SmartZip Review (2024): Pricing, Features, & Analytics

real estate software Jan 11, 2024

SmartZip has helped transform these innovative concepts into tangible platforms you can leverage to streamline your lead generation and nurturing efforts in 2024.

Are you curious about what SmartZip is? How does it distinguish itself from the myriad platforms saturating the real estate market? Explore answers to these and more questions in our in-depth SmartZip review:

What Is SmartZip?

SmartZip is a sophisticated lead farming and real estate CRM tool. It harnesses a proprietary predictive algorithm to gather and analyze data from diverse sources for lead generation. The platform uses cutting-edge algorithms to streamline real estate processes, including lead generation, marketing, and follow-up.

This empowers investors and other players in the real estate industry to reach suitable leads at the opportune moment.

Established in 2008 in San Francisco, SmartZip Home Value was initially operated by its founders, but its ownership was transferred to the Constellation Real Estate Group in 2019. The platform’s proprietary predictive analytics were such a hit in the real estate industry that renowned companies like Home.com also use them.

Read on as our SmartZip review uncovers its transformative potential for real estate businesses in 2024.

Who Can Use SmartZip?

Although SmartZip offers a set of tools that can potentially enhance every real estate professional’s marketing efforts, and lead nurturing processes, the platform is better suited to Realtors and real estate investors who:

  • Are looking to establish themselves as experts, and primary authorities in a particular rei firm
  • Are new to the business, and looking to generate effective lead generation lists, and simultaneously build their business on listings
  • Want to maximize marketing efficiency

Note that most of SmartZip’s innovative features come at an additional cost from basic package costs. Also, new users are required to commit to a 12-month contract, making the platform ideal for agents, investors, and REI professionals who are serious about lead generation and nurturing.

Where Does SmartZip Get Their Customer Data From?

SmartZip gets its customer data from up to 25 different sources. Primary sources include 

How Does SmartZip Work?

smartzip reviews

SmartZip comes with an array of features each designed to enable Smartzip users to achieve certain goals.

Find an in-depth review of each of these features, below:

  • Home Value
  • Resource Library
  • Reach150
  • Smart Targeting
  • Outreach
  • Sphere Targeting
  • Audience Builder

SmartZip Home Value 

Proper property valuation is of the essence if a real estate professional is to earn good returns from an investment property. SmartZip’s home value feature eases property valuation by automating it, consequently eliminating the need and costs of a physical appraisal. 

The Home Value feature has a proprietary automation valuation model (AVM) which uses different mathematical algorithms to generate instant, accurate market values for over 100 million properties in more than 70,000 neighborhoods across the country. 

Smartzip’s AVM mathematical algorithms evaluate important investment property variables such as transaction history, monthly rent, comps, listing history, and even an area’s demographics to accurately determine and generate a specific property’s overall market value. 

It also evaluates real estate data on different levels from the state, and city to a neighborhood area. As a result, the resulting value isn’t just highly accurate, but also helpful to a Smartzip user trying to determine whether a property they’re interested in is worth the investment. 

For investors looking to invest in properties in a non-disclosure area, SmartZip’s AVM uses existing mortgage data, and transaction prices from homeowners with public records to generate an accurate market value estimate. 

It also borrows and adapts data from publicly-available market values of properties with similar features, or in similar geographical areas to generate property value estimates. For instance, if a user is trying to determine the market value of a 3-bedroom home in a non-disclosure area in Wisconsin, SmartZip’s AVM borrows and adapts data from other 3-bedroom properties in the area to provide an accurate estimate of the home’s fair market price. 

SmartZip’s Home Value feature also boasts the neighborhood-level house price index. This feature further enhances the value of real estate marketing strategies such as real estate farming by comparing how the same homes perform in different market conditions.

For example, if a wholesaler wants to invest in a mansion in California, but isn’t sure whether it’s profitable, they can use SmartZip’s NHPI to determine its market value in different past markets. If it has been on a constant decline, then it’s not worth the investment.

Note, unlike most AVM SmartZip’s home value AVM uses actual sales over listing prices to generate average property values. This makes it more reliable since a home is usually worth the price potential buyers are willing to pay.

Resource Library

SmartZip Analytics doesn’t leave users in the dark. It provides a comprehensive resource library for new users to learn their way around the platform. SmartZip’s resource library also features a rich blog and article series covering various aspects of real estate investing.

From lead interview templates to social media marketing tips, these articles can prove particularly handy for new investors looking to learn the ropes of the real estate investing trade.

Reach150 SmartZip 

A few years ago, referrals from friends, family, and colleagues were all it took for a motivated seller to trust the services of a realtor, wholesaler, or any other real estate professional. Fast-forward to this digitally advanced era, home buyers and sellers still rely on recommendations but in the form of online reviews from past clients

Generally, generating and using these reviews to market a real estate business takes a lot of time and effort but with SmartZip’s Reach150 feature, it’s so much easier. It offers agents and investors templates they can use to prompt new, existing, and past clients for reviews. 

SmartZip review Reach150

With Reach150 users can also create websites specifically optimized for Smartzip reviews. They can then use these websites as an element of social proof when marketing their services to potential sellers in new markets. 

Even better, Reach150 enables users to incorporate online reviews they collect into their marketing ads, providing the much-needed social proof the modern-day seller or buyer expects before they can transact with a real estate business

Smart Targeting 

Smart Targeting is one of SmartZip’s most desirable features. It uses the platform’s generated smart data to build automated marketing campaigns across different platforms such as direct mail, and email marketing. 

This automates repetitive and unavoidable follow-up tasks in every marketing campaign such as calling, texting, and emailing every new lead conversely saving time, and enhancing productivity.

Although they’re typically automated, note that SmartZip users have the option to review every campaign before it’s sent out to ensure it fits their brand image and marketing goals. 

Besides automated follow-up marketing campaigns, smart targeting also allows all users, whether tech-savvy or not to create customizable, branded landing pages to reach potential home sellers in new markets.

It also launches marketing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, and reputable search engines like Google, further enhancing a real estate professional’s outreach efforts.

Simply put, Smart targeting automates monotonous marketing campaign processes, increasing the user’s productivity, while simultaneously expanding their reach. 

Check out this quick video below that talks about SmartZip Smart Targeting!

SmartZip Outreach

Sometimes qualified listing leads are lost because you didn’t contact them soon enough. The Smartzip Outreach program aims to ensure this doesn’t happen to its users. It offers access to a team of inside sales agents(ISA) who make calls and reach out to targeted homeowners on behalf of the user. 

These agents use scripts designed to non-invasively determine whether, and when a targeted property owner plans to sell. Once they identify an opportunity, they immediately transfer it to the SmartZip user for follow-up.

And if a property owner plans on selling in the future, this team of inside agents handles lead nurturing on behalf of the SmartZip user, until the home seller is ready to close or speak about listing.

If the property owner shows no signs of selling, the agents will first try to generate referrals before completely disqualifying the targeted homeowner from the user’s lead pipeline. 

SmartZip Outreach saves time and offers users a competitive reach by allowing them to reach out to potential sellers before anyone else. It also greatly eases marketing for solo real estate investors, and professionals looking to generate more quality leads, but lack the time, or cannot afford to hire an in-house team.

Sphere Targeting

Reaching out to past clients is often a hassle for most seasoned real estate agents as it often means browsing through contact lists trying to figure out who’s who.

With SmartZip’s sphere targeting, the task is less taxing as one only needs to upload past lists, and SmartZip’s analytics will automatically identify clients you’ve worked with, and who among them is likely to sell their property shortly.

Audience Builder

With this feature, users can create customized marketing campaigns for each of their target audiences. They simply need to define the geographical area they want to target using SmartZip’s mapping tool, to generate a list of all viable contacts within the area and then hit send to share their customized marketing mails.

How Much Does SmartZip Cost?

The SmartZip home value platform keeps its pricing information discreet, only revealing that it offers plans from $299 to $999 based on an agent’s growth plans. Additionally, users must commit to a 12-month contract.

If this information is anything to go by, SmartZip tailors its pricing to individual needs. On one hand, SmartZip pricing flexibility allows you to pay solely for the features your REI business requires. It also promotes scalability, as you can easily upgrade or downgrade as your business evolves.

However, SmartZip pricing plans make budgeting challenging since business needs evolve, and what you need this year might not be suitable for the following year. Moreover, you might unintentionally overlook certain features that could benefit your real estate business.

SmartZip Competitors

smartzip vs zillow

SmartZip is an innovative predictive analytics tool, but not the only one in the market. Here is how it fares against similar platforms:

SmartZip vs Zillow 

Zillow is a popular web-based marketplace for real estate buyers, sellers, and even renters. It allows sellers to list and market their homes directly, and even work with an agent. The platform also boasts Zestimates, a tool designed to allow sellers to evaluate, and determine the market value of their properties. 

Although Zillow estimates are highly valuable, SmartZip’s home value tool offers more value to its users when it comes to identifying possible property values. SmartZip home valuer uses an AVM with mathematical modeling to assess real estate data on different levels and features a wide array of variables that greatly enhance the quality of each property’s market value estimate. 

It also includes a neighborhood house price index, yet another innovative feature designed to enhance the quality of property value estimates by evaluating, and comparing how a specific property’s market value fared in different market conditions. 

Read Also: Zillow Premier Agent Review

SmartZip vs Offrs

Offrs is also a Constellation Real Estate Group Product, and similarly, a platform geared towards easing lead generation through big data, and artificial intelligence. Besides predictive analytics, Offrs packs nearly all features available on Smartzip.com such as Reach150 for SmartZip reviews, customizable online ads and landing pages, digital and print marketing tools, and a real estate CRM. 

The primary difference between the two platforms is pricing. While Smartzip offers monthly, semi-annual to annual subscription plans, Offrs pricing is more A La Carte meaning you can buy only the features you want. In a nutshell, both platforms are pretty powerful data-driven marketing tools for real estate, and whether to choose the former or the latter depends on individual budgets and preferences. 

SmartZip vs Redfin 

Redfin is a real estate brokerage platform for buyers, sellers, and even mortgage borrowers. It pulls its listings from MLS databases and allows buyers to find properties using filters like zip code, price, and square footage. SmartZip on the other hand is a comprehensive and data-driven marketing platform for real estate agents, investors, mortgage lenders, and other related industries.

It offers users more value by providing lead lists of motivated sellers, and high-quality market values. If you’re only looking to buy a home, Redfin is ideal, but if you’re looking to buy an investment property, and market it, SmartZip is the way to go.

Smartzip vs. Catalyze AI

Like SmartZip home value, Catalyze AI uses predictive analytics to help investors generate high-potential leads.

However, while SmartZip helps you farm all types of leads, from distressed properties to foreclosure, Catalyze AI primarily generates inherited property leads. Moreover, SmartZip offers marketing tools, while Catalyze AI is mostly a predictive analytics tool.

SmartZip vs. Likely AI

Similar to SmartZip analytics, Likely AI uses predictive analytics to predict leads with a high selling potential. The platform also mirrors SmartZip in automatically updating a user’s lead contact list with the latest data, simplifying outreach efforts.

What sets it apart from SmartZip is its ChatGPT integration, which significantly streamlines marketing by allowing agents to create compelling marketing content effortlessly.

SmartZip vs.Top Producer

Top Producer is an AI-based lead farming solution that uses smart targeting to generate lead lists with a high selling potential. It also automates outreach by offering customizable marketing campaigns and even provides landing pages to convert seller leads.

Ultimately, Top Producer and SmartZip are similar except for their pricing plans.

SmartZip FAQ

Can You Get A SmartZip Promo Code?

SmartZip doesn’t offer any coupons on its website but you can find plenty of SmartZip Promo codes online on reliable sites like DealsPlus, Dealsportr.com, RetailMeNot, and Slick Deals.

These sites partner with retailers, and brands like SmartZip to aggregate tested and verified coupon codes and sales.

Also note, that during our mock sign-up process, we noticed SmartZip does offer first-time user discounts. We got 52% off the semi-annual plan, and 57% off the annual subscription. 

How Accurate Is SmartZip?

SmartZip uses a proprietary algorithm to collect, and analyze real estate data from about 25 different sources including MLS, and search engines like Google. The platform accurately predicts about 72% of all its listings. 

Who Owns SmartZip?

SmartZip is a private for-profit company under the management of Avi Gupta.

The company was initially founder-owned, but some of its main assets including SmartTargeting, and Reach150 were later acquired by the Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG), lead generation, marketing, tech, and transaction management company for real estate.SmartZip is another one of CREG’s recent real estate marketing solution acquisitions after Offrs.com. 

How To Register In SmartZip

  1. Go to Smartzip.com, click “Login” on the upper left-right of the homepage,
  2. Select "Create an account" from the drop-down list to register as a SmartZip user.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a sign-up page where you input your personal and billing information. 

How Often Is SmartZip Real Estate Updated?

How often SmartZip real estate data is updated depends on the data type, source, and purpose.

In general, SmartZip’s patented AVM(Automated Valuation Model) and pre-mover ranking data are updated monthly, while other forms of property information are typically updated in real time. 

Final Thoughts: Is SmartZip Worth It?

SmartZip saves real estate investors valuable time using predictive analytics to identify and generate high-potential leads. The platform further streamlines things by providing a CRM tool to manage these lead relationships and tools that automate marketing and lead nurturing. SmartZip home value covers all bases from lead generation, nurturing, and management.

On the downside, SmartZip analytics’s data isn’t exclusive, meaning other users also get similar lead lists. Additionally, SmartZip pricing lacks transparency and necessitates an annual commitment.

So, is it worth it? Beyond these few cons, it offers quite a solid tool stack. You can counter the downside of non-exclusive lead data by generating lead lists from elsewhere and then utilizing the platform’s exceptional marketing and lead nurturing tools, such as the Reach150 feature.

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*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by SmartZip or on its respective website. SmartZip is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using SmartZip and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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