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Murder House Flip: What's The Business REALLY Like?

flipping houses house flipping shows real estate investing Feb 04, 2021

Looking for a way to be entertained while also conveniently gaining insight on how you may be able to earn a profit? House flipping shows, such as Murder House Flip, may be a good starting point for you! 

As there are various house flipping shows on air nowadays, it is important to understand what perspective you are intrigued and entertained by. Hopefully, this type of entertainment inspires you to take matters into your own hands.

If you are into mystery and crime, then Murder House Flip may be a great show for you! It's a series where true crime meets home renovation, and we have got everything here for you to know what this business is really like! 

Hope you're enjoying Murder House Flip - What's The Business Really Like! (Use this menu to jump to the section of your choice:)


What Is A House Flip?

With the various opportunities real estate offers, house flipping provides many with a chance to gain profit and experience in areas such as home renovation, the home buying and selling process, and more.

A house flip allows you to purchase a home in hopes of fixing, renovating, and selling it for a profit. Many of the homes that undergo a house flip are in unlivable and dilapidated conditions in which the house flippers go through the flipping process in hopes of bringing it back to life and gaining a profit in the end.

Throughout the house flipping process, the ARV, or after repair value, is an important factor to consider. This is the value of the home after it is brought to its best condition and it can be forecasted by the state of the current housing market. Since house flipping is all about renovating the homes to their full potential, the ARV is used frequently by house flippers.


What Is Murder House Flip About?


So we got the house flip part down, but what about the murder? Why is it called Murder House Flip? Taking from their own projects and episodes, CSI's producer Josh Berman, Penny Dreadful's producer Chris King, and author Katherine Ramsland came together to create this show which adds a twist of crime and mystery to your typical home makeover show. If you’ve ever heard the news about a murder taking place, this will take you into what flipping and selling a murder house is like.

As you would expect, selling a home comes with its own struggles but selling a home with negative aspects as big as murder? That’s a twist you wouldn’t see coming, until now.

The purpose of the series was made to bring “healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces”. Nonetheless, you can expect many dark secrets and revelations to come about throughout the process. 


Meet The Cast Of Murder House Flip

The cast includes lead designers Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch, however, they're going to need more help beyond renovations. As murder homes have gone through such unimaginable pasts, it is not rare for the spirit to award the company with their presence. To acknowledge and enhance the mysterious and scary aspects of the show, they also include forensic specialists and spiritual healers, along with their high-end renovation experts. 

Let’s get to meet the designers Mikel and Joelle: 

Mikel Welch

Born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, Mikel found himself playing with legos and fumbling around with sofas which became the root of his passion for creativity and design. Welch now runs a self-named interior design business, Mikel Welch Designs, as well as the host and designer for Murder House Flip. 

Welch has also been an on-air personality for the series Trading Spaces and his designs have also been recognized on HGTV, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Good Morning America. His eye for design has also been featured in many well-known magazines and has also allowed him to design green rooms for notable celebrities and public figures such as Michelle Obama and Oprah.

Joelle Uzyel

As a Los Angeles based interior designer, Joelle specializes in luxury design for her clients with the help of her unique designs and ideas. Uzyel’s business offers services such as interior design, interior renovation, custom furniture design, kitchen design, bathroom design, landscaping, construction management, consulting, and custom closet design. With a modern vibe and a touch of elegance, Joelle has definitely made a name for herself and is one of the most beloved luxury designers in LA. 

Being the brainchild of CSI's producer Josh Berman, Penny Dreadful's producer Chris King and author Katherine Ramsland, this series takes on a twist of spooky and style. Along with the current homeowners and many specialists, whether it be spiritual rituals or home renovation, they will take on the home and its history head-on. With their individual taste and experience with interior design, it is up to Joelle and Mikel to take on their murder mystery homes with their expertise in home makeovers. 


When Did Murder House Flip Premiere?

The premiere of this series couldn’t have come at a better time as people are stuck in their homes more than ever. Murder House Flip premiered on April 6 of 2020 as the COVID pandemic had most of the world under lockdown. 

The series so far has only released one season containing 12 episodes. These episodes were broken into different parts to keep the mystery - dare we say - alive, and keeping the audience captivated until the next episode. The first season followed the process of 4 different homes - Dorothea Puente, William Bradford, Frederick Hengl, and Jozsef Barsi.

Thrilled? Scared? Inspired? The series definitely takes on a perspective that is out of the norm. But hey, that’s what has got the audience wanting more. The fresh new series has been renewed for a second season and is underway soon! 


Are The Crimes In Murder House Flip Real?

With the stigma reality TV shows may face today, it is difficult to avoid the questions and skepticism many shows face when it comes to determining how much of it all is genuine and real. Now mix those criticisms with crimes and murder, you have many more questions to consider from the audience. 

Well, considering the title is Murder House Flip, you would expect a lot of controversies to come from it. But could there be so many mysterious murders? Well, yes and no. Finding homes that have been home to murder isn’t quite that difficult - which may come as a shock to many.

However, finding a home that has had a notable and familiar crime occur in it is what gets difficult over time. Finding homes that have had well-known mystery and murder cases may negate any doubt the series may face while also enhancing their credibility. 

When it comes to what they film, how do they know what to film and renovate, especially when the episodes are only ten minutes? Well, the area of the home that is renovated is completely chosen by the homeowner. Of course, the show entails filming this entire process, which will expose many secrets and discoveries as the episodes unravel. 


Where Is Murder House Flip Filmed?

With only one season released, the series has focused on four California murder mystery homes. To say where the future seasons may take place would be a difficult call. Finding homes where murders took place may not be as difficult as people may think, but identifying ones that are the most captivating and intriguing to the audience is what they are focused on. 

The series has been renewed for a second season and has asked for submissions from across the country so it is safe to assume that they aren’t confined to any specific location at this time. When the submissions start to roll in, they may choose locations that are more convenient.

Flexibility in location will help the series provide more intriguing crimes and perspectives. With diverse communities all over the country and each with their own secrets, this show will ultimately reveal those in hopes of providing homes with a sense of peace along with their home renovations. 


The History Of The Murder Homes

The first season of Murder House Flip displayed the process of renovating 4 different murder homes in California and the story behind them. The stories of the home offer a chilling experience for the audience on top of their usual home renovation content.

Now let's discuss the Murder House Flip homes featured so far:

Dorothea Puente House

Murder House Flip Dorothea Puente

Image Credit

Also referred to as the "Death House Landlady", Dorothea Puente wasn't someone you would initially expect to be a serial killer. Puente had gone through three failed marriages before owning her own two-story, 16 room home in Sacramento. 

Dorothea was known to accept more of the complicated cases with social workers, being the home to men and women who suffered from mental health problems or drug addictions. One of the tasks that were required of her was to cash her tenant's social security checks, but little did they know she was up to something else.

Puente was acquiring potent tranquilizer prescriptions from a psychotherapist, which she would then give to her tenants before murdering them. She would then proceed to bury them in her backyard while stealing their checks after death. 

A couple then bought the home, with knowledge of its tragic history, and was open to being featured on Murder House Flip. This also allowed for Sacramento's story to open up to the country. 

Here is a video getting to know the new owners and their perspective on buying and living in the home:

William Terry Bradford House

The second episode focuses on William Terry Bradford and the murder of his wife. Unfortunately for the couple who bought the home, they didn't know what they were in for.

John, Karina, and their two kids were aware that their home was previously home to an old woman who died of natural causes - but that wasn't the true story. The family was the victim of misinformation when their Realtor failed to tell them the history of the home, which they were lawfully entitled to know before purchasing the home.

The family started experiencing paranormal activities which led them to the truth of the home's past. Due to an ugly divorce, William Terry Bradford had murdered his wife in their home, leaving his kids to find her the next day on their living room floor. 

The paranormal activities and unrest in the home are assumed to be caused by the fact that the murder weapon was unfound when Bradford was taken into custody. The episodes go through the process of renovation, while also aiming to provide peace and eradicate any negative energy lurking in the home. 

Frederick Hengl House

Murder House Flip Frederick Hengl

Image Credit

The next home featured is the one of Frederick Hengl and Anna Faris, where a heinous crime was committed in 2012. Taking place in San Diego, California, a man was accused of murdering his 73-year-old wife and cooking her flesh and bones. 

The neighbors of the couple notified authorities regarding a foul order and that is when officers found his wife's remains in cooking pans and her head in the freezer. Hengl died of cancer before his trial was completed. 

The process of getting it from that dark past to a fresh home for a growing family will be interesting as evidence from the murder comes about. 

Jozsef Barsi House

Murder House Flip Barsi Family

Image Credit

This home in Canoga Park, California was a fresh new start for the Bernal family in their new neighborhood, so they thought. Unfortunately, they were not aware of the murder that had taken place in their home 13 years prior. 

Their new home was previously owned and lived in by the Barsi family, which included child star, Judith Barsi. In 1988, the 10-year-old girl was shot in the head by father Jozsef Barsi, who then shot his wife and eventually himself. 

This episode explains the new owner's uncomfortableness with the negative and dark energy that still roams around, along with reoccurring paranormal activities. The renovation of the home's physical appearance will also hopefully bring peace to the home. 

As seen by these tragic murder histories, the series takes that as their main focus to reinforce positive and peaceful energy into the home. Beyond home renovators, spiritual healers and forensic specialists are also there to help with any discoveries that may come from the crime scenes. This will hopefully improve the spiritual feeling along with the appearance. 


How Do They Find The Murder Homes?

As the series just hit the air in 2020, their process of finding homes may change as the series develops. The murder homes featured in the first season entailed a lengthy and arduous process.  

According to the executive producer, Star Price, the process of contacting homeowners of those mystery murder homes was a strenuous and extensive process, to say the least. They knocked on doors, Facebook searched them, and even asked the police departments for any known recommendations for them to contact.

With an upcoming second season, they are doing things a little differently than the first. As they have more of a following and are more known compared to when they were first starting out, the cast is seeking submissions for any homes that may have had a murder occur in them. This is great news for those who are seeking to reclaim their space from the negative energy that may come from the home’s dark history.  


Murder House Flip Reviews

A wide variety of home renovation shows each holds their own perspective and audience they want to achieve. This could get quite difficult when it comes to reviews and critics when they don’t view the show exactly as how it is meant to be perceived and there are many other series to compare to. Not to mention, each person has a different taste so something that would appeal to one person may not be the case for the next.

According to critics on Rotten Tomatoes, “Murder House Flip’s renovations are decent, but lackluster hosts and an underwhelming commitment to its macabre premise make it a weak addition to the genre”. 

As harsh it may seem, the reality behind having a reality show is having to face the fact that not everyone is going to like it, especially where you have many others to compete against who are doing the same thing. With Murder House Flip, they do have the factor of murder and mystery to play into their series. This will differentiate them from others, however, it means they will be susceptible to more judgment as it’s never been done before.

One factor that is also frequently mentioned within the reviews of the series is the length of each episode. These short-form episodes are only ten minutes long which many say is not long enough to get as much information as they would like.

According to collider.com, “You don’t get enough info about the murders for this to count as true crime, but you also don’t spend enough time with the homeowners to get the cathartic pleasantness of a renovation show”.

As much as the show seems to claim their purpose is to reclaim the space of the murder homes, the episodes seem as if they weren’t providing many of the perspectives to live up to the expectations of their audience.    

Nonetheless, it is difficult to judge the series as it is still fairly new and only has one season. With the current ratings and reviews, they can choose to use those to their advantage and have it appeal more towards what the audience is looking for in their series. Ultimately, it is up to them to take everything they can and have the show perform at its top potential as they go on with more seasons.   


Where Can I Watch Murder House Flip?

Your taste in shows may be different from the next so it is crucial to understand your perspective compared to someone else’s. The only way to tell if you’re into the series or not is to see for yourself! With the many resources available to us today, there are various ways to gain access to Murder House Flip.

Episodes of Murder House Flip aired on the new streaming service, Quibi, which stood for "quick bite". Unfortunately, it shut down after only six months of being live. With various other streaming services, Quibi found it difficult to find their fit in a crowded marketplace. Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and Chief Executive Meg Whitman said they have “considered and exhausted every option available to us”. 

Although the domain still remains under Quibi as of January 2021, it is titled under the Roku Channel, as Roku has acquired Quibi and its entire catalog. The series is exclusively aired through the Quibi app, which is available for everyone to download on mobile and TV devices as of right now. 


Shows Similar To Murder House Flip

Waiting for season 2 of Murder House Flip to release? Let's discuss other shows that will offer you other perspectives within the house flipping and real estate business. 

Zombie House Flipping: If you liked the spooky component of Murder House Flip, this title may have gotten your attention right off the bat. Although, "zombie" in this title refers to the conditions of the home and the process of reviving them. This series takes on the worst houses in hopes of returning neighborhoods to their former glory. 

Property Brothers: The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are a famous duo in the reality show and real estate world. They have many series together such as Buying & Selling and Brother Vs. Brother. They are both successful together as their many shows focus on house flipping and other home renovation projects.

Flip Or Flop: This series follows Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead on their journey to figuring out whether their house flipping process was a successful flip or a flop. They show the entire process from when they purchase the distressed homes and what they do to flip them into better and livable conditions, in hopes of a successful resale and big profit. 

Fixer Upper: Based in Waco, Texas, Chip and Joanna Gaines show their own remodeling and design ventures under their own business, Magnolia Homes. The show displays their process of renovating and fixing dilapidated homes allowing them to reach their full potential. Joanna's eye for design and Chip's construction skills make for such successful flips on their fixer upper homes! 

Flip It Like Disick: Living in such a lavish world, Scott Disick gives us the inside scoop on what it's like to flip and remodel the high-end luxurious homes of Los Angeles. He takes on homes of celebrity friends while working with his team made of business partners and friends. There is currently only one season that aired in 2019. 

Masters Of Flip: This series follows musicians Dave and Kortney Wilson who dropped that life to take on their next venture in the housing market. They show what it's like to endure the ups and downs of the renovations all for a big profit. They have gone through their real estate business through house flips, buy and hold properties, and vacation rentals, which will offer you a wide variety of perspectives! 

Obviously different personalities from each show will offer different perspectives, energy, and experience. Nonetheless, what you are looking for within your own projects and real estate venture will shift your attention more towards a certain show. It is important to value each perspective but also know what is important to your needs.   


How To Become A Real Estate Investor If You Like Murder House Flip

With shows like these, you may be inclined to participate in the real estate business. The best news is - you don't have to be a real estate professional to begin! You can become a real estate investor no matter what your current occupation is. 

Educate Yourself - Getting educated about real estate does not only apply to real estate majors or even require a college degree at all! Educating yourself on real estate and the various opportunities it provides will allow you to gain the knowledge you need to be successful in the business. Learning and studying common terminology and factors, such as the MLS and market trends, while also staying updated on overall real estate conditions, will help you gain insight into what else is out there. Books, Youtube videos, and many more online resources will get you on the right path! 

Work On Your Network - Networking is a very crucial thing every individual should constantly be doing. Who you know will help you advance more than you think and will open doors for you in the business realm. When you network with one person, you are eventually opening up a whole different spectrum of people who may be beneficial to you at one point in your venture. Whether it be a mentor, a buyer or seller of a home, or even just a new connection, one person will lead into a chain reaction. This network will provide you with relationships that could open up opportunities down the road. 

No Money? No Problem! - If money is your top concern, don't let it be! You don't need thousands of dollars to kick start your real estate investments in fact - you don't need any at all! Real estate is inclusive in a way that allows you to participate no matter how much money you are able to put in. Learning the ways to do so is crucial in your journey and eventually will gain you profit if done the right way! 

Figure Out Your Investment Strategy - After considering your personal interests, it is important to choose which real estate investment method you would like to pursue. Each investment strategy offered in real estate has its own pros and cons, so it is up to you to consider which is the best fit for you. No matter what you choose, you will be sure to gain the experience and knowledge to understand what you're looking for within your ventures. 

These shows might just be something you see while flipping through channels, but to some, it could influence them to take on something bigger. It is never too late to get educated on what the real estate business could have in store for you and to unlock your full potential.


Final Thoughts On Murder House Flip

As it has only been on the air for one season, things are looking promising for the future of Murder House Flip. With more flexibility in terms of getting in touch with its audience and looking for new murder homes, the series may take on fresh perspectives and a new approach depending on their consideration of the feedback from the first season. 

If you were just curious as to what the show was about or looking for something a little different than what is already out there, Murder House Flip may be your next must-see series! The thrill of the stories with the anticipation of what will be different in the end may inspire you to take on your own house flip - maybe not the murder part though.

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