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How To Find Cash Buyers Online For Free! (Video Walkthrough)

Do you need to find Cash Buyers right now for your wholesale deal?

In the video below, I'm going to show you exactly how to find cash buyers online for free the fastest & easiest way possible without having to pay for software, without skip tracing, & without any marketing!

Video Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro
0:29 - What Is A Cash Buyer?
1:19 - How To Think About Cash Buyers?
2:46 - What Makes A Great Cash Buyer For Wholesaling?
6:16 - Important Things To Take Note Of With Cash Buyers
9:07 - Why Do You Want To Find Cash Buyers First Before Getting A Deal?
9:56 - What Amateur Wholesalers Do (DON’T Do This!)
10:29 - What Pro Wholesalers Do (DO This!)
11:25 - How To Find Cash Buyers Online For Free
12:43 - Why Does Our “Google Ninja Trick” Work So Well?
13:22 - Screen Share Tutorial Walkthrough of Finding Cash Buyers Online For Free
15:51 - Best Practices Using Our “Google Ninja Trick” Strategy
16:14 - How To Download The Free Cash Buyer Resource (Slides, Keywords, & Phrases)
17:19 - Common Troubleshooting

After training & helping thousands of wholesalers and flippers to build profitable businesses, it's apparent that many have a different idea of what cash buyers actually are, and some people even have no idea where to find these cash buyers.

So, first off, I'm going to explain exactly what cash buyers are and then I'll get into exactly how to find cash buyers for wholesaling & flipping real estate!  Let's dive right in!

Note: we've transcribed the video above into this written blog post for those who enjoy reading over watching video!


What Is A Cash Buyer In Real Estate?

First off, what is a cash buyer? A cash buyer is a real estate investor, typically a fix and flipper, who’s looking to buy single family houses for their fix and flip business. This fix and flipper is going to buy the house, renovate it, resell it and make a nice profit.

Cash Buyers are the people that will buy houses from real estate wholesalers. Now there are also buy and hold investors that buy rental property. They can be your cash buyer, as well, but we typically like to work with cash buyers that are fix and flippers because they may be buying three to ten house flips per month.

So what this means is if you find three to ten wholesale deals in a month, one cash buyer that's fixing and flipping houses, could buy all those deals from you and pay you an average wholesale fee of $10,000+ per deal.

If you're only working with buy and hold real estate investors, they may not buy as many deals as a house flipper cash buyer would in a month's time.

And with cash buyers, finding and developing these relationships with them are extremely important. You do not just want to have a cash buyer be a faceless cash buyer. Meaning, someone you cannot put a face to a name with.


How To Think About Cash Buyers?

Cash Buyers are people & companies you want to develop relationships with, and you need to look at yourself as a partner to their business.

And you may not be in the same entity. Meaning, if you're wholesaling houses, this cash buyer is not in your business, but you have to work together so that they get a profit on their house flip deal, and you get a profit on your wholesale real estate deal.

And so when you're able to sit on the same side of the negotiating table with your cash buyers, rather than across from each other, that's when your wholesaling business can flourish.

And this leads me to saying that it's not about the quantity of cash buyers. You don't need a thousand cash buyers across the nation, a thousand cash buyer emails to then email blast your deals out to when you're wholesaling a house.

Really what it's about is the quality of the cash buyers on your list.

You could have three to five quality local cash buyers in your area buying multiple wholesale deals from you per month and that's all you need for years to come.

So I like to work smarter, not harder. And that's what I recommend for you. And so I want to explain this for you just to really make it easy for you when you're finding these cash buyers.

The strategy I will share today will show you how to find these local, quality cash buyers in your area in really only a few minutes.

Now let's talk about exactly makes a great cash buyer for wholesaling.


What Makes A Great Cash Buyer For Wholesaling?

What makes a great cash buyer for wholesaling are ones that have a lot of experience buying houses.

A fly by night cash buyer who has watched one HGTV house flipping show and does one deal every six months does not make a great cash buyer for wholesaling because this person is a newbie.

They'll be a newbie whom you send a wholesale deal to, and then they're going to be slow to get back to you. They've probably only ever flipped one or two houses, and may only be able to handle one house flip every six months.

They probably do not have the right contractor crews in place, or the right systems & processes to buy multiple wholesale deals per month from you. So, keep in mind that not all cash buyers are created equal.

So what makes a great cash buyer is someone that has the systems and processes in place and has the ability to purchase multiple wholesale deals per month. As well as, has the cash on hand to do purchase these properties from you.

Another attribute of what makes a great cash buyer, are ones that are able to make decisions quickly.

I'm talking about when you send them a deal via email and you follow up with a phone call, you want them to be able to respond to you within a few hours and be able to make a decision to buy the property within 24 to 72 hours.

Now, if you haven't wholesaled a lot of deals that may seem like a short amount of time. But actually you that's plenty amount of time for a sophisticated cash buyer to make a decision to buy a single family house. That's what we're looking for.

You shouldn't have cash buyers on your list that drag their feet and get back to you one week later. That's not going to cut it in this business. And these aren't the people you want to work with.

You want to work with the people that will get back to you and have excellent communication skills. Pick up your phone calls, respond to your emails so that you can close these deals quickly and efficiently.

Now you also want a cash buyer that is local to the market you are wholesaling houses in.

I see it all the time where wholesalers are starting out and they're like, "Oh my gosh, I got five cash buyers." And the real estate wholesaler is located & wholesaling in San Antonio, Texas, and then their cash buyers are located & buying houses in Hoboken, New Jersey.

That doesn't work for us. Yes, that person, in Hoboken, New Jersey, may be a cash buyer, but we want to find local cash buyers in our area that are actually flipping houses in the area we're located in.

So it's about finding local buyers that understand the market, understand the zip codes, the neighborhoods, the niches in your market, because they can make decisions quickly whether they will buy your wholesale real estate deal, or not. They can buy your deals and are going to be the most confident in your wholesale deals.

And lastly, you want to find a cash buyer that does what they say they're going to do.

There are so many people in the real estate investing space, whether you're a wholesaler or fix and flipper, that are amateurs and they say they're going to call you back at 2:00 PM and they don't.

Or they say they're going to email you back and they don't. You want to find someone that has integrity so that when you're starting a business relationship with them today, you can look forward 12 months from now, 24 months from now. And at least have confidence that they're going to keep doing what they say they're going to do. This is huge in business.

And as an entrepreneur, as a wholesaler, you get to dictate who you want to work with. That's one of the beautiful things about being in this business. You don't have to work with anyone you don't want to.

And what you need to realize is that cash buyers are abundant. So if you ever find a cash buyer that you do not like working with, that doesn't fit the mold of anything I just talked about, then don't work with them. You can simply find another cash buyer

And I'm about to show you how to how to find cash buyers very quickly in just a few minutes online. I'm going to show you how to find cash buyers that are going to be sophisticated. That are going to be local. That are going to have the capacity to buy multiple wholesale deals from you per month.

That are going to have solid communication skills and hit all of these for you. So you can have a thriving wholesaling business.


Things To Take Note Of With Cash Buyers

Now, here are some things to take note of with cash buyers.

An experienced cash buyer, when you send them a wholesale deal that you have under contract, keep in mind that they could negotiate your price down your wholesale fee down.

They're a real estate investor and they wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't try to negotiate. So if they say, "Hmm, you know, is that the best you can do on your price? Or is that flexible?"

If you know it's a good deal, stand firm to your numbers. This is very important because it's the difference between making 15 grand on a deal and five grand. You don't always need to lower your wholesale fee.

If it's a good deal, then stick to your ground. Understand this, sophisticated investors will try to negotiate your wholesale fee. But as you move on, as you progress in your career as a wholesaler, you're going to get more advanced as well and be able to see this. So I'm just sharing this with you so you can make as much money as possible per wholesale deal.

Now, in general, if you find that some cash buyers are slower to respond back to you, a couple things, one, they may be a newbie.

They may be putting on a front. They may have not done a lot of deals to get back to you quickly. On a deal, they're maybe asking 5, 6, 7 different mentors on, "Hey, is this a good deal or not?"

Or if they're not getting back to you quickly, and they're sophisticated, then they could just not see the value that you're providing for them. And so that's an issue on your part as a wholesaler of not providing the value that you bring to them or not believing in that and that coming off from a lack of confidence.

And what you need to understand is that as a wholesaler, you are providing an extreme amount of value in the entire real estate market and for fix and flippers. You're putting food on the table for any fix and flipper that you wholesale a deal to. How a fix and flipper keeps their business thriving is through flipping more houses.

And you can be a number one deal provider for any fix and flipper that you work with. So you have immense value and you need to realize that and don't be pushed around and understand that if you want to do great business and you want to be wholesaling multiple houses per month, it's these cash buyers that you need to build relationships with.

And lastly, when you're working with cash buyers, make sure that this cash buyer is an actual fix and flipper and not just a wholesaler pretending to be a fix and flipper. That's important because what I've seen happen sometimes is that you'll think you have a cash buyer.

Maybe you met them in person, you've found them online somewhere. But they're just a wholesaler and they're trying to wholesale your deals. And if they're doing that without your permission, then that's called daisy chaining.

They're not really being truthful or trustful, and it's not a great way to start a relationship.

Now, if this person tells you, "Hey, I'm a wholesaler and we can co-wholesale deals together and split wholesale fees, maybe 50/50, then that's a different type of relationship that I definitely recommend doing. It's helpful. But just keep in mind to verify that these fix and flippers are actually fix and flippers.


Why You Want To Find Cash Buyers First Before Getting A Deal?

And now let's get into why you actually want to start with finding cash buyers first before getting your wholesale deal.

So this has been an argument, everyone talks about it in this industry. "Hey, do I find the deal first and then we get the cash buyers? Or do I find the cash buyers then I get the deals?"

And my philosophy is that cash buyers are so simple to find that it makes sense and is silly to try and get a wholesale deal first to then be rushed to find cash buyers after the fact.

Because if you don't have the skill sets of building rapport or know how to find these cash buyers, you'll be running around like a chicken with your head cut off when you have a deal under contract that you're trying to wholesale.

Then you're trying to find cash buyers and you say, "Hey, you got to get to the property in three days & let me know ASAP if you want it." That's not a great way to start & build a relationship.

So I want to give you an example of what Amateur Wholesalers vs. Pro Wholesalers below do so you can see why it's important to find cash buyers first:

What Amateur Wholesalers Do...(The Hard Way)

So the amateur wholesaler, what they do is they'll go find a random house, put it under contract. Some random house, just somewhere.

And then they'll try and market that deal to cash buyers. It's a random house they're marketing.

And then they'll hope that their cash buyers will want that deal. And they'll send a big email blast of thousands of cash buyers on this random house they found, maybe they'll get paid.

Maybe they'll get lucky and they'll be blindfolded and be able to hit that target.

There's a lot of randomness, a lot of hope that goes on when amateur wholesalers think it's all about getting a deal under contract first.

What Pro Wholesalers Do...(The Smart Way)

For the Pro Wholesaler, for someone who does this professionally as a wholesaler, you want to find your cash buyers first.

It's that important so that you can know the cash buyer's exact buying criteria.

And now you can find the exact deals your cash buyers want from just asking them, such as:

"What deals do you like to buy?"

"What's your bread and butter?"

"What zip codes do you like to buy in?"

"What are your favorite cities to buy in?"

So now when we ask our cash buyers all of these question, we can find the exact deals that they want and operate with certainty and confidence when speaking with everyone in the transaction that this wholesale deal is going to work for our cash buyers. Does that make sense?

That's why it's so important to find these cash buyers first because we then we can go find the exact types of deals that they want!

And now we're putting a round peg through a circle hole, instead of trying to put a brick through this circle hole. It's much, much easier to just find your cash buyers first!

Your business will be way less stressful. And so I want to give you the best chance of success and that's why I recommend doing it that way.


How To Find Cash Buyers Online For Free

Now let's get into how to find cash buyers online for free. 

This strategy is what our company, Real Estate Skills, has coined the "Google Ninja Trick."

What the Google Ninja Trick is, and how you find cash buyers online for free, is that you will use search keywords on Google that motivated sellers typically type in. And you're going to type those keywords in and as well include your location information into google in order to find cash buyers in your area and online.

So I'll give you an example...

If there's a motivated seller who wants to sell their house in Denver, Colorado, they're probably going to type in something along the lines of "sell my house fast Denver" into Google.

Now, what sophisticated cash buyers do is that they understand that motivated sellers are going to type phrases like "sell my house fast Denver" into google. These sophisticated cash buyers will create blog articles and website pages which have these types of keywords on their website so that when a motivated seller types this in, their website comes up on Google!

So to find cash buyers online for free, all you need to do is pretend you're a motivated seller, and type in these keyword phrases that I'll share with you.

And I have a resource that you'll be able to download with all the words that you can type in to find these cash buyers, all you have to do in your area. And then you'll be able to find these cash buyers in your area in literally one minute or less. It's that simple.

Download the Google Ninja Trick Resource For Finding Cash Buyers here (this includes all of the BEST Motivated Seller Keywords & Phrases you want to use to Find Cash Buyers)!


Why Does The Google Ninja Trick Work So Well For Finding Cash Buyers Online?

The Google Ninja Trick works extremely well for finding cash buyers because cash buyers often spend time and money in order to rank on Google for these specific keywords and phrases that motivated sellers type in.

For example, cash buyers will have specific blog articles or pages on their website that have the written text of "Sell My House Fast Denver. We'll be able to help you sell your house!"

There are also other phrases you can type into google. So let's just go along with the example of Denver, Colorado, and you want to find cash buyers in Denver, Colorado.

You can also type in "we buy houses Denver". You can type "buy my house Denver", "sell my house fast Denver", "stop foreclosure fast Denver".

All the keywords that a motivated seller would type in are what you want to type into google.

You put those phrases into Google, you click search. Then, you'll be able to find cash buying companies that come up and take a look at their website.


Cash Buyer Example In Denver, Colorado

I'll show you an example on my computer on how to find some cash buyers quickly and easily in Denver.

So I'm going to type in "sell my house fast Denver" into google and click "Enter" if I were to be wholesaling houses in Denver, Colorado. And what we want to do, I'll give you some good advice, is we want to stay away from these ads at the top.

These are ads where it says "Ad" because a lot of the times there's going to be national cash buying companies, and we want to stay away from national cash buying companies. Because remember, I told you, we want to look for local companies that are in our area, experts in the area because they're going to make decisions quickly.

Now this, that can definitely be a good one. I would click that. But let me show you a really great company that I've seen on here. They're called the Buy-Out Company. And so if you go to, you'll see these are the organic search results.

So these are websites that are trying to rank for "sell my house fast Denver" or "we buy houses fast Denver". Any of those phrases that you type in.

But when we go to the Buy-Out Company, here's what you can do now. We're looking for sophisticated cash buyers. Well, right away, we can go check out their team, their 'About Us' page. We can learn about what they've done, who they are.

We can see that the two general partners have combined over 80 years of experience of buying and selling homes in the Denver market. We can learn about this cash buying company. And they're obviously a legit corporation, as you can see here. A legit company doing deals.

So this is how simple it is to find these cash buyers! Even their phone number is at the top right hand side of the screen. You can give them a call.

If you go to the 'Contact Us' page, there's probably their email that you can reach out to them. It's that's simple. They want wholesale deals. They want to work with wholesalers like you.

And look at this, they've done over 1,647 properties in Colorado that they've purchased. That's a lot.

So talk about a great cash buyer that can probably buy a hundred houses from you in a year or two or three years. That's what I mean when I say you want quality over quantity when finding cash buyers in your market.

So you can use this Google Ninja Trick in any city across the United States to find cash buyers in your area!


Best Practices For Finding Cash Buyers Online

Here are the best practices for finding cash buyers online when using the Google Ninja Trick.

Don't only type in the phrase of "sell my house fast" and then your city name. Try the different phrases I've included in the downloadable resource. Multiple different phrases to find different cash buyers that are ranking well in Google that you can then call, email, reach out to, build a relationship with, and understand their buying criteria.

That's how you're going to find more cash buyers fast. And so what I've done is in the link below, is I've included some helpful slides from this video and then also a list of all the keywords you can use to find these cash buyers in your area.

So that if you forget about this video, you at least have this resource with you forever. If you want to give it to a team member on your team to find these cash buyers, you can absolutely do that. They'll be able to just pick it up and run with it. And you can also download this resource at:

Just click the image above and you'll be able to download the free resource!

So another best practice is to go to the second and third page of Google. There are going to be other organic search results of local buyers there that you can find and reach out to on other pages besides the first page of google.

And then be sure, once again, that you're looking at local cash buyers, there may be some national cash buyers that are buying in multiple different states that you don't really want to reach out to.

Because you're probably going to talk to a receptionist and at the end of the day, these cash buyers, they're not a local expert in your market. And it's going to waste a lot of your time and they're going to drag their feet if you have a deal.

So local, local, local, find local cash buyers, look at their website, read the 'About Us' section. And you'll be able to find wholesale buyers for your deals right in your own backyard.

One last thing I want to cover, cause I know this question will come up. "You know, Alex, what if I live in a small city?"

So, let's say you type in that small city name and no cash buyers come up. Well, what I want you to do is then type in your county name. So "sell my house fast" and then your county name or the next biggest city close to you.

Because there are going to be cash buyers that not only buyers in that city, but the surrounding cities, the surrounding counties and the whole entire state.

So first start micro and then start going macro gradually when you're looking for cash buyers online.


Final Thoughts 

That's how you're going to be able to find cash buyers online for free anywhere and in any state by utilizing our Google Ninja Trick strategy shown in the video above & in this article!

So go ahead, give it a try. And if this was helpful for you, then be sure to comment below with "Google Ninja Trick", because then I'll be able to see, "Hey, it helped you and you'll be able to find these cash buyers quickly and easily."

So whether you have a wholesale deal right now under contract, or you just need to find cash buyers now. Use the Google Ninja Trick immediately, like today!

And if you're wondering, "Should I find a deal first or my cash buyers first?" Just use the Google Ninja Trick and in minutes begin building these relationships with your cash buyers and then find that wholesale deal.

You're going to have so much more confidence now when moving forward by finding your cash buyers first!

So, in today's video & article I'm happy we were also able to cover the context of cash buyers. This was important so you understand exactly what we're looking for & who cash buyers are in real estate. 

We want to be able to put a face to a name and look at cash buyers as partners to our business rather than faceless cash buyers, because it's this perspective that's going to assist in building fruitful business relationships for years to come.

Remember that we want to find local, sophisticated cash buyers who are actually fixing & flipping houses in the area you're wholesaling real estate in! By doing this, you will make your life and their lives so much better!

And then we covered exactly how to find cash buyers online for free using our Google Ninja Trick WITHOUT having to use any software, without having to pay any money, & without having to skip trace.

So now you can find these wholesale buyers quickly, easily and efficiently!

Wholesaling, flipping, buying & holding real estate changed my life. And that's why we're sharing this information, so that you can change your life, as well!

So you can live the life you want to live, be financially free, and have more time doing the things that you actually like doing!

Please feel free to like this video on YouTube, hit the notification "bell" button, and subscribe to the Real Estate Skills YouTube Channel to get more great content on cash buyers, wholesale real estate, & flipping houses!

Comment below with "Google Ninja Trick" if this helped with how to find cash buyers online in your area for free!

Happy Wholesaling & Flipping!

Talk soon!

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