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Deal Automator Review (2023 Edition)

real estate software Apr 14, 2022

Real estate investing has a lot of moving parts. Not only are there all the responsibilities that go along with operating a business, but there’s the need for generating leads, marketing to prospects, and nurturing deals to close.

It’s no surprise that most real estate investors would rather not deal with multiple software programs just to run their business. 

For real estate investors looking for an all-in-one platform that can streamline the many components of operating a real estate investment business, Deal Automator may be the answer.

From lead generation to communication to contract close, Deal Automator is an all-inclusive software created by real estate investors for real estate investors, providing a way to potentially improve the efficiency of running their business.


What Is Deal Automator?

Deal Automator was developed by real estate investors to solve one of the biggest headaches in operating a real estate investment business. Rather than investors having to learn multiple platforms, often inputting the same data numerous times, Deal Automator promises to provide everything a real estate investor needs all in one platform that is straightforward and easy to use. 

The platform can be accessed via computer, tablet, or mobile device. Features include deal identification, lead-capturing websites, communication with prospects, deal analysis, deal flow, and contract creation.

Read on to learn more details about Deal Automator's numerous features as well as how it compares with the competition, so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your real estate investment.


Deal Automator Features & Benefits

Deal Automator's appeal to investors is its ability to offer all the features real estate investors need in a single, step-by-step platform.

Its aim is to automate the process. Users praise the platform's ability to provide a structured, results-oriented, and repeatable investment strategy.

Deal Automator Review Software Features


Deal Automator offers a feature it refers to as "discounted deals." The discount refers to the fact that the platform promises to provide access to potential leads and then automated marketing to turn those leads into deals, without additional cost. Deal Automator promises numerous lead sources, including pre-foreclosures and those homeowners in upside-down situations. 

Deal Automator includes an entire marketing library to automate the conversion process. The software also provides seller lists, including absentee owners, as well as buyers lists, with cash buyers, rental owners, and more.

Customizable Websites

Deal Automator provides its subscribers with over 20 customizable websites for seller leads, buyer leads and private money lender leads. The websites include opt-in forms to automatically drop leads from the platform's deal sources into your customer relationship management tool (CRM).

True to its pledge to avoid complicated systems, Deal Automator offers turnkey one-click websites customizable for buyers, sellers, and private money clients that can be up and running in minutes. No HTML or coding experience is needed.

The sites are mobile-friendly, which is important since so many people access the Internet from their mobile device rather than sitting at a computer. 

Automated Communication

Not only does it help you capture leads, but Deal Automator promises to give you the tools you need to ensure no lead falls through the cracks. Subscribers to Deal Automator can enjoy proprietary voicemail marketing, as well as an email and text message system.

The communication is fully automated, with pre-written content and pre-designed campaigns included, such as brochures, direct mail campaigns, email scripts, and more.

Deal Automator's direct mail program is completely built-in and hands-free. It is backed by a direct mail house that sends over 1 billion pieces each year. Handwritten notes are done by robots using actual pens, making them literally indistinguishable from true handwritten messages.

Property Analysis

Deal Automator provides subscribers with current MLS data, as well as public data to monitor property values and research real estate comps. Subscribers can access over 160 million properties every time an address is entered. The platform acts as a complete deal analyzer and just a few clicks can identify which properties are worth pursuing and which ones deserve a pass.

You can even build an anticipated repair list, so you can better pinpoint a strong offer. It will also provide you with a recommendation for the best strategy for optimizing profit for any given property under consideration.

Results of the property analysis can be shared with potential private lenders, while comps can be printed as a professional presentation to potential sellers.

Organized Workflow

Keeping workflows organized and moving forward can be an important component of operating a successful real estate investment business.

If you don't know what stage a deal is in, it can negatively impact the chance of a deal making it to the closing table. If you have a team working for your business, having an organized workflow can help you distribute the workload and keep track of each deal's status. 

Contract Creation

Deal Automator closes the loop on the deal by allowing you to create legal contracts for each transaction as you move forward in closing deals.

The platform provides several contracts, ready for your customization. Deal Automator is trying to eliminate your need to use other software to get the transaction completed. 

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How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

Deal Automator Review Competitors

Deal Automator is an all-in-one, cloud-based software created by and for real estate investors of all sizes. It takes deals from prospecting to real estate marketing to closing the deal.

So, how does Deal Automator compare to similar apps? Here's a closer look:

PropStream vs Deal Automator

PropStream has several similarities to Deal Automator but falls short when it comes to taking the deal all the way to close. PropStream's focus is on identifying, analyzing, and communicating with leads. It offers a database of potential prospects, enables subscribers to research properties and market to potential leads.

However, Deal Automator also includes lead-capturing websites, customizable contracts, and a way to keep workflows organized. PropStream offers a number of additional features as add-ons to its base plan, which is $99 per month.

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Realeflow vs Deal Automator

The award-winning nationally recognized Realeflow is very closely aligned with Deal Automator. In February 2022, Realeflow announced a partnership with real estate investment gurus Jamil Damji, Pace Morby, and Clever Investor, the real estate investment mentoring company founded by Cody Sperber.

The partnership will call for Realeflow to provide a custom version of its software to its new partners. The new, custom version of its software is  Deal Automator.  The original Realeflow differs from Deal Automator by adding system components that help with making an offer, securing funding, and helping to sell or rent the property.

A pro subscription to Realeflow is $125 a month, but the platform offers a lite subscription level with only limited access to the full slate of tools for $75 a month

Clever Investor M5 vs Deal Automator

M5 is the automated marketing platform offered by the real estate investment education and webinar company Clever Investor. As the name suggests, this platform is focused primarily on marketing.

It offers lead generation as well as email and text marketing. It is worth noting that Clever Investor, in addition to its education and mentoring programs, also offers Deal Automator to its clients. The cost of M5 marketing is $97 per month


Deal Automator FAQ

Deal Automator includes a number of individual systems that combine to offer an all-in-one platform for real estate investors, including flipping, renting, and wholesaling.

But with so many real estate investment software options available, it can be difficult to know if Deal Automator is the best choice for your business.

The following questions and answers can help you to make an informed decision when it comes to Deal Automator. 

How Much Is Deal Automator?

Deal Automator Review Cost

Deal Automator offers one, all-inclusive subscription level with two pricing options. Subscribers can opt to pay a $249 one-time startup fee and then $99 per month or a $1,249 all-inclusive, one-time fee with no additional monthly fees for the length of the subscription. Payment for the subscription can be made with a major credit card online. 

Subscribers to Deal Automator receive limited-time bonuses. Currently, these include the Automation Academy Course, designed to help users unlock all the potential of the platform.

In addition, those subscribing will receive the Quick Flips for Big Profits Course, designed to help new investors get into the flip business with no money down and no credit. The limited bonus also includes two tickets to the Clever Summit Event, an educational and networking opportunity. 

The current rate of $99 per month represents a 50% limited-time savings, according to the Deal Automator website. 

What Is The Main Function Of The App?

Deal Automator is marketed as an all-in-one platform for real estate investors. It aims to provide combined systems for lead generation, marketing, property analysis, contracting, and workflow organization.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a single platform for real estate investors to operate their businesses. 

How Do I Cancel My Deal Automator Subscription?

Whether Deal Automator customers make annual or monthly payments, services are paid for in advance, so there are no refunds for payments already made. To cancel, subscribers can contact [email protected] at least 3 days prior to the next billing date.

Because services are paid for in advance, there are no refunds of prior annual fees. Once canceled, your Deal Automator system remains active until the next bill date. At that point, the account will be closed and any associated websites shut down. 

New subscribers can cancel and receive the platform's no-risk, three-day money-back guarantee as long as they notify customer service within the three-day timeframe.


Is Deal Automator Worth It? 

Deal Automator Review Is It Worth It

If you're a real estate investor who is tired of using multiple platforms to operate your business and analyze real estate deals, Deal Automator's all-in-one platform may be especially appealing, whether you are holding properties for rental, wholesaling, or flipping houses

Its robust system can take your business from prospect to close, without having to worry about having all the right integrations.

If you are a new investor, looking to launch your business, Deal Automator may offer cost savings over purchasing subscriptions to multiple platforms. Deal Automator may also be helpful to new investors by providing a portfolio of services that can guide them through all aspects of the real estate investment process. 

At $99 per month, Deal Automator is competitively priced and offers subscriptions that may cost less than some other real estate investing platforms. In addition, Deal Automator offers free bonuses of educational courses and events to support the subscriber's real estate investment business progress. 

Deal Automator delivers what it promises--a single platform that provides support for all components of real estate investing, from lead generation to close. For those looking to automate their business processes, Deal Automator offers an intuitive, cost-effective way of doing so.

However, we advise caution to those who think this software will truly automate your wealth building. Be ready to put in the work and have a budget to pay for all of the leads you attempt to pursue.

If you're looking for the best return on your time and dollars, check out our brand new free training on how to wholesale, flip, and acquire deals from the MLS without spending a dollar in marketing. You might discover that the MLS is the only software you truly need!

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