Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review: How Pat Got Started Wholesaling!

pro wholesaler student success virtual wholesaling wholesaling Jul 14, 2021

Meet Pat from Sacramento, California - he's a leading example of someone who takes action and gets results in the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program.

In this video, Pat covers how he was to get started wholesaling houses with the help of Real Estate Skills!

Hope you enjoy Pat's review & testimonial on becoming a Pro Wholesaler!

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--- Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review Transcription ---

Pat G. (00:00):
My name is Pat and I'm located in Sacramento, California. The market I am wholesaling in is Sacramento County. So pretty much, the Sacramento area plus or minus a 50-mile radius, and then very heavily, I'm also wholesaling in Stockton, CA.

This is actually where I've actually gotten most of my wholesale deals from so far!

Pat G. (00:25):
I've kind of been absent from the Pro Wholesaler Program, networking with everyone in the program because I've been extremely busy out-processing from the military. I am separating.

My enlistment's up, and I plan to do wholesaling and real estate investing full-time now because I've seen some great, great progress so far. It's been exciting and it's been fun.

Pat G. (00:56):
Before joining the Pro Wholesaler Program, I've kind of explained it in another review that I did. I was actually in the military, where I basically worked a nine-to-five job and I was doing a lot of traveling with the aircraft.

In the first month of joining the program, I was able to get my first deal, which was extremely motivating. So it is definitely possible while working a full-time job. You just got to put the time into it.

Pat G. (01:22):
So that's what I was doing before the program. My experience learning and going through the program, is that it's been great. I did the program. I took the courses and did the modules extremely quickly. That's all I kind of cared about during that time.

It was super fun to learn all that stuff. The videos did a great job explaining everything. I took action, and, like I said, within that first 30 days, I saw results and completed my first wholesale deal.

Pat G. (01:52):
What results have I seen? So I've done eight wholesale deals so far in about three months, and I brought a buddy of mine and do it with me, so we've been partnering up and splitting our wholesale fees.

We've also stepped into the off-market world, and we've been mixing it up. So we do about five to 10 MLS offers a day, and then we do whatever we can off-market every day, as well.

Pat G. (02:23):
Now, I've got a lot more money in the bank, that's for sure, after these eight deals that I have closed. I also have one rental deal that we got under contract for my Stockton buyer, which is where I'm doing most of my wholesale real estate deals.

So, we should be signing that by Thursday of this week and close by the beginning of next week, so that's exciting! Then from here on out, it's just offers and more offers every single day.

Pat G. (02:45):
I recommend the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program and would say to a friend, someone who's on the fence, do it if you're serious about putting the time in.

Because at first, I was extremely skeptical of buying this program because you never know how one of these programs can end up being, but I'm extremely glad that I did, because by focusing on the MLS, you literally don't need to put a single dollar into your first wholesale deal.

The only thing you're investing is your own time, which everyone should be okay with.

You just got to put in the work, put in the offers, and just like Alex Martinez and the Real Estate Skills Team preach, literally do exactly what they say, follow their program to a T, and you will close your first deal quickly.

That's all I got to say. Thank you!

--- End of Video Transcription ---

Here's Pat posting about his first deal in our exclusive community of Pro Wholesalers! Keep up the great work, Pat!

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