time spent at home, you may catch yourself channel surfing more than usual, trying to help the family find something new to watch. Well, what if we told you that you could get a good source of entertainment AND learn something new all by watching one show? Too good to be true? Well, we’ll change that for you. 

There are a wide variety of house flipping shows that give you insight into what the business entails. Some may watch these just to pass some time and others may use this as inspiration to take on their own projects and gain a little profit within the house flipping business. 

House flipping is a great investment opportunity that will provide you with a great profit if it is done correctly. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, the gross profit from house flipping increased to $62,300 within the first quarter of 2020. Although the future may be uncertain, you may still have a great chance of gaining that profit.

Regardless of your intentions, each show will provide you with various perspectives on different projects. The highly-rated series, Property Brothers, will give you that reality perspective into the house flipping and renovation process, and we’ll provide you with everything you may want to know about them!

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Meet The Property Brothers

property brothers

Image Credit

Let’s start off with an introduction to the Property Brothers! The famous series on HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, a pair of IDENTICAL TWIN brothers, who help couples find their forever home through buying and transforming fixer-upper properties. This iconic duo also stars in other series such as Buying & Selling and Brother Vs Brother.

As their show is dubbed after their status as brothers, most will probably acknowledge them more as a pair but let’s get to know them individually: 

  • Drew Scott, apart from being a reality tv star, is a seasoned real estate agent himself. As he is also a seasoned actor, director and producer, Drew is able to combine all his passions into his profession through his reality house flipping series.  
  • Jonathan Scott, along with starring in series with Drew, is a licensed contractor with more than 15 years of experience. He grew up with a creative personality which included designing and building props on his own and performing as an illusionist. His magic has won him many awards, given him the opportunity to perform on TV and even live on stage in Las Vegas. 

Along with their individual successes, the duo has co-founded Scott Brothers Entertainment, which produces content for a wide variety of entertainment platforms. It doesn’t stop there! They have also released their own furniture and decor line called the Scott Living Collection, which contains luxury and quality pieces that don’t break the bank! 

Not to mention, they are BOTH 2nd-degree black belts in karate and have won many national championships.

Even through a screen, it is not surprising that they tend to leave the audience wondering how tall are the Property Brothers? Well, Drew is 6’4”, while Jonathan is 6’5”. 

The Scott brothers have definitely worked towards their ongoing successes as individuals, and a pair, but have also worked towards the improvement of humanity issues. Both of the brothers serve as global ambassadors in the charity World Vision which works to improve child protection.

As these two are definitely a force together, and of course individually, they complement one another with their own individual experiences, skills and personalities. This allows them to effectively work through the situations they face, on and off-screen.



Where Is Property Brothers Filmed? 

If you watch the show you may notice that the show takes place in various areas, so where exactly is Property Brothers filmed?  

Well, there isn’t one exact answer to this. Various seasons were filmed in different locations.  

According to thelist.com, “the first two seasons of the show were filmed in Jonathan and Drew Scott's home country of Canada, in Toronto, before they moved across the border to Austin, Texas for Seasons 3 and 4, and then back to Canada, hitting their hometown of Vancouver in Season 5. Season 6 took place in Atlanta, and they headed back to Toronto for Season 7. The following three seasons were all filmed in Westchester County, New York, while Season 11 was filmed in Nashville."  

"TV Trend Now further elaborates that filming was split between Nashville and Toronto in 2017, before moving to Nashville and Calgary for Seasons 12 and 13. HGTV signed a multi-year contract with the Scotts in 2018 and Property Brothers began shooting Season 14 in Las Vegas in January 2019. The site notes Property Brothers initially moved to the States because U.S. audiences reportedly couldn't relate to the higher market prices for Canadian properties”

So, to put it into simpler terms, the brothers were filming back and forth between Canada and the US. In fact, just within the first few weeks of the HGTV debut in the US, Property Brothers was the top-rated show. 

Why don’t they just film in one place you may ask? According to the brothers, they like to keep the show diverse. Different locations expose different homebuyers, this results in the show containing new and fresh content for the audience.



Where Are The Property Brothers From?

As we have learned that they are filming all over the place, it would be nice to know a little about where the Property Brothers are from.  

Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott were born on a ranch in Vancouver, Canada. This being said, it’s no surprise that the twins loved going back to their home for different seasons. 

The twins actually shared a home together in Las Vegas, Nevada, their own home away from home! To no surprise, this home was actually redone as their own personal fixer-upper projects. 



Are Either One Of The Property Brothers Married? 

Okay, let’s get to the point. It’s obvious that they are both young and successful in their careers, but what about their love lives? Is either one of the Property Brothers married?  

Drew leads in this question as he is indeed married and has been since May 2018. He married the Scott Brothers Global creative director, Linda Phan.

The couple had their own HGTV show, called Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, where they showed the process of their home improvement and renovations. They also had a TLC show called Drew and Linda Say I Do where it showed the events leading up to their wedding. Here's a video with a little sneak-peek into their wedding:


In other news, brother Jonathan Scott is not married, but he’s not on the market either. He is in an exclusive relationship with New Girl star, Zooey Deschanel. The couple celebrated their one year anniversary on August 4th, with both sharing loving social media posts on Instagram.

zooey deschanel property brothers

Jonathan writes, “How time flies when you’re having the best time of your life. Who would’ve known that exactly one year ago my life would change forever. When I count my blessings, I count you twice”.

Well, it looks like we can mark down another success for the twins as their love lives seem to be just as successful as their careers! 



Do The Property Brothers Actually Work On The Homes? 

We get it. A lot of skepticism can come from reality tv shows, especially ones involving drastically changing homes. Do the Property Brothers actually work on the homes or is it all just scripted?

Yes, they actually work on the homes, but remember nothing is free of becoming exaggerated or scripted in any show in general. There may be some factors of the show that may be tampered with just to add a little more content and keep things interesting.

When it comes to their credibility in the process, Drew & Jonathan actually took interest in the real estate market right out of high school. At just 18 years old, the brothers bought a $200,000 home with $250 down and sold it later for a $50,000 profit just after some light renovations.

The brothers continued on with the house flipping business, gaining more and more profit as time went on. Not too long after, Drew went on to get his real estate license, while Jonathan went to school for construction and design.

Beyond the show, the brothers have taken real estate on in its entirety, even flipping homes they have bought for themselves. 



Can I Hire The Property Brothers? 

Are you hoping to hire the Property Brothers to upgrade your home? Unfortunately, the Property Brothers are not up to be privately hired.

Although don’t lose hope just yet, there is one way to make your dream home a reality. If you are looking into getting the Property Brothers to renovate your home, you may get a chance to do so by applying to be on an upcoming season

There are a few requirements for you to be eligible to be able to participate in the series including:

  • Having a budget of at least $70,000 saved up for your renovation
  • Having the right personality: outgoing, energetic, opinionated, fun, and unique
  • Being a quick decision-maker as the timelines may be tight
  • Being flexible with your availability, about 7-10 for filming over the course of around 8 weeks
  • Moving to a certain area or being 30 to 40 minutes away from the new home
  • Being 21 years or older

If you are chosen the brothers will be able to remodel and design your home, even contribute financially! So, take your chances and apply, it doesn’t hurt to try!



How Much Do The Property Brothers Make?

Between their various business ventures, it is safe to wonder how much the Property Brothers make?

With their various successful TV series, production company, own house flipping and real estate projects, furniture line, book releases, and even their own Property Brothers game, the Property Brothers are assumed to be worth $20 million combined. 

Of course, this estimate could change as we continue to see what is in store for the brothers as they go on with their various businesses in the future.



Is The Property Brothers Show Still Airing?

As the brothers started their careers at young ages, their on-screen demand under the official Property Brothers title officially began on January 4, 2011. As it was such a hit, the show is currently at 14 seasons and indeed, still airing!

The brothers have created a strong relationship with their audience that just one show wasn’t enough. Many spin-offs surrounding the Scott brothers, from their life to their next projects and everything in between, have been created to appeal to the community they have built. Some spin-offs they have starred in include:

  • Brother Vs Brother - Premiered in 2013 and their seventh season ending in 2018. This spin-off puts the twins head-to-head to see which home makeover scores the higher resale value increase
  • Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House - Shortly after their engagement in December 2016, Drew and Linda begin to search for their new Los Angeles home. The series went up to three seasons as they intended to find their honeymoon home before their wedding!
  • Buying and Selling - Airing in 2012, the show is currently at eight seasons with the most recent season airing in 2019. Drew helps the clients, find homes and overlook the process of selling and renovating, while Jonathan works to renovate the home.
  • Property Brothers: At Home - This series aired from 2014 to 2017, being three seasons long. This displayed the process of their renovation on their own home in Las Vegas. 
  • Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch - With two seasons from 2014 to 2015, the brothers take on a renovation of a family friend’s ranch near their hometown.
  • Brothers Take New Orleans - This was one of the brother’s shorter series being only one season and four episodes long. They take on houses in New Orleans with only four weeks and $100,000 to renovate and make good as new. 
  • Property Brothers: Linda & Drew Say I Do - Premiered in 2018, Drew and Linda shared insight on the wedding preparation leading up to their destination wedding in Italy. 
  • Property Brothers: Forever Home - This series is freshly released from 2019 and currently three seasons in, running into 2020. They focus on renovating homes for couples with the intention of making them their ideal forever homes.  
  • Celebrity IOU - Premiered May 2020, Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew help Hollywood stars give back to those who have deeply impacted their lives. How exactly? By surprising them with big home renovations!

This dynamic duo hits home renovations in different contexts for the various audiences they have. For more perspective and entertainment, you can never go wrong choosing one of these shows by the Property Brothers!



Property Brothers Reviews 

With that many spin-offs, it’s quite obvious that the Property Brothers are a fan favorite. The reviews that have been left for their series rave about the wonderful content and entertainment the show brings. 

According to multichannel.com, “Jonathan and Drew Scott’s latest HGTV home renovation series, Property Brothers: Forever Home, delivered the highest-rated series premiere for the network since March 2017”

The original Property Brothers series has a whopping 4.5 star rating from the audience on Google, 97% have hit that thumbs up button and “liked this show”. Many of the audience ratings have shared how much inspiration they have gotten from the show, the brothers are really changing people’s lives, and obviously homes. 

Despite all the rave the shows get, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Every person’s perspective can cause them to form their own opinion so just because you like it doesn’t mean the next person will, and vice versa. Keep an open mind while watching these reality shows and take it as you will. 



The Property Brothers Before And After

To help you get a better feel of what the Property Brothers work is like, here are some of their before and after photos

property brothers kitchens


property brothers home design


This ranch-style home was transformed to be more vibrant and open. The added colors from the cabinets, drawers, and added furniture really brightened up and modernized the space. With a rearrangement of space usage, there is more space for storage and gatherings to be held. 

property brothers house


property brothers furniture


Image Credits

This vintage home was spruced up to appeal to more of the modern eye. With some old-style touches left in the home, the dining room was made to be more convenient for gatherings.

The dining bench was especially perfect for the homeowners who loved to host. With the double doors removed providing easy access to the living room, refreshed walls, and new furniture, this renovated home is definitely one to love.

These renovations are only a few of the many the brothers have done. Their shows do a great job of displaying the underlying process of getting to that after stage. 



Where To Watch The Property Brothers

With much of our time being spent at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’ll be beneficial for you to know where to watch the Property Brothers! Maybe it’ll even inspire you to change up your home. 

Various online streaming services such as HGTV, HuluAmazon, and Netflix (in select areas) all show seasons of Property Brothers on their sites. These streaming sites are also beneficial in that they may show different recommendations for you to go further into your interests. So who knows, you may find your next binge-worthy show! 



Shows Similar To The Property Brothers

If you want more of the Property Brothers you can always look into one of the many spinoff shows the duo stars in. Looking for more perspective? Here are some more shows that are similar to the Property Brothers: 

  • Home Town - Starring Ben and Erin Napier, Home Town focuses on the couple's love for renovating historic properties in Laurel, Miss. With Erin's eye for design and Ben's building capabilities, they take on homes and update them into more modern and livable conditions. 
  • Flip or Flop - As real estate agents, Tarek and Christina El Moussa have seen both the upside and downside of the housing market, leading them to decide to take on their own flipping projects. They purchase distressed properties in hopes of making a profit off of them after renovations.
  • Income Property - This show focuses on renovator Scott McGillivray who helps homeowners make a little more cash by creating a rental suite in their home. He presents the clients with two designs then proceeds with the renovations, which hopefully lead to profitable results. 
  • Love It or List It - Hilary Farr, an interior designer, and David Visentin, a real estate agent, go head to head as they try to win over the homeowners. Farr takes on the owners' current home in hopes of getting them to fall in love with it again, while Visentin takes them on a house hunting journey to find a new home. The homeowners then decide whether to take their newly renovated home or if the new property is what they desire. 
  • Zombie House Flipping - Following the “Robin Hoods of Real Estate,” Justin Stamper, Ashley Casserly, Peter Duke, and Keith Ori, this series focuses on the renovations of completely run down homes. These homes are usually run down, abandoned and foreclosed, giving them the name zombie houses!

As each show has something different to offer the audience, it is also helpful to realize the different perspectives you get to see as you go through the real estate industry. From renovating to finding a buyer, these shows give you a glimpse of what the different processes entail. 

property brothers family

Alex Martinez, Founder of RealEstateSkills.com, and Drew Scott at a Warriors Game.



How To Get Into Real Estate If You Like The Property Brothers

Inspired by the brothers? What if we told you, you could start your venture into the real estate field yourself! 

As virtual work environments are gaining popularity, there are various programs you can get a hold of to guide you through your learning progress. Resources are easier to access than you think. Here are some examples of virtual real estate programs appealing to different facets of the industry:

House Flipper Game - This is a great way to get a feel for the house flipping business without putting your own money at risk. The house flipper game walks you through the entire house flipping process by repairing a devastated home through a digital reality. 

Virtual Wholesaling - With plenty of time at home, virtual wholesaling gives you the ability to profitably run the entire process of wholesaling real estate, without the requirement of being physically present. 

Virtual Home Staging - Home staging takes on the interior design of a home, such as decorating and furnishing. However, if you're not a big fan of moving around large and heavy amounts of furniture, virtual home staging may appeal to you. Many virtual home staging programs are offered, however it is crucial to note what each program offers before investing your time and money into it.

To add to your learning experience, we must remember that not everything you see on the shows will be ALL that you need to know. There may be factors you need to consider in order to be successful in your projects. Some of these factors may be:

  • Contracts needed in the process
  • Contingencies required to be met
  • Negotiations needed to make the project happen
  • The background on the home you are renovating
  • The income needed and where it's coming from

Beyond watching the show, you will be able to learn the specifics of real estate through:

  • Reading Books - The traditional "textbook" method may not be for everyone, however reading books in the library or even on your computer provides more insight and knowledge over the years. There are endless amounts of real estate books that are available to you and provide exceptional information, it is all up to you to decide which one is in your best interest. 
  • Learning About The MLS - The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) displays data for any properties on sale. This is intended to connect buyers to sellers, thus knowing how to navigate through this site will benefit you.
  • Acting On It Even Without The Money - Don't have the funds? Well, lucky for you, real estate doesn't confine you just because of the money you have. There are various ways to get into real estate without having to put down a large sum of money.   
  • Networking - Connecting with others in the field helps you gain access to other resources without even knowing it. Connecting with one person may lead you to find a seller, buyer, or even someone that may give you some great advice in the field. One courageous connection made, whether it be in person or virtually, opens up a door full of opportunities. 
  • Finding A Mentor - A mentor is a great resource to have to guide you through your journey. Having a peer who is experienced and excited to teach you the ways of the field, will help you gain insight on the do's and dont's of real estate. 
  • Training - Finding resources that provide free training is a HUGE benefit. You don't need to break the bank and you gain the knowledge you need to take that next step. It's a win-win situation.

Ultimately, this may incline you to go down the path of earning your real estate license. Although there are professions of the real estate field that don't require you to have one, this will enhance your credibility and experience overall. 



Final Thoughts On The Property Brothers

As we have discussed the life of the Property Brothers on and off-screen, you have not only learned about their personal lives but also what the home renovation process may be like. This source of entertainment can also lead you into a new industry you may have not seen coming.

Despite it just being another reality home show, you may not realize how much it actually appeals to you and your interests! Nonetheless, if it inspires you, don't be afraid to take it on!

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