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Wholesaling Houses Interview: 18 y/o Goes From Making $10/hr to $2,000/hr! - Pro Wholesaler Review

In this interview we go over how Carson has been able to start wholesaling houses as an 18 year old! Carson recently quit his job and has gone from making $10/hr to $2,000/hr thanks to wholesaling houses & real estate!

In this in-depth interview, you’ll learn:

- How Carson made $16,400 in profit from his first 2 wholesale real estate deals
- How Carson found the houses that he wholesaled
- How to find cash buyers now for wholesale real estate deals
- The real estate deal numbers break down for each wholesale
- How being a member in the Pro Wholesaler Program has helped Carson grow his wholesaling business
- What to do (and not to do) when starting out wholesaling houses
- Carson’s #1 tip for anyone starting out as a wholesaling beginner


Here is the transcription of the wholesaling houses interview in case you enjoy reading:

Alex:                 Hey guys, what's up? It's Alex Martinez with and today we got a special video because I got an interview with my student Carson. He's 18 years old, and he went from making $10 bucks an hour to $2,000 an hour with his last wholesale real estate deals. So, he's wholesaling houses now and in this interview with him, we're going to go over how he got these past two houses, his third house under contract as well. And so it was from his first two houses, once again, he's 18 years old. He's made $16,400. That's, this third one he has under contract he's about to make about $22,000 on. And guess what? I just talked with them again after this interview and he's got a total of seven deals under contract, wholesale real estate deals. Check it out, see what Pro Wholesaler is about, see what our community's about. And you just kind of learn a lot. And guys, if an 18 year old can do this with zero real estate experience, you can wholesale and flip houses to. I hope you enjoy this, look forward to it. I'll see you on the flip side.

Alex:                 Hey guys, I'm here with Carson Demick. He's a student, the Pro Wholesaler Program. He's a phenomenal wholesaler and the past about month or so, he's got about two deals he's wholesaled and two other ones under contract, I believe right around there. I know in the last four weeks he made about $15,000. I think we'll get into the nitty gritty details on those numbers. But hey man, you're a Pro Wholesaler. Happy to have you here. Happy to share. I'm happy to have you share some golden nuggets as well, so thanks for your time.

Carson:             Yes sir. Thanks for having me, Alex. I'm really excited about this.

Alex:                 Awesome Carson. So let's get right into it man. You did that first deal I think beginning of May.

Carson:             Yep, May 1st is when I close on it.

Alex:                 Awesome man. How much, how much money did you make on that one?

Carson:             My first deal I made $8,400.

Alex:                 That's nice. That's good.

Carson:             Yeah, it was. There was, I was going to make 12 grand at first, and then I thought I was going to make four, and we'll get into that. But, I ended up making $8,400, so I was pretty happy with that.

Alex:                 Awesome man, awesome. Before you got your start wholesaling, were you in real estate or anything like that?

Carson:             Not at all. Actually none of my family, no one I know was in real estate. I don't know. I still can't remember how I first found out about wholesaling, but I know my buddy's brother, researched it at one point and kind of tipped me off to it, And then I saw some videos. Then eventually I joined the Pro Wholesaler course. That's kinda how I got into it. I never had any family, nothing, never had any background. I just kinda jumped in from square one.

Alex:                 Awesome. Yeah. So, you know me like you, I, that's how I started to, I didn't have any family members in it. Kind of had to dig around, seek out mentors, and find that info for myself. I also want to congratulate you cause you quit your job right, to do this full time.

Carson:             Yes, yes I did.

Alex:                 Awesome.

Carson:             It's funny cause I remember your handle for the video that I got introduced to the course by and it was like from $10 an hour to so much, and I was making $10 an hour or so. I quit that after I closed my first deal. Just knew I could make it consistent. So, it's pretty exciting.

Alex:                 Congratulations man. That's a big deal. You know there's a lot of people that want to get into wholesaling. They don't have the right path, or they kind of get in their own way. But you're someone who's not only done his first deal, he's done a second one. You have a couple other under contract right now. And so, let's kind of get into your secret sauce man. I, we were talking a little bit before this about the power of consistency, and I think in all things in life, in success, that's probably one of the most important things. And I think for a while you're trying to get deals, but it wasn't until you were really consistent and probably committed to this and say, Hey, I'm going to make this happen no matter what that things started really clicking.

Carson:             Yeah. So I'll kind of start back from square one.

Alex:                 Cool.

Carson:             I want to say I joined the course in it was either September or October of 2018. And then I, I had actually, I had a power washing business that was going pretty well, and then I ended up breaking my foot like in August, so right before I joined the course. And then I, what, I ended up just kind of staying at home and doing nothing. I just was playing video games and I had the course and it was like, I would be sitting there playing and in my mind I was like, I should be making calls right now, but I don't want to make calls. That's kinda how it started off. But eventually come like March, and a lot of this has to do with a mentor that just reached out to me through Facebook. But a guy called me and was like, hey, if you don't do a deal in the next 90 days and you just don't want it enough.

Carson:             And was just straight up with me because he knew that if I was going to do consistent marketing, then I, I should have gotten a deal by now. It had been like six months since I, you know, first reach out to him and said I wanted to do my first deal. And I mean, you know as good as I do that if you do six months of consistent marketing, you'll get a deal. No questions asked, if you're anywhere close to right and know what you're doing. I mean, I started consistently marketing. It was the beginning of March. And then I, I mean, it was, it was crazy. I went through, and maybe this is divine intervention, maybe it's, who knows? But I went through and I said, like some of the affirmations on your affirmations list. And I got up one morning, I was like, all right, I'm going to call consistently.

Carson:             Like I beat myself up about it for being so lazy. And I got on the phones and like one of the third calls I made this lady was like, yeah, I want to sell my house. And I ended up going out and getting on a contract. I got on her contract to May 26, or excuse me, March 26 so it was like a couple of weeks after I had started being consistent, and it was just kind of crazy. The first day I had been consistent, obviously it took some time for me to get on our contracts and when I first made contact with her, but I mean that's when I made contact with her was the first answer to be consistent. So it just shows you, I mean you're, if you're consistent, you'll be rewarded for that. And then, my second deal came from that call as well, just within the first couple of days, within the first week of being consistent with my marketing.

Alex:                 Awesome. And how much was the second deal?

Carson:             Second deal was $8,000.

Alex:                 $8,000 awesome.

Carson:             Yep.

Alex:                 And for those who are listening or maybe watching this don't what wholesaling is. It's when you get a property under contract and you sell the rights to that contract to a buyer, usually to fix and flipper that wants to fix and flip it. A lot of times you can spend $0 getting this property under contract and sell that contract. And we're kind of making money with no money. It's kind of a cool thing. But if you're here, hey, how to flip houses, no money down, things like that, it's what we're talking about. I mean, it's a real deal. Carson's already done two deals. Until I started seven years ago, and I love the tenacity that you brought to the table. I love how you're going out about it.

Alex:                 How old are you again by the way?

Carson:             18.

Alex:                 18, man I was, I been telling people about you. I'm like, Carson's 20, because I just thought you were 20. 18 man, I'm sorry I said you were 20, man. 18, that is phenomenal, man, congratulations. You're doing, what you're doing right now is what a lot of people in their 20s and 30s and 40s wish they could be doing. I commend you for that, man. When I did your first deal I was like 19, 20. My mentor said, "Hey man. Keep it up. You're doing some amazing things." And that's what you're doing right now, so definitely keep that up.

Carson:             I appreciate it. And it was kind of crazy because I had actually dropped out of college. I started going to college when I was in high school. It just kind of worked out I was homeschooled, so I decided to go to college early. And I didn't like it, so my senior year of high school I decided to stop going to college. And that was last fall. And that another reason why I was kind of lazy as my first kind of semester without anything to do. But I just decided to go full into real estate. I had seen people like you who were young who had been successful. And I figured if these guys can make this much money, I can make a living off this. I just kind of went full force and just kind of took a leap of faith there. But it's been awesome.

Alex:                 Awesome man. Yeah, I mean that's what it takes. You have to take that leap of faith. You have to go ahead. You have to move forward, most importantly, take action. I love that that one day you decided, hey, I want to be consistent about this, divine intervention, whatever it was.

Carson:             Yeah., but whatever.

Alex:                 You got that first deal.

Carson:             I know, cause it's like, it's not guaranteed that after a day of consistency you get a deal. But I think it was just that build up of like, I dunno what it was, but it was just so many times I would try to be consistent, and then I finally was, and it just, I got rewarded or it, I guess.

Alex:                 Awesome man. Awesome. And I know a lot beginners have this question of how to find cash buyers for your deals, right? Sometimes people think that it's so hard to find these buyers. I don't really think so. You're on the training go over how to find the buyers, but I want to go over how you found the buyers for your deals and then also if we can get into like how long did it take from when you got the property under contract to when you, you wholesale that made your assignment fee.

Carson:             Okay, so like you said, I don't think it's hard to find buyers either. I mean there's more investors and wholesalers, and if there's a good deal people are going to want it. I mean that's just, you just got to put it out there for people to see. The first, I through three buyers with my first deal. One backed out on me. I kind of backed out on another. And then the third, the third finally closed. It went awesome. But it was, it was kind of crazy. It was an emotional roller coaster to be honest, because in my head the first buyer I had called from the same list that I got the seller from and he was like, "Well, I'm not interested in selling, but I'm interested in buying." And he mentioned the same area that I like, literally the same area that I got, the next phone call was a seller.

Carson:             And so I was like, oh well, like perfect. I already have a buyer lined up. He came out to the property. I had actually gotten the property under contract for $23,500 and I was, and I had texted a realtor I knew who wholesaled and he was like, "Yeah, you could probably sell it for $35,000." I was like, okay, that's $11,500, that's a pretty good payday. I met the guy at the property. He went and looked at it. He had his contractor looked at it, and he was ready to go at $35,000. I mean, it was, and I had thought to like, this is just too good to be true. It's been like a week since I got on a contract and I already have a buyer that wants it for 11 grand. So I kind of started to imagine like, all right, I'm going to buy a motorcycle.

Carson:             I have all this money. It kind of went crazy. But anyway, I sent the guy the assignment contract and I had used an assignment contract that I had gotten from somebody, another wholesaler locally. And it, it had said that the EMD, the earnest money deposit was supposed to go to the wholesaler directly instead of a title company. And so, and then the investor also wasn't really familiar with wholesaling. I don't think it was really 100% my fault that it fell through. But he said he wasn't comfortable with it and when he sent me the email I was like, oh no. It was all set up. And I called and I said, hey Matt, I'm going to fix it. Don't worry, I'll get a new contract. I'll send it over. We'll put the deposit to the title company, we'll be good to go.

Carson:             And so I sent them a new contract and he, I was outside, I'll never forget it, but I was outside grilling chicken and I was all happy because I had send them a contract and I was going to get it done. And he sent me an email and said, there's too much here in the assignment. Don't ever send me any other properties. Thanks. And I was just like, I just my hand over my face. And this guy I know he had money. I know he was a serious buyer, but he wasn't really familiar with wholesalers. He just backed out on me and it was just like, man, it just, it killed me. But I knew that I would be able to find a buyer. From there I went and I was telling you earlier, I made a just kind of sheets.

Carson:             Like I put a picture of the picture of the home, some details, price that, and then I went to a meeting, one of the ones you recommended for finding buyers on your course. And I started handing them out in the first guy handed it out to, he was like, well, I know he was a realtor. He was like, "I know somebody wants it. This is a good deal." And then right after, during that meeting, the guy that he texted about it called him and was like, "Yeah, I'm interested." I was like, well perfect. I have a buyer. And then I ended up talking to one of the speakers after who was a fix and flipper and a landlord. And he was like, well, I'm also interested, but he said like, "I'm not going to give you what you're asking for it."

Carson:             He's like, "I'm not going to pay that price, but I'll, I'll, you know I'm interested." And I was like, okay, whatever. Maybe we'll negotiate. I think I had had it listed for 30, I think I had it listed for the $32,000, something like that. But anyway, so the next morning I get a text and it says, or no, it was that night and it said set an appointment for tomorrow at 11:00 AM period. And it was kind of a rude text like looking back, it was all, it was all kind of crazy. But anyway, I thought it was the guy who was a realtor had referred me to. I was kind of expecting, I wasn't expecting to have to negotiate. This guy was super nice. I thought it was going to go well, but anyway, this other guys showed up and when I realized it was him, I was like, oh dang.

Carson:             I would rather meet the guy who was going to low ball me after to see if I need to accept his offer if I don't have a buyer. Anyway, he met me there. He looked at the property. And then, and I'll try to make this sort of quick.

Alex:                 That's fine, no this is great.

Carson:             We were negotiating and he just totally low balled me. And he just messed with my head too. This is my first deal. He's like, "So, how much do you wanna make?" And I was caught off guard. I was like, why does that matter? Either the property's a good deal for you or not. And I was like, I wanna make $10,000. And then he offered me enough to make $3,000. And I was like, no. And when I came back with like $31,500 and he was like, "$28,000." And I was like, and I don't know. I was just nervous and I wanted to sell it. I was like, $28,500. And he was like, "No, $28,000." And I always kick myself for this, but I was like, okay we can do $28,000. He was like, "Okay, good. Do you have any other deals? We'll work it out. We'll do more deals together." And he was, but anyway, I left that appointment meeting him there and just immediately was like what did I just do? I know I within could have gotten more.

Carson:             I called my mentor, I was like, Marshall, man, I just messed up. What do I do? He was just kind of like, "Well, I mean, you made an agreement, but I would just wholesale it. Make it a quick four or $5,000." Which I would have made $4,500 off of it if I would've gone with him.

Carson:             And then the next couple of days I was just going crazy. I was just being myself. I'm really hard on myself about stuff like that. I was like, I could've made $8,000, $10,000, and here this guy just low balled and me, and I said, yeah. Anyway, we ended up signing an assignment contract. He never put his EMD down, and then he was going to put it down, but the day he was going to put it down I was just not feeling good about it. He had actually tried to, he called me and said, "Hey, so I see on the contract it says I have to pay all the closing costs. I don't pay closing costs. I don't pay all of them. We split it." And I was like, well that's just what it says. And he was like, "How about this. Since I'm paying all the closing costs, you can just help me buy the appliances for the house."

Carson:             And I was like, no I'm not. I just told them like, no, that's not going to happen. I was already kind of hard at this point. I wasn't going to accept any, I wasn't going to let him beat into that assignment fee anymore. But I was just really just turned off from him and I really didn't want to move forward with it. So, and then the seller, because he had wanted me to low ball her for her appliances was kind of getting nervous about it and was like, "Well, why? I want, I need money for my house. Like this is my house." And she was, she was an awesome lady. She was older. She was about to retire. She just wanted to move out of her house. I just kind of didn't feel good about it at all. And I told him, just wait. Don't put your EMD down.

Carson:             So that way, and that's earnest money deposit for those of you who don't know. That way the contract wasn't valid because it said it had to be put down by Friday. And then from there I was just kind of go feel things out, and reevaluate, but at least I had the option to go another route. I don't recommend doing that to buyers. It's not really, anyway, so he ended up not putting the deposit down. And then I ended up just finding another buyer, which was the guy that the realtor sent me. And he got really mad at me. He called me and was like, "What happened? Why didn't you? Why can't I still? Let's work it out. What can we do to get me this deal?" And I was like, I called my mentor about it.

Carson:             I was like, well me and my mentor are just taking it down a different way. It's already signed. There's nothing you can do about it. And he was like, "Well, once you get on a list you're not going to be able to find buyers." He was like, "You get on a bad wholesaler list," and just kind of went off on me. And it was already kind of like he was a speaker, like I said, at the only meeting in my county. I know he knows the president of that association. It was just like, man, I don't want to, I don't want to have a bad name. I heard so many people say how important that is to keep a good name. He just kinda died away. I haven't talked to him since then. I've kind of avoided the meetings I know he's going to go to, but we'll see how that happens in the future.

Carson:             Anyway, this guy ended up coming to the property. He looked the property, a super nice guy and he said, "I'm not even, I'm not going to, I'm going to give you asking for it." And I was like, I was just so happy. I was like, perfect. And it was going to be, like I said, $8,400. From then that, I don't know when I signed the assignment contract. It was sometime, probably beginning of April, maybe third,, or first second week of April. And then it took us about three, four weeks to close because the seller had to get everything ready with moving, and she had to get movers and, there was just some stuff that we had to work out. But from March 26th when I got it under contract, I assigned it and sold it on May 1st. About four or five weeks from start. Yeah, long story long, I guess.

Alex:                 Yeah, but thanks for sharing that. I mean, so many people, imagine their first deal is going to be all roses and daisies and cupcakes. And sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes people get lucky and it's like that, but sometimes anything that can go wrong does go wrong., like Murphy's law. And you, I mean you had a property, right? You had a contract with the buyer and then you started trying to negotiate on you and that happens too. And you had that happen on your first deal and you had to develop thick skin. What's that?

Carson:             I wasn't ready for it or expecting it.

Alex:                 Yeah, but I mean everything, all the decisions you've made worked out. Because at the end of the day you got $8,400 on that first deal, way better than four or 5,000, way better than paying for appliances and making a lot less.

Carson:             Exactly.

Alex:                 That's phenomenal.

Carson:             Yeah, I'm definitely happy with it. When all is said and done I'm definitely happy with it.

Alex:                 Good job.

Carson:             And I learned a lot too.

Alex:                 So once that, one of the most important things is that deal is never done until it's wholesaled, and that money's in your account, all right? You can't count, you can't be dreaming about motorcycles before. I'm sure you learned that. But that's, I mean that's a really good lesson I learned when I started out doing a lot of deals, and then you just assume deals are going to close, but it's never closed until it's closed. Anything can happen up until the nth hour. You've got to be on your toes, you gotta be ready to rock. I'm glad you learned that on your first deal, so the other ones you're going to have a much higher likelihood of closing. And you, we can't hope that the deal is going to close either. You got to push it forward. You've got to find cash buyers, multiple buyers, if the first buyer is not working out like you've been doing.

Carson:             Right.

Alex:                 I want to ask you, what was that feeling like when you did the first deal, it really happened, you got $8,400? I saw you with that check you cashed that. It's in your bank account. You saw that. What was that feeling like when you made it happen?

Carson:             Yeah, it was, it was awesome. I had been kind of expecting, I knew it was going to close a couple of weeks in advance because I knew the buyer was trustworthy, seller was trustworthy. In my head it was going to go well and it did from then on out. But when I, when I actually closed I remember driving to the title company and my heart was just like pounding. I was like, man, please don't anything go wrong. But anyway, everything went great. And I mean I was just, I drove home with a check and I was just like, man, it's, I did it. I finally got, it's all said and done. It was, it was great. And then I think it may have been like a week after that that I got my next property under contract, or two weeks. I ended up deciding to leave my job. I just Kinda, I knew that the amount of work I did I could translate into more deals if I was just consistent. I mean, that's just kinda how that went.

Alex:                 Yeah. And so it was shortly thereafter he got that other deal. That next deal was $8,000 I think you made.

Carson:             Yup, $8,000. And I had, like I said, it was at the same buyer.

Alex:                 Okay.

Carson:             It worked out really well. I mean, like I said, great guy. He's not a really hardcore investor that's just going to low ball you. He's a retired gentleman who just does it kind of for fun. But I got it under contract. I sent it to him and he was like, "I'm interested." He offered me $2000 less than I was asking. I was going to ask to make $10,000 for it. I said, sure, let's get it done. I assigned that to him. And then I close on that on the, what was it, the 6th of June, so about a week ago. And that one was like super smooth. I mean it was, and like I said, that was the seller of the last house. That was her husband. They're actually separated. They're still married, but they, they own three houses anyway.

Carson:             So she sold me hers and then he lives in the house right behind this one. And this one has been sitting there and needed a lot of work. And that's actually kind of how I reached out to her to begin with. I was actually calling about his house, but she picked up the phone. So it worked out and I mean everything was super smooth with that one. Got it closed and then I got another $8,000. That was really exciting too, to not only get my first but also to start building up that consistency and that pipeline to keep getting more deals.

Alex:                 Absolutely. Absolutely. And what price did you get that under contract? Where'd you wholesale that at? What price?

Carson:             Yeah, so, and the cool thing about this one is when I did my first deal, because everything with the buyer, I had been kind of thinking I don't want to rip people off. And this was, like I said, an older lady. And the way he made me feel, I was like, I don't want to make a seller feel like that. But he had asked me and I thought he, I thought on the phone he had said he wanted 25,000 for it. And in my head I was like, the most I can give is like 20 and so I was like, this might be kind of a tight negotiating. I really want this to work obviously. But I came up to the property with my contractor and he, he was like, I was like cash offer. We pay closing costs, what will you take? And he was like, "$15,000." And I was like, oh. I was like, well what about 13 he was like 14 and I was like, sure, let's do it for 14. I actually gave him only a thousand less than asking. Got under contract for $14,000, and then I signed it for, what would they be, $24,000 or $22,000, excuse me. So then $8,000 assignment fee. Got under contract with 14, needed 20, $30,000 in repairs. It was going to be worth around $80,000, and then I signed it for 22.

Alex:                 Awesome. Awesome. What I've found from wholesaling, and flipping houses, doing all these types of deals, working with different buyers, it's great. Your first two deals went to the same buyer. Because probably about, I mean 90% of my buyers, or it's probably like about 10% of my buyers buy 90% of my deals. And I think you're going to find that too. They're going to be repeat customers. You guys are going to jive. It's going to be smoother and smoother. Your buyers are going to know you're the real deal. You're serious. Because there's a lot of amateurs out there. A lot of amateurs have no idea what they're doing, who wastes a lot of people's time. So when you find a good buyer and a good and a buyer finds a Pro Wholesaler like you, you guys stick together and build that relationship. My buyers, they paid me multiple six figures in a year. Don't be alarmed if they start taking you out to steak dinners, things like that.

Carson:             I'm cool with that.

Alex:                 Yeah, it's cool man. It's cool. I've got a lot of cool things for my buyers as well to keep giving them deals.

Carson:             Yeah.

Alex:                 And let, what about this third deal now? What about this third one?

Carson:             Like I said, I have two under contract right now. The third one, I actually met a guy in Detroit and it's, I'm from Flint, Michigan. It's Flushing. It's right outside of Flint. But anyway, there's really not many meetings except for the one that I was telling you about in my area. So when I first started, when I first started networking, it was kind of hard because I was meeting everyone in Detroit and everyone who is in Detroit buys in Detroit because they know Detroit. It's a similar market to Flint where right here you have a house that's worth $20,000 and across the street there's the houses were 500 grand. I mean, it's crazy. The markets are just wild. People who invest in Detroit, like Detroit. So I had been networking, I had been still going out to the real estate investor association meetings in Detroit that I found off your list just to network, and I had met this guy who, and this was after I was kind of more experienced, I don't know if I'd done my first deal. I don't think I had. But he does a lot of work in Detroit.

Carson:             He's doing 10, 20 deals a month and he wants to translate, he wants to start doing deals in Flint. He doesn't know the market or anything. But he ended up sending me a lead and I went and I called the lady, and then another guy I met in Detroit called me and was like, about the same house. They hadn't even coordinated this, but she had reached out to both of them. And he was like, "Can you take pictures of this house for me? I'm going to get it under contract?" And I was like, oh dang. I was just about, I'd already called the lady. But anyway, I went out and took pictures and then this guy, the Guy Steve who sent me the lead, kind of realized I was serious. He knew I had closed the deal. He sent me a bunch more leads and that was, I mean what day is it today? Monday, Tuesday?

Alex:                 Today's Thursday.

Carson:             But anyways there's a, I don't know. He sent me the leads sometime last week and then within like two days of him sending me the leads I had gotten one under contract for him, and we were just going to split it 50/50. He was really excited. He realized I was serious. I was excited too to be able to call him two days after he sent me the just names and numbers and be like, hey, I got one on a contract for us. That was the one I got under contract last week, and that one's actually going to be a pretty big deal. We have under contract for $38,000 and I sent it out at $60,000 to the buyers. And then we have quite a few people who are interested. I'm going to do a showing this weekend and hopefully have that assigned by early next week definitely.

Alex:                 Awesome. Yeah, looking like a 22k wholesale fee, and you're going to split that 50/50, kind of do a cool co-wholesale deal?

Carson:             Yeah. And that's just kinda how he wanted to work it out. And I think that's fair.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Carson:             I mean I'll be, I may have spent 10 hours total on the deal, so for 11 grand I'm not going to complain.

Alex:                 Over 1000 bucks per hour, It's not bad.

Carson:             Exactly. Exactly. It's better, it beats $10 an hour.

Alex:                 Yeah, just a little bit.

Carson:             Just a little bit. It's crazy.

Alex:                 Awesome. And then I know we got one more. I definitely want to chat about that one real quick too. What's the other one looking like that you have under contract?

Carson:             Yeah, so this one's actually, it's kind of a interesting deal. It could go good, it could go bad. But I put out a bunch of bandit signs. I don't necessarily recommend bandit signs, but I just wanted to do it for fun and I put out some bandit signs and as I was driving home from putting them out, some guy called me, he was like, "Hey, I see your sign. I just got a house from the Land Bank on an auction or a tax sale, something like that. And I want to, you know, if you want it for $39,900 you can have it." And I was like, well let me see what this thing's worth. I ended up going and looking at it. It was vacant. I just got in. He didn't even have to meet me there. I looked at it and I had a realtor run some numbers for me and he said it was worth about a hundred thousand. It needs like maybe $20,000 in repairs, so there's definitely a deal there.

Carson:             I went and I kind of, I went and looked at the numbers a little more, decided just to get it under contract. I sent the contract to the guy last night and he called me yesterday because he didn't, he had never done like an online signature, so I kind of walked him through what to click on the doc hub and everything and he, it was kind of crazy. So we signed, finally got it signed and then as soon as we signed he kinda started yelling at me about the contract. He was like, well cause he's been investing for like 40 years. He knows, he kinda got the vibe that I was going to wholesale it. I don't know how, I mean I probably said something, but anyway, he was like, well you know, you don't have anything tying you down to this property. You didn't put a deposit down or anything. And I have to, obviously I'm obligated to perform if you want to buy it, but you don't have to buy it because there's a clause in the contract I use that said if we can't find funding then we can back out without any repercussions.

Carson:             So he read that right after you sign and was like, just kind of yell at me like you're just going to pitch my deal and if you don't sell it, I'm screwed and Dah, Dah, Dah. And I was like, okay. I handled it pretty well. I was like, all right, like let's not worry about it. I'll see what I can do. Let me call my partner and see what I can do for you. He wanted $1,000 earnest money deposit for that, which I'm actually going to meet him tonight to give him before the property, just because it's worth it to me. I have the money now from the other deals and that's just what he needs for it to go forward. That was kind of crazy. But I ended up, like I said, worked it out. We're going to meet tonight for the earnest money deposit and right after he signed and we got off the phone, I just signed and completed it just so it was, it was completed regardless of the earnest money deposit.

Carson:             I'm not going to make him do something that he doesn't want to do. If he's not happy, then it's just going to fall apart. But like I said, I think it'll still be a deal. Even with the earnest money deposit, obviously that doesn't really change much, so I'm going to just do that tonight and then hopefully find a buyer for it. I had a buyer offer me $40,000 today, so for a hundred I mean I have on our contract for 39,900, but I figured, I figured like at least I won't lose my earnest money deposit if I sell it to this guy, and I'll just make it a quick one, make it $100, which I don't care about. But at least I won't lose my earnest money deposit. And then there's a chance of me making more depending on who's buying it, who I pitch it out to.

Alex:                 Yeah, for sure, for sure, a lot of opportunity there if you only have one buyer look at it. Man, well that's awesome. We went so in depth on all four of those deals. Carson, I definitely appreciate that. I know anyone here who's doing deals or starting out is probably going to get a ton of value out of here, see how to find these deals, the things that can come up so they're more prepared, how to look at deals, how to analyze deals. And also, everyone partner up with Carson do deals if you're in Michigan.

Carson:             Yeah, definitely. Definitely reach out.

Alex:                 He knows what he's doing. In our Pro Wholesaler community we've had other students partner up as well. I know Jeff and Edgar have done co-wholesale. We share deals sometimes, so yeah, it's pretty good. And co-wholesaling's just basically when you split the wholesale fee, 50/50. Maybe someone finds the buyer, someone finds a deal and you guys work out together. I've done a lot of those types of deals. It's a great way to keep making money, monetize each and every deal. And now I want to ask some tips from you, Carson, since you're fresh, you've got these deals. What's I just, what's a massive or helpful tip for someone starting out who wants to start wholesaling, hasn't done their first deal? Just, is their mind, is mindset important? What's important to you and you think for someone?

Carson:             Yeah, so I'm going to say this and I know this was helpful when I was, it kind of kept me going knowing that it was possible, but it's just all consistency. I think that's the number one for sure. And even like now that I'm doing deals and I'm talking networking with wholesalers that maybe aren't consistent, I mean you, you find right away that if they're consistent, they're doing deals. If not, they're not doing deals. And there'll be honest with you. I mean, I had a guy tell me the other day, he's like, "Well I haven't done many deals recently because I haven't been, I haven't really cold called hardly at all." And I mean that's just the truth. If you're consistent you will do deals. I'm nothing special. I'm 18 years old, so I have that kind of against me. Obviously you can still do deals, but you know, if you're older it might be easier for sellers to trust you. But it's definitely possible. It's just all about consistency. I mean my number one piece of advice would just be market consistently and don't give up because the deals are going to happen. Definitely.

Alex:                 Awesome. Awesome. Absolutely. I mean, you take action, you put in the work, it's going to happen. It's not rocket science. It's pretty darn calculated, just most people aren't willing to put in the work. And if they're not going to put in the work and wholesaling then whatever else they do is probably not going to work either if they don't put in the work. As long as you commit to it, you'll make it happen. Carson's 18 making it happen and for someone starting out, would you recommend Pro Wholesaler the community and membership for someone who want to join and get started?

Carson:             Yeah, I would definitely recommend it. And one thing that I really like about the course is the list of meetings. Obviously you can find those meetings on Google if you really wanted it to, but I've gotten, the last one I got under contract was from that list. There's a lot of good resources that even I've been doing off market deals, which I'm not going to recommend, but even if you are, there's still resources that translate from the course to off market deals, or whatever, however you're going to find deals.

Alex:                 Yeah, awesome, so happy that has helped. We've had students find the buyers they need and like one day using our strategies too. We have monthly Q&A calls as well. I know you've hopped on Carson, bring in investors that have done like a hundred deals in a year talk about their experiences. Man, I'm so happy to share this with the community. Everyone else who wants to start Wholesaling Real Estate Skills or about is really achieving financial freedom through real estate. And you're on track to do that. You're doing that right now.

Carson:             Yes sir.

Alex:                 Very happy you could share and be here today man. Thank you.

Carson:             Yeah. Thank you, Alex. I appreciate it.

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