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Batch Dialer Review: Pricing, Alternatives & More (2023)

real estate software May 24, 2022

Cold calling is one of the easiest, most cost-effective real estate lead generation strategies. It personalizes prospecting, making your brand feel more human, and offers instant feedback, allowing you to identify leads worth following up on and those who require nurturing.

But it’s no sunshine and rainbows either. It requires an agent to make endless calls to prospects on different lead lists, and you’re not always guaranteed a response. Every agent or investor looking to succeed needs an autodialer like the Batch Dialer

It has an AI-driven predictive dialer to automate inbound and outbound real estate marketing calls, conversely easing follow-up. Besides a dialer, it packs an array of amazing features like skills-based routing, CRM capabilities, and more, as detailed in our Batch Dialer review below. 


What Is Batch Dialer?

Dialer platform Batch Dialer

The Batch Dialer is a fully cloud-based progressive autodialer designed for solopreneurs, sales teams, customer service departments to even full-scale call centers. The platform is ideal for real estate investing, insurance, debt collections, and roofing sales teams.

It streamlines inbound and outbound calling through AI-driven call routing and redefines overall lead management thanks to its nearly endless integrations and a fully-integrated CRM. 

We couldn’t find much information on the minds behind the platform, but we found out the CEO is Jesse Burrel, and they offer four other industry-leading batch service tools; BatchSkipTracing, Batch Leads, BatchDriven, and BatchData.

The platform is also pretty popular with reviews from seasoned real estate investors in the industry and where they have been discussed in a few podcasts. 



What Are The Features Of Batch Dialer?

Here are features to expect when you use the Batch Dialer:

Predictive Dialer 

Batch Dialer boasts a pretty innovative predictive dialer. It packs the following features:

AI-Driven Call Routing 

The Batch auto dialer doesn’t just randomly route calls. It uses real-time analytics to determine when to connect calls and only does so when a lead answers, consequently reducing waiting time.

It also uses pacing technology to detect when a call is about to end and then dials the next lead in line, eliminating an agent’s idle time. 

Answering Machine Detection 

Batch’s advanced algorithm is tuned to detect and drop busy tones and voicemails from an answering machine after about 3.5 seconds.

This reduces time wastage and increases agent productivity since they’re only rerouted to successfully connected calls. 

Simple and Customizable Outbound Dialing Campaigns 

Batch Dialer outbound calling campaigns are incredibly easy to create and users can also pause, edit, or even duplicate them as needed.

They’re also highly customizable. You can customize the number of assigned calls per agent, the ring duration, the number of redials, the maximum number of times to dial a particular number per day and per record, and even the abandonment timeout rate.

To create Batch Dialer campaigns, you can either upload contacts from the Batch CRM, import from an existing list, or buy directly from the campaign page if you’re a beginner with no lead list. 

Live Call Monitoring And Call Recording 

With the Batch Dialer, call center supervisors and real estate sales team leaders can remotely monitor agent status and join in live calls.

The process is discreet so that leads won’t be aware. The predictive dialer also automatically records all inbound and outbound calls. 

Inbound Calling Skill-based Routing

The batch autodialer features not just unlimited outbound dialing; it also lets users receive calls right from the platform. It uses an advanced algorithm to route inbound calls to call center staff with the skills and tools necessary to resolve a lead’s query.

This boosts first call resolution, consequently enhancing a lead’s experience and increasing the likelihood of having a successful sale. Skill-based routing also means call center managers and real estate investors with teams can now hire agents with the relevant skills, reducing agent training costs. 

Local Numbers

Call centers are guaranteed to improve their call acceptance rates with the Batch Power Dialer since it automatically adjusts the phone number to match a lead’s physical location. 

Additional Dialer Features:

  • Built-in CRM for easy appointment setting and lead management
  • Automated scrubbing for duplicated, or unnecessary phone numbers
  • DNC scrubbing, Automatic TCPA plaintiff, and litigator scrubs 
  • Customizable call scripts 
  • In-app phone
  • Warm transfers 
  • Lead prioritization 

Reporting Features 

The Batch Dialer boasts a status monitoring feature that lets you see when an agent is online or on a break. It also has:

  • Real-time dashboards 
  • Team Dashboard 
  • Real-time reporting 

Preview Dialer 

Wish to dial leads from a specific campaign manually? The Batch Dialer also comes with a preview dialer that lets you manually select each contact before you dial. 


What Are The Benefits Of A Batch Dialer?

Benefits of a Batch Dialer

Here are some of the perks Batch Dialer users enjoy:

Boosts Productivity 

The Batch Power Dialer uses an advanced algorithm to dial multiple numbers simultaneously, detect answering machines, connect agents to live calls and determine the timing for the next call. As a result, no time or effort is wasted waiting for leads to answer or manually dialing the following number.

There are also no risks of misdialing. It also increases agent talk time with motivated sellers, allowing them to hit their target list. This boosts morale and promotes a positive team attitude, enhancing overall team performance and productivity. 

Enhances Lead Experiences 

Batch Dialer features calling scripts agents can follow to ensure each lead’s call experience is not just professional but also enjoyable. They’re customizable, meaning agents can adjust them based on up-to-date contact info available in the built-in CRM, ensuring that each call is personalized for a better client experience.

The power dialer automatically matches the phone number with the lead’s area code, increasing the acceptance rate and the lead’s experience. Inbound skill-based routing also means every caller’s issue is sorted out on the first call. 

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Data-Driven Decision Making 

The platform features maps highlighting a user’s target locations and the response rate. This info comes in handy when creating future campaigns since one can quickly identify hot and dormant markets.

Thanks to features like call recording and the built-in CRM, Batch Dialer users get the data to track metrics like conversion rate, average handle time, first call close or resolution, and even occupancy rate. They can then use the results to develop strategies that improve the success of future campaigns. 

Promotes Remote Working

Thanks to real-time and team dashboards, Batch Dialer admins can add sub-users to their accounts and track agent performance from anywhere.

Similarly, sub-users remotely access the agent’s dashboard, meaning you can even hire virtual assistants instead of in-house teams to cut operation costs. 


How To Use Batch Dialer?

Batch Dialer is a pretty straightforward platform, and how you use it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. 

However, If you’re only looking to dial, simply click on the dialogue box on the top left under the dashboard, switch status to Available and select campaign on the pop-up dialogue box. The dialer will automatically pop up and dial selected lines. If you signed up for the multi-line dialer, you could choose to ring up to ten numbers, but Batch Dialer recommends dialing not more than three to make the task manageable.

Clicking on the caller ID reveals important lead data such as their contact information, property details, activities(any inbound and outbound calls or SMS interactions you’ve had with them), and associated past campaigns. Users can also add notes on the caller, for instance, their response. 

Now that you have an idea of how to use the dialer, here’s how to use the other features available on the main menu:

The Dashboard

It’s the first page you’ll see when you log into the Batch Dialer. It contains a general overview of a user’s KPIs.

You can find the average call duration, wait times, abandonment times, average calls per agent, active campaigns, agents and numbers, call summary, and even how agents spend their time on the platform. It also features a map highlighting your target markets and the response rate. 


Here is where you’ll create your outbound calling marketing campaigns. To create one, click on "New Campaign" on the top left, select "dialing mode"(preview and predictive dialer), assign agents, pick a phone number, upload contacts, and configure your campaign.

Batch Dialer campaigns feature advanced configuration options that allow you to customize campaigns to fit what you have in mind.

Each campaign you create will have preset settings, perfect for anyone who’s never made a marketing campaign before, but you can always adjust it to suit your needs. 


Although Batch Dialer offers subscriptions based on the number of users, the primary subscriber or admin (you) can have authorized sub-users. If you have a team of agents and would like to add them, simply go to "USERS", click Add New on the top left, and key in their information.

Sub users cannot cancel the subscription, but if you’re looking to enhance your team’s usage flexibility, there’s a "USER PERMISSION" button right next to Add New where you can adjust access. Note that you can also view agent statuses from the "USERS" tab. 

Phone System

You can manually add new phone numbers, import them from your lead lists, and if you’re a beginner, buy them directly at $4 each under the phone system window. Users can also manage Do not call numbers, inbound calls, and IVR settings under this window. It also includes a call results page where you can assign an action based on the call outcome.

A few action examples include successful sale, do not call, not interested, and voicemail. You may even group particular numbers for effortless follow-up or nurturing. 

Some of these functions, for instance, users and phone system, are exclusive to the admin, meaning they won’t show on the main menu if you log in as an agent. 


What Are The Available Batch Dialer Integrations?

Integrations for Batch Dialer

Integrating Batch Dialer with other software in your feature stack lets you extend each platform’s functionality.

It also creates one point of data entry, allowing users to streamline workflow, improve decision-making, and enhance productivity since they can seamlessly pull data from one software to another instead of toggling between multiple applications.

That said, the Batch Dialer integrates with some of the most used software and apps in real estate investing, as shown in this list:


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

Batch Dialer Competitors

Want to weigh your options? Here is how the Batch Dialer stacks against the competition:

Batch Dialer vs Mojo Dialer 

The Mojo Dialer is a comprehensive prospecting tool with Mojo Data for lead generation, a lead manager, and a host of marketing tools. It also features a dialer, and although it’s efficient and supports unlimited outbound dialing, it’s incomparable to the Batch Power Dialer.

The latter features powerful performance-enhancing tools like AI-driven call routing, real-time dashboards, and agent status monitoring. If you’re in the market for a powerful dialer to enhance your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, Batch Dialer is the way to go.

Plus, you get the best bang for your buck because it also features a built-in CRM and integrates with some of the top marketing tools, meaning you still get to enjoy seamless lead management. 

Batch Dialer vs CallTools

CallTools is a comprehensive inbound and outbound calling solution for real estate investing, telemarketers, and small businesses. It boasts a pretty neat feature stack that includes CRM, SMS & email marketing tools, call management tools, and both preview and predictive dialers like the Batch Dialer.

The predictive dialer has nearly similar features to the Batch autodialer. It features integrations with platforms like Podio, Zapier, HubSpot, Zillow, Google Sheets, etc. It also comes with simple campaigns, status updates, a built-in webphone, and inbound queues.

But while it does stack well, Batch Dialer still comes out ahead thanks to features like skills-based routing, lead prioritization, warm transfers, and automated scrubs for DNC, litigators, and TCPA-plaintiffs. 

BatchDialer vs ConneXio 

ConneXio features multiple dialer options; preview, predictive, click to dial, progressive to SQL dial. It also has an automated workflow builder for seamless task assignments.

So, if you want a dialer with multiple dialing options, it’ll work perfectly but might be a bit too sophisticated or complicated for beginners. If you are just newly starting out then Batch Dialer is your best bet. 

Batch Dialer vs MegaDialer 

The MegaDialer comes with a preview dialer for manual call management and a predictive dialer for outbound marketing automation. The predictive dialer includes features like on-demand recording, call monitoring, call lists for agents, real-time activity panels, and different access levels for different users.

It also comes with marketing tools like forms, questionnaires, and email integration. Both platforms are pretty good at what they do, and it all depends on what you need. Batch Dialer is a good fit if you’re looking for a predictive dialer with a more comprehensive feature stack.

Still, if you’re looking for essential dialing functions and are on a budget, the MegaDialer is an excellent choice since it offers the pay-as-you-go pricing model. 


Batch Dialer Software FAQ

What Is The Batch Dialer Price?

Batch Dialer Cost

Batch Dialer offers two monthly subscription plans: a single and a multi-line dialer. The single-line dialer package starts at $89 per agent and includes unlimited minutes, customizable auto-dialing, campaign optimization, IVR, enhanced list recycling, inbound queues, and a phone number at $4.

The multi-line dialer costs $139 per agent. It has all features of the single-line dialer, with the primary difference being you can simultaneously dial up to ten numbers, making 5x more calls within a few minutes.

Does Batch Dialer Have A CRM?

Yes. Batch Dialer has a built-in CRM for users to track, organize and manage leads from the moment you add them to your list until they’re nurtured and ready to convert. 

Can You Cancel Your Batch Dialer Plan?

You can not only cancel your Batch Dialer subscription plan but also have the platform entirely scrap all your personal information from it. However, before this happens, Batch Dialer customer support will reach out directly via email to verify your cancellation request.

Keep in mind that your monthly subscription fee is non-refundable even if you opt-out mid-month or never use the software. 

Is There A Batch Dialer Tutorial?

Yes, the platform does offer new users a step-by-step demo on request. They also have a YouTube channel where Batch Dialer CEO Jesse Burrel, and Batch TV Host Mychelle Hastings, cover topics on the Batch Dialer, other Batch platforms, wholesaling, and real estate investing in general. 

Check out this quick video below that talks about getting started with Batch Dialer!

Additionally, Batch Dialer has one of the most resourceful blogs we’ve come across. It covers the different ways to use the platform, including a step-by-step guide on integrating the dialer with platforms like Zillow and a guide on using the tool as a beginner. The platform also features a FAQ page and highly resourceful support page addressing key user issues such as how to set it up, how to create campaigns, and even how to recover lost logins. 

Plus, there are plenty of tutorials on sites like Youtube from seasoned real estate investors like David Dodge, where beginners can find independent reviews from first-time Batch Dialer users.

How To Recover Your Batch Dialer Logins?

If you lose your Batch Dialer logins, click on the “forgot your button” icon right below the password entry field, and you’ll receive an email with a reset link.

How To Get A Batch Dialer Phone Number?

Batch Dialer doesn’t assign you a specific phone number. The software automatically matches area codes to the caller’s location enabling users to create a smart local presence. 


Is Batch Dialer Worth It?

Batch Dialer has an incredibly high-performance predictive dialer and is easy to create and manage outbound calling marketing campaigns. It also features a preview dialer and a built-in CRM, meaning although it’s essentially an autodialer, you can still use it for lead management. 

So, yes, Batch Dialer is worth it. However, note that the platform offers pricing plans per agent, and the larger your team, the higher the costs. It sure does offer value for the money, so the price should be no deal-breaker.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Batch Dialer or on its respective website. Batch Dialer is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Batch Dialer and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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