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Zombie House Flipping: What’s This Business Really Like? | Real Estate Skills

Whether it be for fun or to gain knowledge, house flipping shows, such as Zombie House Flipping, are a great source of entertainment where you can learn something new. If you want to pick up a new interest, house flipping could be one of those things! 

House flipping allows individuals to gain profit by renovating homes and reselling them. Simply watching these shows as a source of pastime could eventually lead into a new, exciting and profitable experience. 

There is a wide variety of house flipping shows that are available today and all have something different to offer. This will give you insight on Zombie House Flipping and how to take on house flipping if it sparks your interest! 

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What Is Zombie House Flipping?

The name caught your attention didn’t it? Well, what is Zombie House Flipping? At a glance, it’s a series about a crew who takes on the worst houses and flips them into conditions that return neighborhoods to their former glory.

We know what you’re thinking. Zombie House Flipping? What’s so different about this house flipping show from the others? Why is it called Zombie House Flipping? 

The conditions of the houses seen in the show explains the name quite perfectly. The houses they come across have been abandoned for years, foreclosed and are just completely run down, hence terming the name “zombie houses”. 

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Meet The Zombie House Flipping Cast

Now that you know a little about what the show is about, let’s meet the Zombie House Flipping cast!

zombie house flipping cast

Image Credit

  • Justin Stamper is your main house flipper in the show. At the age of 19, Stamper began his house flipping journey after he had flipped his own family’s foreclosed home. From then on, he started to buy houses that were put up for auction eventually taking on a career as a full-time house flipper and wholesaler
  • Ashlee Casserly, coming from the Irish Midlands, pursued a career in real estate, along with her American dream. Her experience in real estate ranges from dealing in single family homes to buying or selling multi-million homes. She knows how to make the deals!
  • Peter Duke, mostly referred to as Duke, built himself up into this career. From selling potatoes at seven years old to dealing with car sound systems installations as a teen, he found his real estate career after working on his first rehab independently. This way he found himself learning how to fix anything and everything all on his own. His self-made skills really reflect in his results.
  • Keith Ori has the experience that ultimately completes the cast! He kept his first home as a rental and the second for his family. As he rehabbed the house, he continued to do so with more houses, and even started a company that prepared foreclosed houses for resale. His work has not gone unnoticed as he has won awards that are well deserved. 

The cast definitely has a lot of individuality and bring their own characteristics to make the team whole! Here's the cast talking about each other and their team:


Are Justin Stamper And Ashlee Casserly Married?

Since this is a TV show, we all know there can be some drama and maybe even some love interests. A big question fans of the show typically have is whether or not Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly are married. 

There tends to be a lot of mystery around if they are together, but they are strictly just business partners! They actually founded a real estate group together called Blueprint.

Here is a photo via Justin Stamper's Instagram where he clarifies the relationship when replying to a comment:

zombie house flipping cast ashlee husband

Ashlee Casserly has kept a low profile when it came to her family and marriage, hence why rumors with her co-star began evolving. However, lately she has been sharing photos of her husband and her two sons on her Instagram. So, yes, she is married, but not to Justin Stamper. 

While on the topic of Instagram, Justin Stamper had also made things clear about his relationship with his castmate through a comment. He replies to a comment asking if they were together simply by stating “she’s my business partner in crime”. 

They may not be married but their close friendship is truly admired by fans.


Is Zombie House Flipping Fake?

Every show is somehow exaggerated, some more than others. It depends on what scale you’re looking for it to be fake

According to Keith Ori, everything they do in the show is entirely at their risk. The houses they choose are in their name and they put in their own money, so if they lose it, it’s gone. 

Along with the credibility of the show, some also question: is Zombie House Flipping scripted? Well, there is a fine line between being scripted and the show being fake. 

As the show is not fake, the script can be a different story. Keith Ori also advises the audience that the show is not scripted but let’s be real, only so much drama can happen. Although they are risking much of their own, just like other house flipping shows, it shouldn’t be a surprise when some of the drama is enhanced to be worse than it is. 

Just note that some, or most, aspects of the show are real, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what you believe to be real or fake. 


Where Is Zombie House Flipping Filmed?

Zombie House Flipping is filmed in Orlando, Florida. 

Due to longer foreclosure processes in certain states, Florida being one of them, it’s no surprise that the show takes place here. The zombie houses usually result from these longer processes due to the fact that they are left waiting for their foreclosure processes to fully close.  

As of 2019, the states with longer determined foreclosures are: 

  • Indiana 
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia 

Due to the lengthy wait time these houses endure, zombie houses would most likely be found in these states making it perfect for house flipping opportunities.


Is Zombie House Flipping Cancelled?

The show first aired in 2016 and has successfully completed three seasons. Currently, the news regarding the show has been fairly silent. 

The third, and most recent, season of Zombie House Flipping was aired on March 13th, 2019. This season consisted of thirteen episodes, the last episode of the season airing on September 21, 2019. So, when Is Zombie House flipping coming back? 

As of February 2020, the show has yet to be renewed or cancelled so it’s just a waiting game until further notice. 

As foreclosures have been at a decline in recent years and, as shown, Florida is no longer one of the states with the longer foreclosure timelines as of 2019. This could give the show less of a reason to take on another season. 

Episodes from the earlier seasons are still being aired on the A&E channel for those who wish to keep up or get caught up with the series. 


Zombie Flip Examples

These are a few examples of before and after zombie flips that the Zombie House Flipping cast has completed.

zombie house flipping

Image Credit

zombie flip

Image Credit

As you can see, these homes were in dilapidated and unlivable conditions. The cast, also partnered with Spray Nine in these specific renovations, worked to reform these houses into impeccable conditions. After the flips, they are ready to be back on the market! 

Watch the Zombie House Flipping cast describe their biggest house flips


Zombie House Flipping Reviews

Reviews play a big role in determining how inclined you are to do something. Let’s talk about some Zombie House Flipping reviews that audience members have left. 

Every story has two sides. There will always be good and bad reviews depending on the perspectives of the individuals who are writing them. When it comes to Zombie House Flipping, the reviews reflect a bit more negative than positive from viewers. 

The reviews generally show negativity towards a few different factors of the show including:

  • The staging of the show - most of the reviews come for the fact that they believe the show is staged due to certain scenes, arguments and “fake drama” that is brought up. The viewers feel as if the episodes seem to be more focused on the dramatization than the actual renovations of the homes. 
  • The “actors” - many think the cast of Zombie House Flipping tend to exaggerate their roles, eventually causing the audience a bit of irritation. Of course, the personalities of each individual are interpreted differently depending on the person judging. However, most of the reviews seem to agree that it was too difficult for them to continue watching due to the cast personalities.
  • The Zombie houses - the houses in the show, although termed as zombie houses, seem to be in better conditions when compared to other house flipping shows. This comes as a shock to most since these houses are supposed to be the worst-of-the-worst

On the FLIP side, the positive reviews usually stem from those who understand that the show is there to entertain the viewers. These individuals acknowledge the process of flipping houses and the dramatization that comes with a reality show.

Ultimately, don’t knock it until you try it! Don’t base the worthiness of watching the show strictly from these reviews, keep an open mind, try watching an episode and let your own perception take place. 


Where To Watch Zombie House Flipping?

Zombie House Flipping can be found on different streaming devices and television channels. The show is currently airing its previous seasons on A&E as it has not released a new season since 2019. 

For those who are more into online streaming services, Zombie House Flipping can be watched on A&E, FYI, Hulu, depending on the subscription you have, and Amazon Prime video. As Netflix unfortunately does not provide Zombie House Flipping, they do offer similar shows that will give you that same exposure and knowledge regarding house flipping. 


Shows Similar To Zombie House Flipping

Waiting for Zombie House Flipping to come back? Wanting more exposure to house flipping? To gain different perspectives and explore other situations regarding house flipping, there are numerous shows out there that may catch your attention.

Here’s a list of popular house flipping shows 

Masters of Flip

This show features a married couple, Dave and Kortney Wilson, who both had solo music careers, in which they dropped to perform together, then later turning to the real estate market. They show the successes and struggles of their journey with house flips, buy and hold properties and vacation rentals.  

Flipping the Block

Flipping the Block adds a twist to your typical house flipping show. This show entails contestants who renovate condos in which then go through a bidding process. The team who holds the highest profit after their condos have been sold then earn a grand prize of $50,000.

In the episodes, you will meet four teams, consisting of two people each. They each work on similar units, the goal being to have them in conditions that are ready to be sold and moved into. During this process, the teams live in the space until the renovations are finished and are judged on the transformations they have made.  

Nashville Flipped

The late Troy Shafer was a country music singer who found a passion for house flipping and founded his business called Nashville Flipped. His mission for this business was to preserve the history and authenticity Nashville had to offer in its architecture. This business then termed his show in which he focuses on century-old homes and his goal to save the natural specialty of the home while making it appeal to the modern-day buyers. 

Flipping the Heartland

This show follows the story of Daniel and Melinda Wiafe, a couple who are also partners in business. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this couple takes on many neighborhoods and home renovations in hopes of coming out with a profit. Daniel looks over the remodeling of the home and Melinda takes on the design of the home as well as the decoration. 

Vintage Flip

If you’re into more classic American homes, this is the show for you! Real estate contractor, Jessie Rodriguez, along with his wife, Tina, stemmed their successful real estate business from their simple love for vintage homes. They take on purchasing these neglected and deteriorated homes and restoring them with their own taste in design.

Hit Properties With Nathan Morris

Previous Boyz II Men member, Nathan Morris, takes on a new adventure in the house flipping market. Although it is short with only four episodes, they take on an 8,200 square foot mansion based in Orlando, Florida. They hope to transform the mansion into a pristine condition that is worth a multimillion-dollar asking price. 


Reality Of House Flipping Shows

House flipping shows have the purpose of capturing the process of home flipping and renovation, seems obvious enough right? Not quite. Reality TV, although deemed as reality, is not as real as they try to make it seem. 

As there are various house flipping shows to consider, they are all real in a sense that they are actually flipping homes and providing us with those results. So, at the end of the day, they are providing us with that information and entertainment. 

Although when investing your time into these shows, BE AWARE! Most shows tend to focus strictly on the renovation itself without providing the rest of the house flipping process. So, if you do plan on taking on house flipping, please note that you will need to do more research outside of the shows itself. 

Now, what’s a reality show without some drama! The drama seen in these shows are usually exaggerated to add a bit of change for the audience. This is a gray area to take on which can lead to the credibility of the show shifting with the audience. The viewers can perceive these situations to be fake depending on how well the cast can pull it off. 


How To Become A Real Estate Investor If You Like Zombie House Flipping?

All caught up with Zombie House Flipping and even explored other shows? Ready to take house flipping into your own hands? There are a few ways you can get that foot in the door! 

If you’re afraid to fully commit and want to test out the waters, definitely look into the House Flipper Game! This game allows you to buy, renovate and sell houses without submitting your information and putting your own money at risk. You’ll be able to opt out at any time and have everything under your control such as the interior design and budget. 

As you were informed, these house flipping shows don’t really give you the big picture. Here’s a quick list of household items that should be taken care of that are usually not seen in the show:

  • Your source of income to fund your projects.
  • The history of the homes you are about to purchase and renovate.
  • The people that will be doing the renovation work, such as general contractors and workers.
  • Any negotiations that are necessary and any other major problems that may strongly impact the project.

Now that you have those in mind, let’s go over a general guide to get you started on becoming a real estate investor:

  • Read books and articles! These will give you full explanations of your tasks as an investor, how to flip and wholesale houses, and overall what to expect in the real estate market.
  • Obtaining a real estate license & becoming a real estate agent can enhance your experience in the market. Not only does the license provide you with valuable knowledge, but also opportunities that will enhance your profitability. 
  • Networking is always important! You’ll be able to get advice from professionals on how to grow as an investor, as well as some help in your own projects. Going to events will give you that opportunity, don’t miss out!
  • The Multiple Listing Service is a great resource for you to obtain information regarding properties that have been sold or are available. 
  • No money? No Problem! Learn how to flip houses even without having that financial capability. There are ways to raise that money
  • Get training! There are opportunities for free training that will get you started on your real estate journey. Just please enter a valid email address and agree to receiving emails to stay updated with any workshops or training that may become available! 

Learning how to flip houses can be overwhelming as you start off. Doing things like getting a mentor to teach you through it would help significantly. Above all else, taking the initiative to learn and putting in the time and effort would ultimately pay off with your projects. 

Once you are comfortable with what you have accomplished, Buy, Renovate, and Sell your property. Watch yourself gain the knowledge, as well as the profit! 


Final Notes On Zombie House Flipping

As one of the many house flipping shows out there, you are guaranteed to learn something about house flipping from Zombie House Flipping. Even if it’s just for your entertainment, if you get the inspiration, let it give yourself direction.

Be the star of your own show! Take on a lesson about house flipping! You'll  find information you agree on and eventually learn to be able to take on your OWN zombie house! 

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