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11 Real Estate Jobs Without License Requirements (2024)

real estate jobs Dec 22, 2023

If you’ve always wanted to venture into real estate investing but are yet to get a license, this article contains helpful insights on real estate jobs without license requirements that you could try. 

While being a Realtor is one of the real estate industry’s most popular careers, it’s not the only option. As a multifaceted, ever-evolving industry, real estate investing is awash with career options to suit everyone, including agents on continuing education and unlicensed individuals.

Ready to dive into your new career but don't have a real estate license?  Host and CEO of Real Estate Skills, Alex Martinez, unveils the TOP 8 Real Estate Jobs WITHOUT A License! Don't miss out on these expert insights below!

Can You Get A Real Estate Job Without A License?

Although the National Association of Realtors (NAR) requires new agents to have a license and renew it at least every two years, not every real estate job demands one. As an ever-evolving industry, real estate continually changes, paving the way for new careers in the market and opportunities you had no idea could exist. 

The best part? Most of these opportunities come with incredible flexibility and benefits you could otherwise miss while working a nine-to-five job, such as meeting new people daily. And to prove they exist, this article highlights real estate jobs with no license requirements, job descriptions, whether they’re remote, and the experience required from applicants.

11 Real Estate Jobs Without License Requirements

Do you want to dip your toes into the real estate market but are currently continuing education and have yet to earn a license? Check out some real estate career opportunities with zero-licensing requirements below:

  1. Real Estate Wholesaler 
  2. House Flipper
  3. Real Estate Courier 
  4. Real Estate Assistant 
  5. Marketing Assistant 
  6. Leasing Agent Or Consultant 
  7. Real Estate Investor 
  8. Property Management
  9. Real Estate Development
  10. Real Estate Scouting
  11. Real Estate Handyman

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Real Estate Wholesaler 

real estate job without a license

Real estate wholesaling is one of the most lucrative real estate careers. It’s also among the least capital-intensive real estate investing strategies. A wholesaler essentially finds and acquires a contract from a motivated seller and assigns it to an interested investor for a profit.

The wholesaler doesn’t buy the property; they instead agree to flip the contract at a price higher than the original amount and then cash in on the difference between the contract, and the new sale price, known as the wholesale fee when the deal closes.

A wholesaler doesn’t require a real estate license or extensive experience, as the job essentially involves leveraging on-market and off-market, distressed, and foreclosed properties. Besides low startup costs and risks, wholesaling can be done virtually through real estate lead generation software and other digital lead nurturing tools. That means you can be a part-time wholesaler to earn passive income.

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House Flipper

jobs in real estate that don't require a license

A house flipper invests in real estate properties at deep discounts, fixes them up, and offloads them at a higher, profitable price, hence the term flipper, or house flipping. House flippers essentially target two property categories; those in good condition but below market value, because owners are in financial distress and distressed homes that need rehabbing before listing. 

If done right, house flipping is incredibly lucrative. On average, house flippers bag up to $68,000 in profits per deal. While you don’t need a license to start, some house flippers often choose to get one because it allows them to work under other real estate agents or brokerages for commissions to skip the costs of property remodels. 

Unlike wholesaling, house flipping is a very hands-on job. It also involves working with multiple real estate professionals such as appraisers and home improvement supply contractors, meaning it’s best done as a full-time job.

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Real Estate Courier 

jobs in real estate without a license

Don’t think you have enough experience for real estate jobs like wholesaling? Being a real estate courier is your opportunity to learn the ropes and get into real estate without a license. 

While specifics vary depending on whether you’ll be working with a realtor or a real estate brokerage, the role often involves assisting with time-consuming and repetitive real estate tasks. These tasks range from scouting the market for leads and setting up marketing brochures to delivering important real estate documents.

No day is the same, and although it can get a little hectic, being a real estate courier affords you great network-building opportunities, as you’ll regularly interact with professionals from different real estate companies and at different organizational levels. 

Interacting with these professionals also enables young couriers to select the ideal career path in the real estate industry. It’s a full-time job, and compensation varies from one real estate agent or brokerage. 

Real Estate Assistant 

entry level real estate jobs without license

A real estate assistant offers administrative support to realtors and brokers. 

Duties may vary but often include answering phone calls, drafting real estate contracts, prospecting, ordering supplies, coordinating house showings, distributing marketing materials, and various other leasing and marketing-related tasks.

Real estate assistants work full-time; sometimes, they may work for multiple real estate brokers. 

Marketing Assistant 

job in real estate without license

Got a knack for marketing? Do you believe you’re a good salesperson? If yes, being a marketing assistant is a great way to get into real estate without a license. A marketing assistant assists in developing, executing, and managing marketing campaigns for the long-term growth of real estate companies.

They conduct marketing research to gather important marketing data, organize promotional events or create advertising campaigns that increase awareness about new listings and stay on top of marketing trends and performance results. Although being a real estate marketing assistant doesn’t require a license, an individual seeking this position needs:

  • To be well-organized
  • To be a good multi-tasker
  • A good understanding of marketing and office management
  • Great people and communication skills
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Leasing Agent Or Consultant 

real estate without license

Also known as a residential agent, a leasing agent or consultant is one of the most fulfilling real estate jobs without a license requirement. At its core, the job involves working with landlords to find quality tenants and lease their properties and may include duties such as:

  • Marketing properties 
  • Drafting lease documents
  • Tenant screening
  • Setting appointments for leasing or rental unit viewing by tenants
  • Collecting lease applications
  • Answering inquiries regarding rental properties 

Besides landlords, a leasing agent may also work with seasoned real estate brokers who’ve ventured into the rental market or relocation specialists who need advice and expertise about a particular market. The role can be both part-time and full-time. 

Real Estate Investor 

real estate without a license

Being a real estate investor is the easiest way to tap into the real estate industry without a license or having to take any real estate exams. This role essentially makes you your boss. 

To put it simply, real estate investing consists of buying and selling properties, land, or land rights for profit. The role is multifaceted, with duties ranging from acquisition and sales of properties or land to allocating money to rental properties to amass profits in terms of rent. 

Depending on the level of financial strength, an investor may partake in all aspects of the investment process, from finding investment-worthy properties to management. Alternatively, they may allocate some duties to real estate professionals such as couriers and marketing assistants.

But while lucrative, being a real estate investor requires capital and experience in finding investment-worthy land and properties. For the best results, the role also calls for hands-on involvement and is a good fit if you’re in the market for full-time real estate jobs.

Property Management

work in real estate without a license

Suppose you have excellent communication skills, have great business administration expertise, and are looking to venture into real estate. The role of a property manager suits you. Property owners and real estate investors often hire property managers to handle the daily administration and maintenance of their rental properties. The exact duties of a property manager vary depending on the property type under management but typically include tasks such as:

  • Marketing 
  • Screening tenants 
  • Showing and leasing owner property
  • Resolving tenant issues
  • Organizing and coordinating building maintenance 
  • Collecting rent and deposits 

Being a property manager doesn’t call for any specific academic credentials. However, pursuing certain courses and licensing exams may enhance your chances of getting jobs with larger and more reputable property management companies. Also, depending on your state, you might need to acquire a property management license.

Real Estate Development

different jobs in real estate without a license

Real estate development refers to making tangible commercial or residential real estate improvements to create or enhance value. It encompasses a range of activities, such as planning and designing a new real estate property to renovating existing structures. 

A real estate developer is often involved in everything from financing and building to marketing and managing REI projects. It’s a lucrative job, and while it doesn’t require a license, it pays to have one since you can cash in on commissions from real estate purchases. 

The role requires some market knowledge and familiarity with real estate laws. It’s also a pretty hands-on role that requires a full-time commitment.

Real Estate Scouting 

real estate no license jobs

Real estate scouting is also a great way to make money and venture into the industry. Also known as property scouts, REI scouts browse the market for potentially-profitable investment opportunities and then forward them to real estate agents or firms. 

The opportunities in question often vary depending on the investment firm or realtor they’re liaising with. For instance, a real estate scout working with a wholesaler will mainly browse the market for distressed, foreclosure, or for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) properties. 

It can be a part-time or full-time job but cannot be done remotely. It also doesn’t require extensive experience, but having local market knowledge helps. Also, note that a real estate scout can work with multiple sales agents and brokerages.

Real Estate Handyman 

non licensed real estate jobs

Real estate is a people-based business, meaning you'll interact with people, whether a developer or an agent. If your people skills are close to non-existent and you are good at manual tasks more than interacting with people, a real estate handyperson might make an excellent fit for you. 

A handyman’s duties can be anything from tile replacement, ductwork repairs, paint jobs, cleaning gutters, and home carpentry to fixing anything faulty. 

Sales agents, wholesalers, house flippers, and investors who buy second-hand properties often hire the help of a handyman since it allows them the convenience of having one person handle all necessary repairs instead of having to hire multiple individuals.

How To Find Jobs In Real Estate Without A License Near You

Want to find jobs in real estate without a license near you? Here are ideas on where to look:

Ask For Referrals 

The easiest way to find jobs in real estate without a broker license is by asking friends, family, and colleagues. They might have someone in their network who’s in real estate who might hook you up with the jobs listed above. 

Job Boards 

Job boards are today more effective than in the past. They not only advertise job openings but serve as platforms where employers and job applicants can connect and even have full-fledged job interviews. The best part is that they now feature a wide array of categories, from freelance to full-time roles, to licensed and zero license requirement jobs.

Company Websites And Networking Sites

Large real estate firms often advertise job openings on their official websites. For instance, Weichert, one of the country's largest REI firms, regularly posts available vacancies on its website.

The company has branches across 40 states and is a full-service real estate company meaning there’s not only an opportunity to land the exact role you desire but also chances to get a real estate job without a broker license within your region. Besides company websites, set up alerts on networking sites like LinkedIn to capitalize on available real estate jobs without a license near me. 

How To Make Money In Real Estate Without A License?

To make money in real estate without a license, you can capitalize on some of the jobs listed above, such as being a wholesaler to earn wholesaling fees as profits or house flipping.

You can also work as a salesperson or a real estate scout for a brokerage’s marketing team. Alternatively, you can:

Become A Relocation Expert Assistant 

Moving to a new city, state, or country is an overwhelming undertaking. To ease the stress, most people often seek the services of a relocation specialist to help them sell their existing properties, find new ones, and coordinate important move-related processes such as finding a mover and visa processing.

Although being a professional relocation specialist requires you to complete prelicensing courses and licensing exams, you can work with one for a commission. Your job as their assistant would involve;

  • Researching real estate markets on their behalf 
  • Finding reputable movers 
  • Orchestrating moving tasks like packing while they handle the bigger tasks such as finding new relocation clients

Work With Wholesalers For A Fee 

Wholesaling doesn’t require a broker license, but if you’re yet to get one and don’t want to partake in the specifics of the trade, you could alternatively work with an experienced one for a profit share or joint venture arrangement.

For instance, you could offer them motivated seller leads or connect them with ready home buyers for a commission. 

Buy And Rent Out An Investment Property 

If you lack a license and aren’t planning to get one, consider buying, and renting out investment properties. Ensure you do due diligence while procuring rental properties to avoid losses. 

Partner With An Agent 

Investing blindly in real estate is one of the biggest blunders you’ll ever make. Work with a licensed agent if you’re interested in buying and renting out properties, wholesaling, or any other real estate investing strategies but lack a license.

This will grant you access to their MLS for insights that will help you make informed investment choices. 

Rent Out Your Home

Don’t have the capital to invest in a rental property but have enough space in your home?

Consider renting out some of the rooms to make money. If you have options, you may even rent out your entire property. For instance, if you live in a duplex, consider renting out one unit and residing in the other. 

Other great ways to make money in real estate without a license include:

  • Invest in short-term rentals such as vacation rentals in tourist destinations 
  • Become an assistant property manager
  • Invest in real estate investment trusts (REIT)

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Jobs To Get While Getting A Real Estate License 

If you only recently enrolled in real estate school or are almost but yet to complete your pre-licensing courses, there are plenty of jobs you could try out. Here are some ideas of jobs to get before you get your license: 

  • Real estate relocation specialist assistant 
  • Wholesaling 
  • Property scout or bird dog
  • Property management assistant
  • Real estate agent assistant 
  • REI Courier 

Do Real Estate Jobs Pay For Your License?

While there are plenty of real estate jobs with no license requirements, getting one opens up a world of endless career opportunities. Besides being a new agent, you could choose to be a real estate broker, mortgage broker, real estate attorney, appraiser, title examiner, or home inspector. However, getting a license is easier said than done. 

In states like California, you must attend a real estate school, complete your licensing exams, and achieve a particular amount of fieldwork hours. And there are costs to the process, usually anywhere from $1000 and above. Fortunately, real estate companies are often willing to train job applicants and even cover all licensing exam costs from when they enroll at a real estate school to when they finish. 

The downside? These companies will often take a portion of your commission checks as compensation for what you owe them. Depending on the brokerage, the cuts might continue for a while. As a result, you cannot claim any increments regardless of your success.

Other companies will not cash in on your commission, but they’ll require you to work under their company name. If you’re planning to work independently at some point, this might inhibit your brand-building efforts since you’ll have to channel all your leads to them, and all your listings will be under their brand. 

Final Thoughts On Real Estate Jobs Without License

Real estate is one of the most lucrative industries anyone could venture into when looking to build a career. Most job opportunities come with unparalleled flexibility and attractive returns. However, most of these opportunities also require a license, which can be tricky to get as you need to dedicate time and money to real estate school. 

On the bright side, the industry is ever-changing, creating opportunities requiring no license, such as scouting, real estate marketing assistance, house flipping, and wholesaling.

So, if you desire to join real estate and have no license, there’s hope for you. Explore the opportunities above to identify one that fits your skill set. 

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