Wholesaling 101 - Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Interview

Wholesaling 101: How Jeff Made $5k In Less Than 3 Weeks From Wholesaling Houses (Pro Wholesaler VIP Student)

student success video wholesaling Jan 29, 2021

Most people wholesaling houses use "hope marketing" or "random acts of marketing" to get deals and it's all a big game of chance. 

This in-depth interview shows you how my students get multiple houses to wholesale every single month like clockwork.

I've taken the vague topic of "getting wholesale deals" and turned it into an exact science with devastating predictability. And this interview gives you a great look at my process from start to finish, including my "Discovery Call Script" which we & our students have been using for the last decade to complete over $80m in transactions.

This interview is no joke if you want to wholesale & flip houses from the MLS!

Jeff shares how he made $5k within 3 weeks of joining the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program. Not a bad start!

Key Takeaways from the interview:

  • How to get houses to Wholesale & Flip predictably from the MLS
  • How Jeff got his first deal in 3 weeks using the Pro Wholesaler System and made a quick $5,000 wholesale fee
  • The psychology behind understanding your agent's problem better than he/she can
  • The math behind getting deals and how it all adds up
  • How we weed out tire-kickers and cherry-pick the red-hot ready to sell prospects
  • How "Speed" is the name of the game when it comes to wholesaling houses!
  • How we get consistently get wholesale deals brought to us & repeat business from agents
  • How to create Win-Win-Win scenarios, and more...


 --- Video Transcription of the Interview ---

Alex Martinez (00:09):

All right, guys. So today I got Jeff. Jeff is one of my students and clients. He is just absolutely crushing it. Within 30 days of working together, within 30 days of joining the Pro Wholesaler Program, he already got a deal closed and already got paid. So without further ado, Jeff, how you doing, man?

Jeff (00:27):

I'm good. How's it going, Alex? Thanks for having me on.

Alex Martinez (00:29):

Of course, man. I'm doing great as well, and wanted to bring you on here, talk about working with me and seeing what, at first you, you want to achieve from working together, whether that was getting deals, find a repeatable system, and were you able to accomplish that so far, within 30 days?

Jeff (00:48):

Yeah. So, mainly it was all about predictability. Because yeah, you could find a deal here and there, but I just wanted something where, "Okay, I know I've put in the work and I did a certain amount of calls, Discovery Calls, and submitted a certain amount of offers, that I have a certain amount of deals."

And it just doesn't get better than that because it's like you just know the future, and you don't have these jumps in your income, like one month you can make $10K, $20K and then the next month you're making zero. So now, if you make zeros, just yeah, because you didn't put in the work, but it's not because you didn't know what to do.

Alex Martinez (01:32):

Absolutely. Good, man. You-

Jeff (01:36):

Yeah, that... Go ahead. Go ahead.

Alex Martinez (01:36):

... Do you feel like you got that predictability now?

Jeff (01:38):

Mm-hmm (affirmative). For sure. For sure. FMLS is definitely... You're the one that opened my eyes to it. Because that's where the deals are at. Even if somebody tells you they're not motivated on FMLS, it's kind of BS because they are, their house is on the market for a reason.

Alex Martinez (01:58):

Exactly. And that's probably one of the biggest misconceptions, I think, about any MLS. And so, in coming to this, working together, did you have misconceptions about the MLS initially? About working it, or properties on there?

Jeff (02:14):

Yeah, a lot. So, a lot of... My main thing was, everything's overpriced, everything goes into highest and best, too much market exposure. Not being able to get nothing under contract, too much competition, "competition." But yeah, it wasn't my thing. 

Alex Martinez (02:36):

Yeah. And now, I mean, well within 30 days, probably, I think within two weeks you got that first one under contract, but that one fell through. 

Jeff (02:45):

It was the first week. It was the first week-

Alex Martinez (02:47):

First week.

Jeff (02:48):

... I got under contract. Yeah. It was nine offers, got that one under contract. That was a highest and best situation. And I came under list and I still got it. I guess that's also a lesson, where you don't have to submit an offer higher than list price, you just got to do whatever works for you and your business, and keep it moving. Not get emotionally attached. Get it, you submitted the right offer so you should be good. 

Alex Martinez (03:18):

Absolutely. I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions, too. People see a list price and they feel that they have to at least offer at that list price, the sales price, in MLS, and if they go below, they're wasting their time. But that's definitely not the truth. Because any listing agent that puts it on the market, that's... Pretty much the listing agent sets that price, it's an arbitrary number. So you're taking the lead by submitting it where you need to submit the offer at, right?

Jeff (03:42): 

Exactly. Yep.

Alex Martinez (03:43):

Cool man. And so first week, you got under contract, that one didn't work out. But it was second or third week, you got that next wholesale deal. Can you walk us through that deal that worked out from beginning to end?

Jeff (03:57):

Yeah. So that deal, the house popped on the market. It was on the market for like three hours. And it made sense, at the price that it was listed at for, an investor. Obviously, I'm not the end buyer, so I had to get it a little bit cheaper to put my fee in there. Also, since I knew the area and knew it was probably going to be highly competitive... Yeah, ideally, I want to make a $10K wholesale fee on every deal, but minimum, worst case, $5k.

So, I called the agent, there still wasn't a super lockbox on the property, so she was like, "Hey Jeff." I was like, "Okay, cool. I need to see it." There was no picture on FMLA. She said the house was pretty clean, but she said that she was going to put the super lockbox within the next hour or so.

Jeff (04:51):

And I was like, "Great. Cool. At what time are you going to be there?" She gave me a time, and I met her out there. And I met her there and I was the only one there, so that just gave me an advantage like no other, because we just kicked it off, laughed, ha-ha, built some rapport.

But yeah, so she knew I was serious. And then I left, but then I got a call... This was noon. And I left and then around 6:00pm, she was like, "Oh. Yeah, I'll get you the contract later on today. I'll have the [inaudible 00:05:25]." I was like, "Okay." But I still didn't get excited. You don't have a contract until you have a contract.

Alex Martinez (05:31): 


Jeff (05:33):

Yeah, so that, and then at 6:00pm, she calls me and she's like, "Jeff, we're getting blown up. The seller wants to do highest and best." And that whole... And I was like, "Okay, look." And that's when...

So, in this one, I was just on the phone with her. I wouldn't let her get off the phone until she gave me a solid yes and I locked her down. And I think I kind of annoyed her, but I got what I wanted, so...

Alex Martinez (06:01):

Yeah. Positive persistence, man.

Jeff (06:04):

Yeah. She gave me the contract. I was like, "Look, I'm serious." And I knew I could... I already had the end cash buyer in mind to wholesale the house to. And so, now, yeah, we're good to close, so that should be a done deal.

Alex Martinez (06:17):

Awesome, man. Congrats on that. It's a five pop, right? Is that what you call it when you wholesale a house and make five grand?

Jeff (06:21):

Oh. Yeah, yeah. So, the house was listed for $125,000. Yeah, it was a five pop. Listed for $125,000 and I got it under contract for $120,000. So, I made a $5,000 Wholesale Fee after assigning the contract.

Alex Martinez (06:32):

Nice. Nice. So within three weeks. That's awesome. I think one thing that sticks out is that speed's the name of the game. So you're- 

Jeff (06:39):


Alex Martinez (06:41):

... Within three hours, you called. Within that same day, you met her at the property. Extremely important. And then you went there and you built rapport. So, people work with who they like, and she obviously likes you and she trusts in you. And you can do that over the phone, using the Discovery Call sheet and the Script that we have.

But also, when you go and meet the agent at the property too, and you meet face to face, that's a big, big kicker for them to trust you and work with you. It's easy... I mean, it's much easier to wholesale houses when they put a face to a name.

Jeff (07:08):

100%. For sure.

Alex Martinez (07:10):

And then, so were you able to use the Discovery Call Script & Sheet on the initial phone call as well?

Jeff (07:16):

Oh yeah. That's clutch! 

Alex Martinez (07:17):

Okay, cool.

Jeff (07:19):

It couldn't get easier than that. It's like the roadmap to either get that deal under contract, worst case scenario, you get another deal later down the road. And yeah, that's what I use all the time.

Alex Martinez (07:40):

Awesome, man. Yeah. I think that's one of the important things when you're rocking the MLS. It's not always about that one deal that's on there, it's about building a relationship with the different agents. Because they're the ones out there, they're all doing their own marketing one way or another, they're on a brokerage that's doing marketing to find deals. And so, when you build an army of agents that are on your team, that you can close deals with quickly, that can deliver on your word like you just did, I mean, that pays off huge, huge dividends.

And that's why we talk about that snowball effect. The positive snowball effect is, even when you start you may not see the results you want within 30 days, sometimes you do, but it will compound.

These agents will see you as someone who's consistent, who sticks to his word, and so it just... Have that positive snowball effect down the line, where eventually agents will also bring you off market deals and off market opportunities because they want to work with you, because you've learned how to incentivize them.

Jeff (08:28):

Exactly. Yeah. That's also... Gives you an edge. Having them represent you. I'm a real estate agent, and there might be some other students that are agents or they might not, you don't have to be an agent, but I had my license prior.

And I don't take commissions on any of my offers, and I could, but there's no need to. You just, yeah, like Alex has taught me, you just give them the commission and they're on your side.

Alex Martinez (09:01): 

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Forego. It's like you're picking up pennies but stepping over dollars if you're trying to get your own commission or that buyer's commission. 

Jeff (09:10):


Alex Martinez (09:10):

And then, I mean, if an agent's working with you and they're getting double commission, who do you think they want to go to the next time around, too? I mean, they're going to want to come right back to you because, I mean, I know if I was a listing agent and I had a buyer where I can make twice as much money on every single deal, I'd go to them.

So I think it's important. And what's smart, what you did, was you put yourself in the shoes of that listing agent, "What would incentivize them the most?" And that's what we do in the Pro Wholesaler Program & System, and then you just build it from there, build that relationship.

Jeff (09:38):

Right. And if you get it at the right price, we'll probably end up making more money than the agent anyway, so-

Alex Martinez (09:45):


Jeff (09:45):

... Everybody's happy.

Alex Martinez (09:47):

Yeah. Everyone wins.

Jeff (09:47):

Everyone wins.

Alex Martinez (09:48):

Win-win-win scenarios. Yeah, man. And how have the email templates within Pro Wholesaler been working out for you?

Jeff (09:56):

So yeah, every time I submit an offer, that's the template that I use. Very simple, straightforward. And yeah, it's professional, you give them everything they need without them even needing to ask for it, if that makes sense. So, yeah. Tax, your proof of funds, your offer, make sure that you run your numbers correctly.

Yeah, everything's speed, just as soon as possible, fast, fast. That's always in the back of my head, "Okay. Well, what do I need to do? Let me run my numbers quickly. What do I need to do to be first?" Call them.

Jeff (10:38):

And I kind of touch with them, call them a couple of times and keep telling them my name, so I just want them to eventually start calling me by my name every single time. "Oh. Hey, Jeff. Blah blah..."

So, I know as soon as they start calling me Jeff, it's like we're friends. So I'll call them, first, discovery call, second, "Hey, I've already ran my numbers." Third, "As soon as I send the offer..." If I go look at the property, I'll call them right after I'm leaving the property.

Like, "Hey. Hey Alex, I just left the property and just letting you know that an offers coming your way. This is Jeff. This is Jeff." Just want to be in the back of their head all the time.

Alex Martinez (11:22):

Absolutely, and let's talk about that. Because what I like to work on is, is two calls, but you have the three calls, so let's talk about that. Because usually I do the discovery call, I get all the information about the property, I go back, I quickly analyze it now that I know it's a qualified lead, it's a good deal now, so I want to spend my time on it.

And then I come back with my number to get it under contract. But how's the three calls work for you, because it's obviously working?

Jeff (11:47):

No, it's good. Three call, it's mainly when I go out to the property, if... Because a lot of them, they don't want blind offers and they... It's "Okay, cool. I'll go take a look at the property." It's even better for me. I just don't want to [inaudible 00:12:01]. I don't mind it, but...

So I'll call them, discovery call, and then I'll tell them I'll go out to the property and actually, I'll go to the property. And I'll leave the property and then I'll call them right then, "Hey, we just left the property, we have a good idea. There's an offer coming your way."

And then go back, once I shoot the offer, "Hey, check your email. There's an offer in your inbox." It's three times, just trying to touch them a couple more times than anybody else will. And it's not nothing pushy, non-confrontational, just real. And they get it done.

Alex Martinez (12:42):

Yeah, absolutely. And I think it's a little difficult at first, getting the phone dynamics right, but after you... You just got to do it, you just got to try it and get feedback, and then before you know it, I mean, well, within 30 days, you're just a professional on the phone. You know what to say, how to say it, you're smooth, you're not too pushy, you understand how much to push

Like you were saying, you're almost annoying her, but you obviously weren't because you got the deal done and everyone's happy. But you're positively persistent. Were you always like that? Or is that something just, over time, you just get better and better?

Jeff (13:14):

No, no, no. Well, no. At first, when I got started in real estate, it was hard for me because I came from... I used to work at a dealership, a Toyota dealership, and that's real hardcore sales. The used cars sales tricks, and trying to close a deal, and that was super pushy, super aggressive. And in real estate, at first, yeah, that was my approach. It's like, "Oh, I got this."

And I would just fall flat on my face. I was like, "Gosh." And then it was just... It's not really... It's more like people skills, it's more relaxed, chilled. Assertive, you got to be assertive, obviously, but you're not the used car sales guy, you don't got to pull, when we'd call them, tricks. No, it is what it is, you know what you're doing, and just make a friend. 

Alex Martinez (14:15):

Absolutely. It's almost-

Jeff (14:16):

In the car business, you can get a sale within three hours and not in real estate, and sometimes it'll happen like that.

Alex Martinez (14:21):

... Yeah, it's almost like the opposite approach. It's like, "How can I be moral and ethical, and be the best buyer for this person, and follow through on my word?" That's how I think of it. And so, because people work with who they trust, especially in real estate, because we're dealing with a $100,000 plus properties, sometimes a lot more than that, and they're... I mean, that's the American's biggest investment in their life so it's kind of serious.

So real estate agents want to work with someone they trust and someone who sticks to their word, not just on the first phone call, but the second one, the third one. And I think another point to make is, hey, if an agent says no blind offers, then you want them to be your best friend. Go out to the property and actually check it out, right?

If things are clicking, if it sounds like a good deal, if the agent wants to work with you, then by all means, go to the property. I think some people don't go to the property, or sometimes they go to every single property, and it can be a waste of time-

Jeff (15:12): 

Yeah, that was me.

Alex Martinez (15:12):

... when you don't have to. Yeah.

Jeff (15:14):

Yeah, I used to do that. It's super not effective. Not effective at all. Especially in Atlanta. Atlanta traffic, horrible.

Alex Martinez (15:20):

What properties do you go to now? Because you used to go to almost everyone? Is that right?

Jeff (15:25):

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Now I just... The ones that I need to. The one that I don't, I [inaudible 00:15:30] it, the ones I can just offer. Because, with your rehab breakdown, it's pretty simple. All the houses typically are going to need the same thing, everybody's going to want to do the kitchen, the bathrooms, sometimes you could see it on the pictures that it needs a new roof.

You probably can't see if it needs plumbing or electrical because the agent's not going to take pictures of that. But it's typically the same thing, and you can pretty much... If you input all the numbers correctly, you're going to do well. And sometimes you don't to even look at the property, unless... Yeah, that's why you get due diligence and contingencies, in case there are severe foundation issues. Whatever, no problem, you just cancel the contract or go back in for a price reduction where it still works. So that's also something.

Sometimes you need to get a property under contract because there's much competition, and you might be able to go back in for a price break, but it's just... Yeah. They don't like it though, I don't recommend it.

Alex Martinez (16:36):

Absolutely. And I think that's a big point to make, the concept of being able to get a property under contract without actually going there. That's a real thing. It's not a joke. We call it virtual wholesaling.

You can sit from your computer, you can make a phone call and you can get under contract the same day. That's legitimate. I've done that, you're doing that. Because before, your belief was that you have to go to the property, right?

Jeff (17:00): 


Alex Martinez (17:01):


Jeff (17:02):

Right, right. Yeah.

Alex Martinez (17:03):

For anyone listening, you don't have to go the property. If they ask you, then for sure, go. But if not, then just do your due diligence from your computer, you can pretty much get the repairs down to a T using the Repair Cheatsheet.

Also, I mean, that will be a little difficult at first, analyzing the repairs from the computer, but hey, if there's a good amount of photos, you can use Google Maps, look at the aerial view, street view, you get a feel for it.

And if you see the same 1200 square foot properties, three bed, two bath, you can get your renovation down to well within a few thousand or $5,000. And that's how you can then effectively look at a bunch of deals, and then you spend shorter and shorter amount of time on these houses.

Alex Martinez (17:44):

So, I guess a good question for you, Jeff, is how much time do you usually spend analyzing a deal to, I guess, find out its ARV, what it will sell at, for the cash buyer, the end buyer?

And also the repairs, from the computer, about how long does that take you to be like, "Okay, this is a deal," or, "It's not a deal," normally?

Jeff (18:06):

Yeah, that's the easier part. Sometimes it gets tricky, but no, it doesn't take more than... I don't know, more than 10 to 20 minutes. I don't know. Maybe even less. It's quick. It's quick because all I got to do is, just half a mile radius, I just make sure that I don't get comps crossing major roads, major freeways, different zip codes, different schools.

And yeah, once you get that, it's real easy. Yeah. At first, obviously, it's just everything, you're trying to think of too much stuff and you're like, "Okay."

Jeff (18:46):

But once it comes, you just do it unconsciously and you're like, "Okay, yeah. This is the house." And then yeah, you go through the pictures. And again, if the houses is... Some houses are destroyed, they're vandalized. Yeah, like you said, if it's 1,200 square foot, you kind of know what it's going to take to get it back to retail.

But if it's just clean and outdated, it might need 30 grand, as opposed to if it's vandalized, it might need double, 60, to get it... And it also depends of finishes. Obviously, over here, you got in the perimeter, which is Atlanta, in the city, this is where I'm at, the finishes are different than in the suburbs outside of the city. You don't need to go all out outside of the city. So it might take you 15K to finish it out in the suburbs, inside, it might be double.

Alex Martinez (19:40):

Yeah. All good points. And for everyone listening, it only takes Jeff about 10 to 20 minutes even to deal or no deal. So that's also the power of the MLS too. I mean, it's hard to do that on Redfin, it's hard to do that on Zillow. And that's why I preach MLS, MLS, MLS

It's got all the sales data in your area for your market. I think for any professional real estate investor, any Pro Wholesaler, it's only going to benefit you, huge dividends, if you get access to the MLS. So whether you're working your way to get Assistant MLS access, which you can get, sometimes it's called portal access in different places.

You can get Unlicensed Assistant access, you can, from an agent or real estate broker who is licensed, or you can work towards getting your real estate license, like Jeff has and like I have, but it's not absolutely necessary to get your license.

Alex Martinez (20:27): 

So for me, the first three years I was investing and did millions in profit, I didn't have my real estate license. It wasn't until three years down the line I was like, "I see these other ways I can make money as a real estate investor. Let me get my license."

And then I never had to rely on another agent or broker for that MLS access. So I think, for me, having a license, is the biggest benefit is the MLS access. I guess my question for you, Jeff, is what do you enjoy about having your real estate license, as a real estate investor?

Jeff (21:00):

FMLS access, for sure. Being able to... Yeah, just have the FMLS. And I've done deals on that for months, where I got paid commission at first, that was cool, but yeah, I mainly did it to have my own access and be able to see more deals, and then be able to comp efficiently using the FMLS.

Because yeah, Zillow, I don't know, I've found, in my market, I don't know if in other markets, it's the same, but there's deals that appear as sold. And you're like, "Oh, wow. This is a very good comp." But you look at the tax records and it was really not sold, so it's like a fake house, and that just throws you off. So yeah, that's the best tool out in the market to get solid numbers. And eventually, yes, to go for my brokers license.

Alex Martinez (21:56):

For sure. Yeah. Why not, you know? If we're going to be in real estate, if we're real estate entrepreneurs, why not get a brokerage, get agents under you, doing more deals?

Jeff (22:04):

Yeah. Yeah. I have people that... They're always like, "Oh no, I'm never getting my real estate license. I don't like it. It's a headache for investors." Never had a problem with it. Just as long as you have a broker that understands what you're doing and they're okay with it.

Some brokers, the reality is, they don't know. They don't even know what the hell is going on, like "What's Wholesale?" But if you have a good... It can only benefit you. I've never had a problem with it, with having my license.

Alex Martinez (22:37):

Absolutely. Yeah. I haven't either, so it's only been a benefit, big benefit, so I'm pro-license. I used to be anti-license and I just was like, "Just focus 100% on investing." But then down the line, I got it.

And I think for the beginner, if you're starting to Wholesale, then you don't need the license and just focusing on getting your first deal can be pretty important-

Jeff (22:59): 

For sure.

Alex Martinez (23:00):

...But once you get that first deal and you start to have the money coming, in the evenings, why not get your license? I think it's a good thing. But for the absolute beginner, I think when you're learning real estate investing and it's a new thing for you, you're learning wholesaling, focusing first and foremost on getting the deal, I think, is more important than the license.

Jeff (23:20):

Oh, yeah. Yeah. 100%. Yeah. If you're new, just getting into the game, gosh, I don't know. You're at your job and you have access to the FMLS? No, focus on finding a deal.

Focus on finding a deal, getting under contract, and with the profits, yeah, get your license. Or just keep looking for more deals, but that's what's going to get you paid.

Alex Martinez (23:46): 

Yeah, it's going to get you paid. It's going to get you paid. And I think some people can fall in the trap of waiting to get their license, to then be an investor, and that could take three, four, five, six months. So don't fall in that trap.

Jeff (23:55):

I feel like it's more like an excuse.

Alex Martinez (23:56):

Exactly. It is. Yeah, it is an excuse. So don't use that as an excuse if you want to start wholesaling and start making money. Because Jeff just did his first deal, from using Pro Wholesaler Program within 30 days. So if Jeff can do it, if I can do it...

Personally,I was making sandwiches for 10 bucks an hour at 19, man. I did my first deal within 45 days. If I can do it, if Jeff can do it, anyone else can really do it. It's not rocket science. It's simple. It's probably not the easiest thing in the world, or everyone would do it, but it is simple. There are certain steps you take, certain systems you use, like our MLS Offer System, and you can make it happen.

Jeff (24:28): 

What I like about it, it's like yes, you do have to call. This is not your typical Grant Cardone, hardcore selling cold call. I don't think anybody could do that, I really don't. Yeah, maybe you try, you'll be able to, but it's hard.

But this is not that, your posture is different because you're coming as a buyer, you have money. You don't really have the money, but you have somebody else that's buying it, but the conversation is totally different. Sometimes they're like, "Yeah, I want to work with you. You're the person I want to work with."

As opposed to... You're selling an actual product to a business or to a person and cold calling, that's tough. This is just a totally different ball game, a totally different posture. Totally different.

Alex Martinez (25:19):

Absolutely. And that's a great distinction to make. Because for outside people coming in here, maybe you don't want to make a phone call, things like that. Maybe you think it's a phone call, or maybe you think it's a cold call, but it's really not a cold call because these agents have listed property on the market, they're expecting phone calls.

They want phone calls and they want offers, and so they want you to call. And so that's the mindset you need to have because that's the darn truth. And so, yeah, I'm never looked at as a cold call.

Because if you're a listing agent... Once again, put yourself in the listing agent's shoes, and let's say you have a property that you don't have any offers on, you'll take any offer that you can get. Because as a listing agent, it's your job to sell that property.

Alex Martinez (26:01):

So even if that's a lowball offer or high offer, whatever it is, at least you have an offer on the table. And so, that person who's calling you as a buyer, you're happy they're calling you. So I think that's a very, very important distinction. We're not cold calling, they're warm calls, call them discovery calls, building those relationships.

And another concept I wanted to go on is, is breaking down the ratio of how many offers sent to close are getting accepted. Because I think that whole concept of knowing that KPI makes wholesaling a whole lot easier. And I think right now, we're still honing it down, working together less than a month, but between 15 and 1, and 9 to 1 of-

Jeff (26:43):

So I guess it's 12 to 1, if you average it out. 

Alex Martinez (26:47):

... Yeah. 12 to 1. So just like in baseball, right? I mean the best batting averages are like .300's. So they're hitting the ball less than 30% of the time, or 30% of the time, so they're missing two-thirds of the time. I think the same concept applies to this. Every offer you send is like a shot on the goal, or it's like a swing at the bat. You're not going to score every single time, but you got to swing to try and get the offer accepted

And so, I think that's the whole concept that we have here, and that anyone coming into this industry, in real estate investing, is that you got to submit offers to get where you want to go, to get these deals accepted. And what we do in the Pro Wholesaler System, in this program, is really... We break it down so we understand how many offers you're sending, to getting an acceptance and getting a closed deal. So then, it's very easy for you.

Alex Martinez (27:35): 

Because a lot of people can get motivated after the fifth offer, de-motivated.

But if you understand, "Okay, I'd got to send 12 offers to get one closed deal." Well, then, I mean, you're motivated to send 24 offers, 36 offers, 48 offers. And it really comes down to a game, where if you can literally send 48 offers in one month, and I've been able to do that in one week, just busting my ass, but if you could do that in one month, you could potentially get four deals a month. $10,000, a pop, average wholesale fee, $40,000 a month.

It's not that hard and that's... Jeff, you're ramping up to that right now. We're just getting started. 

Jeff (28:12): 

That's right.

Alex Martinez (28:14):

I think that's an important concept for anyone coming in here. KPIs, understanding it. As we talked about too, building the real estate business out and bringing people in, that's an important metric for someone to understand, instead of just saying, "Hey. Just submit offers." You say, "Hey, we got a 12 to 1 offer ratio. Let's hit it. Submit."

Every 12 offers you submit, we should get a deal. All right, so work on getting 20, 25 offers this week, you're going to get a deal to two deals, for sure. And sometimes you beat that ratio and it's more. But I think that's something that... I'm excited for you to keep drilling in, and building that out.

 Jeff (28:48):

Yeah. And it just snowball effect's. I'm already getting emails from deals that just fell through. I just got one yesterday of this deal, that offer that I put in, it fell through.

And that's just another opportunity or chance for me to get it. And that's inevitable, that's going to happen as well.

 Alex Martinez (29:07): 

Yeah. That's awesome.

Jeff (29:11):

So I might not get it now, but I might get it later.

Alex Martinez (29:14): 

Yeah. I think, right there, another great golden nugget is that even if you're not getting it on the first time around, these deals fall out... There are other inexperienced investors who come into the game, who offer too high and then they have to back out of the deal.

And so, if you're just wasting that and you're not submitting an offer, excuse me, or not staying in touch with that listing agent, you're shooting yourself in the foot because these wholesale deals can fall out.

And so, that follow-up is important. We talk about... Out of all the deals I've done, about 40% are from the follow-up, or from a deal that was originally under contract with someone else and that's fallen out.

Alex Martinez (29:47):

So even if you're rocking on them less, another deal, another offer gets accepted, don't count it out. Still follow up with it, still check in with it. You can even check in with it if it's pending. Courtesy call with the agent, "How's everything going? All right, cool. Just wanted to see what's going on."

And I've done those calls where the agent says, "Hey, you know what? This guy's getting cold feet. He's actually falling out. If you can come in at this price, I think we can make it work." And I just slide right on in there.

Jeff (30:15):

Exactly. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Obviously. So that, and thanks to you, Alex, that's what I've learned is, obviously just being organized.

Because that's how you're going to be able to follow up, and it's going to be a lot easier. Because obviously, if you're not tracking everything then you're not going to be as effective. 

Alex Martinez (30:39):

Yeah. And how has the organization been helping you with your business?

Jeff (30:42):

Yeah, it's helping me, still working on it. It's not where I want it to be, but...

Alex Martinez (30:48):

Yeah, it's an everyday thing, man. That's for sure.

Jeff (30:50): 

It's an everyday thing. Yeah. I just need to create the habit, because definitely, I wasn't doing it before.

Alex Martinez (30:57):

Yeah. Yeah. Well, awesome, Jeff. I mean, is there anything else you want to mention? I mean, I think we pretty much went over this last deal and working together, but anything else? 

Jeff (31:09):

Man, this is an invaluable skill, just learning... And you could just be dropped in anywhere in the country and just make a boatload of money, and that's priceless. So, definitely, just get yourself a real estate mentor like Alex, who knows exactly, who has a proven record, they know exactly what they're doing.

Just stick to it. Don't question it, be coachable, and just take action. Just put your head down and take action. There's nothing to it. And yeah, you will get results. You might have a job right now, you might work in an office cubicle, I don't know where, just get your phone, look at your phone. You have a laptop next to you, if you're able to, just look at deals and call them on your break, do whatever you need and then just...

Yeah, once you get a taste of it, it's game over.

Alex Martinez (32:06):

It tastes pretty damn sweet, man. 

Jeff (32:08):


Alex Martinez (32:09):

Yeah. The proof's in the pudding. It works. You just got to do the work.

Jeff (32:15):


Alex Martinez (32:16):

And you've seen that, so you put your faith in it, you trusted it. You're doing it, you're getting the results, it's compounding. And yeah, I mean, this works in any geographical market.

So you're conquering where you're at, and excited for who else is going to crush it. So time will tell.

Jeff (32:36):

For sure, for sure.

Alex Martinez (32:38):

Awesome, Jeff. Well, hey, I appreciate your time today. And going over this, I'm really excited to keep working with you and for those next deals, and really get you to 30, 40K a month in no time.

Jeff (32:50):

Yep. Let's rock.

Alex Martinez (32:51):


Jeff (32:52):

Thanks for having me on.

Alex Martinez (32:53): 

Of course, brother. Jeff, I appreciate your time, man. Thank you.

Jeff (32:55):

All right. Bye-bye.

Alex Martinez (32:57):


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