How Samuel Closed More Deals While Spending Less In Marketing With The MLS! | Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review

pro wholesaler real estate investing student success video wholesaling Sep 09, 2021

Meet Samuel Flores - One of our students who is a Pro Wholesaler & Real Estate Investor located in Texas!

Before joining, Samuel's marketing and advertising budget was getting out of hand and would eat away too much of the profits from his deals.

Samuel enrolled in the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program to close more wholesale deals without having to rely on spending more in marketing and advertising every single month. And now he is closing more deals while significantly reducing his Cost Per Acquisition, which means higher profit margins!

Come hear how Samuel was able to streamline acquisitions and take back control of his business to consistently close deals!

Hope you enjoy Samuel's review of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

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Samuel Flores (00:01):

Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Flores. I am a Pro Wholesaler since about a year ago. I joined the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, and honestly, it's been amazing. Jumping on phone calls with Alex Martinez and Ryan Zomorodi, they have just a ton of value every single week.

I learned so much from them. Also, if you're on the fence about joining this program, it's probably because you're not getting enough leads, which means you're not getting enough deals. And that's the one thing that this program was able to fix for us.

We reached a point where we were just spending a ton of money on marketing, and we were making money, but as soon as we made money, we had to pay Facebook or Google for that ad we're continuously putting up every single week to get leads.

Samuel Flores (00:59):

With Ryan and Alex's systems, we were able to bring our cost of marketing way down, which means our profit went way up every single time we got a deal. So if you're on the fence, definitely joined the program.

You're going to get 5X value every single month. Finding deals on the MLS is a little bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it and you stick with it, you start seeing some amazing results.

Especially since you start networking with these realtors and they end up bringing deals for you without you even having to contact them in the future, once you build that relationship with them.

Samuel Flores (01:41):

So definitely join. My experience has been amazing, like I said, nothing but great things to say. They're awesome people. Every time I need help, they answer my question in less than five minutes, sometimes, honestly. I would just post in the portal and they're on top of it. So the customer service is amazing.

Like I said, every single month I gained value from the conversations I have with them. And yeah, I'm looking forward to keep getting deals from the MLS. So good luck and thanks.

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