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Yellow Letter HQ Review (2023 Edition)

real estate software Apr 19, 2022

Operating a real estate investment business has a lot of moving parts. While identifying properties and closing deals may be the mainstay, investors can’t close deals without effective marketing.

Whether marketing to prospects or reaching out to leads, an effective marketing program must check all the boxes. That means a multi-pronged approach that utilizes both digital and traditional avenues for reaching potential clients and then keeping them engaged.

Yellow Letter HQ is a full-service direct mail company based in San Diego that specializes in marketing campaigns customized for real estate investors and mortgage brokers.


What Is Yellow Letter HQ?

The term “yellow letters” refers to prospecting letters that are handwritten, or created to look handwritten, and sent by real estate professionals to generate leads.

Yellow Letter HQ targets real estate investors with its full slate of services designed to fit the unique needs of real estate professionals. Performing as a mail house is only one facet of the business services the company created to provide real estate professionals with a better alternative to other direct mail services. Customers can choose between customized letters or postcards, as well as additional services, such as list management and returned mail services.

One of the ways Yellow Letter HQ tries to excel at what it offers is by expanding upon just the traditional services undertaken by mail houses. The company offers customizable campaigns with options ranging from handwritten to professional formats, and products spanning from postcards to mailing lists. But perhaps the way the company best addresses the pain points for real estate investors is through its promise that it will deliver campaigns very quickly at a competitive rate.

Read on to learn more about Yellow Letter HQ’s features as well as how it compares to similar services, so you can make an informed decision as to whether Yellow Letter HQ is the right choice for your business.

Check out this quick video that introduces Yellow Letter HQ marketing service!


Yellow Letter HQ Features And Benefits

Yellow Letter HQ is designed to provide real estate investors with the services they need most to ensure a direct mail campaign’s success. This includes features that focus not only on the mailing itself but on ensuring the list of recipients is clean and valid, as well as managing returned mail.

Yellow Letter HQ’s selection of related services is available via individual subscriptions. Here is a closer look at Yellow Letter HQ’s features that provide you with the information for determining if Yellow Letter HQ is the right choice for your business.

Yellow Letter HQ Review Features


Letters are Yellow Letter HQ’s bread and butter. The company points out that letters have the best response rate—approximately twice the response rate of a postcard. The company offers a tutorial on its process for ordering a letter campaign, though it is straightforward.

Customers can choose from over a dozen templates, including handwritten letters on yellow notebook paper. Customers can also choose from two sizes of handwritten envelopes.


With about 20 templates to choose from, customers have plenty of customizable options for their postcard campaigns. Customers can also work with Yellow Letter HQ designers to create a truly customized piece for their campaign.

As with letter campaigns, the idea is to create a direct mail piece that appears to be handwritten. With both postcards and letters, customers are able to choose components of the design, such as finish and

YLHQ List And Leads

As part of its full-service direct mail platform, Yellow Letter HQ also offers list services. Its YLHQ Lists and Leads subscription provides local or national prospect list building.

The subscription may be purchased in combination with the YLHQ Returned Mail Service at a discount compared to purchasing the subscriptions separately.

YLHQ List Organizer

This subscription-based service does just as its name suggests: it helps YLHQ customers to manage their lists, remove the bad addresses and removal requests, organize lists by categories, and offer other functions that make lists more usable.

This subscription can be purchased in combination with the company’s YLHQ List and Leads and Returned Mail Service subscriptions at a discount.

YLHQ Returned Mail Service

This add-on service offers the opportunity to conduct either a webcam scan or handheld scan of all your returned mail from your campaigns. Once scanned, the file of returned addresses can then be uploaded and used to clear the bad addresses from your lists, if you utilize the company’s List Organizer service, you can use the returned mail list to remove bad addresses from your property lists on any list in your list organizer.

Otherwise, if you are only subscribed to the Returned Mail Membership, you can use that list against your own database of property prospects to ensure you aren’t wasting time marketing to a returned mail address.

Yellow Letter HQ Skip Tracing

Yellow Letter HQ also offer skip tracing services, although this service is subject to availability. The subscription rate is a flat rate for up to 180 searches, with a per search charge beyond that amount. Yellow Letter HQ delivers up to three email addresses and up to three phone numbers per search.

The company also provides an updated mailing address, if available. It should be noted that Yellow Letter HQ charges per record uploaded and not per record delivered. There are skip tracing platforms that only charge per result so that “bad” contacts do not incur a fee.


What Are Yellow Letter HQ Alternatives?

Yellow Letter HQ promises to help its real estate investor customers create direct mail campaigns that deliver results beyond what is expected from the average direct mail campaign.

Its services are based on a monthly subscription or per deliverable address basis—or a combination thereof—depending on the services or campaigns selected. So, what alternatives exist to Yellow Letter HQ?

Yellow Letter HQ Review Alternatives

Yellow Letter HQ vs GoBig Yellow Letter

GoBig Yellow Letter is a very robust data and direct mail platform. It does many of the same things that Yellow Letter HQ does, but its platform is more inviting and professional.

Rather than a few dozen templates, GoBig Yellow Letter offers its customers hundreds of templates. Yellow Letter HQ is a “pay as you go” platform. There are no subscriptions. The company offers a free concierge service and allows potential customers to make a free account and explore the platform before making a purchase.

In addition to direct mail services, GoBig Yellow Letter offers skip tracing. Customers pay only if a record is found.

Yellow Letter HQ vs YellowLetters.com

YellowLetters.com pricing varies and is on a per mailing piece basis. Prices vary, depending on what type of letter, postcard, and envelope you choose. The company offers over 1,000 templates for customization using personalized variable data.

Although it doesn’t list skip tracing as one of the services it offers, YellowLetters does off a number of mailing lists using specific criteria such as a homeowner behind in mortgage payments.

Yellow Letter HQ vs Do It Yourself

If you can limit your campaign to a more modest, manageable number and target a known audience rather than dealing with a few large lists, you should be able to acquire a mailing list, create some real estate marketing materials and launch your campaign. You can keep track of the results in your CRM or a spreadsheet.

With a little creativity, you can design your marketing materials on a low-cost or free site like Canva and avoid design charges. Your print shop can offer advice on paperweights and finishes.

While you may save some money going the DIY route, you could come up against some challenges, making it less efficient. The key to avoiding problems is to keep your campaign’s audience to a manageable size.


Should I Use Yellow Letter HQ With ListSource?

One option for your campaign would be to use a platform like ListSource to develop and manage your lists, then use Yellow Letter HQ to create and implement your campaign. Because ListSource is focused only on lists, you can expect more success at building a high-quality list of prospects.

However, keep in mind that ListSource does not provide pricing upfront because all pricing is customized depending on the list you build. Instead, you will need to sign in and customize your list to achieve a customized price.

This becomes a hurdle in comparing the costs of using ListSource versus generating lists at Yellow Letter HQ through its List and Leads service.

Yellow Letter HQ Review ListSource


Yellow Letter HQ FAQ

Yellow Letter HQ is an online platform providing a comprehensive suite of services for real estate investors and brokers. In addition to the expected mail house services, Yellow Letter HQ offers list management and, when available, skip tracing.

The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision about whether Yellow Letter HQ software is a good fit for your business.

What Are The Prices From Yellow Letter HQ?

The costs you could incur with an account at Yellow Light HQ vary greatly, depending on what services you are seeking. Letters start at 0.539 cents, while postcards begin at 0.418 cents. Skiptracing, when available, is priced at a $25 flat fee. If your list is greater than 100, you can expect to pay on a “per-item” basis.

A YLHQ List and Leads or YLHQ List Organizer subscription start at $97 per month each, while a YLHQ Returned Mail subscription begins at $49 per month.

Does Yellow Letter HQ Offer Subscriptions?

Yellow Letter HQ’s postcard and letter campaigns, as well as skip tracing when available, are billed on a per-item basis.

However, Yellow Letter HQ offers subscription pricing on its other services: YLHQ List and Leads, YLHQ List Organizer, and YLHQ Returned Mail services.

How To Get A Yellow Letter HQ Coupon Code?

While there are no coupons, promo codes, or discount codes referenced on the Yellow Letter HQ platform, sites like ScoopCoupons have, from time to time, coupon codes for a discount at Yellow Letter HQ.

Simply identify what is available, copy the code and input it in the account area of the Yellow Letter HQ site.

In addition to coupon codes on external sites, Yellow Letter HQ enables bundling of some of its services, lowering the costs overall compared to purchasing the services separately.

How Can I Contact Yellow Letter HQ Support?

Yellow Letter HQ support can be reached by filling out the online form, calling 858-412-3370, or emailing [email protected].

The company’s address is 4903 Morena Blvd Suite 1211, San Diego, CA 92117.


Is Yellow Letter HQ Worth It?

Yellow HQ Letter Review Is It Worth It

When it comes to promoting its services, it could be said that Yellow Letter HQ is its own worst enemy. Compared to its competitors, the Yellow Letter HQ website appears lackluster, which can raise questions as to whether the company itself is competent in providing what it promises.

This unpolished persona is also evident in the video tutorials posted on its site and on YouTube.

The other challenges are that Yellow Letter HQ offers subscription-based pricing for services that can be found priced on a per-item basis on other platforms. In addition, a majority of other sites bill customers according to results and not according to the number of names uploaded, some of which may be outdated.

Another noticeable difference between Yellow Letter HQ and other similar platforms is that there are not as many Yellow Letter HQ reviews available as there are on competitor’s websites. Keep in mind, there are not as many templates as with other similar platforms.

However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one direct mail platform, you may want to give Yellow Letter HQ a try. Despite outward appearances, Yellow Letter HQ may just fit your business and provide success for your direct mail marketing efforts.

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*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Yellow Letter HQ or on its respective website. Yellow Letter HQ is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Yellow Letter HQ and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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